ISTJ and ESTP Personality : Key Difference

People with ISTJ and ESTP are different, however, they do share similarities that’s why it becomes important to know what both personalities are and how you can find the differences between them.

Also, it will help in understanding people who have one of these personalities, or you can find more about yourself.

And for that, here is what you will need to know about ISTJ and ESTP.

What To Know About ISTJ and ESTP?

People who are ISTJ are known as The investigator, as they tend to be orderly, reserved and their behavior is more practical.

Apart from this, they are more focused on being self-sufficient and meeting their obligations.

Such personalities like To work alone, as they are not a big fan of large groups.

ESTP has the personality that is known as The Explorer. Such personality types tend to be bold, energetic, and exciting in their behavior.

They are someone who is the life of the party and makes decisions very fast.

Unlike ISTJ, ESTP thrives when there is adventure and crowds. Also, they have the behavior of fixing things as they go.

It makes them more exciting and they are into knowing more as well as establishing the relationships between others. 

ESTP are people personalities but they are not like ISTJ wh are not into people but working more and completing the tasks. 

What Are Differences In Dealing With ISTJ and ESTP?

ISTJ and ESTP,  both share sensing and thinking personalities. This means they focus on being present and base decisions on their logical thinking.

ISTJ whereas prefer to follow their own plan and be alone, ESTP enjoys when they get a chance to experience something new and connect with people.

There are different reactions of both personalities that have their own way of dealing with different situations. To know, here are some of the points that can help.

When They Are Resolving Conflict

  • ISTJ and ESTP are thinking personalities, and they address the disagreements logically.

  • ISTJ where requires to be conscious of what others need through work

  • ESTP needs to be conscious about the energy level and allow space to recharge.

When They Require To Build The Trust

  • ISTJ is someone who likely trusts the commitments and personal goals achieved.

  • ESTP can be respectful as well as dependable /

  • ESTP tend to trust when they spend time and engage in discussion.

  • They feel more connecting when they build a personal connection.

When They Are Working Together

  • Both ISTJ and ESTP have rational thinking and problem-solving personalities.

  • ISTJ offers planning which is commitment and goal-oriented to the working environment.

  • ESTP brings charisma and adaptability.

  • ISTJ can be helpful to achieve personal as well as professional related goals.

  • While ESTP can be helpful in adapting to circumstances that are unexpected.

When They Require To Deal With Changes

  • ISTJ might struggle when they are facing the changes as they set the plans.

  • ESTPs tend to be more adaptable and enjoy the new changes as they get new experiences.

  • ESTP, whereas support in adjusting of new changes, ISTJ can help in adjusting the plans and reorient the mindset to achieve the goals.

When They Are Managing Stress

  • ISTJ can easily feel stressed if they are working in an environment where there is a lack of structure.

  • Also when they have to participate in a large group of people or express their personal feelings.

  • ESTPs get stressed when they feel like being controlled or contained by someone.

  • They also have an abundance of rules and regulations and space where they have no opportunity to do quick thinking and improvise.

  • ESTP is not someone who enjoys alone time, so spending too much alone time can be their trigger.

When They Need For Motivation And Encouragement

  • ISTJ is someone who gets motivation when they achieve their goals and complete tasks.

  • Also, they get the time that allows them to recharge, or situations where they can find the solution can be an encouragement for them.

  • ISTJ feel motivated when they get stability and security in their personal life.

  • ESTPs are motivated when they get the opportunity to experience new food, people, and places.

  • They receive the attention from people around them and build or create something new.

  • ESTPs also feel encouraged when they have the freedom to explore and encountering the new world. Also, they are into knowing more options and understanding what else they can get. 

What Are The Differences Between ISTJ and ESTP In Different Settings?

ISTJ is someone who gives off a detached, logical, and detailed vibe.  Also, they tend to have a store of knowledge and experience that they used in planning in working

ESTP who like the action and jump directly to take actions that hold their interest.

Both personalities are polar opposites but they share Sensing and Thinking.

ESTP does not really enjoy being constrained on schedules, also they are more pragmatic and tough-minded instead of being emotional.

Also, they have the knowledge to fix the problems immediately and without taking much time.

Well to understand what will be the differences that you can expect from them.

Work Environment

Since ESTP and ISTP have extremely different personalities, they have their own way of contributing to a team and balancing personal as well as professional life.

When They Are Contributing To Team

  • ISTJ can be expected to bring the sense of agreeing on objectives, a sense of planning, and working steadily to get the closure.

  • Also, such personalities have a strong eye for detailing and protect the team from getting off balance.

  • ESTP brings the urgency to get things moving, also they are more about doing everything right now.

  • They look for the immediate and positive impact that can be on the team.

  • Also, they can be a catalyst for action and cut right through anything that is ethereal and woolly.

