PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi: Leadership Style, Personality, Traits, Qualities & More

The biggest brand in food and beverages, PepsiCo is an American-based multinational corporation that established its headquarters in Harrison, New York.

Indra Noori held the position of PepsiCo CEO for 12 long years. Under her leadership, the revenue of the company grew from $35 billion in 2006 to $63.5 billion in 2017. And by the end of the year, the shareholder return was 162 %

She is ranked consistently among the list of most powerful women in the world.  Indra Nooyi is not just an amazing leader but humble and an inspiration for many people out there.

 Here is what you can leaders from her leadership, personality style, and qualities

Personality characteristics That Make Indra Nooyi A Powerful Leader

Indra Nooyi did a fantastic job leading a multinational beverage and snack company, not just she boosted the overall revenue, but under her leadership, there are a lot of lessons that inspired others to be like her.

Well some of the best qualities that she has that every leader should know are :

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi

She Has The Vision

Every leader has this advice . have a vision, and the same goes for Indra Nooyi. However, she made others understand what the phrase actually means.

The company that exists today is not just affected; it has a great impact on the global economy.

Indra Nooyi doesn’t just have the role and decisions to make that will affect Pepsico but the whole world.

The motto is to perform with the purpose, which helps the company pivot to be more sustainable and healthier.

With her vision, the company co with the declining rates in sales because they pledged to reduce the obesity rates.

The barns primarily produce chips and soda; Indra reduces the salt, sugar, and fat in the products and introduces options for diet purposes in all ranges.

The vision was not to take the barn forward but to keep others healthy.

She Has The Courage

The leadership lesson that anyone should take is the courage that she had for innovative.

To become a great leader, it’s important to make decisions with conviction, even if it gets criticism. 

When Indra decided to make the products healthy, the criticism she received was harsh, and it was advice not to think about nutrition instead of focusing on improving sales.

However, she had the courage to follow what she planned and stuck with what she visioned.

She also created the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, which resulted in the 6.4 million calorie decline in their production, which suppressed the problem 400% ahead of schedule.

She Kept Learning New Things

Great students can make great leaders. There is no phase or time to being a student.

Indra is a lifelong learner which makes her an effective leader even in the digital age.

She made sure to keep herself updated with all new trends and technologies.

Also, she implemented the changes that are going in the world to the planning and approach of hers too.

She Believes In Strong COmmunication

Indra Nooyi believes that it’s important to have communication skills to keep the visions and thoughts shared with others.

Also, she explained that without communication skills, it’s a waste to have confidence, competence, and a strong moral compass.

According to her, no over-investment when it comes to communication skills.

What Are The Leadership Traits That Indra Nooyi Taught Everyone?

In her leadership, Nooyi outlines the important lessons that keep the company running in the 21st century.

Also, the great values that she learned of being a leader are what holds PepsiCo and the reason behind her success.

Indra Nooyi CEO

The Need Of Having The Vision

One of their leadership qualities that are also an important role in the success of her as well as the brand.

She took the reins of the company and changed the version that is the current millennium. It now performs with purpose.

Nooyi said that she believes it’s time to have a new sense of meaning along with spurs to work and all people do.

Also, the performance with purpose vision does not change the social responsibilities initiative but also the way the company makes money.

She also highlighted that her upbringing in India also played an important role in understanding the vision.

There Is Nothing Important Than People

In 2007, Indra Nooyi visited her home in India for the first time after she was promoted to chairman.

People were recognized her upbringing instead of her success which was not the focus.

She said that people showed up saying hello to her, but before they turned to her mother saying that she did a fantastic job in raising her daughter.

She suggested writing the letters of the gift of the child and how they are doing in the company to the executive’s parents.

And this will lead to a powerful impact that will give heartwarming and meaningful expertise.

Indra Nooyi also commented that there is nothing important to people, they are everything. Without having a good time, it’s possible to achieve anything alone.

Nobody Can Take The Place Of Families

In her interview, she shared the experience when she was called from the boos in 20006, saying that she will be the new president and head of the world’s second-largest corporation in food and beverages.

She was excited to share the news with the family, however, her mom was standing at the door, and the first thing she asked her to do was to bring milk from the store without giving chance to share the news.

When she came back and shared the news, she also complained that she asked to bring milk when she had such amazing news.

