Leading With Your Heart: Power of Heart-Centered Leadership

People going to start a company or want to grow their company want to choose the best way of leading with employees.

Most people believe that by following their heads rather than their hearts, they can become leaders and achieve rewards in the workplace. A real leader knows that the brain and the heart are both important for success.

Businesses can get a lot of productivity, creativity, and success by putting employees first and connecting with them.

An encouraging employee can build trust between the leader and the employee. In this article, we will cover ways of leading with your heart to receive the benefits that come from it.

Why Leading With Your Heart Is Important?

Leading with your heart

Aspects of the heart include emotional intelligence, authenticity, courage, passion, integrity, and resilience.

A good company makes decisions with both head and heart. A company that only thinks from the mind can’t work for long and also can’t keep its employees happy with their work.

People who work in an organization are humans, and clients of the organization are humans, and that’s why building connections from the heart plays an important role.

The heart helps to build trust, and clients can also work with the company for a longer time if they feel comfortable with them.

The mind can easily misguide the leader sometimes. Sometimes people don’t like their leaders because they only decide according to their benefit without thinking about employment.

On the other hand, the heart can tell us to think about employees and their health. No one can build a connection with someone until they feel connected.

Ways Of Leading With Your Heart

Connect your work to your mission.

The purpose of a leader is not only to make money but also to give meaning to their work. Heart-centered leaders can choose the right path for their organization.

Don’t just work for money but to achieve something with your hardworking employees. When your work becomes your mission, your heart automatically connects with the organization.

Start listing your heart.

Many leaders decide by listing other leaders’ thoughts, and they regret it sometimes.

You know what environment is good for your workplace, mission, and key values, which help you make the best decision for your organization.

The heart will tell you what you want in your company to achieve the mission.

Give value to your connections.

A leader always has connections inside and outside of the company. A good business builds on a good relationship with clients and employees.

The relationship can become stronger when both parties start caring about each other’s thoughts and work and give importance to the conversation.

Positive relationship

Creating a good and positive relationship in the workplace is important. Things you do can affect the environment of the workplace and can spread negativity.

Talk positively, motivate the employees, appreciate their work, spread positivity, use positive words, and most importantly, talk from the heart. Employees like to work in places where they receive positive vibes and appreciation from their leaders.

Build trust

Trust is the root of a strong relationship. Employee trust in a leader can generate more participation, innovation, and productivity.

You can build trust by trusting each other, having open communication, take responsibility. Never make fake promises because it can create trust issues between clients or employees.

Be your real self

People who follow their hearts never present themselves as any other person. Be yourself, and give your mind values, so the employees and clients can like you and not your fake

Say what your heart says, and don’t hesitate to tell the truth in front of anyone. You can create your real personality, which your heart will follow in front of your work team.

Start caring

People hate those leaders who follow their minds and give their employees unnecessary extra workloads without caring about their physical and mental health. Caring means having a genuine concern for people.

The best leaders always care about their employees and try to give them some time, which can make teams less stressed.

Leave no one behind.

Not all people are equally smart, but that does not mean they do not give their best at work. Each employee has ideas for the company’s growth, and those ideas can work in any situation.

Working and being successful with all employees’ support shows you are a great leader. Give each employee a chance to show their skill by trusting them.

Share the wealth

Who doesn’t like getting genuine appreciation? Sharing wealth through bonuses, performance rewards, and health facilities motivates employees to work harder and better.

You must share your success and wealth if you want your employees to be enthusiastic. Wealth is something that can motivate people to give their best at work.

Have some fun

The mind can sometimes mislead because the mind does not want a break from work, but the heart knows that a little break can relax the mind. Employees who enjoy their work do it with greater passion and enjoyment.

Try to create a fun environment by treating your employees like friends or throwing unexpected small parties in the workplace.

Heart Leadership Examples

Following your heart in business has helped many leaders strengthen their relationships with their employees and build a stronger organization. These are some examples of heart-first leadership:-


Leading healthcare organizations took a break from the normal lifestyles of the organization for their employees when they started feeling stressed. The different routine helps them to do things with a new start.

Leaders planned the meeting to celebrate the organization’s winnings, appreciate the employees, and discuss workers’ concerns.


Famous hospital leaders start spending some time with their employees, so they can understand their needs and the things that motivate them. These meetings assist students in doing things that are beneficial for their minds to grow.

They also share their stories of challenges and also listen to their employees’ stories to create a motivational environment.


The CEO of a medical device company changed her perspective and accepted some new, effective leadership methods. She prioritizes listing their employees’ struggles so she can find out what they want to achieve.

She also started sharing her challenging journey as a black woman and her struggle to be a black woman leader.

Balancing Heart And Head

We know that leading with your heart is just as important as leading with your head. Managing both things equally is also important because extra things can create consequences.

The healthy relationship between mind and heart is important. Some leaders know how to demand the best deal from the organization by using their minds, but they are also collaborative and transparent.

Choose the best part of the management, and work on which is best for your organization. Choose a strategy that can do the work flexibly with a good working relationship between employees.

To handle yourself, ys your head, but to handle your supporters, use your heart, according to the lines said by Eleanor Roosevelt.

Consequences Of Not Leading With Heart

Negative environment

Employees don’t like to work in places where they do not get time for their personal needs and their leaders do not care about them.

A stressed environment creates a negative energy that can lead to many mistakes at work. You can also change the working room and add some peaceful colors, trees, or more for positivity.

Weak relationships

Leaders build relationships with their clients and employees, so they can stay with them for a long time and can do the best work.

If you do not build a relationship from the heart, your chances of finding long-term work decrease. People can easily understand who genuinely cares about them and who cares about work.

Trust issues

Trust is important to building a strong organization. You will not get their best work if your employees do not trust you.

They can leave the job at any time, which can waste your time on finding new employees with the same skills. Never break the trust of your employees in you as a leader.

Slow growth

People who worked together knew how to deal with hard situations together. The problem becomes huge when each person faces it individually.

Team support and leader support are necessary for an organization’s fast and strong growth.


Now it’s your turn to make changes

Now you know how to lead with your heart and why it’s important for you and your organization.
Use these methods in your company to see positive results. Don’t forget about the mind completely, but balance them both equally.

Great leaders always know that leading with their hearts is a big reason for their successful leadership.

Follow all these tips to make good organizational changes for growth with the support of clients and employees. You can also take advice from successful leaders who balance their hearts and mind.

Leading with your heart

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