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Seth Godin, in his book “Tribes: We need you to lead us,” describes creating a tribe of people having the same thoughts, and he believes that grouping certain people and bringing them into one place can discover amazing things in the world.

The book is one of the best sellers in the country.

Tribes Quotes

Here are some of the advisable quotes by Seth Godin in his book “Tribes: We need you to lead us”:

-Many people think that the rules of being a leader or the leadership rules are very difficult, but it is just to follow what you believe in with your heart and brain.

-When a leader takes a different path and is selected by people, then he is always followed by the people.

-When a group of people is connected with each other, it is usually referred to as a tribe.

-Sometimes, a certain group of people with a common mindset should be kept together so they can connect more easily.

-When two ideas conflict with each other, and after several processes, one of the ideas is selected, that doesn’t mean that the idea is best or better than the other because sometimes the winners are not better than the losers.

-The idea that is pushed in a competition with another idea often wins if it is the most fearless heretic.

-You do not have to seek permission if you want to make a change.

-When you can change something that you believe to be changed, then you can be considered a good leader.

-When you are leading a team from the front, you can never have a normal day, and if you have a fine day, then you are not leading it.

-When you are selected as a leader, and then make a decision to give a platform to everyone so that they can make or present their opinions.

-When you realize that you don’t have enough time in this world, you would never choose to be sad about stupid things.

-Sometimes, things are not pointless. Instead, they are very painful.

Tribes Quotes

-When a big established struck tribe, it is okay to abandon them.

-Leaders often lead and connect with the tribes and make internal connections too.

-Sometimes, with more resistance, your efforts are more valuable.

-When we are doing a certain thing, we often believe that if it were in some other way, then it would have been better for us.

-Sometimes, it is unlikely to be worth it as a journey.

-You will never achieve success if you dream of success without any commitment, which is why the commitment should be stronger than your dreams.

-For an artist in the tribe, fans are always important and it depends on the number of real fans.

-On the way to reach the bigger goal, the desire to fall is an untold secret.

-When you do things out of the box, everyone will come and tell you that you are stupid and have no sense.

-We need to understand that it is very hard to initiate and the easiest thing is to react and then the second easiest thing is to respond, but very few people have the confidence to initiate.

-There should be a strong connection between the leader and the tribe for the betterment of both.

-In an organization, the more challenging person is the person who is considered daring to be great in the organization.

-You must have the confidence even just to punch a clock. 

-A curious person always embraces the tension between religion and other things.

-We have faced many illusions in our life, and being perfect is a part of it.

-Until something is not re-invented, we don’t have an idea of what it is.

-Less effort is worth it when you wait longer to launch an innovation.

-Always remember that if you want to be a great leader, there is no point in pleasing everybody.

-Before exploring the religion, if you can consider the fact that whether it should be accepted or not then you may have the abilities of a fundamentalist.

-You need to understand that even if you are correct, sometimes you will not be listening to people, and there will be people who will not take you seriously.

-Some people will always believe that they are only correct and the things they tell themselves are correct.

-The things you make and when you tell stories about the things that you make are known as marketing.

-Authority is not required as a skill, it will get as you grow in life.

-There is a certain level in all organizations when people become paralyzed with fear before making a decision.

-There is no point in avoiding being wrong, and often people have a wrong conception that it is the secret of being wrong.

-You may feel bad about criticism; it is only one side effect of it, and all other things are its positive sides.

-Often, people underrate faith in another person.

-To fight the forces of change, life is too short, and once you get involved in it you will have no time in enjoying life.

-The leaders who create changes are the inspiration for other people’s growth.

-You need to give the employees freedom if hiring amazing people.

-Everyone is afraid of taking the blame in an organization.

-Being wrong is not being fatal.

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