Decoding Mark Zuckerberg: Personality Style, Traits, Qualities & More

In 2010, Time magazine listed Mark Zuckerberg as the wealthiest and one of the most influential personalities in the world.

He is one of the most successful computer programmers and entrepreneurs on the internet from America.

Mark is a self-made billionaire at the age of 24 and the founder of Facebook. He created the blue and white platform, which allowed people all around the world to connect with their families and friends no matter where they were.

However, Mark Zuckerberg became inspirational and one of the leaders that have a range of lessons that new entrepreneurs can learn.

Personality Traits of Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg introduced the INTJ Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judgment ) personality, where he is introverted by nature.

Also, unlike other CEOs,  Mark does less communication during presentations and with investors.

They have personality traits that he got, and these are the reasons why he became successful and one of the most renowned leaders in the industry. 

But what made him successful? There are some basic reasons that you can consider, which include: 

  • Clear Sense Of Vision
  • Building A Strong Team
  • Embracing Errors
  • Ability to Take Risks
  • Being Persistent
  • Not Underestimating The Competitors

Doing Business For Higher Purpose

Mark Zuckerberg had one purpose in his life at the initial time, he wanted to become more connected and open the world to everyone.

By keeping this purpose, he focused on creating a product that could serve the idea.  However, he never thought that Facebook would ever become a company.

It was only for fulfilling the purpose and bringing more people close. And now, the platform is not about social networking, but it connects people to people.

Believing In  Team And Product

One of the personality traits that make Mark one of the useful leaders is his belief that a great team is all that is needed to become successful.

According to him, no one can build a great company on its own. It’s crucial to understand how the right relationship can be built with more people.

Finding the right people whose vision aligns with yours is important. Each member should complement the goals that everyone has.

Mark Zuckerberg has the ability of coding and developing, but he doesn’t take himself as a  business person.

Realizing that in the initial stage, he hired Sheryl Sandberg, who handled the business building and positioned the role of Chief Operating Officer of Facebook.

Understanding the value of having the right people around him, Mark invested his time and trust in talented people which resulted in the position he is in right now.

Zeal To Turn Ideas Into Reality

Everyone is passionate about his work but what made Mark’s passion so different?

His idea of bringing benefit to people was not just commendable but also put them apart from others in his industry.

Mark sensed the vacuum that society had at that time, which was a lack of connectivity.

This led him to build something that can not just help but fill the gap.

Using his ideas and mixing them with technology, he created a platform like Facebook.

Not just that, he created different other computer games purely based on fun. He created a version of music software like Pandora and named it Synapse when he was in high school.

Mark also received job offers from companies like Microsoft and AOL even though he didn’t complete his graduation. However, he declined all offers, focusing on creating Facebook.

Balance As Leader

Mark Zukerberg is aggressive and pushes people to give him the results that he wants. However, even though his team says that he is someone who needs constant growth and innovation, still he has encouraging leadership.

To make sure that the employee and team can thrive under the pressure, he created a free working space that allows everyone to do their innovations.

Philanthropist And Down To Earth Attitude

Even though Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire, he is one of the most down-to-the-earth person

Mark likes to talk with people no matter where they are. Also, he organizes the regular town hall-style session where he answers and chats with different people.

Not just that, he wants to create a world that is much better and wants to help. That’s why in 2013,  he donated $992 million to the silicon valley community foundation.

Not just the donations to cause and improve education, but he also signed the Giving Pledge where he promised that will donate 50% of his wealth to charity.

At his daughter’s birth, Mark donated 99% of his Facebook shares.

Never Saying ‘ Die’

Well, the journey was not easy and Mark, as well as Facebook, had to face lots of setbacks.

In lots of countries, Facebook got banned, and Mark had to face lawsuits from his former founders. Also, there were faculty issues as well.

But for any senior, Mark didn’t give up, nor the Facebook. And in 2010, Times Magazine named Mark Zuckerberg as Person of the year.

Apart From this, lots of actions and changes to Facebook didn’t get accepted right away.

When he introduced the News Feed to Facebook, it was not accepted due to privacy reasons, but as time passed, it became one reason that set the platform apart from others.

Also when he announced Facebook as a public platform, the idea was considered irrational. But that has become the major reason why Facebook is accepted by so many people right now.

No matter what the situation was, Mark Zuckerberg never let things die. At that time, he focused on what mattered and valued his users as well as customers.

