John Lennon Personality Type: The Artist, Thinker, & Dreamer

John Lennon, the leader of the British Rock Group Beatles, is one of the most famous musicians. But he also attained popularity as a songwriter and peace activist. His full name was Jogn Winston Lennon, and he was born on 9th October 1940.

His parents separated when he was five, and then he was raised by his maternal aunt. He had an instinct and talent for the field of music.

He had received formal training in visual arts and writing. But his inclination was more toward music, so he chose the same for his career. He was actively involved in work from 1956 to 1980.

Lennon had married Cynthia Powell and then Yoko Ono. In the year 1980, his sad demise shattered everyone who knew him.

An anguished fan shot Lennon near his apartment in Manhattan on 8th December 1980. Lennon lost his life, but this legend remains in the hearts and minds of his fans and those who loved him.

Those who knew him also needed clarification about his personality type. Read on to get an idea about John Lennon’s personality type.

John Lennon: INFP or ENFP?

There has always been a debate about whether John Lennon was an INFP or ENFP. The term INFP means introversion, intuition, feelings, and emotions and perceiving.

The time ENFP also has similar words; it’s just that the phrase I is for introversion, and E is for extraverted. So, both INFP and ENFP are different personality types. However, although they sound similar, some characteristics would differentiate the two things.

John Lennon was intuitive by nature.

Those who were close to him were aware that he was intuitive by nature. He took decisions with the help of his intuitive nature.

He also judged people because of the same. Those with an INFP personality would be in a state of flow while listening to someone.

While they hear, they also judge and perceive. Many personality specialists and psychologists think that John Lennon was an INFP. Here’s the detailed approach toward INFP.

Signs That You Are An INFP Person


INFPs have good creativity, and they let their ideas roam around so that they can make some unique discoveries. They know there is a solution to every problem and would implement unlimited creativity into the process.


They have a deep passion for things and movements. They want to change the world and bring new avenues to the same. They live for a cause and are emotionally attached to that cause.

Deeply absorbed

They are deeply absorbed in their character. Most of them know what good qualities they have and what vices they possess. They like to be in a state of flow and make this thing their strength.

Have great ideas

INFPs have unique ideas, and they are true discoverers. They generate new ideas and follow them. That’s why they are often torch-bearers.

Inspire people

Since they stay motivated, they also have the zest to inspire others. With their unique personality, they tend to mesmerize people and inspire them.

They find meaning in almost anything.

They are positive personas and find meaning in almost all walks of life. They can transform themselves into spiritual beings or create a passionate world around them. They will find meaning in almost anything, which can make life an incredible journey.

Often INFP and ENFP look similar, apparently

ENFP personality also has such characteristics, but they would enter into the state of flow only when the person and the matter he is talking about is crucial.

But generally, people with ENFP personalities would quickly judge the person speaking, and sometimes they would ever say what’s there in their mind and would say something or provide a decision even before the other person said something.

Even though these personality types are good at anticipating, they can quickly get distracted over something.

INFPs would look like ENFPs but what makes them different is their way of speaking. In most cases, INFPs would talk slowly and gradually. ENFPs are fast talkers and would come down to conclusions quickly. INFPs are introverts, and ENFPs are extroverts.

If you find an opportunity to check out John’s old interviews, you will see that this intuitive singer and musician showed characteristics of an ENFP. He was quick in a few of his interviews and showed his impulsiveness at a few places.

A Deep Insight Into The Enfp Concept

ENFP stands for extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and perception. There are sixteen types of personalities, and ENFP is one of them.

People who have this personality are friendly by nature. They are often gathered around people, and they are pretty progressive and future-oriented in their thoughts. They have the enthusiasm to learn new things and are curious to know more.

They try to achieve a good work-life balance because they want great productivity, but at the same time, they also want to create an excellent social image and a good work environment around them.

But sometimes, they may find it hard to focus on one thing. Also, they may need help prioritizing the tasks in the correct order.

Was John Lennon an ENFP?

Characteristics of John Lennon showed him to be creative, strong-willed, friendly, and impulsive. People like him are innovative and can provide different ways to do one thing.

These people show that there can be various aspects or perspectives to one thing. But they often leave one thing unfulfilled and move to the next exciting thing.

They have an enthusiastic nature and also like people who are curious enough. They want everything here, now and often, this impatience can become a hurdle in their life. They work towards goal fulfilment with complete zeal and energy. But they also get bored with things quickly.

They admire themselves because they are unique and have some fantastic qualities. But they often need to make better decisions by understanding people and projects because of their impulsive and quick nature.

But those who have seen his interviews and have an understanding of different personality types think of John Lennon as an ENFP. His dressing style and fashion mockery attitude made him famous, and that was much similar to ENFP personality characteristics. People who knew him considered him an extrovert, discoverer, and always excited to do things in a better way.

Other celebrities who were ENFPs

ENFPs use their intuition and creativity to solve problems. They can be good leaders and motivators. Other ENFP celebrities include Walt Disney, Oscar Wilde, Ralph Nadar and Naomi Klein.

If you read their interviews or check any news reports on them, along with John Lennon, you will understand that they are idea-people.

They preach and appreciate new ideas. They would understand new things and try to implement them in life. They would love to change the world to make it a better place. They would speak up for what they believe in.

They stay strong over their thoughts and are ready to change the world.


The blog is meant to understand John Lennon’s personality type. Even though most of his characteristics are based on the INFP type personality, he may also be of ENFP personality because he was people-oriented.

At the same time, he had introspection too in every little thing. He wanted to find purpose in his work and generate novel ideas. The songs that he wrote were also quite reflective.

Thus, it shows that John Lennon was either INFP or ENFP personality type. Both these personality types are goal-oriented and have the curiosity to learn.

John Lennon’s life was quite inspirational for those who knew him. His songs, too, showed that he was a dreamer and a person who would want his imagination to be true. He had a strong perspective and wanted people to know about the same. He motivated many people and was a good artist, singer, and musician.

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