30 Best Project Management Tools To Go For In 2023

Are you looking for the best project management tools for your business or work? 

You want to improve the project management of your daily tasks or business projects. 

It is essential to adapt different methodologies, technological advancement, implement new productivity strategies and tools to boost your project management

Project management software or tools help you to maintain workflow organized, save time, improve project efficiency and bring better results. 

There are different set of tasks that project management tools : 

  • Task management 
  • Customizing your dashboards 
  • Assigning and managing tasks 
  • Creating invoices 
  • Generating post-mortem project reports 
  • Collaborate with your team members 
  • Communication with your team easily 
  • Mapping out project timelines and milestone 

And much more. 

So there are different solutions that project management can offer to your business and individual workflow. 

If you are looking forward to seeing what project management tool is best for your business, here are the best options to choose from. 


Image Source: Proofhub

Proofhub is a diversified project management software that is popularly utilized by leading organizations such as Taco Bell, NASA and Disney. 

It is one-in-all tool packed with effective and highly useful features making your business for the need of multiple tools to run it. 


  • It offers task delegation and assignments 
  • Assigned user roles 
  • Multi-task management is faster and easier for teams. 
  • It allows you online team communications 
  • Secure file storage 
  • Online proofing software saves time during the feedback sharing procedures. 
  • You can track, and report the project history 
  • It features Gantt charts for a visual representation of your projects. 
  • Also available as mobile apps for Android and iOS users. 


Image Source: Crazy Egg

Workzone is a proven web-based project and task management software for individuals and professional teams. 

This tool has been around since 2000 leading the project management sphere very well. 

It is not just a project planner or list but more management features for individuals, teams and brands. 

They go with a very simple yet highly effective and robust project management with their software. 

You can access all of your projects on their project dashboard. It also shows their current status.  

Image Source: G2

With opening every project, you can just find out an overview reflecting subtasks, deadlines, due dates, task lists, assigned users and much more. 

The software sends out notifications multiple times when your deadlines are approaching. 

Then, it also provides smooth and efficient team communication and collaborations. 

Every member can comment on the tasks and reply to communicate and share updates. 

You  also have tons of reporting features such as on individual performances, progress status reports, time management reports and so much more. 


  • Easy to use interface 
  • Project dashboard for overview 
  • Time management reports 
  • Efficient communication


Image Source: DTBAC

It has been one of the most desirable tools for the project management teams across the world. 

What makes Basecamp different is its social media-like interface and easygoing team collaboration features. 

The tool makes it more fluid and transparent for participants to work under a project with their assigned roles. 

Basecamp also doesn’t charge you per person and it is apparently free for teachers and students. 


  • It features message boards for participants to discuss new ideas or projects. 
  • Allows reporting on performance of the project
  • You get a separate dashboard to show to the clients.
  • Offers in-app collaborations with the team. 
  • You can manage multiple users’s work in the project. 
  • It also has email and desktop notifications. 


Image Source: Business Wire

Asana is undoubtedly one of the most popular project management software solutions for freelancers, individuals, small businesses and corporates as well. 

The program helps you to create a task list and keep moving it as much as you like. You get a visual project timeline where you can see everything you need to get done. 

Asana really focuses on making things simpler for the project management team to access and manage their tasks, milestones and sub-tasks. 

The interface is very simplistic and minimalistic in nature and yet very detailed and extensively intricate to provide you expansive information on your projects. 

You can schedule your tasks, and even further reschedule it very easily. 

One of the best parts of this project management solution tool is that you can integrate it with plenty of other related tools such as Google Calendar, Dropbox, Slack, Outplanr and more. 


  • Collaboration tools 
  • Project management 
  • Document management 
  • CRM 
  • Resource management 
  • Integration with Instagantt 
  • Time & Expense tracking


Image Source: Atlassian

Jira is one of the best software development tools for agile teams. It is a perfect tool for your entire team to create, plan, manage, track and release great software. 

It allows you to create user stores, distribute tasks to your team members and plan sprints as well. 

The tools also work great for tracking the progress and performance of your individual team members with full visibility. 

It even allows you to keep your updated regarding the recent updates and information regarding the release. 

You get visual data on the progress of the project, the real-time data and much more to analyse more extensively. 