Move Fast And Break Stuff

Moving faster is one of the personality traits that Mark Zuckerberg has. This enabled him to build more and learn much faster than anyone else.

According to him, if you are not breaking this,  you are not moving fast enough. Unlike other companies that slow down once they start to grow because they make it risky to make mistakes.

Facebook did the opposite thing; Mark never shies away from taking risks. And that’s why he achieved success within 10 years, whereas Bill Gates took 30 years to achieve that.

Follow Feedbacks

The adaptable personality trait helped him to be where he is standing now. He listens to what his users do, reviews and feedback.

According to them, he did the changes. Also, he did both quantitative and qualitatively.

There was lots of innovation, changes, and creation that happened on the basis of the interaction with users.

Mark Zuckerberg – Leadership Style & Principles

Mark Zukerberg started Facebook in 2004, and at that time, he only had seven people. And now, that has changed into a global company that will have more than 60000 employees by the end of 2020.

Also, an interesting fact is that when he created an account on Google + in 2011, he became the most followed person, which also crossed Larry Page, who is a founder of Google.

Well,  what makes him such a great and influential leader? What style does he have that turns a small group 0f 7 people into such a huge business?

Here are some of his leadership styles that you should be known for that :

He Is Full of Different Ideas

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t possess the nature which lets him rest once he achieves what he wants.

He will go after something much bigger, and this is mostly because he always has something in his mind.

Also, he is not afraid of failing, which lets him do experiments without stopping.

In an interview, he said that during his college time, he spent hours praying every night.

And most of the things he created, he didn’t publish half of it.

He just showed it to his close people and moved on to creating something else.

He Works Hard

When he started the programming project, he blocked everything else that was going on outside the world. Not just that, he forgot his own needs.

Even now, when he is a self-made billionaire and the CEO of one of the most popular social media, he still does the same amount of hard work that any of his employees do in his office.

He Does Work But Not For Money

Instead of pursuing the dream because of monetary benefits and earning huge profits,  Mark Zukerbrga approached his idea just because it was cool and something he loved doing.

During his interviews, he mentioned that the idea of creating Facebook was because it was cool at that time and had the potential. Even if he was not sure, it was something that he wanted to do, and he did it anyway.

He Is an Aggressive & Encouraging Leader

Mark Zuckerberg is known for his constant demand for innovation and growth. He does debates and challenges.

Also, he expects more from his people to deliver something extraordinary that can be aggressive from time to time.  He is stubborn and firm when he is working.

Mark also values the worth of a good idea and how much it’s important to fight to make it real, even if it means going against the opinions or decisions of his members

So even though he seems like an aggressive leader, he knows his ways to encourage his employees and team members,

He Doesn’t Believe In Micromanaging

Mark Zuckerberg knows that sometimes he gets extra assertive. That’s why even if he does the debates and challenges  with his team, he knows when he needs to give up on the control and let others take it over,

He is open to suggestions. Also gives equal opportunity and suggestions to make better improvements.

Also, he doesn’t believe in micromanaging, as it kills good ideas.

He Trust On Building Relationship

Well, according to the statistics, Facebook ranked as the best company in the US where people can work, even though it topped Google.

The employees have impressive salaries and cool parks along with ideal corporate culture.

And that happens due to the Mark ideology for creating and investing in building relationships.

He focuses his attention on creating relationships with every employee, so they can approach him and share their thoughts.

Also, his office is made with clear glass walls so the employee can see them.

Even when he is busy,  he makes himself accessible and encourages interaction with his employees

Qualities of Mark Zuckerberg that has Made Him a True Leader

Well to learn what made Mark Zuckerberg ace in the CEO role. And how he started the successful company at a young age, changing the industry forever.

Here are some of the successful qualities that he possesses.


Mark Zuckerberg is visionary, he keeps it more connected and well open in the world.

And behind creating Facebook, his vision was to offer value while allowing more people to connect and build a world with empathy.

He had a larger vision, instead of approaching the idea for money, he did it for a purpose.

Not just he pushed himself but also his team and other people who joined him in his journal.

Push His Comfort Zone

To become a leader that is recognized by everyone,  you have the willingness to go beyond what you can do.

Mark pushed his comfort zone in every step, making sure that he is giving more than what others can’t

He worked hard and did things that he was not comfortable with. For example, traveling across different continents to speak and interact with the audience, sharing his vision.

He did whatever it took to bring himself and his team where they are right now. And even now, he makes sure to push his comfort zone.

