62+ Motivating Swami Vivekananda Quotes

The book “Motivating Thoughts of Swami Vivekananda” by Mahesh Dutt Sharma gives us a detailed explanation of Swami Vivekananda’s experiences and philosophies in his entire life.

This is a very unique book describing his ideologies and principles of life and inspiring his readers to a great extent.

Motivating Swami Vivekananda Quotes

-You cannot completely rely on god if you do not believe in yourself completely.

-Your body has to grow completely as a whole. No one can make you teach you academically and spiritually except your own soul.

-Do not be selfish. Serve and treat mankind or the human face of the almighty to get a glimpse of God.

-A person’s life is made for social service without any personal wants and needs in his or her life. It is not about what we take, it is all about what we give and return.

-If you ever think that you are going through a lot of suffering in your life, just open up your eyes wide apart and look at the people you are surrounded by. Theirs is worse than you.

-Whenever you open your mouth to speak, say something that will stay in the minds of people even after you have departed from this world.

-Never think of the past or what has already taken place. Think about what you are going to do in the near future.

-The character of a true man is judged by his words, his intellectual capability, and his personality.

-Do not regret the mistakes you have already committed as they are gone. Think about your next step and make sure that the mistakes are not repeated again in the future.

-Do not be jealous of others. Work hard, give all the time that it takes and make others jealous of your success.

-Find the perfect posture in which you can remain for a long time. It helps you to give minimum stress to your body as well as your mind.

-Even if you truly believe someone, make sure that you keep your eyes open wide apart and do not trust them blindly.

-Be your own source of help. Because when you will look back at yourself after a few years, you will notice that you were desperately asking for help without receiving one ever.

-Never fear anything. It is the greatest superstition of all and is also the mindset of losers.

-Big things require time and effort, so focus on yourself and continue doing the job you are good at. Success is bound to come at some time or the other.

-Having faith is one of the most beautiful gifts that humans have received from god. So have faith in self and you can achieve and conquer anything in this world.

-If you give your complete devotion to work then there is nothing or no one to stop you from getting what you have been craving for so long in your life.

-Make a start even though it is wrong. Mistakes shape a person more than demoralizing them.

-When you are stuck at something, take a break off the task. Take a walk and start the work again.

Motivating Swami Vivekananda Quotes

-We cannot see the water on the surface of the river clearly due to the ripples. It is only when we dive into it, the calm and soothing feeling is achieved by one.

-Successful people do not open their mouths to speak. They leave that job for their success to speak in itself.

-Always concentrate on what you do. It shapes up your knowledge and adds all the required flavors to it.

-To see the whole world and feel every beautiful thing it contains, one must leave the small circle by which he or she is surrounded respectively.

-Egoistic attitude should always be your last trait. Talent must always be ahead of everything.

-Be aware of the people near you. Anyone can betray you and get past you at any point of time.

-That one person who wants nothing in life and is drowned in the art of helping others is the one who sees life at its best and enjoys it to the fullest.

-You are sure of achieving success if you are not bound to any constraints in lifelike commitments, attachments, desires, fear, anger, etc.

-Misery comes from desires that are not fulfilled. So complete all the work that has been left incomplete right from the beginning till this day and move a step forward.

-There is danger everywhere and in everything we do or want to do in this world but we can’t let it stop us from growing. So never fear the danger involved with the work you are doing.

-The dissimilarity between god and the demon is very minute. The devil thinks about himself and God has always been thinking about the others except his own since time immemorial.

-The greatest taste in the world is the taste of victory. You only realize the worth of your hard work once you get a taste of it.

-Never trust anything that anyone says. Search a little bit and verify if that information received by you is real and authentic or not.

-Do not aim for the final at the very start of your process. Take smaller and smaller steps to reach your victory.

-Try not to wait for anybody for anything. Instead, do what you can do best and see the growth in you.

-Do one thing at a time. Too many tasks at a time will lead to you putting both physical and mental pressure on yourself.

-Love the people around you because they will always be there by your side when no one else would be there to help you.

-Duty is the most important thing that shapes a human’s personality. No matter what so ever happens, never run away from your duty.

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