30+ Personal SMART Goals Examples

Regardless of whether you are aware or not, your life revolves around achieving the goals you have for life.  In order to be productive and proactive, it’s important to set personal goals and find ways to measure your growth and progress. 

And there is when you need SMART goals, even though it’s simple but if you have no idea where you can start, it can be frustrating. 

To guide the journey from writing your SMART personal goals to achieving them, here are some of the best examples for you.

What Are Your Personal Goals?

The first thing you need to be sure of is understanding the personal goal, whether it’s SMART or not, but such goals are those things that you want to achieve in order to improve the quality of life. 

These goals  can be related to various things such as : 

  • Family 
  • Career 
  • Business
  • Personal Relationship 

When you are aware of what you want and set goals accordingly, it makes you one step closer to being self-motivated. 

With specific goals, you need to divide them into long and short. 

This is important as they provide you directly with the long term and motivation with short term goals. 

Why Personal Goals Bring Success And How You Fail?

If you don’t have goals, you don’t have any direction in your life. 

Life does the push and pulls in all shorts of an area and you might see yourself in a direction where you never wanted to go. 

So instead of living a life in terms of others, you need to set your own terms, rules, and direction. 

For this, you need to set your goals. Once you have it, it helps easier to create a plan and how you are going to reach those milestones. 

It gives you motivation every day, helps in seeing new things and gaining perspective. 

Even though it sounds easy, setting goals and achieving them is not simple. 

According to a study done by Scranton University, only 8% of people are able to achieve their new year goals. 

The reason why they don’t achieve goals is they think of them as wishes and hopes. 

For example, hoping to earn more money or wishing to lose weight. 

Not only do these sound uninspiring and vague,  but there is no planning, frame, and purpose. 

So how do those 8% are able to achieve their goals? There is when you need the SMART goals. 

What Are Personal SMART Goals?

S.M.A.R.T goals give much depth to your personal goals, it is written for confirming the criteria including : 

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable or Attainable 
  • Realistic or Relevant 
  • Time-Bound  

Well, it was the process initially for the management concept to create and manage goals as well as objectives. 

It is written in the following way : 

  • Specific: Target the specific area where improvement is needed
  • Measurable: Qualifying or having an intro to measure the progress and goals. 
  • Achievable: Specifying who is going to do it and how.
  • Realistic: State the results that can be considered available resources.
  • Time-Related: Specifying date and time frame within the result should be achieved.

When you’re setting personal goals using SMART. It helps in being able to examine and be carefu/l. Also, it doesn’t let the goal be too vague or resolution. 

Examples Of Personal SMART Goals To Consider 

Here are some of the listed examples of personal SMART goals that you can consider to add to your list, also it helps in improving the quality and overall life. 

Some of them are for daily or weekly, some might take a longer time for achieving, in general, they all fall under the personal goals category. 

It includes : 

Walk For 30 Days And 5 Days A Week 

There is no doubt that health is your wealth, and it’s recommended that you do at least 150 minutes per week to reduce the health risks. 

It includes heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, and high blood pressure. 

You can achieve the goal of taking a walk for 30 minutes per day on weekdays. Also, you can break it down into 15 minutes and divide it into day and night. 

Improve The Emotional Intelligence Of Yours 

One of the goals that can help you is to be less reactive when you face problems and issues in life. 

This helps you in paying much more attention to finding underlying emotions and motivation behind the action of others

With this, you can help in connecting with people and improve to their own level. 

Start The Networking 

Networking is important regardless you are doing it for the career or personal, 

For this, you can set goals to attend at least two or three networking events per quarter to help in connecting with your colleagues and meeting new people. 

Improve The Listening Skills Of Yours

Whether it’s a discussion with the partner, work, my family, or memories, it can be your friends where most people are more into the talk instead of listening. 

You know that improving your listening skills can help you in making yourself more understanding and active. Also, you can ask for feedback once you are done. 

Improving The Public Speaking And Presentation Skills 

When you have enough preparation, research, and rehearsal, you can make great speeches and possibly make the PowerPoint which is effective. 

So set the goals for reaching them thoroughly and make time for rehearsing before you do the presentation. 

Not only is this goal a good example for your personal life but it also improves your professional life too.

Add More Volunteering 

If you haven’t started yet, start doing it but if you are doing it, then add a little more. 

This can be the best SMART goals, you can contribute to volunteering for some hours and it can help you teach with the idea of giving to others, 

Speak Up For Boosting Your Visibility 

The next SMART goal that you can consider is speaking up in crowds if you have a habit to hide.

It can help you in boosting your visibility and confidence. For this, make sure you have prepared already, so you know what agenda and what kind of contribution you need to do. 

Learn At Least One Thing Every Week

You can do a lot of things early since there is no end, set your personal goals for adding something to learn every week. It can be something small, and something you can start with ease. 

You can add reading a book, listening to podcasts, or adding new words to the vocabulary. 

Improve The Skills For Time Management 

You can also focus on achieving the daily set goals. It can also help in minimizing distractions and increasing productivity by over 40% over the next 3 months. 

So you can create a to-do list, it can help you in scheduling apps on the phone to do the tracking. 

Wake Up One Hour Early 

Waking up early is not simple, however, instead of committing to long hours that you can’t wake up. So set your alarm one hour early, and wake up every day. 

Set a goal to wake up one hour early, it gives you much better chances and gives you much more hours in hand. 

Increase Your Typing Speed To 60 WPM Within Three Month 

One of the personal goals that you should have in life is[equally when you are a student or professional related to writing-related, 

There are many benefits you get including boosting productivity. You can save 21 days per year if you type fast,

So you can set typing speed increase and accuracy within three months for boosting up the whole process. 

