A Guide How Intrinsic Motivation help Great in Work

Regardless of what kind of business you do, how successful your business is, if you don’t have a driven team, it’s all become useless.

For a business to run for a long time especially when the market is tough, it’s important to hire star employees that can set the business apart.

However, with the new generation, having motivated employees who can dedicate their skills even when the options are a lot out there become crucial than ever.

For the business, you are going to need to focus on how you can improve the intrinsic motivation to get the results you want.

How Motivation Works And Affects The Business?

Well if it’s considered on the surface, motivation can be seen as a level of determination and excitement which brings to the job you are doing.

However, considering the biological process, it triggers the actions as it releases dopamine.

This doesn’t signal the actual reward but the possibility of getting one. Once your brain gets aware, it creates a cost-benefit analysis.

If it’s beneficial, the signal gets sent by the body to take initiative to get the reward.

Once the work gets done and you receive a reward, more dopamine gets released.

Well the motivation is divided into three components such as :

  • Direction
  • Effort
  • Persistence
how motivation increases work results

What To Know About Intrinsic Motivation?

There are different types of motivations that you can consider such as instinct motivation, 

achievement motivation, competence motivation, etc.

type of motivation

Well, intrinsic motivation refers to the act of doing something where external rewards are not needed.

The purpose of doing the work is purely based on the individual’s interest. Also, it’s because you enjoy doing it.

It can be the motivation of reading a book because you like the subject or you like reading in general. You are not reading because you have to write any kind of report on it.

Examples Of Intrinsic Motivation :

  • Another example that you can consider is taking part in sports because you enjoy it and it’s fun instead of winning the award.
  • Learning something new like languages, because it makes you aware of new things instead of having requirements for your next job.
  • Cleaning your house, not because your family will get angry but because you like a clean place.
  • Painting and drawing because it makes you feel calm, not because you are going to earn from it.

What Are The Factors To Unlock The Intrinsic Motivations?

Well to know what are the factors plays an important role and how you can use them for unlocking the intrinsic motivation in your workplace.

important factors of intrinsic motivation


Having the freedom to make their own decisions when they are doing their job. The autonomy on how they accomplish this makes sense to them.

Trusting the judgments and letting them make their own decisions also boost confidence.

This brings the pride and feel of having ownership along with the purpose.

For example, the company’s flexible work time lets the employee decide when they work on their choices.

But with that, it should come with its limitations and practice work plan too.


People who take challenges stay most of the time intrinsically motivated.

However, having extrinsic rewards help as a good motivator. But it can add extra pressure on the employees to take more responsibility.

That’s why don’t add the role to someone too suddenly. It should be in their interest and something they require.

Let them use their talent to perform the additional tasks. It will help them in testing themselves too. Also, this will help in motivating them from within.


The organization should have a culture for recognition of the employee’s work and their efforts.

With the culture of recognition, it can help in taking the first step towards boosting intrinsic motivation.

Even though it’s external, it motivates the employee internally.

It also promotes better employee engagement and achievement in the workplace.

According to the research, 66% of employees feel motivated when they have the presence of a recognition program in their workplace.


The employees are individuals who are working to gain more knowledge and experience so it can improve them as individuals.

This is also an important source for motivating them.  Offering high-performing mentors to grow and empower their skills can help.

Also, help in recognizing their strength and empower them to achieve the goals they have as individuals in the workplace.

It can be in-house mentorship and training programs that can help in improving them.


Well when someone starts to take the Intrinsic motivation plans, it also improves the chances as they keep doing the assessment.  This helps in tracking their work and also helps in achieving the targets as well as their goals.

With assessment, it will help in understanding where they stand. Also, manage their performances as well as the quality of work too.

How To Channel Intrinsic Motivation As Individuals?

Well, there are some of the best ways listed here which will help you in channeling the intrinsic motivation on your own.

Make A List of What You Like

Start writing the things that you like or that make you happy. Choose the hobbies, books, or activities, anything can be listed here but it should be something that is making you happy from the inside.

Be honest when you are listing your favorite things.

Take Your Breaks

Your life is not all about working. It should be something more than that. Even if you love what you do, it should still not be something you are obsessed with. 

The breaks are important. It’s important to take a rest once in a while as it plays one of the sources of motivation.

Recall The Good Times

Recall the things you did and made you happy. Maybe it’s your first match that you won or the perfect score test.

Remember the feeling of milestones that you achieved. Imagine how you will feel when you do it for more time.

It will help you in feeling positive about your abilities. This will boost as well as build up your intrinsic motivation too.

Look Forward To Feeling Relief

Well, there might be chances that what you are working on right now is taking too much from you. 

 To boost yourself, think about the reward and how you will feel when the work will be done. Think about the relief you will feel and look forward to it.

Spend Time With Your people

You can mix the extrinsic motivation too as it won’t hurt. Well to enjoy your time, it should not be something too grand always.

It can be something small like receiving a hug from someone or inspiring words from your family.  That’s why to spend your time with the people you feel close to.

Know What You Want

It’s important that you know what you are doing and what you want from it.  If you are doing it because everyone is doing it or you have to do it.

It should be something that you want. When you don’t have a clear mind, there will be something you will feel missing and it affects your motivation too.

Focus On Health

It’s important to stay and feel healthy in order to motivate yourself. If a body is sick, you can’t think and do anything.

That’s why focus on what you eat, make sure you are taking a healthy diet. Also when the person feels hungry, it can make you feel cranky and inefficient.

Keep A Journal

There is a reason why successful people use journaling. It keeps your mind clear and also helps you in feeling motivated when you need it.

It’s not about what you are writing, it can be anything. You can talk about your day or write something creative.

Write about what you dream, show your innermost when you write the journals and daily life.

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