19 Project Management Certifications You Can’t Miss

In the dynamic world of IT projects, success hinges on the expertise and acumen of highly skilled project managers.

These unsung heroes navigate complex landscapes, ensuring teams remain productive and tasks are executed flawlessly.

From handling hardware and software updates to fortifying security measures and overseeing application development, project managers shoulder critical responsibilities.

As the role of project managers continues to evolve, obtaining a reputable certification becomes paramount in showcasing their proficiency in the realm of IT projects.

If you’re eager to bolster your resume and demonstrate your competence, we’ve curated a list of the top project management certifications to consider.

?What Is a Project Management Certification?

A project management certification is a credential awarded to individuals who have demonstrated their knowledge, skills, and expertise in the field of project management.

It validates their competence in successfully managing projects and attests to their understanding of industry best practices, methodologies, and frameworks.

Project management certifications are typically offered by professional organizations or institutions that specialize in project management education and certification.

These certifications are designed to provide a standardized measure of a project manager’s capabilities and to enhance their professional credibility.

Obtaining a project management certification involves meeting certain eligibility requirements, which may include a combination of education, professional experience, and training hours.

Certification usually includes studying relevant project management principles, frameworks, and practices and passing a rigorous examination.

??‍♂️Why Do You Need Project Management Certification?

Before you jump to the best project management certification, it’s important to understand the importance and the need for one.

The average certified project manager must undergo different project development units.  Different training modules have their own nature.

They can handle a wide range of difficult challenges when they have the certification. This makes them more understandable, which helps the company to boost the flow of work.

reasons why having project management certification

Not just that there are different benefits you get from the project management certification, which include:

  • You get the global acknowledgment which allows you to qualify and showcase your skills to companies worldwide.
  • If your salary there is a 20% increase in salary if the candidate is PMP certified as compared to those who are not.
  • You can get trust from the higher post as you have the right skills, which allow you to handle different projects, bringing more opportunities to you.
  • You perform better as compared to someone who doesn’t have the certification. This helps handle the different processes, including initiation, planning, execution, etc.

?Must-Have Project Management Certifications Certifications for Career Advancement

However, having a project management certification is not considered essential to the core structure of the business, But having one can make crucial differences.

Here is the list to consider to make sure you choose the best one.

♟️1. Project Management Professional

Project management professional, or PMP, is one of the most important certifications recognized by the industry for project managers.

 It’s global because it’s a PMP. Well, it allows you to work virtually in different industries with any location as well as methodology. 

Well, it’s recognized all over the world, and it holds the gold standard when it comes to project management.

Prior Requirements

♠️ You need to have a secondary degree.

♠️ 35 hours of the project management education

♠️ 7500 hours directing and leading projects

If not this, then you should have at least the following:

♠️ Four years of degree

♠️ 35 hours of project management education

♠️ 4500 hours directing and leading projects

♟️2. Certified ScrumMaster

Certified ScrumMaster or CSM helps establish the certified professional for overlooking the team of individuals responsible for working on assigned project owners.

There is an increased use of agile methodologies in different IT organizations where the professionals must have the certification. It helps in establishing them as Scrum Master certified.

Well, most of the Scrum series is associated with the Scrum Alliance. This institute is globally recognized and founded to promote the agile mindset in the software industry.

With CSM, you learn more about the Scrum framework and also know about the team roles, rules, events,  artifacts, etc.

This helps the Scrum Team to boost their performance and get the best from them.

Prior Requirements

♠️ You should have a general familiarity with the Scrum.

♠️ You must have attended the two days or 16 hours in-person course of CSM.

♠️ When you Successfully pass your CSM exam, you should have the

♠️ Licensing agreement acceptance and complete your membership profile for Scrum Alliance

♟️3. Certified Associate In Project Management

Certified Associate In Project Management Or CAPM is one of the certifications that you can consider if you are looking for something that can distinguish you and boost credibility in the market.

This one can be your right choice; with this certification, you can demonstrate that you have an understanding of fundamental knowledge, processes of effective project management, and terminology.