Her mom said that even if she is the PepsiCo CEO or A king, the moment she steps into the house, she is the wife and mother first. And no one can take that place.

She asked to leave the town in the garbage.

Keep Learning Regardless Where You Are

One of her important lessons is to keep learning. The leadership quality that she has been trying to model is to be a lifelong student.

Learning as much as possible is important as well as listening to things.

Listen to More And Everything

The important part when it comes to persuasion is to listen. According to ger, the best advice can come from the most unscalable sources, it can be someone outside of the company or someone you least expected.

The learning skills can help in improving what you know and find new ways to approach situations.

Think Hard Where You Are Using Time

Nooyi also focuses on spending time on the objectives that actually have the duration of returns.

It’s not just about the level of returns but the duration of it. The objective to build the company can go server, however, it stands to test the time.

The Power Of The Persuasion

One of the important lessons that Nooyi teaches is to understand the power of persuasion.

The convening shareholders are just the ones where she needed to do the occurring, however even if it’s the audience or customers, they don’t leave the values instead of that they doubled down.

Habits That Drove Indra Nooyi’s Success

The 62-Year-old Indra Nooyi completed her two years career with Pepsico and stepped down from the position of PepsiCo CEO.

Well, there are reasons she became one of the powerful women who inspire people.

To understand her better, here are some of the habits that helped them to be successful.

Habits Of Indra Nooyi’s Success

Imagine Yourself As The President

Nooyi shared the childhood play that her mom used to play with both sisters.

Each night, she asked the daughters to imagine things she wanted to be, be it prime minister, leader, or president.

When the dinner ends, the files have to present the speech, and the mother decides which will get her vote and win.

Through this, Nooyi received the encouragement and confidence to be whoever she wanted to be.

The game helped in becoming a confident person and then a leader.

Developed The Niche Skill

Find what is best in you, it can be specific and skills. Nooyi said that when you have a niche skill, it will automatically make people think of you when the situation arises, and the only person who can solve this is you.

Also, become a student when a problem occurs, learn from it, and apply what you have learned all along. 

This will help in solving the issues and fixing them without struggling much.

Put Yourself In the Place Of Customer

Nooyi oversaw over 26000 employees at the global level, including 100 brands when she was the PepsiCo CEO.

However, she used to visit the grocery stores, so she could see for herself how the product looks on the shelves.

She takes the photos and sends them to the team if it needs an upgrade or change.

She focuses on thinking beyond one assignment or individual project, and that’s what inspires her. Also, to ensure that she is building the solution that the people need.

She added that she is not just the CEO but the customer too.

Surprise Others With Gratitude

After she was promoted to CEO, she went back to meet her mom. There she saw people congratulating her mother.

After the trip, she wrote over 40 letters to the senior executives aren’t where she expressed her gratitude. In response, the parents shared that they feel honored.

Also some of the extensive told her that this was the best thing that ever happened to their parents as well as to them.

It’s important to acknowledge those who support you, and also value their time and effort.  Never take them for granted, and do them kindly.

Always Stay Strong

The transition from CFO to CEO made Nooyi anxious. She was going through anxiety but she developed a good research plan even though it didn’t handle the worries.

However, she put the concerns raised and focused on the vision. Nooyi said that she had to project her confidence, so she can look confident and ready for the challenges.

That’s why it’s important to be strong even if the situation can go against you.

Indra Nooyi Leadership Style

Indra Nooyi followed the democratic leadership style.

  • Well, it means she was affiliated with the workforce when it came to the strategy-making process.
  • Also, as a leader, she used her listening skills to each and every opinion that can be related to the subjects or decisions she will make.
  • The leadership also expanded the business with team support, and under supervision, the subordinates felt that they were part of the decisions and a family.
  • It helps in enhancing efficiency as well as a sense of credibility that helps in achieving unscalable things.
  • Indra was cautious when it’s to make decisions as it will have an impact on different aspects.

What Are Indra Nooyi’s Other Traits?

Apart from having strong leadership qualities and traits, She is also patient and strategic when it’s about the approach.

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  • Also, she is honest and has the courage that inspires others.
  • Indra had empathy for her team and subscriptions, which made her a label leader to be followed.
  • Not just that, she was committed as well as passionate about her work and discipline which helps in earning from past mistakes and keeping her workplace motivated.
  • She also stayed compassionate towards turning the weakness of the companies into their assets.

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