71+ Lean In Quotes

Sheryl Sandberg in her book “Lean In Women, work, and the will to lead” mentions the gender inequality that is being practiced in society and she mentions some facts about it.

The book is one of the best sellers in the country and is mostly preferred by women and they can develop themselves from the motivational quotes in it.

List Of Lean In Quotes

Some of the quotes that can motivate you from the book “Lean In Women, work, and the will to lead” by Sheryl Sandberg are:

-People often imagine what things they would be doing when they are not afraid of anything in this world.

-Some things are better being just done rather than doing it perfectly.

-There is a piece of funny advice for all the women who are in search of a life partner to date all the persons approaching you.

-There will be many types of boys in your life like bad boys, good boys and cool boys, and many more and you should not date them.

-There will be many things that will make a good impression on bad boys and they will be looking sexy but they can never be good husbands.

-It is often noticed that everyone searches for equal persons or persons with equal qualities when it is time to settle down. 

-Women always have someone in their life that would make them feel like they are smarter than them.

-Some men who value your personal views in the relationship are the most beautiful thing that one can expect from someone.

-There will be one day in the future where there will be no gender discrimination and there will be only leaders rather than male and female leaders.

-There are many things in the world that we are not aware of and it is very difficult for us to change certain things in life if we are not aware of certain things.

-Sometimes we can help ourselves by changing the situations and circumstances.

-Leadership is sometimes best when your impact lasts in the team or within the team members when you are not present around them anymore.

-When you are looking to do some big things in life, there is not a perfect fit for that.

-Everyone is considered as a better leader, having the quality to learn at any time and being willing to learn every difficult situation.

Lean In Quotes

-Sometimes we predict careers to be the ladder but it turns out to be a gym in the jungle. 

-There is a mindset of few women that they can’t do a thing due to some old mental thinking so they need to change it and think like they can do everything.

-It is believed that there is a different place in hell for the women who don’t help other women in their time of need.

-It is always mentioned that if you don’t try a thing you can never know the capability of doing it and fortune cannot even help you in this.

-You will always find the true passion of your life at some point in life.

-Navigate difficult situations and try to resolve them with your abilities.

-Always have the ambition to lean in towards a career.

-On the downside of blissful ignorance, there lies very little knowledge and there is more knowledge on the upside of the pain and the choice is always yours.

-It is often seen that a successful man is always liked by both women and men but in the case of women many people underestimate her based on gender inequality and this needs to be changed soon.

-The things we care about are the things where we get more motivation in life and sometimes we ignore the motivation unintentionally.

-There are many women who, when praised for their accomplishments feels fraudulent. 

-Sometimes few women feel guilty for the things that they should be feeling worthy of and sometimes for the things that they haven’t done.

-It is only a matter of time until it is found. 

-There are more chances of good relationships when a woman is a professional and works outside the home and she can know her duties better and even handles the home better.

-It is the professional equivalent of searching for a mentor in life.

-Some of us indeed grew up in life like a fairy tale.

-Finding the right mentor is always recommended to young women.

-Sometimes our society teaches women to be dependent on others.

-Sometimes the floor is as important as the ceiling and we need to maintain both simultaneously.

-Sometimes you must seize the social gains.

-When the powerful women are less of an exception, then there will be a change in the world.

-Sometimes women don’t accept the leadership positions just imagining that they are required to be accepted by the men.

-We should all find a robust image of female success.

-Sometimes we promise to make things equal but promising often doesn’t work.

-There are certain things like the accomplishments of a female come at some price.

-Often results are more productive when there is a coalition and women should learn from it.

-The self-esteem of women is much greater and it should be maintained always.

-There are some sorts of sacrifices in every job that we do and without any sacrifice, there is no win or success.

-Sometimes people think they don’t have the talent and they start giving up from that time.

-You must be empowered to work.

-There should be task allotment to every employee and it should not be done based on gender discrimination.

-The person who truly believes in economic equality of sexes is considered a true feminist.

-Writing a book is the best way to encourage learning in.

-The growth opportunities often diminish the cost of stability.

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