How to Stay Motivated: 51+ Ways to Check

Motivation, coined from the word motive is a tremendous mental driving force that ultimately induces a man to achieve set goals, and targets, and enjoy the satisfaction derived out of achieving the desired results.

One of the greatest theories of motivation, which is followed even today, is Abraham Maslow‘s hierarchy of needs. Here are a few truly amazing tips to remain motivated at all times.

Here are Top Tips to Stay Motivation

Set both long term and short term goals. Work hard and try to accomplish them. Always keep your head high.

Be fully passionate about the works you do. Being passionate helps you to focus more on your work.

Always choose targets that interest you. Work happily. Excel and meet the targets.

Discuss your targets with others. They can suggest some great ideas. These can help you stay motivated.

Plan and charter a course of achieving the goal. You can certainly achieve the goal if you work in a planned manner. So, plan properly first.

Always be optimistic in life. Being optimistic is the preliminary step of motivation. Optimism is of utmost importance.

Have a personal prize-giving ceremony. Brace yourself first. You will remain motivated if you celebrate your success.

Be in the company of like-minded people. Different people have different opinions. Stay with those who think like you.

Have a mental commitment to achieve the goal. Set a proper deadline. Try to accomplish your goals within that deadline.

Hold yourself accountable for any flaw. Assessment of the flaws is very important. The responsibility to rectify the flaws is also yours.

Goals and targets must be achievable. Stay focused on your goals. Don’t try too much and set the goals you are confident enough to achieve.

Constantly evaluate how to get along with the target. Evaluation is very important to meet the target. It helps you to constantly assess your modus operandi. 

Have your targets specific, attainable, measurable, realistic, and time-sensitive. Don’t try to achieve something unrealistic. Else, you won’t gain anything.

Review your goals first in the morning. Wake up and examine how much you have progressed in your work. Have a regular early morning assessment of your works.

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Be happy always. Happiness is the principal key to success. You can’t achieve anything in life if you are not happy.

Throw away your negative thoughts. Negativity ruins everything. Toss away all the negative thoughts and have a positive approach towards life.

Try to get motivated by others. Always be good to the people around you. Listen to them and implement their suggestions in your work field.

Have fun as and when possible. Don’t take too much stress. Enjoy whenever there is a chance to relax.

Always reduce your try to-do list. Simplify your thought process. It is never a great option to try too much.

Occasionally take a break. When you work for a long period, you need to take breaks. A break refreshes you up so that you can work with more concentration.

Accept criticism as and when it comes. Positive feedback, as well as negative feedback, is essential for your development. Try to learn from the criticism and rectify the mistakes.

Come out of your comfort zone. You need to take calculated risks. There is no substitute for hard work.

Show good vibes if needed. A positive vibe is very much important to succeed in life. Always have a positive vibe.

Compliment someone if needed. Complimenting someone does not make you inferior. You must appreciate people who do something good.

Say thank you if it is required. Thank people if they have helped you. It is important to thank people from whom you are favored.

Don’t discuss all your plans with everybody. Be more self-dependent. Try to accomplish your dreams yourself.

Be ready to face all obstacles. Obstacles are a part of life. You can surely overcome all the obstacles.

Celebrate even small wins. Small achievements pave the way for bigger ones. Celebrating every win is important.

Be gentle with yourself. Respect yourself and your efforts as well. Don’t put excess pressure on yourself.

Expect vulnerability. You will face vulnerability while working on your goals. That’s quite normal. Accept it.

Do what you love to do most. You can enjoy working on subjects you love. Love and affection for your work are very important.

Always focus on your objectives. Don’t get distracted. Assess your work daily basis and stay focused.

Get started anyway. Always remember that the first step is the primary one. You need to get started at first.

Be self-motivated and get started anyway. Self-motivation costs nothing. Gear yourself up and get switched on with your work.

Start, even if in a small way. Begin with whatever you can afford. Small things are accumulated to create a big thing.

Get rid of daily distractions. Aim on the goal you have set. Don’t get affected by daily distractions as they ruin everything.

Get yourself accountable from the near and dear ones. The near and dear ones keep you motivated. Wherever you may reach in your life, get yourself accountable from them always.

Get motivation from your near and dear ones. The support from the near and dear ones is very important. Never forget the ones who have been there by your side in your hard times.

Listen to music that soothes you. Refreshment is incredibly necessary to keep yourself focused. Soothing music can calm you down and make you feel relieved.

Throw away pessimism from life. Pessimism assassinates optimism. Being a pessimist can get you in big big trouble.

Always be kind to yourself. Don’t hurt yourself for any kind of failure. Be kind to yourself and think of betterment.

Accept your failures constructively. There’s always a positive side to everything. Learn from your failures and improve in the future.

Compare yourself regularly. Have an account of your daily progress. It helps you to evaluate more on what you have to enhance.

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Have a competition in a friendly way. Never be too aggressive in competing with others. Have a healthy competition and maintain your goodwill.

Keep yourself abreast of why you are working towards this particular goal. Always have a proper reason behind every goal you set. It gives you a great chance to analyze yourself.

Keep guard if you are moving away from your goal. Don’t let your focus shift away from the goal you have set. Always be on track.

Be thankful for what you have got so far. Be humble and stay grounded. Be thankful to your parents and God for where you have reached in your life.

Do not mix up with hassles. You will meet hassles while working on your goals. Don’t mix up with them, stay simple and focused.

Always keep your workplace clean. A proper hygienic condition is of utmost importance. Clean your work regularly and maintain a healthy environment.

Avoid multitask settings. Do one work at a time. Don’t indulge yourself in multiple tasks at a time.

Always do both physical and mental exercises. A fit, healthy body and mind are very crucial. They keep you moving in the right direction.