Also, this one is valid for 5 years.  You don’t require any PDUs or Professional Development Units to renew.

Prior Requirements

♠️ You should have a second degree.

♠️ You should have  1500 hours of experience in projects.

♠️ Or do you need to have 24 hours of project management education when you sit for giving exams?

♟️4. CompTIA Project+ + Certification

Well, if you are a business professional who refers to coordinate or have to manage projects that are small to medium size.

CompTIA Project+ + Certification is designed especially for that with their certification, which is for energy level and approachable for people who have experienced one year in project management. Also, have experience in managing projects that are less complicated.

This one comes with more coverage to the project management, a concept that goes beyond that has the scope of more framework and methodology.

With this certification, you can learn about important things, including project basics, documentation, constraints, and change management.

Prior Requirements

♠️ You should have one year of knowledge regarding the project life cycle.

♠️ You are required to have communication skills.

♠️ You should have the ability to manage the stakeholders and resources.

♠️ You should know about project documentation

♟️5. Project Management Training Certification

With this one, you can get 30 certifications on completion of all

30 courses. The training program is an online course that provides lifetime access and 185 + hours worth of tutorials in video format.

In the end, you get the 30 in 1 course, which allows you to have the certification of courses, but with that, you get the skills to help implement project management techniques.

Prior Requirements

♠️ You should have a basic understanding of project management.

♟️6. Project Management Professional

This one is a tier 1 certification that is suitable for project managers. Well, Project Management Professional or PMP is one of the certifications you can consider as it boosts and supports your credibility as a manager.

Prior Requirements

♠️ You should have a four-year secondary degree.

♠️ You should have 35 hours which requires to be worth the project.

♠️ Management education.

♠️ You need to have project management experience of at least three years.

♠️ You must have 4500 of experience directing and leading projects.

♟️7. Project Management In IT Security

Project Management in IT Security or PMITS is the certification which is provided by the EC Council. This is where you receive the prop up for holding over IT security project management.

The certification can be your option if you are looking for something that can mold your project management style into one. This can help manage the organization or team working in IT security.

Prior Requirements

♠️ You should have two years minimum experience in information security.

♠️ Your educational background should have something related to security higher education.

♠️ You must attend the EC council training program before appearing for the exam.

♟️8. Business Value-Oriented Principles

Business Value-Oriented Principles or BVOP is helpful for building credibility based on Agile principles. Also, it includes all of its frameworks.

BVOP has become popular in the UK, and because of that, the certification has become prominent in project management regardless of where you belong.

With this certification, you can prove yourself as an asset to the department of project management and the department of people management.

Prior Requirements

♠️ You don’t need to have any experience in project management experience.

♠️ You get free guides and materials to prepare online.

♠️ The end course exam will include different questions

♠️ From product management, project management, and program management.

♟️9. CPM: Certified Project Manager

Certified Project Manager or CAPM certification is global, providing clear competitive advantages.

This certification is highly for you if you are looking for something that can help you in becoming a professional who can manage effectively and implement projects. This one is theoretical project management knowledge.

Prior Requirements

♠️ You don’t need to do this, but you get the offered workshop focusing on self-study.

♠️ The candidates don’t have to take the self-test if they are prepared.

♠️ To pass the exam, you need to achieve 65 %.

♟️10.  Certified Project Director

Well Certified Project Director or CPD is conducted by GAQM, which is globally recognized.

Also, it is considered one of the prestigious levels when it comes to project management. Well, the certification is designed for the experienced senior who wants to do more than PPM ., and become an expert in project management.

Prior Requirements

♠️ You are required to have E-courses completion as it’s mandatory.

♟️11.  Professional In Project Management

Professional In Project Management or PPM is conducted by the Global Association for Quality Management, also known as GAQM.

This one is a mid-level certification that comprises the project management modules. It includes an understanding of how to plan, execute, controlling as, well as complete the project.

With this, you can learn about developing schedules for projects, measuring projects, and understanding different approaches for leading projects.

PPM is helpful for making the project managers experienced in working well even with the risk and easy handling in a crisis.  Also, it helps in motivating the team so that they can do their best.