Get Foreign Language To Learn 

There are several benefits you get from learning a new language, This can help you in boosting the opportunities in your career, 

Also, you can find more clients, make friends and earn money. Set learning a foreign language as your SMART goal. 

However, you need to commit for an hour to attend the conversation fluency and it might take a year 

Maintain Journey For Writing Down The Ket Events 

You can add the personal goal, as practicing the journal can help you in recording the events in life and can help you in tracking the progress. 

Such journals can help you in gaining the motivation back whenever you are going through any problematic situation. 

Schedule Bi-Annually Family Reunion 

Everyone is running after their dreams, but in order to keep your family and friends strong, you need to be strong. 

So make sure you are scheduling the bi-annual reunion with your family and have the get-together. 

One of the personal yet useful SMART goals you can have, and also help in keeping yourself grounded and make it for your personal goal to start with. 

Clear Out Your Outstanding Debts Within 6 Months 

When you have debts, you can’t grow and nor do your investment or savings. 

Also when you are living in debt it can cause a lot of stress. So set the goal to clear your debts within 6 months or depending on how much you have, set the timeline for it. 

It can help you in giving yourself a deadline you can start working on. 

Increase Your Spirituality

Spirituality can be different depending on whatever it means to you. You can set a goal to be more devoted and spend time on it. 

Also with this personal SMART Goal, you can improve your mental health along with physical and more control over your emotions and thoughts. 

However, for this you don’t have to go to church, you can find the way by doing what you like, it can be meditating, walking in nature or doing gardening. 

Reconnect With People You Once Disliked 

There are a lot of times when you feel like you didn’t connect with some people. Sometimes it can be the situation, feeling, or any other factor. 

Set your personal goal to let the past go and create friendships or see them from a new perspective. 

You may not achieve it completely, but it’s important to know that you are progressing. 

Take 20 Minutes Every Week For Reflecting  Your Achievements 

When you are triaging the big changes and goals, it’s important that you are celebrating the small wins and success. 

With this, you are more in control but also help in staying motivated and maintaining the flow. 

So take at least 20 minutes from your week and reflect on what success you achieved and what’s not going in the way you wanted. 

Make Your Dinner Vegetables Every Night

Eating vegetables is good for your health and it’s a good goal to have. 

So replace half of the food and make it a vegetable, replace macaroni cheese, pasta, bread with whole food. 

Keep this enough and help you improve your health as well as diet better. 

Read One Book At Least Every Month 

A lot of successful people suggest that their success comes from reading, including Warren Buffet and Richard Branson. 

However, if you are busy or have a busy schedule, you can put one book in every month and keep it for the whole year. 

Do At Least 10 Minute Of Journaling 

Journaling can help you understand more about what you are doing and where you are going. Also, help you in staying updated. 

There are different benefits and they can be very diverse including relieving stress, lowering anxiety, and combating depression. 

So you can start with setting this as your SMART goal, and to start with it, including : 

  • S – The goal is to start with journalizing, 
  • M – Every day and for 10 minutes
  • A- Attainable 
  • R – relevant if you are looking to lower the anxiety and stress
  • T – forever or every day 

Write Gratitude Journal For 10 Minutes every day 

Set time for at least 10 minutes every time, and you can Twitter the gratitude journal every day. This can help you in improving your mood and appreciating the people around you. 

Plan Your Whole Working Weeks Meals 

Planning your meals can help you save time and have healthy meals every day. 

This helps you in being more organized and ready for your day as deciding what to eat at the time when you are hungry is a waste of time. Also, lots of people tend to choose junk and instant food. 

Make Time For Your Spouse Or Partner At Least Half An Hour

This can be a quick lunch or a coffee date. You can go for a walk with your spouse and partner. This can help in spending time with your spouse or partner. 

Since the schedule gets busier and you have more goals to achieve, it gets much more difficult to speed up time with your partner. 

So having some time alone, setting at least half an hour every day booked for your partner and spouse. 

Set 2L Water To Drink Everyday 

Getting enough water can help you in staying healthy and hydrated is important. 

So you can set this as your SMART goal, this helps you make sure you have enough water every day, so aim for drinking at least 2L of water a day.

Spend 5 Minutes On Affirmation For 3 Months Everyday 

According to Hale Lord says that everyone should dedicate at least 5 minutes of their morning for affirmation. 

It is a simple, clear, and positive statement which declares specific goals in completed form. 

With this, you are reinforcing the belief of achieving the goals on an everyday basis. 

Start Saving Certain Amount Each Month 

Well, the amount you want to save can depend on what you can, so you can choose the amount. 

However it’s not even about how much you want to save but the key point here is to start with the process, 

Set up a separate account for saving where you can transfer the money and save it as you get paid.       

No Junk Food For A Month 

This can be a great way to make sure you are staying healthy and also avoiding too much junk food. 

It’s especially good for you if you are too much into eating junk items and you want to avoid this, start with saying no to unhealthy food for at least a month. 

Commit To Set An Evening Ritual For Every Night 

The way you are spending the evening depends a lot and has an impact on your overall day too. 

With every evening routine, you have the opportunity to be a better version of yourself and give your best for the next few days. 

Make Conversation With Someone You Don’t Know 

Another goal that can help you boost confidence and get rid of hesitant feelings of speaking up in unknown territory. 

You can put this in your SMART  goal, for this you need to speak to at least one person every time you are going out and for a month.

Avoid Checking Social Media Until Evening For Next 30 Days 

No doubt checking social media could end up in an hour-long session. 

So what’s the best way to stop doing that? either you can time limit or if you can’t do that, its best to put it away until evening. 

Even though it can be hard, set this SMART goal for the next 30 days. 

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