20 Essential Leadership Blogs Every Leader Must Read in 2023

Starting a startup is one of the oldest initiatives that an entrepreneur can take in their life. It’s not easy, as you are going to need consistency, dedication, and a lot of innovative ideas.

There are lots of steps that you need to start a successful business. According to the report,  an entrepreneur spends more than 80 hours per week on their startups.

Well, you will need as much advice and help as possible.  Several successful entrepreneurs have their own blogs online, and most of them are free to access.

You can learn from their experiences and understand better the industry you are working in.

Best Leadership Blogs to be a better leader

1. PandoDaily

best leadership blogs to read

Started by Sarah Lacy, PandoDaily showcases the efforts of becoming the site of record for silicon valley.

Lacy conducts different exclusive interviews of people who are in tech and hold high profiles. The site includes different interviews and inspiring stories that can help the new entrepreneurs learn about the industry 

Who is it for – If you are developing solid resources along with inspiration interviews, here you can find one of those. 

2. Seth’s Blog

best leadership blogs to read

Seth is one of the best marketers in the current era. He previously worked as vice president in marketing at Yahoo.

Not just that, he worked as a consultant for more than 500 companies.

Seth also wrote multiple books on industries like marketing and innovation.  Well, his blog can be the wisdom mine and you should try the website.

Especially if you are looking for something that can help you in planning regarding marketing the startup or if you work as a marketer. Regardless of what you do, Seth’s blog is useful for you to visit.

You can find different topics such as :

  • Permission marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Performance marketing
  • Organic marketing

Who is it for  –  Seth’s blog is great for you if you are starting a small business. Also, it’s ideal for startup founders. It includes all the important details that can help you and guide you to make sure you are understanding how the market works.

3. Smart Passive Income

best leadership blogs to read

The blog is started by Pat Flynn, who calls himself as the crash test dummy of online business.

He started in 2008, and successfully launched businesses and helped them in growing by using his blogs.

The blog is helpful for entrepreneurs as he wrote useful content about his successor to failed ventures.

Apart from this, he has a podcast and youtube channel, it’s helpful, and you can learn different aspects of the business

Who is it for – If you are looking for useful experiences from which you can learn about what you should be doing to start your business. This one is perfect for you to consider.

4. Gary Vaynerchuk’s Blog

best leadership blogs to read

Anyone who is into digital marketing, there is no doubt that you don’t know about Gary Vaynerchuk.

He is considered one of the pioneers of internet marketing.  And he built a business that was worth more than $60 million, and it was done by using marketing over the internet.

Gary started the business when it was the pre-internet era when he was working with his father’s wine business.

He started influencer marketing to sell more wine bottles, and since then, his business is growing every second.

The blog started with him where he adds all the information and his experience.  On youtube, his videos are among the most-watched by marketers.

Well, when you visit the site, you will find different topics covered, it includes :

  • Startup mistakes
  • Motivation for startups
  • Business plan

Who is it for –  If you are a young entrepreneur who wants to learn more about startups and avoid business mistakes, the blog is perfect for you to start reading.

5. CandyBar Blog

best leadership blogs to read

The CandyBar Blog is a collection of different useful stories for both small as well as medium-sized businesses and owners.

Also, it’s good for anyone who requires a strong focus on operating the brick and mortar. It includes  SPAs,  restaurants,  cafes,  pet stores, florists, etc.

You can learn about actionable marketing and tips for sales, marketing trends, offline to online transition

The site has a good combination and balance of merchants and stories collection. It includes a series that includes small business owners. You can learn about their success as well as struggles.  They feature real stories that include real life.

There are different topics such as :

  • Marketing and sales
  • Customer loyalty
  • SMB Tips & Tricks

Who is it for – If you are looking to explore loyalty and happiness, you are perfect for the website.

6. TechStars

best leadership blogs to read

You can find a curated list of articles on Startup Digest that include all the things related to startups.  

Also, it is developed as part of the experiment for creating curated specifications for Indian entrepreneurs.

The blog focuses on different things that include accounting,  marketing,  tips,  interviews,  questions, etc.

Well you can find different topics such as :

  • Startup problems
  • Question about entrepreneurship
  • Finances and accounts

Who is it for –  If you are Indian startup entrepreneurs who are looking for better ways, this is for you to learn about business.

7. Smart Hustle

best leadership blogs to read

Smart  Hustle is an online magazine focusing on startup owners, including their interviews, tips, and blogs.

Well, there is a reason why it’s called Smart hustle; the site features the journey of every entrepreneur and hustle that they did.

Features a hustle conference every year where they top business executives.

There are topics that you can understand about startup interviews and startup marketing.

Who is it for – if you want to learn about part-time entrepreneurs, and how you can manage the juggle between different jobs and do the side hustle?

8. Under 30 CEO

best leadership blogs to read

Under 30 CEO is not only about the entrepreneurial blog, it also focuses on startups as well as entrepreneurship. The blog has something for everyone who is trying to beat unproductivity.

Well, the purpose of the blog is to feature successful people who achieved their dreams under the age of 30.

Apart from that, the Under 30 CEO on highlighting its core strengths. It helps others to know more, and so they can follow that too.

It focuses on freelancers. Startup owners and investors.  This is helpful for enterprises to learn about different types of business and their strategy.

Here you can find different topics that you can consider :

  • Productivity
  • Best business practices
  • Startup growth hacking

Who is it for – If you are learning about startup founders who are still under 30, here you can get some really good advice on how you can become successful.

9. Mixergy

best leadership blogs to read

The man behind the successful blog of Mineralogy, Andrew Warner is famous for its epic success when it started in the industry and did more than $30 million annual sales.