When They Are Leading

  • ISTJ is someone who is great in ensuring everyone is on the planning, distributing the roles, and keeping everything according to the plan.

  • Also, they ensure that plans are enacted and more focused on completing the work.

  • ESTP can be the episodic leaders, they seek to get things done and move faster to get other work done.

  • They are action-oriented and someone who hates when things are going at a slow speed.

  • They work on getting work done and cut to the chase to not let the speed go slow down.

When they Are Being Managed

  • ISTJ are best when they are being managed as they get the clear tasks

  • They are someone who needs to have the time to understand completely.

  • ESTP is someone who has the energy and drive, but they all focus on their application which is practical and sorting things.

  • They have an extremely low boredom threshold, so they need short and practical tasks to work on.

When They Have To Focus And Detailing’s

  • ISTJ have incredible eyes for detailing as they can focus and have the desire to drive for closure.

  • They want to slowly assimilate information to be sure before they move forward.

When It Comes To Being Creative

  • ISTJ is factual, as they value practicality over creativity. They ensure that everything is being agreed on and delivered the exact way.

  • ESTP is essentially someone who is a more practical type, they prefer to go with knowledge, data, facts, and experience fixing things.

  • And they are not someone who values reflection.

Situations Of Conflicts

ISTJ and ESTP have different personalities as mentioned earlier, they have their ways of dealing with conflicts.

To know more about how and what such personalities do when the situations require to be handled. Here is what you need to know.

What Are Their Initial Response To Situations

  • ISTJ personalities prefer to keep themselves to themselves, so when they face the situation where they have to handle the conflict, they struggle to overcome it.

  • ESTP is more comfortable and good at handling conflict.

  • They do not want to hurt or self-aggrandize, this creates the right honesty as well as tension which helps in fixing the problems much faster.

What Issues They Fight on

  • ISTJ brings their strong sense of what is wrong and right, and they tend to be around what has been agreed.

  • They are someone who takes it seriously if someone agrees on doing something as they have to be accountable for it.

  • ESTP is not someone who likes it when things are at a slow and steady pace.

  • They want to make sure everyone is doing rather than thinking.

  • Also, they have a low boredom threshold which makes it difficult to handle the boring situation at a slower pace.

What Are Their Style Of Communication And Conflict

  • If there is someone who has the ISTJ will do the formal processes like writing a letter of complaint or might do the proper channels plays to their strength.

  • They are more formal and measured, so they tend to be non-emotional and factual.

  • ESTP is direct with their economy and words.

  • They will tell what they like and expect that others will do it accordingly.

  • The robust debate helps in getting things done much faster and reflects that it can be brutal.

What They Feel After This

  • ISTJ is more about what is wrong and what is right.

  • They are not one who likes to deal with conflict, especially if it includes emotions.

  • ESTP is over when the problem is over, they will move on doing something much bigger, forgetting what happened earlier.

  • They don’t bear grudges or reflect deeply, which keeps their actions fast to move and do more interesting things.

Relationships, Emotion, And Values

Having the information on how both personalities not just help in understanding about them more, but also you know what to expect.

The same goes for the relationship, sharing feelings, and what are the points that drive them.

And for that, here is what you will need.

When They Are Being Around

  • ISTJ personalities have an intense focus which makes them look cold, detached, or might not be interested in some situations.

  • Also, they give the aura of someone who is not caring, however, they are not deliberate but alienate to those who want to know them.

  • ESTP is an adventurous, fun-loving, and gregarious type who might be really the soul and life of the party.

  • They are only when they have not let boredom is kick in and looking for a big adventure or something that can be a buzz.

When They Are Dealing With Emotions

  •  ISTJ is factual and detached, they are often someone who has had to deal with emotions.

  • They can be irrational and displaying emotions and displaying it so they have to translate them and understand them into factual language.

  •  ESTP is someone who is practical as well as action-oriented and wants to jump to solve problems.

  • This is why they are built impervious to the environment that means they don’t feature.

When They Are Sharing Feelings

  • ISTJ is private and deep in nature, they keep their emotions to themselves and until they know what to do, too much interaction sucks and makes them too energetic.

  • ESTP is not someone who feels afraid to share their thoughts, they are factual and direct but they don’t really see that they need to be emotional.

  • Also, they are not really helpful in getting the job done, and to fix the problem, they also need to be constantly fed.

What Are Their Values And Drives

  • ISTJ  likes those who do not let anything break what they agreed on and fulfill their commitments.

  • Also, they might not be the best to understand human nature. Even though they take it as a human deficiency.

  • ESTP are those who draw great energy from moving swiftly from one problem to another.

  • Also, they come up with solutions that can be practical and then move on to solve the next problem.

  • They also have a great company, chatty and friendly in nature, but they don’t get emotions that easily.

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