Exploring Larry Page Leadership Style: Key Traits, Qualities

Larry Page is an American entrepreneur popularly known as the co-founder of the internet giant Google. 

He also became the first CEO of Google in 1997 and eventually also became the CEO of Google’s parent company named, Alphabet Inc. 

Larry became one of the ten wealthiest people in the world, with a net worth of $89.7 billion in March 2021. 

He is a highly skilled computer scientist who helped in the creation of Google’s search ranking algorithm, called PageRank, along with co-founder Sergey Brin. 

Leadership Style And Traits Of Larry Page

The primary characteristics of the leadership style of Larry Page have to be how much innovations matter to him. 

He always clung to the idea of changing the way things work in the world, starting with Google. 

Larry Page has an equal and influential way of leading their team, making him an effective and more democratic leader. 

He believes in an open-minded approach towards his team and employees and accepting when it comes to new ideas.  

Thus, Larry page appears to be one of the finest leaders in the tech business industry ever. 

Here are few highlights from his leadership style and traits

  • Larry Page’s strong leadership and democratic ideology of teamwork in his workspace got them highly committed employees over the years. They dedicatedly put their belief in Larry and his vision.
  • Larry is an introvert. He is keener to hear and accept other people’s ideas coming out as a great leader for proactive employees.
  • He urges his team members and employees to believe in his vision and ideas, no matter how ambitious or crazy it sounds. He makes them believe that his ideas can really change the world.
  • Larry assures that employees in his company or team members participate in his vision in one way or another.
  • Larry gives his best not to pursue or adopt any form of autocratic leadership style in the way he leads. He encourages his team to gather more insights, put their ideas and develop their own solutions.
  • Larry is, and always has been, an anti-fascist in his leadership style and follows the five management tenets.
  • He believes with more people and more resources, one can achieve anything as more things will be solved, and more work will be done.
  • Larry strives to be more efficient and faster in his work in order to achieve a more active management approach at Google.
  • He raised the voice against the non-technical people managing the technical employees and engineers as they never really understood the core of the work, making it harder to be efficient at work. 

What Leadership Style Does Larry Page Have? 

Breakdown Of Larry Page’s Leadership Style

Larry Page is a democratic leader with his leanings toward laissez-faire and paternalistic style of leadership as well. 

Here’s a breakdown of his leadership style : 

Democratic leadership  

He is democratic in the way how he leads his team. It means he relies on the group decision for the strategies and policies made in the company. 

He listens, accepts, and adapts to the opinions of his employees and team members, giving them a sense of ownership in the company. 

Such leadership allows employees to feel more connected to their leader and the company and more excited to participate. 

He in fact, encourages team members to participate and ensures it happens as one of his core beliefs is that with more people and resources, he or the company can achieve anything. 

Paternalistic Leadership 

Larry Page does show up fractions of paternalistic leadership in the way how he leads the company. 

In such leadership, the leader assumes or herself the role of patriarch or matriarch of their people or the company. 

It gives them the feeling and duties such as protecting, helping, guiding, and giving everything to the company or the people. 

They see the workplace as more like a home and are more invested than other kinds of leaders.

Laissez-Faire Leadership 

Apart from some elements of paternalistic leadership, Larry’s leadership style is also getting influenced by the Laissez-Faire leadership style. 

In this, the leaders give their best to asset maximum independence at the work, putting a lot of trust in the decision-making of the team. 

Larry very much aligns on this kind of leadership, and that actually also very defines the working culture of Google company itself. 

Creating a Democratic, Free, Innovative, And Independent Workspace 

Coming back to exploring more on the leadership style of Larry, he focuses on creating an independent, democratic, and fun working atmosphere for his employees. 

And in fact, Google or Alphabet Inc. is famous for this particular reason, for their independent, creative, and innovative workplace. 

Their workplace includes free meals, coffee, laundry, fitness centers, high-tech amenities, on-site childcare and so much more.  