Willingness In Making Mistakes

The willingness to make mistakes made him more confident and direct with what he did.

He never let the fear hold his thoughts or actions. Mark did changes that didn’t work but it never dampened his appetite for doing more innovation.

And that was when Facebook started. Mark kept doing things that didn’t always go as he planned. But instead of letting that himself down, he put his willingness to do more mistakes and learn from them first.

Willing To Accept Criticism

Not everyone thrives in criticism, even the unflattering movie “ The Social Network ” that was made about Mark and his career.

However, regardless of what happened, he took every cost system and accepted it anyway. Also, he talked about the movie with the staff for screening the movie.

Understanding Of Giving Up On Control

Unlike other leaders who are obsessed over control, Mark understands the importance of balance and when to give up.

There are lots of changes that happened in Facebook because of the user interactions

Instead of following what the Facebook poll says. Mark knows when giving up on the control is going to be beneficial for him and the company.

Adapt Much Quickly

While facing criticism over his privacy allegation. He caved in public opinion. Zuckerberg understands the importance of giving the control of users over their privacy.

Learning the situation and adapting to the changes is one of the power traits that he has.

Invest In Relationships

Mark built connections and relationships with people who can be helpful and learn from.

The founder of Facebook has a network and people around him who advised him the best, guide and make sure to move forward in the right direction as well to serve the purpose he had.

Top Life Skills We Can Learn From Mark Zuckerberg

Life is equally important for your success at work, and Mark mastered both.

However, what are life skills? According to UNICEF, life skills are the psychosocial abilities that adapt and positive behavior that helps individuals efficiently deal with the challenges and demands of everyday life.

Mark Zuckerberg has some important life skills that can help you in understanding what achieving success means.

Here are some of the important points for you to learn from him :


Well, it means that regardless of what happens, Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t let his cool loose when he gets under pressure or during stressful situations.

Instead of that, he makes sure to approach the problem in a calm manner. He understands that anger does not bring success.

Why You Should Learn: Developing such behavior helps enterprises to improve their relationships with colleagues and employees. Also, it helps in finding a better solution to the problems that are creating pressure.

Critical Thinking

Mark Zuckerberg says that interest in anything should go deeper and deeper. Regardless it’s an idea or issue, to make a distance critical thinking is important.

Also, it should maximize the value and be disruptive.

He shared that Mark received his first computer when he was in 6th grade. Once he got the computer, he was interested in knowing how it works and programs to write and understand deeper levels in computers.

Why You Should Learn:  Success comes from clear thinking, and for that, it’s important to dig deeper, and it takes time too.  Also, critical thinking provides many genuine ideas instead of accepting whatever comes first to mind.

Problem Solving Approach

The founder of Facebook always took the problem-solving approach. According to his biography, he said there is one question that he asks every day – what is the most important thing that he should be doing?

Unless it’s not the best thing and problem-solving, he doesn’t feel good about how he is spending his house.

Why You Should Learn:  The customers look for solutions, and the business that can help in finding one of them not just connects well but also stays relevant.

Effective Skills For Communication

Mark takes communication seriously; instead of leaving it to the team, he took the role.

Well, since he created the platform where people can connect and communicate. It’s obvious that he understands the importance of communication, and the same goes for his company.

There are lots of employees of Facebook who say that Mark keeps moving, walking around, and talking to his employees.

He focuses on letting everyone approach him directly and know him personally.

Why You Should Learn:  Communication directly with the owner helps the employees to approach them, regardless if it’s an idea, solution, or suggestion, easily.  It builds trust but also makes you an efficient leader.


There is no doubt that Mark Zuckerberg faced lots of backlashes. However, he never took those things that affected his mind. Also, the critics never got to him.

The banality of avoiding the noise helped him in focusing on building a successful platform and running a company like Facebook. Also, bring more helpful things for his audience.

Why You Should Learn: Criticism is a part of business; without knowing, no leader ever survived. Where criticism can help in finding the loophole, understanding how to avoid it can save energy. You can use it to boost your business success and block the rest of the distractions.


Zuckerberg never was interested in following someone else’s footsteps or terms.  In his interview with Wired Magazine Interview, he commented that sometimes they would do things that can be controversial and make mistakes. But willingness is important for making mistakes.

The approach helped him in bringing the products that changed the direction of the industry. 

Why You Should Learn: Sometimes, overthinking about the action takes the chance of action away. So instead of focusing on how others will react, you just need to do it right away.

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