60+ Inspirational Quote About Strengths

“Now, discover your strengths” by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O Clifton is an inspirational book that focuses on the natural talent possessed by individuals and how to understand them and take them to the next level.

Quote About Strengths

-Criticism is a double-edged sword. It has the potential and power to do good in case something needs to be deteriorated or destroyed. But when something is built, it is only capable of doing harm.

-Delusion and Denial are akin to cancer and it completely deviates us from our path, halting our progress.

-We stop looking for truth, strengths and facts and end up living a second rate life according to other’s whims rather than living the way we want.

-Our personality is the face of the talent we possess. It is the proof of our state of mind and how capable we actually are.

-Neuroticism reflects emotional stability. Emotional stability is vital to bring out our true potential. An individual who pursues success needs to have utmost control over his emotions.

-Extroversion is a necessity in our lives. Our lives are filled by the presence of others. We need companions to share our joy and sorrow with. Loneliness is akin to cancer.

-Talent blooms through exploration. A person must be open enough to new experiences and expeditions. Only by trial and error can talent be brought to its full potential.

-An individual needs the skill to adapt and adjust to all conditions, no matter the terms. Life is not a bed of roses. Potential blooms under pressure.

-Discipline shapes the personality of a person. Discipline brings order to life. It makes us who we are, it determines our state of mind and it improves our capability.

-Eliminating weakness is necessary, but to avoid our strength to only focus on our weakness is not a sign of humility, it is just being irresponsible.

-Optimizing our potential is the greatest challenge we will face and it something we must overcome, as time has proven repeatedly, success is earned by breaking past the limits.

-You must be true to yourself. You should find ways to bring out your talent and work hard to realize it.

-Excellence does not require well roundedness. It requires sharpness. To be the best in what we do, be it just a single task, is excellence.

-It is hard to determine if we are actually realizing where our talent lies. If we look back and yearn to perform an activity, from the past, we have found where our talent lies.

Quote About Strengths

-When an individual is required to play to one of his non-talents or areas where he lacks the required skills or knowledge, a weakness begins to take root.

-You fail only if you are unable to realize what your talent is or where it lies. This could be due to your own negligence or due to the lack of companions at your side.

-Psychology is half baked. We work on the illness, on the deficiencies, on the cure, the prevention and the damage.

-We avoid our strengths, focusing only on the weaknesses. We avoid learning what we are good at and what exactly brings joy to our life.

-There are boundaries for human experiences. It is finite. Pain, Fear, Shame, Happiness, sorrow have all limits. But within these limits, the range is wide and diverse.

-Our talents are showcased best by spontaneous reactions. These reactions reveal our instincts, what we are made for and where we can excel.

-Yearning is necessary to showcase one’s talent. One has to yearn to achieve what he wants. Yearning is the drive that brings out the latent potential.

-Talent is unique for every person. That is what distinguishes one person from another. Personality is shaped by the innate talent and the mindset of the individual.

-Our strengths should be explored with vigor as it has the greatest room for growth. Growth, which will be mandatory in the long run.

-Knowledge is the combination of the facts accumulated and the lessons learned over time.

-Skills are developed form activities. It can be classified as steps of the activities we perform. The more we practice, the better our skills are.

-The combination of talent, knowledge and skills will be our strength.

-The knowledge we accumulate, along with the skills we develop over time, when combined our innate talent will grow to be what we called ‘strength’.

-Weakness has many definitions. But it generally has the same meaning. Anything or everything that gets in the way of excellence can be termed as a weakness.

-Constant effort is mandatory for the revelation of talent. Talent is unique to every individual. But not everyone manages to bring out the true latent potential.

-Fixing a weakness is not development. It is simply damage control. Damage control is sometimes beneficial in that it prevents failure. But it never guarantees excellence.

-Rapid Learning can be counted as yet another trace of talent. Talent could take decades to bloom. But once it does, it bursts out and rapid learning is the consequence.

-Satisfaction is the biggest clue as to where our talent lies. Our synaptic connections are naturally designed as such, that we find the areas of our talents satisfying.

-Ideals may inspire to keep trying till the last breath, but that is impractical. The first try may be a failure and we should try again. But it is fine to give up after a multitude of failures.

-A multitude of failures in a certain job means that we lack talent for that particular profession. This is how we discover our talent, through standard trial and error.

-Two individuals with similar talent may live two entirely different lives. The difference is that one got to live how he liked and the other didn’t.

-Talents are to be discovered and tuned; values are to be shaped and changes if necessary.

-Talent is not malleable. It experiences growth but not change. Values are malleable.

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