Jira integrates with the tools that your business already has been using whether it is cloud storage, productivity tools or others. 

It automatically updates transition work and issues when your code is committed in a bitbucket. 


  • You can plan, track and release software. 
  • Generate extensive reports 
  • Help creating out-of-box workflow 
  • Multiple integration with tools 
  • Tracking the progress of individual team members 
  • Real-time reports on project progress 


Image Source: Scoro

Scoro isn’t just a project management tool but a complete comprehensive solution to manage your projects effectively and efficiently. 

It is a project management software that allows you and your team to manage projects, tasks, collaborations, quotes, billing, reporting, contacts and much more. 

The Scoro is a project management tool that allows your entire work progress to be streamlined with every particular sub-tasks.  

You don’t need tons of tools for every task to perform with your projects as it avails you almost everything you might need at hand for effective management. 


  • It offers contact management to their collaborators 
  • You get a real-time KPI dashboard. 
  • Allows you to check detailed reports on progress and finance 
  • Project management with sub-tasks, assigned roles and deadlines 
  • You can also do time tracking and billing
  • It provides pre-set templates of quoting and invoicing 
  • You can share team calendars, schedules and meetings 


The highly dedicated and expertise team built Workzone for individuals and companies to control the visibility and efficiency of their work management. 

The application allows you to manage and share the work with every team member and communicate with them to keep them on the same page. 


  • It has features such as to-do lists, creating tasks and sharing files. 
  • You can set permission for various users 
  • Get the top-level reports on the work progress 
  • Makes the team communication faster and easier 


Image Source: Google Workspace

MeisterTask is one of the highly tempting and effective project management tools that is quite popular amongst teams, freelancers and individuals as well. 

It is a Kanban-based project management solution and unlike Trello, it has quite agile project management. 

One of the best things about MeisterTask is it being extremely user-friendly with a highly attractive interface to use. 

You can move around the cards onto different listings to change the status of the task.  

All the cards have a built-in timer to show you how much time is left to complete the task. 

The tool allows you to customize your dashboard according to your requirement. You can change a lot around the place which is rare with such tools. 

It is just more creative with its usability, functionality and user-interface. They have unique features like video thumbnails. 

Best part is, you don’t have to be stuck with a rigid structure for every project. 


  • High in customization options 
  • Easy to collaborate with team members 
  • More creative in project management solution 
  • Allows multiple integration with tools like GitHub 
  • Very easy, fun and user-friendly  interface


Image Source: Business Wire

Caspio is a cloud-based platform that helps in creating business database applications, custom forms and reports without any coding. 

You can also create forms and reports in no time with Caspio.

 It features a visual app builder making it extremely easy for users to create every part of their application with a step-by-step wizard. 

You can create reports, forms, reports and much more just with a few clicks. There are a plethora of tools to help you to develop apps at a much more intricate level. 

Caspio provides all-time customer support for their users which can be at your service at any point of time. 

It allows you to quickly convert the spreadsheets into customized, interactive, real-time and extensive databases and reports. 

You can also build cloud databases, online forms to use in multiple ways for your business. 

Then there are various user management features, advanced deployment options, application modules, application integration and so much more. 


  • You can create online databases with no-coding 
  • It allows you to create custom forms and reports. 
  • Helps you develop web-based database applications
  • You can convert spreadsheets into customized databases and reports
  • Application integrations features 
  • You also get advanced deployment options 
  • Plenty of user management features and application modules. 


Image Source: Instagrantt

If you are looking for an online Gantt chart software for project management, Instagantt is certainly one of the best to go for. 

It is specifically designed to work with another known project management tool called Asana which we already discussed above. 

The tool allows you to link all of your schedules and tasks at one place from different sources. This means you only have to link all of your information just once. 

It helps best when you have information distributed across multiple platforms. 

You can set your tasks, timelines and deadlines with managing and monitoring every team member’s workload. 


  • Multiple workspaces, projects and tasks
  • It allows different timelines
  • Custom views and fields 
  • Drag and drop functionality 
  • Risk and priority 
  • Team collaboration options 
  • Notification and task assignments 
  • Estimated and actual costs
  • Tasks, subtasks and deadlines 
  • Public snapshot sharing options
  • Team communications 
  • Gantt and workload view 
  • Diversified export options 


Image Source: Trello

Trello is indeed quite a basic project management software but it is really easy-to-use and very helpful for task management. 

