INFJ Characteristics, Strengths and Weaknesses

If you score an INFJ personality, it means your personality could be described best as being Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging.

Well, one of the personality types from the 16 personalities group, INFJ, has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. 

Not only can you use it to achieve goals, but understanding its characteristics and drawbacks can help in improving too.

What Should You Know About INFJ Personality Type?

The personality has its own set of unique characteristics. However, it’s also known as the Sage, or referred to as Idealist or Advocate.

People with INFJ, often feel like they have been misunderstood, which might be because they are the rarest personality type that could find MBTI.

There are only 1 % to 3% of the US population who have this personality.

It might be because of the walking, talking, and contradictions; they are more into action, creative, analytics, and emotional.

Characteristics Of INFJ Personality Type

Those who have the INFJ personality have the following characteristics.

Well, It includes:

Characteristics Of INFJ Personality Type

They Are Compassionate

The personality has a strong sense of intuition and emotional understanding; they can be empathic and soft-spoken.

Apart from this, they are not someone who can be pushed aside. They don’t carry pushovers. However, they have the beliefs and ability to act decisively as they want.

They Are Idealist

INFJ has the ability to translate their idealists into actions.

The personality does not just dream of changing the world but, in reality, like to do it and make it happen.

They Are Helper

The introverted personality is by nature, but people have a strong, meaningful connection which helps in connecting with others.

They enjoy helping others, but they need the space and enough time to recharge.

They Are Organized

The personality of INFJ lies in extracting control. And for that, they do the planning, organizing, and making decisions and make sure it doesn’t happen as early as possible.

They Are Logical And Emotional

When they make the decision, they emphasize emotions more than objective facts.

However, it doesn’t mean they watch the world using rose-colored glass.

The personality understands how the world works, also understands the bad and good, and always hopes to make it much better than It is.

INFJ Personality Strengths

The personality traits especially are, even when introverted, not so hard to notice.

However, they have a set of strengths that they carry, which make their personality different from others.

To understand this, here are some of the listed strengths that you will find:

List Of Strength Of INFJ Personality

Creative Mind

They have a creative mind and attention to detail while they keep their focus on the bigger picture, and personality traits like this make them innovative.

  • They can easily transfer their details to their creative wordplay, pieces of art, and writing.
  • Also, they are easy to notice the pattern, designs, and opportunities where the ordinary person could have easily failed.
  • Also, the fact that they are predominantly introverts, and they are more likely to spend time with themselves to contemplate, restructure and plan for their future projects.
  • Curiously, they do experiments with colors, music, words, and textures to lead toward success.

Inspiring And Convincing        

They are soft-spoken and careful when it comes to choosing the right words.

  • They are not imposing or like to agree when they have to point or take. Also, they have a hard time saying no.
  • They have the calmness, genuine, and altruistic desire to act towards doing the substantial charges that can improve others.
  • Also, to create trust and confidence from others.
  • Their trust is the foundation for inspiration, but when it gets established, they put their best and persuasion towards achieving the goal.


Nature goes beyond when someone has an INFJ personality. Also, they make judgments based on their feelings and observe their interactions with others.

  • They have the famous Infj Stare, which they have more than just the intense diets to see what can go beyond the obvious.
  • Also, they have the ability which helps in seeing the motives of others, and it makes it harder to trick or lie to them.
  • They comprehend more than what they have been told, and it’s hard to make them go wrong.
  • The insides address the underlying problems that can point to the core matter.


They have decisiveness which plays an important role in how they will live their life.

  • Making the decisions is easier for them as they follow their gut feeling to choose the better option; however, they often ignore the facts.
  • They see the bigger picture, and once they complete the detailing and finishing demands, it helps in doing the long-lasting tasks.
  • Also, it shows the unyielding willpower that they have.
  • Most of the time, they do what they choose, but it has to be in a straight line along with applying rooted more value as well as principles on humanity.

Being Idealistic

They have the inner strength that wants to make the world a better place.

  • They have courage, willpower, and organization that help them act upon their desires.
  • Also, they believe in bringing positivity and change to the surroundings and people around them.
  • Often they engage themselves in different activities that can help the people who are underserved or hurting.
  • They are someone who doesn’t get discouraged when they start a project has nobody is doing or would do it

Good listening Skills

The personality has good listening which hel[ps them understand others better.

  • Also, it’s natural as they are attentive and do well.
  • When they are listening to others, they put, else their, think how others mind works and  give the best advice.

Self Sacrificing

People who have the INFJ personality rarely think about their own needs.