One of his democratic leadership examples is : 

He asks his employees to present him with 60-word updates on the projects daily to begin the day with. 

The Impact Of Larry being Introvert On His Leadership Style 

Since Larry is an introvert, he fosters a working environment where his team members or the employees can be more proactive. 

It certainly goes with their diplomatic and open-minded leadership style. All this, inspires their team members and engineers to believe in him, his ideas, and his vision. 

And also, that’s how he avoids autocracy in his leadership. This very much reflects in Google’s hiring and workspace management. 

The Effect Of Larry’s Leadership Style On Google Leadership 

The kind of leadership style Google follows is called distributed leadership

As the name suggests, this style is a constituent of the blends of various leadership style that stems from their co-founders, including Larry Page. 

Both co-founders Larry Page and Eric Schmidt had different leadership styles that blended into the leadership style of Google, creating its company’s culture. 

Initially, the company was more on the Laissez-Faire style of leadership, primarily focused on hiring and promoting highly talented and skilled engineers. 

That certainly roots in Larry Page himself, as one can see such qualities and traits in his leadership style. 

However, since the style was predominant, it came with some benefits but also a few drawbacks. Some managers do thrive, whereas some flounder. 

So with some further internal research projects where all the data is collected and analyzed to zero down on the company’s leadership fundamentals. 

What Leadership Qualities Does Larry Page Have? 

  • Larry Page is innovative, creative, and intelligent when it comes to leadership style and methodology.
  • His passion for achieving goals very much drives the quality of collaboration he does with other engineers and managers.
  • He treats his employees and team members as family members, which very much stems from his patriarchal leadership style.
  • Larry is great at fostering and developing a free-wheeling healthy working environment propelling everyone to be more productive and competitive.
  • Larry’s leadership is against any form of beaurocracy, autocracy, or leader-centric leadership style.
  • He entrusts his employees to make decisions, empowering them to be more responsible and invested in the company’s progress.
  • He got involved in a lot of various aspects of the business that usually C-suite executive avoids, such as the hiring process. 

Characteristics Of the Leadership Style Of Larry Page 

Characteristics Of Leadership Style Of Larry Page 

Charismatic Leadership

Charismatic leaders are more likely to establish an innovative approach in the business or workplace. 

Larry Page is a great example of this sort! He is driven by a high level of motivation along with his visions and ideologies, making him charismatic to his substitutes. 

He has had a significant impact on the working culture of Google for this very reason, as more and more employees followed in his footsteps. 

Employees were more welcoming to new innovations at the workplace, as coming from Larry Page. 

It is one of their most unique leadership and personality trait of Larry, and it also constitutes a fair amount of share in his overall leadership style. 

One of the great examples of how much of a charismatic leader Larry was, is this – 

As Google evolves to become one of the most successful companies in the world, a lot of its employees at higher designations are capable of starting their own organizations. 

They had everything ranging from financial assets to sufficient resources along with the intellectual ability to go with it. 

But it was only Larry Page and his charismatic leadership that made others continue working for the company. 

Visionary Skills 

Without the proper vision or lacking visionary skills, a leader cannot lead the company towards success. 

When there is a strongly pursued concrete goal, only then can it be aimed to fulfill in the given time and available to a breakdown into different tasks. 

Larry Page certainly has the visionary skills to decide SMART goals to meet the company’s success. 

Apart from that, he also retains other complementary skills such as taking personal responsibility, optimistic thinking, action-focused work and working through integrity, and much more. 

He is self-inspired and always ready to go in the right direction, as the vision is laid out very meticulously. 

Introvert Nature 

Being an introvert is one of the highlights of characteristics of not just Larry Page’s personality but also his leadership style. 

Since he is more of an introvert in his approach to organizational management, he can be more reflective in the workspace. 

So many leaders get more time to think and introspect over the decisions to be made and further maintain the work-friendly environment at the organization. 

Even the studies revealed that the introvert approach appears to be the best one when the organization retains proactive employees. 

