“Mindset” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“Mindset” by Carol S Dweck is an inspirational book that highlights the importance of the mindset of an individual and the major role it plays in his or her life. Our mindset will affect our profession, our career, our relationships, and our life as a whole.

Mindset Quotes

-Success needs to be earned. It is better to ‘become’ successful than to already ‘be’.

-Win or lose is inconsequential. What matters is the effort being put in. The effort determines the result. We may be outscored but we won’t lose.

-The champions and superstars in our world are worshipped as superheroes. It is as if they were born superior to us.

-The success they enjoy is the result of tremendous effort, hard work, and above all the mindset to face any and all difficulties ahead.

-Abilities may be inborn, but the effort is the key for the abilities to bloom into accomplishments. Without effort, abilities just wither away over time.

-Proving one’s own greatness is a waste of time. Time, which could be invested in self-improvement and constantly getting better.

-Friends who constantly challenge you, truly care for you as they aid in your improvement, unlike those who just praise you and boost your ego.

-It is better to seek new experiences and explore the unexplored than just moving on an already paved road.

-The passion to explore the unknown and to stick to it, even after repeated failures represents the ‘growth mindset’.

-Growth Mindset is the key to thrive even under extreme difficulties. This mindset will aid you to find a way out in the worst of situations.

-Every child born has the capability for perfection. The raw talent they possess needs to be molded with care for it to ultimately shine in the future.

-A child should be complimented on his brilliance but never overpraised. He should be urged to challenge higher difficulties and constantly improve.

-Visualization is necessary for the exploration of the unknown. Picture your brain establishing connections between your experiences as you keep facing challenges.

-Losing is natural. Victory throughout life is improbable. But we must ensure that each loss teaches us something valuable which will aid in our improvement.

-Over praising young talents can be harmful in the long run as most of them simply lose the motivation and the drive to improve any further. Their progress halts completely.

-Success is akin to being smart and failure means being dumb. This is the mindset of a younger generation.

-A single Failure can deprive the young of their confidence. Constant Motivation is the answer to regain confidence and keep up the efforts.

-The greatest effort is needed for the satisfaction of those that we love the most. We must work hard to ensure their happiness irrespective of the difficulties we may have to face.

-The courage to accept new ideas and renovate them regardless of the source and consequences, is true self-confidence.

-The mindset determines confidence. The thirst for growth and belief in our own skills instills confidence, not the show of materialistic possessions.

-Parenthood has its own challenges. It is an arduous task for parents to rid their children of premature confidence.

Mindset Quotes

-Challenges should be loved, mistakes are made to be learned from, advice should be appreciated and the efforts should be made while enjoying simultaneously.

-Addiction to praise is akin to slavery. We crave more attention and the things we do from then on will only be for attention. Our willingness to do anything productive completely dies down.

-Confidence lost can be repaired. The only requirement is the right mindset. The mindset is the source of the will which makes us put in the effort to attain success and thus regain confidence.

-Every individual has a deficiency. Having Deficiency means, there is room for improvement. We must strive to gain what we lack as there is nothing to lose here.

-Ability is the ticket to the top, but the character is what guarantees your throne. Your Mindset determines your character. A strong mindset is imperative to remain at the top.

-Constant success requires tough character. Tough character comes from a strong mindset.

-A person can win once based on ability alone, but winning constantly requires a strong mind. Once the mind is tired, the loss is certain.

-Mindset, like every other trait, requires growth. Our experiences teach us something new every time and our mindset experiences growth from all that we learn.

-The framework of the mind is under constant change as the individual matures. In the initial phase, the mind accepts the judgments of the more experienced.

-The mind matures with age and experience and after a prolonged period of time, the framework becomes such that only creativity can bring improvements.

-Constant Growth is demanding. It takes time, effort, determination, and constant support. Our mind grows every day but constant growth needs nutrition in the form of experience.

-Initial ability is just one of the factors that determine the end result. The one who starts out the smartest may not produce the best result at the end.

-Growth mindset enables the individual to value what they do regardless of the outcome. It doesn’t matter if he is successful or not, as long as he learns something new.

-Getting the job done takes priority over establishing our genius. Having ability means nothing if one cannot produce satisfactory results.

-It is better to teach than to judge. Judgments often lower morale, but teaching not only rectify the mistake, but it helps regain the lost confidence.

-Everyone is born with the instinct to learn. It all depends on the mindset of the individual, how long he will continue on the path.

-Results determine success or failure but the process provides experience. The result instills confidence but the process aids the growth of our mind.

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