  • Their personal achievements only make sense when they make other people happy. Also, they can work for hours to fill the needs of others and don’t expect rewards.
  • Financial incentives are something that holds no appeal to them, so they scarface money and time when it’s needed for the right thing.

Empathizing With Others

The personality always empathizes with others; they quickly turn to other needs and feelings.

  • Also, they show compassion and have an understanding of others as well as their nature.
  • They can tell the difference between sadness and pain.
  • They can read the body language and detect who is suffering even when they are not telling about it.
  • The strength doesn’t go unnoticed. Also, they have acquaintances. Who are not rare for them to open up in front of such personalities.
  • They do not just feel but also understand, and when they do, they will find a way to help, comfort, and solve the person’s problem.


The prime motivation of such personalities to act is to do what they expect others to do for them.

  • However, it’s not just because they want to be treated equally but also because they are convinced that empowering others will lead to satisfaction.
  • The happiness of others is important for INFJ, and they care for their needs and priorities.

Determination And Passionate

The personality believes that nothing in this world is difficult enough if it has to be done.

  • Also, they make sure that processing specific projects and tasks is the only option.
  • Also, they see obstacles as opportunities which helps them grow and see a better perspective that has not been discovered.
  • The attitude improves when they are passionate about the idea and project.
  • This means that they have to be related to the positive change, and it should be related to the surrounding.

INFJ Personality Weaknesses

INFJ personalities have their own weakness that needs to get better to be successful and achieve the results.

Well, to understand the weaknesses,  here is the list for you to follow.

Weakness Of INFJ Personality

Too Much Of Perfectionist

When the personality starts something, they put everything to make it as perfect as it can be.

Even though it’s a good thing, it can be something that bothers them.

When things start to go beyond what they imagine, they affect their moods.

So social environments and social stuff have rare perfect settings; this disturbs the work.

Because of this, they can’t ignore or miss the situation easily. And also suffer from a healthy relationship because they have ideological convictions.

Overly Sensitive

They have sensitivity towards the needs of others which is a good thing. However, it can challenge their values and princes; they don’t accept it calmly.

When they get criticized or their motives get questioned, they respond to this too strongly.

Also, they feel that the world is attacking them, or sometimes they withdraw into their own world.

Strict About Privacy

Well, they are someone who cares about the people and also makes sure that it meets with the ends.

However, they keep their personal life too private, and as long as they are not confident, they will not open up in front of anyone.

Usually, they approach the person who has the same morals and principles.

INFJ and relationships are something where you can see the boundaries going extreme.

Easily Overwhelmed

Whatever the personality does, they will do this with the utmost passion and put in complete dedication.

As they need to have a pattern that can be organized land, have the routing and detail.

This can get too tiresome and exhausting.

Also, they have the tendency to have pure idealistic values and perfection, which can burn them out, and to make sure it doesn’t happen; they need to put it to balance.

Avoid Getting Into Conflicts

They are the peacemakers, and mitigating disputes is one of the things they do.

Also, when they find a conflicting situation, they either respond by intervening or doing what can help prevent it.

However, conflicts sometimes indicate underlying issues that are between the parties.

The process is to open up with new perspectives or allow the parties to reach an agreement.

However, INFK would rather sweep things under the rug than give consent for the conflict to escalate.

Obsessed With Beliefs And Values

Idealists as they are, they have their own moral values and beliefs based on their insight.

Well, it means they usually have high standards that are hard for others to follow.

This often causes disagreement between the people and those who are around them.

Also, they need to do what they have to and lead to achieve the set goals.

Failing can make them feel discouraged, unmotivated, and withdrawn to move forward.

Growth And Development Of INFJ

In order to achieve the goals, INFJ is required to follow certain points that can help in unclogging their full poetic.

Well, it includes :

Questioning The intuitions

The Personality has outstanding instincts for most things, but this might not always be right.

  • Sometimes it can betray when they are dealing with someone else.
  • So when something is not sitting right with them, they often withdraw into their safety net and their heads instead of talking about it.
  • They don’t talk when they are feeling too much. Also, they seldom express their appreciation, love, and appreciation directly as it might help give them depth of emotions.
  • The personality is required to go out with their feelings and share more with people, whether good or bad.
  • They need to be open about their feelings regardless of how uncomfortable it makes them.

Letting Others Disagree

When teens are way too high, and arguments are getting heated.