He started the blog so other entrepreneurs can take inspiration and learn as well as implement the techniques that he used for his business.

Mixergy offers regular content which is best and published interviews with the top businessman and entrepreneurs

Well, they recently started the course section on their website, which is helpful for beginners who are starting their entrepreneurs. It includes how you can build a successful business.

They have the topics such as product development and startup marketing

Who is it for –  You can consider this if you are starting the business from scratch. It’s one of the best blogs that you need to consider in 2021. Not just that, it’s helpful for starting development and improving the different stages.

10. Women On Business

best leadership blogs to read

Since 2007, Women On Business has been active and it became one of the major resources for all those women who want to be entrepreneurs.

Well, the blog helps the women enterprise to learn A To Z about the tricks and science behind starting startups.

For beginners,  it has everything that you might need for your startup. From learning the creating a feasible business plan to start up insurance,  accounting, etc are available here.

Not just you can learn about the hiring process and educate more people. 

Well, the business blog has different topics that you can learn i.e. women empowerment, startup, and entrepreneurship.

Who is it for – If you are looking for a resource that can help you in guiding and providing dedicated content for women’s entrepreneurship, you should try this one.

11. Cloudways Blogs

best leadership blogs to read

Well, you can learn about eCommerce, startup development, and marketing on Cloudways blogs.  They provide valuable resources, information, and ideas that can be a great help.

Especially with their in-depth and detailed posts, you can get a wide range of different topics.

The blogs are for the startup founders who either started or want to sustain the market. Also if you are planning to expand the business, the blogs will be helpful.

There are  several topics you can find such as

  • Startup launch
  • Product development
  • Startup marketing
  • Growth hacking

Who is it for –  For all of the entrepreneurs or startup business ideas who want tricks, tips, and inspirational stories for motivating themselves. This one’s for you.

12. Small Business Trends

best leadership blogs to read

The business trend listing website small business trends started in 2003.

Well, the website helped a lot of businessmen as it offered golden opportunities for them. However, now they have become the major trendsetter when it comes to the startup industry.

They have more than six million reads, and the numbers keep increasing. They have major topics that include marketing,  logistics, development, etc.

Well, you can find important subjects like startup marketing, sales, etc.

Who is it for –  You can learn the skill sets that can help you in growing the business. You can also learn the important lessons shared by successful names in the business industry.

13. Brian Solis’s Blog

best leadership blogs to read

Well, Brian Solis is a famous blogger, award-winning author, and keynote speaker. Speaker.

He did a study on the pattern of success and how the new technologies are impacting the business world.

Not just that, he built his business by studying as well as applying the same pattern. He shared his experiences by writing blogs on his website.

Brain did the major tech event as a keynote speaker.  Well, to have the best advice you can find on customer experience, management, and leadership, you can consider using this blog as it’s one of the ideal resources.

Who is it for –  If you are looking for a blog where you can learn about the latest trends going in the industry and align what to focus on for your startup. Well, this one’s for you.

14. Both Sides Of The Table

best leadership blogs to read

The site is one of the useful resources that helps the startup funding who are new to the industry, and it is about fundraising.

Both Sides Of The Table is active for more than 10 years. And throughout, they provide advice that is practical and actionable for the development process.

However, even if you are not an entrepreneur or founder, it’s still suitable for employers.

Well, the site is the brainchild of Mark Suster; he gives excellent advice for established businessmen or even startup owners.

Here you can have different topics, including fundraising,  investment, startup ideas, and fundraising.

Who is it for – Well, if you are looking for something that can help you know how to pitch properly for your investors to start your own startup.

15.The Entrepreneurial Mind

best leadership blogs to read

The Entrepreneurial Mind started by Dr. Jeff Cornwall, the platform is interactive e-learning that helps by providing in-depth business insight for the owners of small businesses.

His debates have everything related to microeconomics and finances.

Here you get the business resource that your growing business reminds you of. Including how to work with a partner and raise capital.

There are topics such as finance, business partnerships, and investment opportunities.

Who is it for – If you are looking for how to learn the digital economy that is flourishing as well as create the name for yourself.

16. Startups. Co

best leadership blogs to read

Startups .co  is based on small business startups and solving business-related issues. The site has articles featured on different topics that include entrepreneurship,  startup failures, and mistakes. Also, it has interviews with top startup founders and entrepreneurs.

Well, the site is recommended due to being a product of Clarify. fm which is a mentorship platform.

So if you have a tight budget and you can’t subscribe to that, you can read the topics on mentor discussion.

Who is it for –  If you are looking for help so you can get on entrepreneurship, including dos and don’ts that you should be knowing.

17. Startup Mindset

best leadership blogs to read

Startup mindset is a blog that focuses on all the founders of startups who just started their businesses.

The Site has different topics on the platform which include leadership, business growth, money, finance,  and technology.

Well, the blog has been publishing content for more than eight years now. Also, for entrepreneurs, it has become an important resource.

Who is it for –  the site is perfect for you if you are starting your business. It includes everything that you can use for your new business.

18. Mobile Monkey Blog

best leadership blogs to read

The blog is founded by Larry Kim, who also started Wordstrem as well as MobileMonkey.

Marketing and Entrepreneurship is a blog that has a compilation of blogs on entrepreneurship from different other blogs.

Well, the main purpose behind the blog is to bring whatever resources are online for the entrepreneurs so they don’t have to look anywhere else.

The website includes different topics, such as business growth, startup marketing,  and product development.

Best Leadership Blogs To Be A Better Leader

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