How To Improve Your Linkedin Profile? 9 Steps

Linkedin is one of the largest professional networking platforms in the world. Reid Hoffman started it in 2003. Today if you see, there are more than 740 million users globally. 

The platform provides many options, from finding a good job and a good candidate for a specific position to connecting with someone for professional reasons. 

You can enhance your career to the next level. You can also figure out a lot of opportunities, and hence, you can use Linkedin to be professionally in a better position. 

It means that you must portray yourself as the best on the platform. Thus, your Linkedin profile should be outstanding. If you already have a Linkedin account, check the profile. Is it complete?

If it’s not up to the mark, you must improve your Linkedin profile. Most recruiters and employers have been using Linkedin. Thus, it should look good enough if they pass by your profile. 

Quick Steps To Improve Your Linkedin Profile

1. Make your profile public with a few changes in account settings.

If you are sure to improve your Linkedin profile, then the first step will be to make your profile public. You must go to account settings and, over there, make the changes to make your profile available to the public. 

Once you complete this small change, your profile will start being available in searches, making you easily approachable. 

2. Update your city details.

While you made your profile, you might have missed mentioning the city name or location. If there are any offline networking opportunities, you will also get an invite from a common community or professionals in that locality. 

But do you know you are missing so much just because you still need to update the location and city details?

3. Strategically mention your skills.

You mentioned a long list of skills in the profile, but nothing much happened to date. If this is so, it’s time to make some improvements here and there. 

Rather than writing the skill name, you can check what your prospects might want. You should use that if it’s related to a role or some particular keyword. 

By mentioning the skills strategically in the form of valuable keywords, you are enhancing the searchability of your profile.

Remove the useless words that would not do any good to you. Like, for example, on Linkedin, mentioning that you use Facebook smartly is of only use if you are a person in the social media field. So, understand what’s relevant for your career, and portray your skills using such words.

4. Ask for endorsements.

You can do so now if you still need to ask for endorsements. In the profile section, if you scroll down, you can get endorsed. 

You can request a connection to endorse you for the skills you have portrayed. It will enhance the weightage of your profile.

5. Create your customized URL for the profile.

It is vital that you make a customized link for your Linkedin profile and send the link to those who wish to check your profile. 

Rather than giving them your full name and asking them to search, it would be easier if they used the URL to reach your profile. 

6. Update the profile picture and contact details.

If you are not satisfied with the profile photo or if it is quite old, it’s time to update it. You must add a perfect headshot picture that looks professional, has a decent background, and perfectly fits a professional networking website like Linkedin.

At the same time, you must also recheck the contact details like your email address, your other social media profile details, etc. If anything is missing, then you must add the same.

7. Check your summary and headline and make it a better version.

A summary is your story; you can say it in 300 words. A headline is your advertisement about yourself, and it can be a maximum of 120 words. If you randomly fill up the summary and headline section without much thinking, then now is the time to improve.

You must check the best summaries and headlines on Linkedin. You must add value to your words and write in an impressive and well-crafted style. 

8. Add about the work experience in detail.

It is crucial to be specific about your work experience. It would help if you returned to the years you worked for various employers. 

This experience list is your asset. Mention everything in the experience details along with the relevant dates. 

9. Do not skip the skills-related details.

Often, people skip the skills section as they feel it is not a crucial part of the Linkedin profile. You might have overlooked it earlier. But now is the time to improve the profile and add skills that you are good at. 

Advantages Of Improving Your Linkedin Profile

You can avail many benefits when you work towards improving your Linkedin profile. You are enhancing your viewership and connections, and you can also attain a career shift with the help of better employment opportunities and network connections.

You may be a businessman looking for B2B suppliers or customers. Professional networking via Linkedin can provide you with these answers.

Those looking for venture partners and mentors can also open up many avenues for themselves once they have an improved and updated profile. 

Once you have an excellent Linkedin profile, your profile will have more visitors and visibility. You can explore a range of connecting opportunities.

Press the connect button, import your phone and mail contacts, connect with them, and explore the option ‘people you may know.’ But first thing, you must portray yourself as the best, and then the rest will follow.

People need to give more importance to profile pictures, skill sections, summaries, and headlines. But these are the things you must always take notice of. Get ready with an improved Linkedin profile to have ample career opportunities.

Key Takeaways

  • Start with a clear and professional profile picture.
  • Craft a compelling headline that showcases your expertise and interests.
  • Use keywords throughout your profile to optimize for search results.
  • Write a summary that highlights your skills, experience, and career goals.
  • Showcase your accomplishments and achievements in your work experience section.
  • Request recommendations from colleagues and clients to boost your credibility.
  • Engage with your network by sharing relevant content and commenting on posts.
  • Keep your profile up-to-date and make regular updates to stay relevant.


Linkedin is a professional networking site with many hiring managers, recruiters, and employers. You may find your dream job in this space. Make sure you update your profile as per your present status. 

Find time to think about a summary and headline. The use of specific catchy words and keywords can make your profile fantastic.

You will see a lot of professional activities happening on this platform. If you have a good profile, with confident descriptions, words, and mention of your skill sets, you will be one of the leading choices for employers and recruiters.

You need to understand that your profile is what you are. But show your best and be your best on this professional networking platform.


How can I improve my LinkedIn profile?

To improve your LinkedIn profile, you can start by updating your headline and summary to highlight your skills and accomplishments.

You should also include a professional profile picture and ensure that your work experience and education sections are up-to-date.

Additionally, you can showcase your expertise by posting and engaging with industry-related content and joining relevant groups.

What should I include in my LinkedIn headline?

Your LinkedIn headline should briefly describe your professional identity and the value you can bring to potential employers or clients.

You can highlight your current job title, relevant skills or expertise, and any industry accolades or achievements.

How can I make my LinkedIn profile more attractive to recruiters?

To make your LinkedIn profile more attractive to recruiters, you should ensure that your profile is complete and up-to-date with your latest experience, skills, and qualifications.

You should also optimise your profile for keywords related to your industry and job function and actively engage with content and groups relevant to your field.

What are some tips for writing a strong LinkedIn summary?

A strong LinkedIn summary should be concise and engaging, highlighting your skills, experience, and achievements.

It should also include a clear call to action, such as inviting potential employers or clients to connect with you.

Consider adding a personal touch or sharing a story that illustrates your professional strengths to make your summary stand out.

How can I build my network on LinkedIn?

To build your network on LinkedIn, you can start by connecting with colleagues, classmates, and industry peers.

You can also search for and join relevant groups and engage with other users by commenting on and sharing their posts.

Additionally, you can attend industry events and conferences and connect with fellow attendees on LinkedIn.

Is it important to have recommendations on my LinkedIn profile?

Yes, having recommendations on your LinkedIn profile can help to establish your credibility and expertise.

You can request recommendations from former colleagues, managers, or clients who can speak to your skills and work ethic.

Be sure to also offer to provide recommendations for others in return.

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