63+ The Confidence Code Quotes

“The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman is an investigative piece of art that mainly focuses on the exact meaning of confidence and why the so-called confidence instilled differs from person to person. This book inspires the readers to be confident in whatever endeavor they undertake.

The Confidence Code Quotes

-Having talent is not an indicator of being competent. It is just one of the necessary traits. To be competent, first and foremost, we need confidence.

-To be truly confident, we must rid our minds of persisting doubts. Confidence can be displayed by a pure mind free of doubts.

-Women have the tendency to think too much and more than often think the wrong things. Thus brains often act as inhibitors in the case of women.

-Overthinking leads to a lack of decisiveness. It clouds our judgemental capabilities, which can prove dangerous in the long run.

-Women think differently than males. They pay attention to minor details that males tend to ignore normally.

-Women have a different level of self-awareness that makes them more aware of things happening around them, which becomes a part of their cognitive stew.

-This habit of constantly maintaining increased vigilance or self-awareness leads to more ruminating, which will prove to be unhealthy in the long run.

-The habit of ruminating, if not eliminated early, will lead to developing negative thoughts and sometimes imagination of nightmarish scenarios.

-Negative thoughts and nightmares force our brain to develop a self-defense mechanism that only alleviates the problem for a short time.

-Continuous ruminating leads to an endless loop of negative thoughts, nightmarish imaginations, and mental self-defense.

-The continuous loop ultimately forces us to stop thinking and give in to our instincts.

-Solely trusting our instincts impairs our judgemental capabilities. It destroys any sort of spontaneity in our lives.

-A woman is considered strong when she has the ability to conquer or at least face all the psychological impairments she has.

-Women develop the habit of dwelling too much on past mistakes instead of moving on and turning over a new leaf.

-You must not let painful memories of the past control you. Dwelling on these memories could shut you from the entire world.

-Loneliness destroys one’s self-confidence and could permanently halt his progress. It is the worst kind of situation a person could face.

-To attain success, we should have the confidence to act. Everybody craves success, but not all have the confidence to act.

-The willingness to act will make a huge difference in the long run. It increases the success rate exponentially.

-Just think of how often you do not act due to the lack of confidence. Each time you are unwilling to act is a chance of success being wasted.

-Confidence is not innate. It is developed through experiences and practice. TO develop the required confidence, you need to act.

-The saying ‘fake it till you make it is one of the most misleading and false sayings in circulation.

-Pretending to be someone you are not is not ideal, as it could lead to irreversible and unexpected changes in your character.

-A lot of men acquire certain traits they desire by faking them for an extended period. But the changes they acquire are far from what they actually desire.

-We should always stay true to ourselves. We can lie and pretend to the world but deceiving oneself is the worst kind of torture you can go through.

-Pretense is the antonym of confidence. The very fact that you are trying to emulate someone or become someone you are does not mean you are not confident in your own abilities.

-Pretense may temporarily bring comfort, but it will certainly damage our mental health.

-Pretense will make us insecure. The fear of ultimately the world knowing who we truly are and the unwillingness to accept ourselves.

-Pretense will slowly make us anxious and desperate. Over time we will know that we are not someone we pretend to be, making us cling to the pretense even more.

-Faking personalities is us destroying ourselves. Prolong this act, and the next thing we know, we have become cowards with the inability to act when required.

-Being ourselves is a natural way of showing confidence. It proves we have owned our shortcomings and thus sealed any weakness we have.

-We may face harsh opposition initially, but at least it will erase our fear of others and, most importantly ourselves.

-Do one brave thing, and the next thing you know, you have loads of confidence to act whenever you desire.

– Fake it till you make it may sound catchier but trust me, it is like cancer that will destroy your mental fortitude inside out.

-Every human has a dream. The power of imagination is perhaps the greatest gift we have. It is what distinguishes us from every other life form out there. But to act on the dream or imagination is an entirely different ball game.

-Confidence is the trait that distinguishes between people who just imagine and people who act.

-Feminism has gained strong support nowadays, but discrimination still exists.

-Women are considered frail for various illogical reasons, but men are considered as soon as they enter the fray, that is, until they prove otherwise.

-Confidence gifts you decisiveness, and that trait is what makes you a great leader.

-The capability of making decisions is what distinguishes between leaders, and confidence gifts you with that ability.

-A leader will not tolerate indecisiveness, and you will need to have the confidence and, thus, the decisiveness to assume and keep the leadership position.

-We live in a world where everything we do will be considered faulty by one person, and this, my friend, is called ‘learned helplessness.

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