Larry was a bit shy and conserved in his approach in the Google workplace, which always went in favor of the company. 

It was also the reason Google shifted its focus from competition analysis to product innovation.

People Skills 

Larry Page truly excels in people skills as he has always believed in working together to achieve the desired results. 

His approach was more optimistic and empathetic along with entrusting the employees to make their own decisions. 

He was the kind of leader that sustained communication with employees and get them emotionally invested in the project. 

His trust and belief in the employees always came out to be a higher level of efficiency and dedication from employees because they felt to be part of the company’s growth. 

Larry being a democratic leader, was always open to people’s opinions and ideas made him likable and respectable. 

This also improved the communication between the employees and the leader tremendously great. 

Leadership Qualities Of Larry Page 

Leadership Qualities Of Larry Page

He Doesn’t Chase Money 

With a lack of broader perception, it is safe to assume that money is the biggest motivator of the business. But it is certainly not! 

Larry Page is the kind of leader that doesn’t chase money. His business aspiration doesn’t come from the perspective of wealth creation but rather innovation. 

Money Wasn’t Behind How Google Was Birthed 

It started when Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford University and decided to build PageRank. 

PageRank becomes what is known to be a search algorithm for Google. They weren’t trying to change the world and come up with a billion-dollar idea. 

It was all about them being excited and passionate about something and really enjoying building this new technology. 

Later in 1995, Larry further got himself involved in a research project where the idea of starting Google was born. 

Larry saw there were just too many links on the internet, and no one was opening them. He sees the chaos and also the opportunity within. 

He liked to do research and study all those links. He found out that even with search engines, there is no way to find out which links are important for whom. 

Here’s when their earlier invented PageRank technology came in and resolved their issue further, becoming what we know as Google. 

Larry Continued Even When World Didn’t Care At All 

Larry Page’s personality, entrepreneurial spirit, and leadership showed up when chips were falling. 

Just like most startups, Larry also thought of selling the company to a multinational corporation when they were large enough. 

Apparently, when they considered selling, they came to know the companies weren’t interested in the technology at all. 

Surely, companies wanted to hire them but not purchase their technology and the company. 

However, later they did get some decent offers, and they could have sold the company, but they didn’t. 

And the reason behind it was that those people didn’t care about their technology at all. 

Larry and Sergei being passion-driven entrepreneurs, didn’t want to sell the company just for money. 

Larry Replaced Experience With Reading 

Larry never had a mentor who trained him on leadership. All he leaned into is reading. 

And that’s what he truly believed in! So much so that he replaced experience with reading. 

According to him, if you don’t have experience, you can always read to gain a fair amount of compensation there. 

Larry even said that he had read three books specifically on how to name a company for that sole purpose. 

He even went on to claim himself as an expert on naming companies after going through all those books. 

He Knew His Weakness And How To Compensate Them

Larry Page becomes the CEO in his late 20s. He talks about how he acknowledged his strengths and weaknesses at that time. 

His problem lies in all those challenges ranging from hiring the right people for the jobs, making the right decisions, and managing his team. 

Even though he knew he wasn’t really good at those things at the time, he didn’t allow people to recognize or identify him. 

He also just didn’t bury his head in the sand and ignored and let things top off and created a mess. 

Larry Page acknowledges those weaknesses and compensates for them with the exceptional technical skills he has as a young man. 

He also utilized the kind of vision he has for Google to go further, vision towards a future. 

He has something very strong on him as he was able to see through the patterns and see where the industry was heading. 

This compensation helps him tremendously not just to overcome his weaknesses but, in fact, to focus and work in the right direction aggressively. 

Larry Was patient With His Big Ideas To Pan Out 

It is so easy to get excited with big ideas, start moving fast on them and then get cold with the unexpected flow of things. 

Happens all the time with leaders! That’s why patience is the ultimate quality of a leader that keeps him grounded in every situation. 

Larry Page was the kind of leader who was extremely patient with ideas that were highly ambitious and world-changing. 