  • INFJ should do everything that can help restore lost cohesion and tranquility.
  • Well, but love for harmony and aversion might be too powerful that the person might refuse to accept.
  • And this sometimes has the best way to end disputes and bring them out to the open where they can understand each other’s debates.
  • The personality disliking the conflict is good, but the effort that has to do to be the peacemakers might be the success if they concentrate more on keeping things in line to communicate openly, and disagreement can arise.
  • Instead of trying to hide it under the rug, which can cause problems in the future.

Make Connects With The Extroverted

Sharing with anyone who is outside the small circle on which they have the trust might go against their insights.

  • Also, The personality keeps their gifts hidden forever though they have so much to contribute.
  • They benefit by getting more friendly relations if they have more extroverted people.
  • Also, opposite attract and have around people where communication can be introduced easily will help the INFJ to bring out of their shells.
  • This will help them in getting more other skills and personalities and benefit the others too.

Give Benefit Of Doubt

INFJs are instinctive, insightful as well as persuasive.

  • But even when they have all these, they have to make an enormous effort so they can invest in developing as well as selling the best concepts or ideas.
  • However, sometimes It might just remain, and sometimes they become disenchanted with those who say no or refuse to accept the conclusion.
  • The personality tries to believe that the opponents might have agendas that they are hiding, and this is not good for having faith.
  • When this happens, the personality is required to accept that not everyone will agree with them.
  • And in a situation, they might agree to disagree, giving the benefit of the doubt that can help in getting a better relationship.


Slow Down

The personalities are productive and effective; they put concerted effort and focus on one project at a time.

But with such imagination might go frequently undermine, making their efforts narrow and straight.

  • This will often start the new project without the old one selfishness.
  • This can happen too often and leads to burying them under a lot of work.
  • Well, INFJ has a moderate pace of imagination and inspiration.
  • If they put too much burden on them, they might run out of good ideas and cause burnout.
  • This is why they should slow down and remind themselves to take one thing at one time.. before completing it, don’t go to the next one.

INFJ Cognitive Function

Cognitive functions are the root of such personality types.

The functions were developed by Carl Jung, who was a psychologist.

Well, the cognitive function goes much deeper, and it can help in learning better about the personality test results.

The function helps in understanding how the brain works and how personality takes information and makes decisions.

There are the top four preferred functions that make up the function stack. It includes

  • The dominant function is Introverted Intuition or NI
  • Auxiliary Function, which is extraverted feeling or FE
  • The tertiary function Is introverted thinking, or TI
  • The inferior function, which is extraverted sensing or SE

These are also known as shadow fusion, and for INFJ, the shadow factory includes –

  • Extroverted institution
  • Introverted feeling
  • Extroverted Thinking
  • Introverted Sensing

Type, strengths, And Wellness INFJ Have In Compatibility and Relationship

The personality strives for true love; they look for people who truly understand them or want to understand them.

If he finds someone who is their type, they will be caring and loyal and make sure to put their relationship a top priority.

Also, the possibility loves to learn more about the partner and see where you need to get better or improve in the relationship/

They match best when they have someone who shares the same desires. Otherwise, they feel like they are not valued enough or approached.

They can struggle when it comes to finding a vulnerability in themselves.

They make an intense bond, and if it gets broken, why leave the personality wounded, angry, and betrayed

The personality often has the door slam, as they won’t risk having another betrayal from someone who didn’t look at once.

The Strength Of INFJ Relationships –

  • They are warm, caring, empathic, and put their person at ease.
  • They have strong listening skills.
  • They become attentive to what their partner desires and needs.
  • They set high goals for themselves, so they can serve better
  • They have the ability to understand what their partner needs and what motives and intentions they have.
  • They have the willingness to make sacrifices and compromise.
  • They are silly and playful, and this side Is only for those whom they trust.
  • They highly value honesty and loyalty.

The Challenges Of INFJ Relationship

  • They set and maintain too high and unrealistic standards, making it difficult for their parents.
  • They remember too many small details, including what kind of food their partner doesn’t like.
  • Dealing with the issues might cause problems in the relationship
  • standing up for themselves might be a problem.
  • They have problems with separating their requirements from their partners.

 Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

How rare is an INFJ personality type?

INFJ is the rarest personality type. However, the percentage varies, but the idea can be around 1 -2% of the overall population. The females are slightly more in number as compared to males.

What kind of personality does an INFJ have?

INFJ personality or Advocate is the introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging traits. They approach their life with imagination and thoughtfulness. 

Which personality is best for an INFJ to marry?

Although any type who is well developed can have a healthy personality, but ENTP or ENFP are the natural partners. 

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