15 Personal SMART Goals Ideas For Busy People

Well, you might have different goals towards life including your personal and performance. 

You might have clear thoughts about it, or might not be that sure. To be productive and proactive, you need to learn how to set specific goals, especially when you are a busy person. 

 In other words, you need to set SMART goals, here are some of the pointers that can help understand concepts along with ideas to set your goals. 

Why Personal SMART Goals Are Important For Busy People? 

Personal goals express what you want to have in your personal life, it can be business goals, lifestyle goals, or family goals. 

When you think about what are those things you want to achieve and set the goals in order to achieve them, it helps you to be more positive and self-motivated. 

The specific goals can be long or short-term goals. 

SMART goals on another hand are management concepts originally, it was presented in a smart way in order to achieve.  Well, it’s written in the following way : 

  • Specific 
  • Measurable 
  • Achievable 
  • Realistic 
  • Time Related 

For busy people, it’s important you have your personal SMART goals, as when you have vague goals, it takes much more time and you waste it on things you don’t need. 

Setting your SMART goals can help you in thinking about what structure you need to follow in order to easily track and implement it.   With this , you can understand more about what you want to achieve and look better in how to achieve it. 

smart goals to save time

Since you don’t have much time on hand, you need to be precise and have a clear idea of how and what you want to achieve the goals. 


For a goal to be achieved, you need to have a clear outcome, you should know about the goal and what you want to achieve it.

So don’t just stick with losing weight, be clear about why you want it and when. 

So it should be how much you want to lose and when.  You want to lose twenty pounds by the end of January this year.


To achieve your goals, you need to measure them.

If measurable then you can help in knowing if it’s possible or not.  Your resources can help in weighing if it’s possible for you or not. 


To achieve the goal, you should look for the relevance and how it will affect your life as well as your end goals. 

If losing weight is doable with the lifestyle you are following then it makes you feel happy, healthy and thus it’s relevant for you. 


Well, now you need to have a timeline. So you have goals to achieve but with date will help you in creating the sense of urgency and also making it much more achievable for you. 

So losing weight is your goal, put a timeline of six months or what fits you to be more specific, measurable, relevant, and timeline. 

What Are  The Personal SMART Goals You Should Consider? 

There are different things, depending on what you want to achieve and how you visualize your life.

It can be related to both personal and professional both, but here are some of the listed goals that as a busy person you must have. 

smart goals for busy schedule

Improve The Listening Skills

Listening skills are important as regardless of who you are talking to, it can be your spouse, a colleague at work, a friend, or a team member, you need to have listening skills. 

Not just that, having such skills make you better at discussion and good at conversation. 

It makes you better at getting feedback and learning better. 

No matter what you do and where you are, having good listening skills will benefit you, so you can consider this goal. 

Improve The Emotional Intelligence 

This one can help you in becoming less reactive to the problems and pay attention to find out the emotions which are underlying. Not just that, it can find what motivates you. 

You can also learn the right way of connecting with people depending on their level

Volunteer More 

When it comes to setting your SMART  goals. You need to contribute at least two volunteering hours for the community service weekly and it can help you in feeling great to give and feel good. 

You can teach people your favorite subject, coach others or serve food as well as restaurants for the homeless.

Walk For 30 Minutes Per Day, For 5 Day a Week 

Health is important and it’s recommended that you exercise for 150 minutes per week will help you in reducing the risk of getting diabetes, heart disease, depression, blood pressure, etc.

You can achieve this by going for a walk for 30 minutes a day from Monday to Friday. You can break this into 15 minutes each for morning and evening.

Wake Up Early 

When you are a busy person, you always complain about not having enough time. 

Well, you can start waking up early, even waking up an hour extra can help you in having more time to get your work done.

Speak Up More 

To those people who talk less in meetings or tend to hide in crowds, it’s important that you speak more.

Setting this your goal can help in increasing the visibility and it’s worth considering. 

In order to be ready for the meetings, you need to plan ahead and be thoughtful as well as contribute meaningfully. 

Improve Your Public Speaking And Presentation Skills 

Through research, preparation, and referrals, you can make your presentations and deliver great speeches. 

You need to set the goals and also do the research on the topics completely. You also need to have time before you start the presentation. 

This is one of the SMART goals you need to have which will help both personally and professionally.

Start More Networking 

Networking is a crucial aspect as it brings more opportunities to develop the career and personal both. 

Set the personal goal to attend the networking events for three, it can be quarterly and in order to connect with the colleagues and meet new people around you.

Improve The Management Skills 

Be sure that you are focused on achieving your daily tasks. Here you need to minimize the distractions and boost productivity by 40% over the 3 months. 

You can create a to-do list or use the apps which are for scheduling on the phone to make things easier for you. 

Learn On New Things Different Week 

There is no end when it comes to learning new things, you can set personal goals and add something different which can help you in expanding your skills and knowledge. 

How You Can Reach Your SMART Goals With Less Fail Chances? 

When you have your goals ready, it’s important that you have an understanding of how you can reach the SMART goals. 

In order to achieve the goals, you need reason and motivation. 

To achieve your goals, you need to be distilled them down into three points : 

  • What do you want to get? 
  • Why do you want to achieve it? 
  • How are you going about it ? 

Achieving your goals you need to simplify the process for you, here is how you can do it : 

Visualizing What You Want 

One way that can help you in getting your goals and keeping them more achievable, you need to visualize the end result. 

So write it down about what is your mission statement and imagine what it will feel when you achieve it to achieve the goal. 

Identify Your Whys 

When you are setting the goal, you should have a clear understanding of why you need to get it and for what. 

So if you are goal-ready, you should ask the question related to why you need it and the more you are clear about it, the better you can plan. 

Figure Out Hows 

Before you start to achieve your goal, you need to create a list of those steps that you have to follow to make it happen. 

Write down everything that you have in your mind and it can help you in achieving the goals. 

This makes it easier to assign the tasks for you each day and you can move forward with your goals. 

With this, you can help you in focusing every day in order to achieve. 

When you have the list, create the to-do list and allocate the steps so you have different days so you are creating the momentum towards achieving the outcome. 

Make A PACT 

There Is one more thing that can help you in achieving your SMART goals. This is called PACT which means Patience, Action, Consistency, and Time. 

This includes : 


Without having patience, it’s not possible to achieve a goal. Not just that, when you don’t have patience, you might end up giving up. 

To achieve whatever you want, you need to have patience. Success does not happen in one day, it’s best to be patient and enjoy the process. 


If you have goals ready, it’s important that you take action. SMART goals won’t be achieved by themselves. You want to remind yourself that you can achieve your goals. 

So read your mission statement, take action plans seriously and take steps to step closer to your goal every day. 


The next thing you need to do is to be consistent, you need to take each day seriously and keep moving forward. You can’t follow the diet program for a week and avoid it for three weeks. 

You need to practice this every day and be consistent. 


You will need time to achieve the goals. You should give time and be realistic about where you want to go. 

Even though you end up missing the deadline, don’t feel disheartened and readjust the time according to it. 

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