These ideas might not have worked or would have worked, but it definitely took long years for Larry to find out the outcome. 

All those years, he just continued to move forward and not get impatient with the results of those ideas in motion. 

One of the game-changer innovations Google came up with was Google Maps. But this technology took seven years from its inception to get built.  

It started working even before the phones had the feature to use maps in the first place. 

All this time, Larry remained patient and worked hard with his team, believed in his vision, and trusted his hard-working engineers to see it change the world. 

He Was A Great Motivator 

This is actually a rare quality that people think a leader has. A strong image of powerful leadership always seems to be him or motivating people. 

However, it doesn’t always so common. Most leaders use different kinds of motivation or use none at all to get things done. 

But Larry was one of the biggest motivators. He imparted the same ideology in which he truly believes. 

He speaks of his employees on Mondays about not making money the motivator for their work. 

Because that’s why they feel down on Mondays, he even goes on to say that if money was his motivation, he would have sold the company way back. 

Larry motivates his team by giving them the right reasons to get motivated for. It is about the ideology of Google itself, which is to change the world. 

When their employees start thinking about their work as contributing to change the world, there is no need to exert motivation at all. 

He made getting up to work way easier as they knew they had a mission to change the world. 

Larry Understands His Employees 

This also has to be one of the greatest qualities of Larry Page as a leader and a businessman. 

He believes in the people. He instilled his faith in people to do great things. He was quite keen and interested in hiring people. 

Larry was always personally involved in the company’s hiring process, so he knows his employees. 

According to him, if one knows his employees, it becomes easier to see the future of the company. 

He was so serious about this that he himself created an approval system for hiring, which he is also a part of. 

Every time Google went for hiring, it was through this approval system only, and so through Larry himself. 

Key Takeaways

  • Larry Page possesses a unique leadership style that focuses on innovation, creativity, and experimentation. He encourages his team to think outside the box and take calculated risks to drive growth and success.
  • Page is known for being a visionary leader who has a long-term perspective on business and technology. He believes in investing in new ideas and technologies that have the potential to create a significant impact on the world.
  • Page is an introverted personality who prefers to work behind the scenes and avoids public attention. He is a strategic thinker who spends a lot of time analyzing data and making informed decisions.
  • Page places a high value on his team and believes in creating a culture of openness, transparency, and collaboration. He encourages his employees to share their ideas, and he actively listens to their feedback and suggestions.
  • The page has a passion for solving big problems and making the world a better place through technology. He believes that technology can help us address some of the world’s most significant challenges and has invested heavily in projects such as self-driving cars and renewable energy.


What is Larry Page’s leadership style?

Larry Page’s leadership style can be described as innovative, visionary, and collaborative. He encourages his team to think creatively and take calculated risks to drive growth and success.

He also values his team highly and believes in creating a culture of openness, transparency, and collaboration.

What are some of Larry Page’s key leadership traits?

Some of Larry Page’s key leadership traits include his long-term perspective on business and technology, his passion for solving big problems, his ability to think strategically and analytically, and his commitment to creating a culture of openness and collaboration.

How did Larry Page’s leadership style contribute to the success of Google?

Larry Page’s leadership style played a significant role in the success of Google. His innovative ideas and long-term perspective on business and technology helped to drive growth and success for the company.

He also created a culture of openness and collaboration, which allowed for the free flow of ideas and innovation.

What can other leaders learn from Larry Page’s leadership style?

Other leaders can learn a lot from Larry Page’s leadership style. They can learn to think creatively, take calculated risks, and invest in new ideas and technologies.

They can also learn to create a culture of openness and collaboration and to place a high value on their team.

Are there any criticisms of Larry Page’s leadership style?

One criticism of Larry Page’s leadership style is that he can be overly focused on data and analytics, which may sometimes lead to a lack of empathy for his employees.

Some also criticize his tendency to avoid public attention and his introverted personality, which can sometimes make it difficult for him to communicate his ideas effectively.

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