30+ Professional Voicemail Greetings To Impress Your Callers

A profession that treats its client and customer as a priority makes its company successful. Talking with clients and employees and discussing some topics in meetings is a part of the business.

Still, sometimes people can’t discuss at a particular time, and voicemail greetings can tell how executive someone is in this circumstance.

A voicemail greeting which you can also say voicemail message is a small message that someone hears when you don’t pick up their call. People can design that voicemail according to their preferences. 

Expert-designed voicemail greetings are necessary for any company to leave a good impression on clients. This article will cover 25 types of best voicemail greetings you can use professionally.

Professorial Voicemail Greetings Meaning

A professional voicemail tells the client why the person is unavailable for the call. Voicemail Greetings which get designed for business, are professional ones. It’s a basic thing that every business needs. 

A good voicemail greeting says a lot about the business skills of a person and how much they care about their employees or clients.

Component of good voicemail greetings

The best or most professional voicemail message greeting includes all these things:

  • Clarity:  Clear voicemail, which is easy to understand, is preferable. Ensure the voicemail you designed is short and on point, and use clear words. A good message never makes someone confused or gives wrong information.
  • Professionalism: How the client or a caller will see your name and brand depends on your representation. Ensure you use correct grammar and say your information like a professional. Professional voice tone plays an important role in creating professional voicemail greetings.
  • Apologization: The voicemail includes the appreciation of calling with apologies for not attending the call. It shows that the person cares about the conversation with the client and apologizes for missing the chance to talk about business.
  • Data: The name of a person and organization name is data, which every voicemail should include to give detailed information to the guest professionally. Including a time when you can talk with them is also a necessary thing to add. You can give them details about your contact and where to talk or meet with them at a particular time.
  • Inspiration: The main point of a voicemail is to make the client or guest stay for a long time so they can pay attention to your message. A good tone and trust-building words can make the client stay to listen to the full voicemail message.
  • Length: Many people like to listen to short messages. You can make a voicemail greeting that is only 30 or 10 seconds long; anything longer can become boring for guests. Try to make the voicemail short but impactful, not long but a waste of someone’s time.

Things To Say In A Voicemail Greeting

Here are some examples that many businesses use in their voicemail message to leave a good impression on callers’ minds: –

  • Welcome the person, or you can start with a sweet hello.
  • Tell your name professionally.
  • Talk about the organization and its name.
  • Tell them the reason for not receiving the call; for example, you can say you are in an important meeting or far from the phone.
  • Apologise for not receiving the call or message, and tell them when you are free to talk or meet.

Now, these are some fully constructed voicemail greeting messages:-

  1. Hello, you’ve reached (name) at (name of a place or company). Sorry for the inconvenience, but I am currently unable to receive the call because I am helping (client or company name) to get (goals to improve the business). I will connect with you after getting free from work. Thank you.
  1. Hello, I am (name), owner or member of (company name). If you are trying to contact us for another reason (add reason), you can visit our website (link to the website) or contact us via other means (e.g., Gmail id, social media platform, another number). For any other information, you can leave a message with your information (name, reason for contacting), and I will try to contact you
  1. Hello, and thanks for contacting me. You are talking with (your name) on (your position in the company) at (company name). You can email me (email id) if this is something important to share, and I will contact you soon. If this is not something important, you can leave a message about your reason for contacting me, and I will reply to you soon. Wait for just 24 hours, and I will connect with you soon.
  1. Hi, you canted to the office of ( person name) at ( Company name). I am currently not present in the office, but I will return soon. You can leave your number in the message. I will call ASAP. If you need re;y urgently, contact my co-partner ( name) or email at (email).Thanks for your time.
  1. Hello, you are talking to (name). Sorry for not answering right now. Please leave your message with contact details, and you can also tell me the time when you are free to talk. I will get time in a few hours, and I will contact you. You can also tell the message in detail in my ( email ). Thanks for your precious time.
  1. Hi! Thanks for your time. This is ( name) works at ( company name). I am currently not able to attend this call, but I will be free soon. If this is something really important, you can contact me at (number). You can also leave a message after listening to the voicemail, and I will contact you soon.
  1. Hi! You reached out to (Company). We are not available today for any call, but we will start our work form tomorrow. Leave your basic details, like your phone number, so we can discuss the topic tomorrow. Thanks for your time.
  1. Hello, you are talking with (name). I am on holiday (exploring a holding place) and won’t attend the office until (date). Leave your message and contact details, and we will contact you after we arrive. Thank you; I hope you had a great day.
  1. Hi, you hear ( name ) voicemail greeting worked at ( company). The team is currently busy with an important project, but we will be available on ( date). Leave a reason for contacting, a number, or any other contact details. The team will contact you soon.
  1. Happy holiday! I hope you are having a great time. I am ( name) from ( taema)waya until ( date). We will take you as a priority and can you back just after returning. If this is something urgent, so contact (contact details). Thank you for calling.
  1. Hi, I am James Bond, a popular James Bond. Okay, just kidding, it’s really ( name). I will call you soon after saving the world from aliens. Leave your secret agent details, and we will discuss the mission tomorrow. Have a good and safe day.
  1. Hello, you are talking with (name). Sorry for not responding to your call right now, but I will come soon. Please leave your name, message, and available contact details. I will call you ASAP.
  1. Hello, You contacted the sales department at (company name and location). All teams and employees are helping clients (to make growth 10x better). Currently, we are not available to take any calls. I am sorry for disturbing you, but please give me the contact information for connecting with us tomorrow. 
  1. Hi, you contacted ( name and company name). We are not available because of the holiday. Please leave your number and message here, so we can contact you after the holiday. If it’s something super urgent to say, so mail (mailing ID). Thank you for your time, and enjoy ( name of a holiday).
  1. Hello, ( name) is no longer connected with (company name) and looking for other experiences. Please contact (the new person’s name) at (contact details, like a phone number or email address). Thank you.
  1. Hello, this is (name). If you are contacting us for ( reason), so contact us ( contact details), or you can also visit (website). If you have something else to ask, please leave your message with contact details, and I will contact you within 24 hours.
  1. Hi, you are talking with (name). I am currently on leave because of ( reason). You can contact us ( other contact details). I will join the voice again in a few days, and you can leave a message if you want to talk about something important with me.
  1. Hello, you are talking with (name). Suppose you need an urgent response, so contact (number) or leave your email at ( email id). I will contact you EOD, and you can leave your message after listing the call. Thank you for your time.
  1. Hello, You are talking about (role in the company) at (company name). We are available to call from (hour) to ( hour), and in weeks we are available from (hour) to (hour). You can also contact us on (website link or other contacts) for live chatting or calling. You can lever your name and number of calls, so we can contact you back. Thank You
  1. Hi, you are calling on( company). If you’re searching for ( any information), visit (Facebook or another website). Visit ( youtube channel) for any other queries. You can get your answers there. If you want to contact us personally, leave your contact information, and we will try to contact you soon to solve your query.
  1. Hi, I am ( name). I am not available right now for an attending call, but you can leave your message and contact information. Thank you for your time, and I will contact you ASAP.
  1. Hello, you are calling (name). I am not available at this moment but will become free soon. Leave your phone number and reason for calling, and I will connect with you soon. Thanks for calling ( name).
  1. Hello, this is ( name), employed at( company). Thank you for your time; please leave your message and basic information. I will call you soon with the help of your given details. Thanks, sir/mam.
  1.  Hello, I am ( name) present at ( company). The team is not available to attend any calls right now. Please leave a message if it’s something important, and one of our team members will contact you soon. Thanks.
  1. Hi, you are talking with a team member of ( company). Sorry, but we are not available right now. But we will contact you soon; just leave you a message and an available contact number. Thanks for reaching out.

