25+ Pros And Cons Of ESTJ Personality Type

The ESTJ is a traditionalist in temperament and extremely practical and like when the order, as well as an organization, are in place.

They are the ones who make quick decisions, and along with being blunt and dominant, they use rational as well as logical reasoning.

Here are the pros and cons that the personality has and what can help in improving them.

ESTJ pros and cons

What Are The Pros Of ESTJ Personality Type?

ESTJ is extroverted, sensing,  thinking, and judging personalities.

One of the 16 personality types that the Myers-Briggs test has.

Well, people who have the personality often have value for the advice; even others seek out guidance if they have the traits of ESTJ.

Here are some of the pros that you will get if you have the ESTJ personality type.

It includes


They Are Dedicated People

The personality has the desire to see projects through natural completion. They feel like it’s some kind of ethical obligation to make sure there is an outcome.

Even if they haven’t promised, but it’s important for them to bring results/If you have the personality, you can abandon the task even though it’s difficult, repetitive, and boring.

The other can be sure that the work will be complete and with the results if it’s given to you.

They Are The Direct And Honest

The one who has the personality will focus on the facts instead of opinions.

They don’t mind if the personality offers an abstract idea, but they want to be something that holds importance.

They are also the honest ones who don’t beat around the bush.

Someone with the personality will not waste time in small talkies; they offer direct answers and solutions.

They Are Patient

One of the biggest pros that you can get here is being patient.

They have a reputation for reliability and telling the truth, which brings the patient to tolerate.

Also, the personality makes an excellent leader as they make sure that they do whatever their powers let them.

They Have The Strong-Willed

The personality has a strong will and stands firm with what they value. Also, they give an honest evaluation even, if someone believes or not.

Apart from that, they take their time when it comes to forming their opinion,

The personality has the principles they spend and the evidence to prove it.

They Create Orders Even From Chaos

The personality has a lot of energy on their ability when it’s about organizing.

Someone who has the personality can notice the patterns in the decision-making of someone else.

Also, this helps them in creating predictability even though the circumstances can be unpredictable.

They Are Excellent At the Organizing

ESTJs have one simple standard, and the personality likes to stick with it.

The personality can delegate tasks depending on who can make the best out of it and give the possible results.

They can evaluate each situation fairly and objectively, which helps in finding success if they are in administrative roles.

They have a straightforward and honest approach which helps in being confident regardless of what the situation is.

They Are Stewardship

The personalities are the gatekeepers of society; they are the ones who feel responsible for upholding the formulating and standard of a clear picture of what should pass or whatnot.

They can be counted on to uphold the rules, regulations, ordinances, and laws.

This helps in keeping the society functioning smoothly and well in structure.

Also, they are committed to the families and anyone who they believe is under their care.

They Have The Integrity

The personality is consistent in their roles of leadership.

For them, no one is above the rules, and even if they are leaders, the rules are the same as their subordinates.

Not just that, they have the skillful exercise of their authority, showing respect to their superiors, and also don’t feel struggle when it comes to follow the rules.

What Are The Cons Of ESTJ Personality Type?

ESTJ personalities have their own set of cons which can be the major drawbacks in lots of situations.

However, to understand what these cons are, here is what you will need.

Cons Of ESTJ

They Are Extremely Stubborn

The personality tends to be stubborn as their opinions and thoughts are based on facts.

If it requires change, they can be really stubborn about it 

Also, they tend to focus on one that is working well. This causes situation where something can work better, but they still choose to go with the same option.

ESTJ believes that everything has an opening until proven. If it’s not, then they will feel it’s a reluctance to trust others, making it very inflexible.

They Are Not Comfortable With Something Unique

The personality loves when they are in their comfort zone.

They appreciate the traditions because it has been practiced and has a record of success.

For them, if someone has a different idea, they can treat this as disrespect.

Also, they believed that personal methods are not that good and it can not be enough for everyone.

They Hate To Abondadand Their Routines

The personality is too obsessed with their routines; no matter what happens, they can abandon their emotions.

Until or unless it has incontrovertible proof that there is something more effective.

They Can Be Judgemental

The personality type has a strong conviction; they also know what is right and what is not. ESTJ has a strong understanding of what is socially acceptable and what is not.

However, they have judgments that tend to get the urge to extend it to everyone.

They don’t believe that there can be multiple correct paths. For them, they have one right way, and it happens to be what they propose.

They Focus On Personal Social Status

The personality has an opinion about themselves which is based on how others see them.

This is what drives them to existence and can be provided that comes from family and friends who are close to them.

They have the desire to please, which can be a destructive pattern if they ignore their personal needs in order to help others.

They Struggle To find Enough Time For Relaxation.

The ESTJs prefer to have the time to do something. They like it when they are busy. Also, they consider this as their tait.

Well, the only problem that they find is not knowing how to unwind when they are going through a tough day.

Stress became the major clue that affected their life.

To solve this, they need a trusted network where they can have friends or family who build their confidence and their social studies not get affected after making the decisions.

They Find it Difficult To Express Their Emotions.

Their biggest weakness is they don’t know how to express their emotions.

This causes a lot of struggle where they have to feel or show empathy for someone else.

Since the personality is too invested in facts, they get caught up with that and they forget basic concepts like peace and happiness.

They Are Workaholics

The personality has a work ethic that Is commended,  such people are too obsessed with their work, and they are really into getting this done.

They have an intensity that can be hard for others to take.

The lack of emotional expression makes them unsympathetic, and they might not be able to work as hard as they do.

They Are Not Creative Enough

The personalities are not naturally creative, as they have a linear way of thinking.

With this, they can have more focus and make decisions. However, such personalities are not very flexible or open.

And they are judgemental with no flexibility. The personality wants others as well as themselves not to ask the question to authority and follow the rules and orders.

They Can Be Cold And Aloof

The preferences of the personality are logical as they don’t consider emotion and compassion.

Not just that, they prefer to be honest instead of sparing someone’s feelings.

When they are dealing with a situation, emotions generally take the back seat unless they are going through some distress or suffering.

They Can Be Too Much About Time

The personality hates when people procrastinate, no matter what the reason is.

Also, they follow the schedule and their times seriously. So, anyone who doesn’t do that, won’t have respect, or they might look down on.

They Can Be Too Serious

The personality highly focuses on getting things done on time. Any kind of flexibility is not allowed,

Also, they don’t like it if someone questions the authority or doesn’t take the orders seriously.

They have a lack of sympathy and understanding toward them. 

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