The PAEI Model: An Overview of Mintzberg’s Management Roles

In the early 1970s, Dr. Ichak Adizes was an administration resource person and the founding father of the Adizes Institute and developed the PAEI Model. Since then, thousands of organizations have liked and used this Model. 

PAEI is a phrase that describes four different management roles. These roles are the core ingredients for every organization that leads them to success. 

These are Producer, Administration, Entrepreneur, and Integrator. Individuals can also use the PAEI Model to know about their strengths and weaknesses and become better leaders.

The Four Different PAEI Roles 

These different PAEI roles are essential and are the core factors that lead an organization toward success.

The knowledge and skills acquired from these roles significantly contribute to team management. 


Every organization’s initial target is to keep its customers, contributors, and shareholders happy and satisfied. These can only be achieved when the organization can meet its requirements and wants.

An organization’s products display its capabilities, so it becomes crucial for the producers to focus on their final products. The better their quality, the best customer feedback will be. If there are any faults or errors in the development, Producers should take advice from experts and knowledgeable people. 

The tasks and duties of a producer are more like trying to balance between the quality controlling of their product and fulfilling the customer’s wants. To achieve its targets, he needs to continuously communicate with an expert or a professional and keep an eye on the customers’ feedback.

Some common attributes of a producer are that they are very hard-working, often work fast, focus entirely on the final product, ensure that the customer needs are fulfilled, etc. 


Administrators are responsible for looking after the organization and managing its system under their guidance. They focus on product manufacturing and ensure that all tasks are done without problems. They are the policy and rule makers who want to finish all the work without mishaps.

They are very systematic and want the employees to work with total concentration and follow the procedures in an organized way. They often work slowly but steadily and follow a methodological path for solving every problem.

Organizations and employees often rely on them to originate the production process and take their guidance to work efficiently and productively. Administrators sometimes look after the finances and accounts of the organization to maintain a balance between its production and finances. 


Entrepreneurs are the person who takes up all the load of starting up and then settling up a new venture. They create a new business firm and release their imaginations through their work, projects, and products. 

They are usually creative and ambitious persons who dream of setting up their business organization and are willing to work hard and stand their business. They work towards building innovative, unique plans that have yet to be heard or talked about by anybody else. 

Organizations depend upon entrepreneurs to develop something new, great and unique. It is so that they can get a chance to enter new markets along with their visions and strategies to become the pioneer in the market.

They work per their visions to accomplish their mission of doing something new that has yet to be even thought of based on their assumptions and calculated risks. 


An Integrator arranges and organizes the overall functions of an organization or a business firm. Their primary focus is team building and developing the company’s principles and values. 

They have skills like good communication, problem-solving, excellent professionalism, a robust formal appearance, good speaking and listening skills, and many others.

They are the soul and heart of an organization without whom it cannot perform any task. Integrators are very soothing and can make even strangers comfortable with them. They have excellent emotional intellect, knowledge, and generosity and are very kind. 

They are the problem solvers for the employees who are always present for their rescue. They build a bond of trust with their fellow team members, making them comfortable and easy for them to work with each other.

Give Some Examples Related To The Paei Model

Examples make it easy for the users to understand anything better. Some examples, assuming the roles of a newspaper company, that are related to the PAEI Model are –


A producer in a newspaper company’s management department has all duties of maintaining the quality of the final product. They also have to make strategies for their employees to work correctly under their guidance. 

Producers are professionally qualified and have the power to give deadlines to their employees. They constantly interact with their employees to get good-quality assignments and work done before the deadline. 


An administrator makes proper guidelines and strategies to develop product quality. They create in-depth routines for the other employees, like writers, editors, etc., so the publisher can get an approved assignment within the stipulated time. 

They simultaneously keep an eye on the work process of their employees and even correct them when the work needs to improve. They ensure the guidelines are correctly followed and the company’s internal rules are followed well. 


The main focus of entrepreneurs is to make strategies for their new ventures. Then it has to focus on collecting finances to set up the whole project and maintain the basic expenses. 

After the entire set-up, its duty changes to make strategies to attract new customers and increase its sales and retain the old customers. They also have to keep thinking about the future wants of customers and introduce new products with the help of their innovative skills. 


An integrator has to focus and improve their communication skills. So that there is a happy and lovable environment in the office, and they also have to maintain this silence and keep comfortable surrounding so that the employees can work efficiently in a light atmosphere. 

The integrator can take a few steps to maintain good relations between the employees, like organizing monthly breaks that contain fun activities, games, get-togethers, etc. 

They can take up a few tasks and ask different department employees to work together to gel up. They also have to maintain the company’s principles, culture, and values and ensure no employee goes against or works against them.

What Are The Advantages Of This Model?

Some of the benefits of using the PAEI model are discussed below –

It gives explicit knowledge about the roles 

 The Model provides a whole part to different management departments. The company can select and recruit employees to their positions and as per the roles required by the team. The Model also helps the employees know about the professional expertise needed to be a good leader.

It helps identify the team’s strengths. 

The PAEI model helps the team know its professional strengths that help them deal with the customers and employees. It allows the work to the employees based on their capabilities. And as a result, every employee has a separate work based on their strengths.

It helps make multiple teams.

The PAEI model ensures that each team has a leader with some professional expertise. This process ensures that every leader gets an equal opportunity to address the required organizational wants. 

For example, one employee may have expertise in forming a business while another has expertise in production. So these two employees can have a separate team and can lead them with the help of their intelligence.

What Is The Process Of Making A Successful Team?

Every organization has several employees with unique behaviors, roles, and opinions. But there is one common thing between every organization – department and teams, i.e., they try their best to make and maintain unity and balance their relation with different departments while trying to finish their work on time.

 Each employee has a role in an organization that supports and gives a finishing touch to the job done by the whole team. A successful team has employees whose attributes complement each other and make a perfect combination. It has employees who are comfortable working in any and every situation.

How To Use The Paei Model In An Organization?

The PAEI Model is useful for organizations that are formed newly. It works as a checklist for the organization to ensure they have employees with similar attributes to that of the Producer, the Administrator, the Entrepreneur, and the Integrator. 

Sometimes the organization requires all-round employees or can simultaneously fulfill more than one role and achieve the team’s targets.

The organization should think about and make strategies for its future business. Then it should examine its employees’ roles and verify if they have the required attributes of the PAEI. Some of the functions and characteristics are described below –

  • The Producers focus on maintaining the products’ quality, keeping their employees happy, and their customers satisfied with the product’s quality. So he must know well about maintaining product quality at the lowest cost possible.

  • The Administrator makes rules and regulations under professional guidance for the employees to work systematically and complete the work allotted within the stipulated time. It is also 

  • Entrepreneurs have the perfect attributes that are required for the formation of a new firm. They make complete strategies to set up the latest business and arrange the finances to set up and run it. 

  • The Integrators are the organization’s heart and mainly work on communication skills. So an integrator must have the best capabilities of speaking with the public at large. The person must not be an introvert who falls weak when interacting with strangers. 


 The PAEI Model helps an organization from the initial stage of its formation via an Entrepreneur. 

Then after the set-up, an Administrator allows maintaining professionalism inside the office and the formal work environment. 

The Producer helps in successfully producing a good quality final product capable enough to make a statement in the market. Lastly, an Integrator communicates with the rest of the outer world, which comprises customers, shareholders, stakeholders, etc.

It allows and helps the employees to work as professionals and show their skills, intelligence, and strength in forming and running a whole new business with just four people working in an army.

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