Prior Requirements

♠️ It would help if you had the E-course completed as its mandatory

♠️ You should have some experience in project management.

♟️12.  Master Project Manager

Master Project Manager is issued by the American Academy of Project Management or AAPM  to the applicants to meet the requirements. It includes education, knowledge of the industry, experience,  continuing education, and ethics.

Well, it’s not just for the managers; even the individuals who have a business and technical responsibility can consider this certification.

Prior Requirements

♠️ You should have three years of experience and training in project management.

♠️ Fee waivers are available but only for those who have a master’s degree. It should add the qualities of experience and training, project management structures, and military.

♟️13.  PRINCE2 Foundation Or PRINCE 2 Practitioner

In the UK, there are many government agencies as well as an organization that knows about projects in controlled environments.

PRINCE2 is one of the certifications recognized globally and highly sought by potential employers.

Here you get the two major certifications: PRINCE 2 practitioner and PRINCE 2 Foundation.

They focus on managing and developing the project from the start to the end.

With these two certifications, you can improve your skills and capabilities, including the key business disciplines. It helps in driving strong performance.

Prior Requirements

♠️ PRINCE2 Practitioner needs one of these things, including PRINCE2 foundation, Certification Associate In Project Management or CAMP, IPMA certification, Project Management Professional or PMP.

♟️14. Certified Project Management Practitioner

Certified Project Management Practitioner or CPMP is an organization that was formed after the attack on 9/11. The main focus was dealing with cyberterrorism and information security.

However, the main intention of CPMP is to help professionals to understand and build their technical leadership and improve their managing skills to handle different kinds of projects.

Well, it’s an ideal course for you if you are a project manager or someone who wants to have hands-on experience in project management. Here, you can learn about technical and different tools which help in managing projects in real time.

Prior Requirements

♠️ The candidate is recommended to attend their three-day course for preparation

♟️15.  Associate in Project Management

Associate in Project Management or APM certification is globally recognized and has credentials in the field of project management.  

This entry-level certification is important and helpful for the candidate to know about the field confining in project management.

The exam includes 50 multiple-choice questions; the candidate has to score at least 70%, which means they should have 35 out of 50 to pass the exam.

The exam hours are for 1 hour.

Prior Requirements

  • There is no requirement for formal education and experience.

Well behind the successful results of IT projects, there will be project managers who are highly skilled and have an understanding of the field. Project managers make sure that the team is being productive and doing their tasks correctly.

Handling the updates of hardware and software, patching the ongoing security, application development, as well as the rollout of software are some of the responsibilities of the project managers.

Since the role of project managers is circular, having the certification can be helpful in determining their skills for the certified IT project.

If you are looking for such project management certification that can be beneficial for your resume, here are some of the best ones collected.

Key Takeaways

♠️ Project management certifications validate knowledge and expertise, demonstrating competence in managing projects and understanding best practices.

♠️ Certifications enhance professional credibility, providing a standardized measure of capabilities and increasing marketability to employers.

♠️ Different certifications cater to specific needs, targeting areas of project management and accommodating varying levels of experience.

♠️ Benefits of certifications include global recognition, potential salary increases, trust from higher-level positions, improved performance, and new career opportunities.

♠️ Considerations for choosing the right certification include educational background, professional experience, career goals, and evaluating requirements, content, and recognition.


Which certification course is best for project management? 

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is widely considered the best for project management, offering global recognition and validating expertise in the field.

How do I earn a project management certification?

Earning a project management certification typically involves meeting eligibility requirements, which may include a combination of education, professional experience, and training hours. It usually requires studying relevant project management principles, frameworks, and practices and passing a rigorous examination.

Are project management certifications valid internationally?

Yes, many project management certifications have global recognition and are respected internationally, allowing professionals to showcase their skills and qualifications to employers worldwide.

Can I pursue multiple project management certifications?

Yes, you can pursue multiple project management certifications based on your career goals and the specific areas of project management you want to specialize in. It can enhance your knowledge and expertise in different methodologies and frameworks.

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