75+ Best out Of Office Messages

While you prepare for out of the office or take work off, you must set up auto-reply messages for upcoming work calls.

The out-of-office messages can be business professional or professional and friendly tone depending on your approach. Here are some out-of-office message samples to craft a professional message. 

List of Best Out of office messages

  • Hey! It is to notify I am outside of the office for the carnival period. Please note your urgency and leave a text.

  • I am incapable of taking your phone call right now. Would you mind emailing me your urgency and marking it as URGENT? I will reply to you ASAP. 

  • Hello, I am out of the office now. Leave your message here, and I will try to answer you soon. 

  • Hey! I am out of the office enjoying my weekend. Email me right away if you have anything urgent. 

  • Unable to respond to your call. I am out of the station right now. I will take immediate action after I return. Contact my assistant until then.

  • I am outside of the office, traveling with family. Please press your queries on my email ([email protected]); I will get in touch with you during business hours. 

  • I am sorry I could not answer your phone call. Please mention URGENT and leave a message. I will reach you soon. 

  • I am unable to respond to any work calls until Jan 01, 2022. Press an email to John at [email protected] (my manager) for a time-sensitive message. 

  • Presently out of the office enjoying the Christmas feasts with family. Unable to reply to any calls. I appreciate your understanding. I will connect with you after I return. 

  • Hello, thanks for calling! I am currently traveling and unable to talk. Please get in touch with me after Nov 15, 2021. Until then, keep your patience. 

  • Thanks for calling @business name. We received your message and will shortly be in touch with you. 

  • Hey, thanks for reaching us. We are currently unable to take calls. Would you mind dropping your message?

  • Hello, I appreciate your call. I am currently out of the office and unable to respond to anyone. Will check with you soon.

  • Thanks for reaching out. Your time and patience mean a lot. I will be in touch shortly. 

  • Hi, thank you so much for calling us., Our number is out of business right now. Please reach us directly. 

  • Thanks for calling my business number. I am out of the office presently. Call my assistance at 111-0000-11 for further queries. 

  • Much obliged for contacting me. I am unavailable right now due to a family occasion. Call my business number at 222-000-22 for further assistance.

  • Hi, thanks for connecting us. We are aware from office in a business conference. Call after 20th Jan.

  • Hey, I am glad that you called. Currently unable to take the call since I am out of my desk. Please get back after 7 pm.

  • Happy to receive your email. This auto message is to notify you of my unavailability due to being out of the office area. 

  • -Hey! Please contact my assistant for any queries. I am out of the office for weekend purposes and will be available by 11th Dec. 

  • -Hey there! Thanks for calling me. Would you kindly share your message with my secretary at 333-333-33? 

  • Hey, thanks for reaching. Please let us assist you. Pass your message to @name at [email protected]

  • -It’s our honor to get your call. Currently, our executives are on vacation. Please leave your message. 

  • This is an auto message to notify you I am presently out of service and will be in touch after 5th Dec. 

  • Hi there! Thanks for checking. You are our priority. We will get back to you shortly. 

  • We understand your concern. Currently, our support team is out of the station. Kindly leave your note & we will resolve it shortly. 

  • Hey! Please call me tomorrow between 9 AM – 5 PM. I am looking forward to serving you. 

  • I appreciate your effort to reach out. Expect me to call back once I get back to work. 

  • Thank you for querying about @product/ service. Your concern will soon be resolved. 

  • This is to notify you of my unavailability from 10 Dec to 10 Jan. Thanks for keeping your patience till then. 

  • Hello @name! Got your message, but unfortunately, I am out of the desk now & will be back soon and get back to you. 

  • Hey! Thanks for reaching out. Please feel free to contact my HR for an urgent inquiry. Gracious. 

  • I appreciate your effort. Apologetic for any inconvenience! Grant me time to reach you back. Till then, keep calm!

  • Sorry for the inconvenience from our side. We are currently away from the office. Expect our response in the next 24 hours. 

  • Please accept my sincere gratitude for calling me. I will connect with you soon after I get back to work. 

  • Hey! If you are calling to register any complaints, please drop a note. 

  • Hello there! I received your message. I am out of service until 2Dec and appreciate you for offering such compassion and kindness.

  • Thanks a bunch for reaching us. We are currently out of service. Please hold your seat until we assist you. 

  • Much obliged to get your note. Sorry for being unable to reach you. Please wait, submissively, until I ring you back!

  • Thanks for calling me. I appreciate your cooperation. Our team is out of the office and will contact you regarding your matter. 

  • Hello, please leave your message at 666-00-777. We feel sorry for being unable to resolve your issue right now.

  • Hi @name, It’s @name! I got your missed call. I am away from my desk and driving. Please ring @name, HR, at 555-00-55 and leave your note.

  • Hey @name! Got your missed call. Please give me some time to ring you back. I am looking forward to speaking to you. 

  • I am out of town. Please schedule an appointment to reach me. I truly appreciate your patience!

  • Hey! I noticed you calling me up. For any emergency or inquiry, kindly reach [email protected]

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