It has a system that allows you to keep track of all of the tasks under one platform. 

There are different boards you can create for different set of projects, type of jobs, teams or anything. 

What separates Trello from other available project management or task management software is their Kanban management tools. 

Kanban is one of the most effective and popular methods for project and task management available in the marketspace. 

It is not just robust for companies but also very comprehensive and quick to learn for individuals. 

You get a drag and drop facility with the movement of cards for each column. Cards can be moved to change the status of the particular task from one column to another. 

You can add tags, deadlines, reminders, fields, priority levels and much more. One of the other specialties of this tool is the ease of use with their interface. 

They have a different enterprise version of their tool which is perfect for small businesses and companies. 


  • It is a Kanban view and management system. 
  • You get a drag and drop feature with cards. 
  • Allows you to create and manage tasks and subtasks.
  • You can see quick overview of the cards 
  • Allows you in-line editing. 
  • Sends out deadline alerts, updates and notifications 

KissFlow Project 

Image Source: Kissflow

Another highly collaborative project management tool but even better for teams that want to get more work done. 

It is specifically designed focussing primarily on the collaboration, communication and coordination of the project. 

The tool says to “track less, work more” to their prospective buyers stating their very focus for what they are aiming at. 

You certainly can keep track of your progress or the individual users. They give you quite accurate data to see what and how much your team is working on. 

With all powerful and extensive reports, it enables you to make more informed, smart and data-driven decisions.

KissFlow Project adapts according to your requirement with giving you complete control on the management with all its moving parts. 


  • Extensive and detailed reports 
  • Focussed highly on collaboration and communication
  • Help you track your progress
  • You can check the status of project in real-time
  • It gives you helpful data to develop strategies 


Image Source: Filestage

Filestage is highly-effective specifically crafted for enterprises and corporate-level project management. 

It helps project management teams to get their projects delivered on time and get approved faster as well. 

You can streamline, automate, manage and organize the tasks and feedback on the projects throughout the proofing procedure. 

It assures the reduction of the errors and ensures the compliance guides are achieved. 

The project management tool enables colleagues, clients and employees to annotate project deliverables such as files, documents,images and videos. 

They can do that in the real time where you also get the feature to approve files when they are completed. 


  • You can comment on the attached image, audio, video or document files in the real time. 
  • It offers you the project dashboard to see an overview of all your deliverables. 
  • It helps you build consistent approval and review procedures. 
  • There are clear projects version management. 


Image Source: Crozdesk

Proprofs is a simple and easy to use project management embedded with tons of task management tools especially designed to help businesses of all sizes. 

It allows businesses to control, manage, track and execute their projects effectively and faster with given deadlines. 

Business owners can bring all of their projects under one roof allowing various teams to collaborate at one platform to fulfil it. 

Team members can discuss the project and communicate with each other. 

They can share the files remotely, get feedback, comments on the tasks and get real-time notification on every particular development on the project. 

Assigning and prioritizing the tasks within the projects are extremely easy to do for the team members. 

You can even further track the progress and have multiple tools at your disposal to evaluate the development over time. 

The tool also allows you to create different timesheets for every team member managing their time logs, billable and non-billable hours, work shifts, updates and generate invoices as well. 

There are just a plethora of tools and features that come with the Proprofs project management solution for all kinds of businesses. 


  • Customer workflows 
  • Task management
  • Tracking progress 
  • Gantt charts 
  • Invoice generation 
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Timesheets for every user
  • Shared calendar 
  • Kanban board 
  • Insightful & detailed reports 


Image Source: Procore

Procore is a project management tool that helps you deliver your project on time and on budget as well. 

It makes managing your entire business on a single platform remotely from any device anywhere in the world. 

You see a unified view of the performance and progress of your object to see where you reached and what more you need to do. 

It features mobile collaboration tools making it quite easy for teams to fill logs, manage tasks, access required documents even when offline. 

Procore focuses greatly in making you understand the financial health of your project and optimizing it for great returns. 

So, you get real-time insights to the detailed, centralized and extensive data connecting all the stakeholders. 

