90+ Best Network Operations Manager Performance Review Phrases

The Network Operations Manager is responsible for ensuring that the high-availability network infrastructure and associated operational services are managed following agreed-upon Service Level Targets.

They work with other IT teams such as Server Infrastructure, Application Management, Security, the Service Desk, Strategy & Architecture, and project delivery teams to ensure close alignment and engagement within the existing IT infrastructure.

Network Operations Manager Performance Review Phrases

-John is Responsible for the Network Operations Team’s management, and he can handle it well 

-John can Set up and maintain applicable IT policies and standards following industry best practices. 

-John can Maintain current knowledge of relevant technology, standards, rules, and directives; 

-John can easily Ensure that his employees are advancing towards an authorized compliance infrastructure.

-John is great at coordinating with internal governance and necessary external agencies. 

-John can maintain operations manuals and run books for this team’s linked services. 

-John implements possibilities for continuous improvement to decrease operational risks.

-John Identifies chances to enhance working and raise standards.

-John can Collaborate with Strategy and Architecture to guarantee the infrastructure tools.

– John is great at maintaining management tools that are supportable and maintainable.

-John can Develop, monitor, and supervise, ensuring that all security systems are working.

-John can Develop and sustain long-term network operation strategies that will assist the organization in enhancing.

-John is great at achieving long-term objectives in any of the works he is dealing with.

-John is great at monitoring all customer relations, preparing needed reports, and resolving technical issues. 

-John is great at educating staff in the IT department and overseeing their performance records. 

-John can Participate in meetings with other professionals in the sector to improve various networking activities. 

-John can Execute project supervision and delivery.

-Jane can modify systems to improve output. 

-John always Individually assists the IT unit in performing their responsibilities.

-John is outstanding at reviewing, maintaining, and upgrading critical components of the company’s continuity.

-John can Ascertain that the IT department follows all applicable rules, laws, and policies. 

-John can Allocate appropriate resources implementation of technology-related projects (depending on priority). 

-John always Leads the architectural design for PCI compliance (payment card industry). 

-John can Manage network, systems, and security projects to achieve PCI compliance.

-John can Lead the migration of legacy VMS base platforms to Unix-based systems and databases. 

-John can Manage the replacement of an outdated phone system with a cutting-edge PBX system, 

-John can look at the implementation of voicemail and ACD functions.

-John can Manage all voice and data contracts, as well as VPN connectivity to remote sites.

-John always provides support for the benefit of the company.

-To enable communication with the backbone, John performs redistribution with OSPF and EIGRP. 

-Backhaul infrastructure supporting SS7, IP, Ethernet, ATM, and MPLS are among the backhaul facilities ordered by John.

-John can Coordinate infrastructure installation teams and vendors.

-John always ensures that hardware and cables installation is correct. 

-John can Install the Microsoft SQL 2K database and the MS-SMS server.

-John knows Linux used to create both internal and external firewalls.

-John can handle Linux, which maintains all switches, gateways, and routers. 

-John can Resolve and claim challenges for Pennsylvania Medicaid providers.

-John makes sure that the Validation of RFPs and proof-of-concept testing were done rightly.

-To standardize the BCBSA DNS environment, the DNS environment was completely redesigned and consolidated by John.

-John can improve EIGRP routing by changing the metrics. 

-To support cable modem products, John can upgrade the cross-country IP backbone to OC-12 facilities. 

-John can Create RFPs, accept bids, negotiate contracts, manage contractors, and review bills with approval authority. 

-John can Conduct an inventory of equipment and create user and security policies for Internet connectivity.

-John makes sure that the Personnel should be chosen and developed to guarantee that the NOC runs smoothly. 

-John can change the configurations of switches, routers, and hubs.

-John can ensure the best network performance for classified and unclassified data architecture. 

-John can Create and document NOC and customer standard operating procedures and processes.

-John can Perform LAN/WAN network connectivity issues like backbone routing and customer router configuration.

-John is always up to date about Internet-related services troubleshooting. 

-John can Create, implement, and manage a network and telecommunication.

-John is great at managing the infrastructure for local and wide-area connectivity, as well as remote access. 

-John can Monitor and analyze the output from various security perimeter monitoring equipment.

-John can easily recommend security actions by procedures. 

-John can Implement ITIL incident management practices and drive the development of tools and apps. 

-John can Change management, outage reporting, security vulnerability review, documentation.

-John knows how to develop and implement the policies and procedures of the network he is handling with

– His network operations leadership is admired and sought after.

-You’ve found him if you’re seeking a good and experienced network and operations manager. 

-He has networks in our industry/market, which he oversees on a proactive basis.

-Through his network, he can effectively manage staffing requirements. 

-He is suggested enthusiastically by everyone for any work in the office. 

-He understands how to network and does so in a non-micromanaging manner. 

-He has a strong network and is a natural at managing people. 

-He also provides his employees with helpful advice on managing their network.

-John is known for his no-boundaries operation and the extensive network he has established within the company. 

-John is easily liked and appreciated in the networking organization by all his Employees for his skills.

-In addition, he is well-known among network management experts. 

-When it comes to network setup and management, he is an expert. 

-John is an excellent manager who effortlessly develops networks both within and outside his field of operations. 

-John introduced many of the processes used in the network operations.

-John has a lot of management expertise and a lot of connections. 

-His abilities in operations, network management, and people management are exceptional.

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