Take a look back at your achievements. Look at what you have achieved over the years. Take motivation from them to excel more in the future.

Pat your back occasionally. Encourage yourself to take more risks. Be a better version of yourself.

Do proper research before getting started. Study well the matters you want to get started with. Get a clear picture of the target you want to achieve.

Have a regular meditation. A healthy and fit brain is the greatest treasure of the human body. A regular meditation keeps it working calmly even in the toughest of situations.

Enjoy the natural beauty. Take a break and cherish the beauty of nature. It keeps you refreshed and replenished.

Take a break with friends and relatives. Spend time with friends and family when you are under too much stress. They can certainly boost up your morale.

Take your work lightly. Don’t stress yourself too much. Have a calm approach to your work.
Keep a regular journal. Have a regular inspection of the work done. Set a proper goal and a proper time limit to achieve it as well.

Express your frustration by keeping a record in the journal. Don’t hide your frustration within yourself. Try to express your frustration so that you can work calmly the next day.

Take a break with coffee. Coffee is an excellent stress reliever. Whenever there is a break, brace yourself with the freshness and goodness of coffee.

Occasionally read inspirational quotes. Don’t ever feel low. Whenever you feel stressed, read some inspirational quotes which can certainly boost you up.

Read Dale Carnegie’s books as a textbook for life. They can provide you with some great knowledge on self-development, public speaking. Moreover, they can develop your self-introspection skills.

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Start a discussion even with strangers. You can get some great ideas and strategies through conversation with strangers. So, initiate a conversation with strangers.

Enjoy your hobby. Spend more time on your hobbies. They can freshen you up after a hectic day.

Create a new hobby also. If you are tired of your daily work, adopt some new hobbies. Enjoy spending your time. You need to spend a specific period in your hobbies.

Sleep well for at least 8 hours a day. Sleep is very important for a healthy being. Have a sound sleep of a minimum of 8 hours a day.

Have an agreement with yourself to complete the tasks. Set a proper deadline and complete your tasks. Try not to ditch yourself in that agreement.

Ask yourself questions every morning. Self-introspection is necessary for your development. Inquire yourself every morning about what you have done and what you have to do.

Enjoy your favorite sports. Spend your leisure time watching or playing your favorite sports. You will enjoy the time and gain enthusiasm for your work.

Work on the most challenging tasks first. Never back down from taking challenges. Work on the challenges and accomplish them.

Start slowly but steadily and eventually act. We all know that the slow and steady wins the race. Be slow, but steady in your field of work and act maturely.

Question yourself to get the right answer. Whenever in doubt, ask yourself first about what can be done. You will get the right answers mostly.

Remember your greatest achievements always. Never feel demoralized. Always think about your achievements in life and prepare yourself to work more hard.

Sometimes act as if you are the hero. Whenever you will feel low, be a hero. You need to overcome all the challenges on your own.

Enjoy funny moments. A smile is a beautiful treasure in every human being. Try to smile and enjoy the funny moments. Being happy is the primary criteria for a healthy life.

Don’t get bogged down by negative moments. Kick out negativity from life. Don’t let negativity ruin your day. You will surely be successful in life if you keep negativity away.

Don’t waste too much time on unnecessary things. Implement most of your time in your work. You should not spend too much time on unnecessary things.

Do not waste unnecessary time watching TV. We often tend to choose to relax by watching tv. Try to relax by watching something fruitful.

Never get bored with life. Every day of life is a new journey. Thus, spend every day with joy and don’t get bored.

If needed, reset your information resources. Try out some new information resources. You will truly get knowledge of different activities.

Get the best out of your creativity. Whenever you think of creating something new, give your full efforts. You will get the best out of it.

Listen to even your adversaries. Your adversaries will try to put you down. Listen to whatever they tell and try to find the positives out of them.

Try to make each day count. Don’t waste a single day. Try to do something every single day and hence, make each day count.

Think outside your areas of thinking. Try to think a bit differently at times. This can provide you with some great ideas.

Watch motivational and inspirational movies. Various movies are there which can truly inspire and motivate you. Browse the names of such movies and watch them whenever you get time.

Consider some celebrity as your hero. Some celebrities have gained fame after so much struggle. Try to listen to their life stories and take lessons from them.

Try to follow the lives of Walt Disney and Mohammad Ali. Walt Disney and Mohammed Ali are true motivations in life. Follow their lives, their journey, implement them in your field of work.

Try to make the changes that you have always desired. Don’t stick to the old strategies. Make changes wherever required.

Be double confident about yourself. You must have full faith in yourself. You can learn, conquer even the hardest of hurdles.

habits to improve motivations

Consume chocolate occasionally. Chocolates provide you with loads of energy. It’s good to consume chocolates occasionally.

Be bold in all rightful jobs you undertake. You have to take bold decisions in certain stages of your life. This, be bold in the reasonable jobs you attempt.

Donate to charity or an NGO for the needy sometimes. You need to be a human with a good heart if you want to succeed in life. Donating to charity or NGO is a great deed for every individual.

Get excited before doing any work. Do your tasks with great enthusiasm. Don’t let laziness set in.

Build anticipation amongst yourself.  You need to anticipate things by yourself if you want to be a successful human being. Develop anticipation skills amongst yourself and enhance prosperity.

Acknowledge goals publicly.  Admit what you want to achieve in life. Be public in acknowledging your goals in life.

Spike negative thoughts. Throw away negativity from life. Always think positive, act positive and you will gradually succeed in life.

Always think about the ultimate benefits. You need to think about the benefits whenever you are ready to make a decision. It is very important to judge whether the benefits will suit you.

Don’t bear grudges at all. Grudges always ruin any kind of relationship. Thus, don’t bear grudges and work as smartly as possible.

Be positive always. Positivity is a blessing. You need to keep yourself positive while achieving your goal.

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