Procore is the brand where they have other project, business and finance management tools for businesses as well. 

The tool is also great at identifying potential problems and issues in your project, and predicting its impact on schedule and budget. 

It prevents unwanted surprises from your business for better project visibility. 


  • Allows mobile collaboration and communication 
  • Efficiently accessibility of the projects remotely and even offline 
  • Gives you real-time insights on the financial health of your projects. 
  • Identify potential issues and predict impacts 
  • Promote higher project visibility 


Image Source: Front 

ClickUp is one of the highest-rated easy to use project management tools for individuals and businesses. 

The project management tool has tons of features that helps you manage the tasks, streamline projects, communicate with your team members and much more. 


  • Gantt charts 
  • Time tracking 
  • Integrations 
  • Reminders 
  • Custom statuses 
  • Custom views 
  • Docs 
  • Custom Dashboards 
  • Assigned comments 


Image Source: WorkflowMax

WorkflowMax is a Software-as-service cloud-based job management software focussed primarily for task management and workflows. 

It allows you to manage your tasks under a seamless integrated system with highest efficiency. 

The tool has tons of features such as lead management, job tracking, project management, invoicing, add-on integration, quotes, time sheetings and so much more. 

WorkflowMax is certainly the best workflow, project and job management tool if you are looking forward to starting your business. 


  • Best for workflows and job management 
  • Manage your task under one platform
  • Lead management 
  • Easy job tracking and reporting 
  • Various project management features 
  • Add-on integration 


Image Source: TeamGantt

TeamGantt allows you to create workflows in the easiest way possible which is very simple to understand and use as well. 

It allows you to create different milestones, projects, tasks and assign roles for the particular tasks. 

You can access and manage the workflows from anywhere and from multiple devices such as iOs, Google chrome, Android and web as well. 

The tool also allows you to see the progress or management of your project in a snapshot view. 

You can assign roles for your team members for the projects along with the set priority such as low, medium or high. 

TeamGantt helps you to see what your team is doing starting from their beginning date to the end of the deadline. 

You can closely monitor the change in your projects over the time across different users, teams and deadlines as well. 

It features Gantt style timelines to see everything at once over your project easily. 


  • Multiple project view in the gantt chart 
  • Snapshot view of the project 
  • Drag and drop functionality 
  • Task and subtasks management 
  • Guest permissions 
  • Baselines 
  • Multiple projects, tasks and milestones 


Image Source: The Motley Fool

Buildertrend is the top software for contractors, home builders and remodelers. 

Their software focussed primarily on the construction and infrastructure management solution. 

They have different sets of software customization for homebuilders, remodelers, commercial and specialty contractors. 

Buildertrend tool features master project management allows you to easily view any added documents, schedules and markup plans. 

You can further manage the scheduled tasks and send estimates with only few quick steps. 

The tool also helps you improve the client relation where you don’t have to do any late night phone calls to your clients. 

Their communication tools are efficient and easy-to-use making the collaboration extremely easy. 

You can control the financing, budgeting, pricing and other transactional details of the project. 

It allows you to set a budget, manage financing, send purchase orders, formalize pricing and much more. 


  • Improve client relations 
  • Easy communication tools 
  • Master project management 
  • Control financing and costing 
  • Allows you to set budget
  • Manage tasks and job schedules 


Image Source: Monday

Monday is actually a robust project management tool at most simplicity and ease of use as possible. 

The system gives you a plethora of features to create and manage your tasks and sub-tasks. 

It even allows you to add Twitter and LinkedIn threads to your tasks lists. You and your team can comment on the tasks to communicate and share the updates.

Monday facilitates various customization options for your projects. 

You can also integrate various other productivity applications to your account such as Dropbox, Zapier, Google Drive and others.  

They have an open-source framework which makes the app best in the case of creating any integration or extra feature. 

Monday gives you detailed extensive reports and analysis on your tasks, competition and projects. 


  • You can add more members into the project. 
  • It features a visual display of project progress.
  • You get email notifications and updates on the task
  • You get comments and tag people on tasks or projects. 
  • It has an execution board with a big screen display. 
  • You can integrate other applications easily. 


Image Source: Software For Projects

You can create different workflows using the Teamwork project management application. 

