“Girl Code” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

Cara Alwill Leyba in her book “Girl Code: Unlocking the secrets to success, sanity, and happiness for the female entrepreneur” describes the life of professional women and the book acts as a road map for women. The book may not teach you to make millions but will teach you to become a better version of yourself.

Some of the advice from Cara Alwill Leyba in her book “Girl Code” Are:

– Everyone has their unique path in which they should walk and there it is the reason for unfolding.

-You will always have lessons in your life and always try to learn from them and embrace yourself.

-Everyone should always believe in the divine time and you should know when it will pass.

-When you learn many things in life, it is better if you share them with others and that is the reason wisdom is meant for sharing.

-It is better when everyone starts uplifting each other and makes a better world.

-You can never fail in life when you have a strong passion in life.

-You can never be rejected by the world if you have come from a place of passion.

-You should always keep going and stay focused in life and trust the people sometimes and your message will reach the people you are meant for.

-Always remember that a woman is beautiful and strong and inspires others.

-There are certain times when you feel like you are being copied by others but remember that people could reach only where you have already been and if they are copying you, they can never go ahead of you.

-The main point is how you feel sorry for yourself and there is a difference between you and other great people. 

-Desires are a part of life and there should not be any shame for having desires in life.

-Through the eyes of possibility and positivity should be must be envisioned.

-You have to go beyond everything that you are scared of and then you can create your destiny.

-Not everyone will understand your evolution so it is better to evolve on your own.

-The common thing between many female entrepreneurs is that they consider themselves as their inspiration when they are asked in an interview.

-Women who are strong and successful don’t wait for any inspiration to strike.

-The major growth of a person’s life is in her twenties. 

-There is no one who can do a thing in the same way that you have done in the past.

-There isn’t everything that is being figured out by everyone and there are many things that we can learn from each other.

-Sometimes people wish they could make friends with everyone around them but it is not possible for them.

-You open up with a word of possibility if you want to appreciate the amazing women working out there.

-You should always make the greatest vision that is possible for your life because when you believe in things you have more possibilities of making them.

-You should feel guilty after treating someone poorly if you feel guilty over cutting someone loose.

-There are different types of women in the world where few want to follow their and others want to follow men.

-There is no situation where your career will wake up and tell you how much it loves you.

-There is the best way in which you can follow your instincts and never allow other’s opinions to be your own opinion.

-Young females should understand that there is no need for modeling in the world to be loved by others since many women believe that they can be loved and get fame if they are into modeling.

-A woman often is a victim of jealousy and it is not a good thing.

-When you are getting older, you might have often noticed many hashtags on social media.

-When you get older and older, you will be more comfortable in your skin.

-Everyone should learn to appreciate what makes them happy and they should even respect it.

-Life is all about celebrating unique quirks.

-You should always be happy and that makes you drive in life.

-People often think about what other people will think and miss their happy moments.

-Until you realize that you are smart there often lies a moment of self-doubt.

-If you have a friendship with other people but you find more negativity and jealousy in it, then it is better to leave the friendship and live alone.

-There are many complications in friendship and it hurts the most when you have complications in friendship with your best friend.

-There is a possibility that you can be the juiciest person in the world and also the ripest person in the world.

-Women should not waste their time getting jealous of other women and considering them as their opponents.

-The moment every woman loves each other, there would be a new shift in the minds of the young generation.

-Lady Gaga always follows one rule of ignoring all the negative things irrespective of how important it is and always moves with the positive things in life.

-All the women who have faced a lot of problems in their life while growing should consider it as their motivation in the future and should sometimes share with other women so that these things can inspire them too.

-Persevering and storing your passion is one of the valuable steps in your life.

-You should not complain about your friends that you have chosen to be with because you are only responsible for having them as friends.

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