Making Mistakes At Work: Ways To Save Face After Mistake At Work

Working in an organization, sometimes, we make mistakes, which is normal. If you want an error, try to accept and apologize in front of your subordinates.

Also, if you make a mistake at the workplace, it can help you to develop trust among your colleagues.

Instead of thinking, What To Do If You Make A Mistake at Work try to solve errors by demonstrating your professionalism.

You should know how to improve your mistakes so that these errors are manageable for your growth. If you show that you are improving, your boss may be happy with your work. Don’t be guilty if you make a mistake. Try to apologize in front of everyone without any fear.

When working in a stressful environment, we often miss a deadline, mess up a presentation or wrongly understand the assignment. Even our mistakes can be small as we can be late for an exhibition by just 15 minutes.

Essential Steps To Take After Making Mistakes At Work

Don’t worry if you have made a mistake at the workplace, and you can improve your error by following these steps.

Steps To Overcoming Fear Of Making Making Mistakes At Work

  • Take a deep breath
  • Apologize
  • Take responsibility
  • Learn from mistake
  • Move on and Grow
  • Talk to your boss
  • Don’t do a blame game

Take a Deep Breath.

Whenever you realize you have made a small mistake, take a deep breath and relax, as it can be challenging to trust your emotions and feelings.

Also, before you start doing anything, take a few deep breaths, as it can help you calm yourself, and you can think about what to do now.

You can even go to the washroom or conference room and stay alone with your thoughts for a few minutes.
As you can’t have an instant solution to your mistake, it’s better to move out of the office and come back when you find an explanation for your problem.

Making mistakes is expected, so don’t try to stress yourself by thinking over and over about it. Try to move on from it.

Apologize and take responsibility.

This is one of the essential steps. Every person working in an organization is human, and making mistakes is also expected, but how you deal with them makes you different from others.

Whenever you make a mistake, first ask for an apology and take responsibility so that you will make everything right quickly.

Also, you can say words such as I am Sorry or I apologize to your colleagues and subordinates. Also, you can accept everything that has happened and for what reasons it went wrong.

Take responsibility for your mistake, and don’t try to pass on the blame to others. Whenever you realize you have made a mistake, apologize as soon as possible to maintain your reputation and credibility.

If you have made a small mistake, such as missing a meeting, then you need to make an apology by sending an email, but if you have made a big mistake, such as not submitting a critical file, then you need to ask for an apology by having face to face meeting.

Learn from the Mistake and Grow.

Many times this question comes to mind What to do if you make a mistake at work? Just learn from it and grow yourself. Please only make it occasionally happen, as it can affect your work by creating a good image in front of colleagues and subordinates.

Find out the mistake and ensure you won’t repeat it next time. After all, it can help you to turn out to be a tremendous growth opportunity.

Everyone learns from their mistake, and making mistakes is normal as you grow automatically in a better way.

A survey shows that 85% of employees and small business owners grow when they make mistakes, which is a significant part of growth opportunities.

One can learn from their mistakes and be more productive in their work. All you need to do is accept and grant the apology.

Talk to your Boss.

After Making Mistakes At Work, the last option left in front of you is admitting everything in front of your boss.

If your boss listens to everything from you, what has happened is better, instead from your colleagues or client, as it can damage your reputation in front of him.

Fix an immediate meeting with your boss. Explain to them everything in depth about what has happened, ask for an apology for your mistake, share how you can solve the problem, and give surety that you will not repeat your mistake next time.

Last, get back to work as you will feel relaxed. Also, a good boss will understand that mistakes happen and that it’s normal.

Also, your boss can give you the solution for your mistake and help you take the correct precautions to stop it from happening again at the workplace.

Don’t blame.

Whenever you have made a mistake, have the guts to accept it in front of your boss and colleagues instead of blaming others.

Why blame others? If you have a mistake, go and try to fix the error so that your boss and colleagues know that you have realized the mistake.

Instead of blaming others, if you try to fix the problem, it will increase your image and credibility in front of your clients and colleagues. Also, your boss will feel proud of you.

If you accept your mistake in front of others, it won’t make you trim, and why be shy in admitting the error as you can get a chance to improve it?

Stop Yourself From Feeling Guilty About Making Mistakes At Work

If we make a mistake, we keep thinking it over and feel guilty about it. Here are some ways to stop yourself from feeling guilty.

Feel your feelings.

If you have made a mistake, try to recognize it and find a solution instead of thinking about what to do if you make it at work.

Let yourself feel annoyed, as it will help you grow at work.
Also, if you are working hard, it often becomes complicated to identify your mistake as you care about your career, and you won’t risk your image and reputation.

Respect your feelings, give some time to yourself to feel upset, angry, and guilty, and relax your emotions.

Feeling guilty inside yourself will not help you, as it can affect your work, so let your feelings come out.

Get a friend’s advice.

Many times we are not soft on ourselves as we can be on other people. Inspire yourself to blame yourself for a small mistake, and you can also think that your colleagues and subordinates can make the same error.

Mistakes are expected in any workplace. Also, if you want to come from this tension Or anxiety, you need to have a trusted and friendly friend who can help you to come out.

You can also explain everything about the situation and take an honest review of how badly they are thinking.

It’s obvious that your friend’s reaction will be softer than yours as it can help you overcome that problem.

Your friend can be the best mentor who can help you come over and help you with some strategies to overcome feelings of guilt.

Practice self-care.

It often happens that, after making a mistake, people usually don’t take care of themselves as they always feel guilty and think about how to face their colleagues and boss.

Also, if you are having a high level of stress, you get a better night’s sleep, eat healthy meals, and do some exercise, which will help reduce your stress.

If you see these problems with an open and transparent mind, things are not bad as they are showing. Also, your priority is fundamental self-care.


Why should one not feel guilty after making a mistake?

One should not feel guilty after making a mistake, as it’s normal, and you can learn something from it. Also, it becomes your responsibility to find a solution for your error. You can talk to your friends, colleagues, and boss about your mistake, as they can give you the correct guidance.

How can one improve their mistake at the workplace?

If someone has made a workplace mistake and wants to improve their oversight, they can apologize for an error to their boss and colleagues. Also, you don’t need to blame others for your mistake as it can create a wrong impression of you in front of them.

Is making mistakes normal at work?

As human beings, everyone makes mistakes in the workplace, and it’s normal. The most important thing is accepting your error and taking precautions to find a solution. One should not feel ashamed or guilty if they have made a mistake, as it’s expected.

How to apologize for a mistake at work?

Whenever you have made a mistake at work, accept it immediately and say you are sorry by saying the words I am sad most people feel hard to say. You need to admit what has happened and try to fix the mistake. Also, you can confess everything to your boss about what has happened.

How to apologize to my boss when I have made a mistake?

Whenever you have made a mistake, here are some steps to apologize better at work take the whole responsibility, don’t make excuses, learn from it, understand the other person’s feelings, start from sincerity and find a solution.

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