TeamWork allows you to create various projects, tasks, sub-tasks and milestones on any device. 

The application works on multiple platforms such as Android, iOs, Web and Google Chrome as well. 

You and your team members can access the device from anywhere remotely. It also shows what your team members are doing in the snapshot view. 

The project management application also allows you to assign low, medium and high priority to your tasks. 

You can set deadlines and monitor the update on your projects over time. There are Gantt style timelines to visually see everything going on. 


  • It features a board view for users. 
  • You can do task management and time tracking. 
  • The tool gives you tons of templates.
  • You get different sub-tasks and milestones to get.


Image Source: Software Connect

Knack is not just another project management tool but more specialized as an online database builder. 

It helps you transform the spreadsheets into an extensive web database application for boosting the workflow of your business. 

It helps you build business applications and enables you to get accurate data to the right user base. 

Since there is no code required, it really is a game-changer for businesses to develop data-driven applications to grow exponentially. 

You can structure your data with different data types which is helpful for your business specifically.  

The tool also allows you to link all the related records together to make your data more connected and inter-linked. 

You can integrate tons of applications that help you further manage, share and analyze your data. 


  • Helps you create online database 
  • There is no coding required. 
  • Highly customizable and adaptable 
  • Allows multiple tools integration 
  • It helps you build extensive web database 
  • Specialized project management tool for databases 


Image Source: Wrike

The Wrike is a highly effective project management tool that facilitates you to communicate with your team members easily. 

This particular software primarily focuses on the optimization of the best collaboration amongst the team members working for a project. 

It features a plethora of document management tools and communication features to make interactions faster and easier. 

You can also set priorities in the project management tool assigning the tasks to different users. 

Wrike also allows you to integrate other task management and productive tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar etc. 

You can also use Gantt charts in this application where you will be able to create the timelines for the projects. 

The effective visual representations of your project makes it easy to determine the progress and real-time update regarding the tasks, milestones and users as well. 

You can also send the updates and the detailed reports to your clients. 


  • Folder hierarchy 
  • Collaborative team communication and editing 
  • Gantt chart visualization 
  • Multiple tools integration 
  • Easy communication within team members 
  • Real-time updates 


Image Source: Smartsheet

One of the project management tools that resolves all of your collaborative-based problems regarding the team work, has to be Smartsheet. 

It is the tool where your team will be able to collaborate with each other easily. 

You also get multiple attachment options where you can upload your files directly into the system from different cloud storages such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive etc. 

It allows you to check the status of the project. You can also set up permission for every user.  

The system auto-sends you automatic update requests to every collaborator to make sure everyone one is on the same page. 

It has other tons of features under the umbrella of resource management, planning, time-tracking, reporting and much more. 


  • It sends out automatic update request to users 
  • It has automated workflows. 
  • You will get tons of spreadsheet templates. 
  • Easily integrated to other storage apps 
  • You can set up permissions for individual users. 


Image Source: Podio

One of the best options to try out the project management for your business with digital tools certainly works like charm with Citrix Podio. 

This project management tool is like a chameleon when it comes with customization and adaptation. 

It has a plethora of features to go with for task management, time management and project management as well. 

You get this very simple interface with easy-to-operate user-interface. Their dashboard overviews all the current projects, calendar, task list and everything else at one place. 


  • Highly user-friendly interface 
  • Easy to integrate multiple applications 
  • Plenty of add-on options in the app store
  • Quick dashboard overview 
  • Allows custom integrations


Image Source: Celoxis 

Celoxis is an all-in-one project management software that provides enterprise-class features,  a plethora of customizable, dynamic dashboards and much more. 

This tool focuses on the complete project management solution for teams. It helps you resolve complex project management issues. 

The best part is their easy and attractive user interface with meticulous engineering but yet utter simple to understand. 

You can do project request tracking from different sources and further sort them on your KPIs. 

It allows you to do intricate project planning with high-level customization. 

You can easily allocate resources depending upon their availability, skills, demands and other factors. 


  • Project request tracking 
  • Allows you to do project planning 
  • Portfolio management 
  • Project accounting 
  • Resource management 
  • Easy collaboration features 
  • All-in-one project management solution 

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