  2. Hey there, you’ve reached the voicemail of [your name], the resident comedian. Unfortunately, I’m not available to make you laugh right now but leave me a message with your best joke, and I’ll be sure to give you a callback.

  3. Hello, you’ve reached [your name] and the [your last name] family. We’re sorry we missed your call, but please leave a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How To Record The Voicemail Perfectly

  • Prepare script. Don’t just start preparing the voicemail without any proper script. Make a proper outline, and add important information professionally.
  • Choose a quiet place  Extra voice from the background can disturb the listener. During the time of recording, choose a non-noisy place to record.
  • Dial your voicemail number. This may be a dedicated voicemail number or your own phone number with a specific voicemail option.
  • Follow the prompts. Your voicemail system will likely instruct you what buttons to press to access your voicemail settings.
  • Choose the option to record a new greeting. Depending on your voicemail system, this may be listed as “record a greeting” or “manage greetings.”
  • Start recording. Now the script is ready, and you also choose the perfect place to record. Start recording and say all words clearly like an expert. Say things like you are talking with a person live.
  • Listen back. Practice making the person best. Record it and make it perfect if you think you missed something in the mail.
  • Save your greeting. Once you’re satisfied with your greeting, save it as your new voicemail message.
  • Exit the voicemail system. Once you’ve saved your greeting, you can exit the voicemail system. Your new voicemail message will now play for anyone who calls your number and reaches your voicemail.

Key Takeaways

  • A professional voicemail greeting can make a great first impression on callers.
  • Your greeting should include your name, company, and a polite message indicating that you are unavailable to take the call.
  • You can include instructions for urgent matters or alternate ways to contact you.
  • Use a friendly and conversational tone in your greeting.
  • You can add a personal touch by including your personality or humor in the greeting.
  • Practice your greeting before recording it, and ensure that it is clear and easy to understand.
  • You can update your voicemail greeting regularly to keep it fresh and relevant to your current situation.
  • Don’t forget to thank your callers for leaving a message and express your appreciation for their call.


You can see all this information for creating your professional voicemail greetings. You can also change some words in these voicemails according to your preference. 

All these voicemail greetings are professional. You can create your impressive personality in a person’s mind by just designing good voicemail greetings.


What should I include in my professional voicemail greeting?

A professional voicemail greeting should include your name, company, a polite message indicating that you are unavailable to take the call, and a request for the caller to leave their name, number, and message.

How long should my professional voicemail greeting be?

Your professional voicemail greeting should be brief and to the point. Aim for no more than 20-30 seconds, as longer messages can be frustrating for callers.

Should I use a formal or informal tone in my professional voicemail greeting?

It is best to use a formal tone in your professional voicemail greeting, as it creates a more professional impression and reflects well on your business.

How often should I update my professional voicemail greeting?

You should update your professional voicemail greeting whenever there is a change in your availability or contact information or if you have an important message that you want to convey to callers.

Is it appropriate to include humor in my professional voicemail greeting?

While a bit of humor can make your greeting more memorable, it is best to use caution when including humor in your professional voicemail greeting. Make sure that any humor you use is appropriate for a professional setting and does not offend or alienate your callers.

Should I include instructions in my professional voicemail greeting?

Yes, including instructions can be helpful for callers and can help ensure that they leave a clear message. Instructions might include asking callers to speak slowly and clearly, providing your email address for urgent matters, or indicating when you will be available to return calls.

What are some common mistakes to avoid in my professional voicemail greeting?

Common mistakes to avoid in your professional voicemail greeting include using informal language or slang, failing to mention your company or job title, talking too fast, and failing to ask callers to leave their names and number.

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