“Life is Short and so is This Book” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“Life is Short and so is This Book” is written by Peter Atkins. This book conveys the idea of trying to make the most of your life, occasionally take time away from your core focus to rest, saying no to things that don’t matter, and working hard at what you love so that your mind can be at peace.

Some profound quotes from“Life Is Short And So Is This Book” are as follows:

-Time goes on on its own but when you put in efforts and work hard, you can get anything you desire. 

-No one knows the answer to everything but still learning every day and picking up good ideas from other pieces counts for something great.

-Always have a work-life balance that allows you to be passionate about your life outside of your career. 

-You should work to do truly creative work and not just fill in the spaces in your life. 

-When you want to give your best work, you need to do fewer things so that you can give your 100% on what matters. 

-You can always make good progress after you understand the required concept of discipline and practice. 

-Remember to use time efficiently to help nurture creativity and always make space in your life. 

-Allow yourself to step back from the problems you are facing to have a better look at the situation from outside.

-Hard work is required to get absolutely great insights but it also demands space.

-Learn to say no to tasks that don’t matter and take time off from work for the peace of your mind. 

-Do not waste your energy and time worrying and obsessing over things that don’t deserve your attention. 

-Always view things from a positive point of view and learn to find beauty every day and every moment in everything.

-Even during terrible days, try to focus on things that are going well or something interesting and beautiful.

-Worrying over other people’s success will not help you in any way, neither will it make you happy nor will it help you to rise in your field of work. 

-There is so much to be acquired from considering how you can prepare yourself to move on to a place that is better than the previous one.

-It always keeps your mind at peace when you accept the fact that the world will be as it is and you cannot change things in many cases.

-Everyone makes mistakes, even you. Remember to own up to your mistakes without throwing anyone else under the bus. 

Making mistakes is about gaining experience, so don’t overthink anything, rather take decisions and face everything. 

-At times, the most important thing to do is to not do anything very stupid. 

-Start to form basic habits in the right way because this is a critical need. 

-Remember to rely on your gut instincts when you are expecting a bad situation. 

-You should choose to live your life authentically by keeping your words and admitting your mistakes.

-Be a part of a group where people are authentic and have integrity. 

-Decide upon the habits and values you want to inculcate in yourself and choose your circle properly. 

-Be true to your passions always and learn to express what you want. 

-Build friendships with people you trust, respect, rely on, and can laugh with.

-Look for happiness in true friends because no amount of fame and money can make you happy.

-Greediness is a hole that makes you more and more shallow every passing day. 

-To feel better about yourself you have to be very productive but with more creativity and less stress.

-Always stay active because we are very much sharks. If we don’t work then we will die. 

-Maintain a balance of work in your life and find the balance yourself. Do not depend on others. 

-So many people in the world are suffering from so many problems and always remember, you could be of help to many people. 

-Helping others will always make you feel better about yourself. 

-Start by helping people who are not that far from you. 

-You will find a million ways to make a difference in the world but first help your close ones and that’ll make a difference in their lives.

-Learn to accept the things that go wrong in your life and try to laugh at them, later on, to make it seem not so big. 

-Focus on understanding your values, and your priorities. 

-The things that you are passionate about may or may not change over time, but remember to go with what your heart agrees. 

-Prioritise your goals before starting a job. Decide if you want to do something you love or something that has a lot of external recognition. 

-Work on your present condition and on your future aim. 

-No matter what your past achievements are or how huge they are, something in the past can never keep you satisfies. 

-If you fight the change in your relationship, it will not work. 

-Always have space for changes and corrections in your life. 

-Learn how to manage changes in your life since we have established that change is inevitable. 

-Do not let your problems grow over time. Deal with them when they are small.

-It will cause a huge difference in your life over a significant time period if you interact with new people regularly. 

-Always keep your mind open and learn from other’s mistakes as well. 

-Find a mentor in your life when everything around you seems to be difficult. 

-You learn a lot of things by observing your surroundings while travelling. 

-Try and learn from the decisions, ideas, and projects that did not work out. 

-Always have an open mind to have a check on your mindset and beliefs. 

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