“Practical Stoicism” 65+ Inspiring Quotes

The book “Practical Stoicism: Your Action Guide on How to Implement Stoic Philosophy into Your Own Life” is written by David Dillinger. This book provides glimpses of the practical application of leadership skills for everyone who is genuinely fascinated by it. 

profound quotes from “Practical Stoicism”:

-Time is unbound and untied but you cannot own it. You have to use it wisely. 

-We constantly think about the things that others own and how to grasp them. We do not focus on our personal belongings. 

-Don’t just keep collecting your goals. Keep accomplishing your goals from time to time. 

-Breathing in the constant fear that we will make mistakes is the greatest mistake ever made. 

-Do the thing you are afraid to do and keep doing it until you are comfortable with it. 

-Define yourself with the number of initiatives you take or the number of endeavors you achieve. Don’t confine yourself with what others think of you. 

-Ancient wisdom has always had some commodity to teach which is still helpful for the present era. Do not underestimate them. 

-Be grateful for the simple things you have. Be grateful for a properly functioning body that comes to use to be successful in your life. 

-It is all about your insight. It is hinged upon you to consider the fact as a progressive one or declining one. 

-There is no sort of special trick to being an influential leader. You just have to focus on your inferior self to know what you want. 

-Contemplate and evaluate the criticism which you get through other people. Criticisms are always effective. 

-An effective leader knows how to convert criticisms into proper positive actions to improve their skills. 

-Consider your body as a temporary loan from the supreme and cosmos. Don’t take this magical possession for granted. 

-Happiness and reason are what remain to us and will be ours forever. Choose if you want to live a happy life or a sad one. 

-Sometimes you know that you are not on the right track but you feel helpless. It is okay. Make friends with the wrong paths and don’t be afraid of them. 

-Considering everything positive in every case is not so easy. You have to have great determination to do that. 

-To be content, casual efforts are not going to work. You need to give permanent efforts. 

-The one who differentiates between the things which cannot be changed and the things which can be changed within his power is an intellectual being. 

-If nothing seems to work out for you, you need to reshape your behavior and change your identity in your lifetime. 

-It is very much possible to succeed in life. Your luck is determined by the amount of hard work you do to achieve your goal. 

-Analyze the success you have achieved, learn from the failures which you have made. There is always a solution to everything. 

-Being able to compromise yourself to get the best and positive situations is the trait of an influential leader. 

-The clue and solution to all your happiness are within yourself. 

-Being a stoic, you will always recognize the good in the evil. Turning evil things to see from a good point of view is what a stoic does. 

-There is no good or bad in practical life. There are always some loopholes that we choose to advance ourselves. 

-If you lost your job or anything valuable, take the time to see it as an opportunity to learn patience in life. 

-Our way of thinking decides how much we are affected by a thing. Always try to disconnect from the materialist world. It influences us in a bad way. 

-Don’t let the negative thoughts in your mind overpower you and take control over you. 

-Many of us are afraid of death. We might take a few steps back if it comes to a life or death situation. But to live life like a free bird we need to let go of the fear of death. 

-There are millions of galaxies present in the universe and our human soul is one of the tiniest parts of it. Don’t make your problems so deep that they will affect your decisions. 

-Birds view the earth from above and have a different vision than us. While taking an important decision, view the problem from above without any strings attached. It will be easy for you to make a fair and good decision.

-Give yourself chances and space to grow after your mistakes. Don’t try to be too harsh on yourself. 

-Be confident in what message you influence on others. Accept the things which you can’t have control over. 

-Apart from getting influenced and passing on the influence, nothing else should be of your concern. 

-Luxury and power attract people very easily. Seldom learn to convert the attraction productively. 

-Rather than giving time the amount of respect it entitles to, we humans take the mighty time for granted and start doing bizarre things. 

-Consciousness and time are the most priceless things we will ever have.

-If you are practicing leadership and communicative skills consistently, make sure you show it in your practical actions and not in theory.

-There are some instances where people will take your avoidance and calmness as ignorance. Being mature enough should not bother you what others think of you as long as you have found inner peace. 

-Once you master the skills of leadership and once you master the way to be a stoic, people will automatically notify you and the power you have. 

-Prioritize the things which are important to you and don’t worry about the things which are not essential. And stop worrying about the unessential things. 

-If someone constantly criticizes you, it means either they genuinely want to see you in your greatest form, or else they are jealous of the success you have in life.

-Be neutral with the fact that just as you have opinions and priorities of everything, so do the others. It is the same between you two.

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