56+ Inspiring Immunity to Change Quotes

“Immunity to Change: How to Overcome It and Unlock the Potential in Yourself and Your Organization” by Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey is a very inspirational book. The authors here talk about the immunity to change that can be achieved with one’s own beliefs and mindset.

Here are some of the important quotes from “Immunity To Change”:

-Unlock your potentials and make a step forward, your potentials make all the difference.

-When we have the privilege to make a change, we also get a chance to make a change for our organization.

-Sometimes well-evolved steps of filtering information and experience become barriers that degrade our chances at getting success.

-You can not believe how your behavioral change can help you achieve the thing you always wanted.

-Never underestimate your virtues and skill. Keep a never-giving-up attitude.

-For some people, it is very difficult to change, they resist changing. But change is a part of everyone’s life, do not fear changes that happen in your life.

-Make targets for self-improvement. Be your own coach.

-You need to have the stomach to pursue your dreams, just thinking about these dreams is not getting you anywhere.

-Make sure that you know what exactly the problem is before searching for its solutions.

-Do not become a victim of what the authors call ‘immunity to change’.

-Facing challenges and fighting them can become a turning point in your journey towards success.

-It is very important to develop as an organization. In an organization you have to take your members with you, alone you can never make it through.

-Your gut feeling, your instincts, and your confidence can fight with your fear of changing and help you win.

-It is not about the number of people in a room, it is about how many people you can influence in a room.

-Your thought process and emotions should complement each other, both should match and give you a sign to go for it.

-You might think that your mind is protecting you by not letting you change but in reality, it is harming you. Change in life is very crucial.

-Your true potential is visible when you develop psychologically. Your mindset, your psych tells a lot about you so develop that.

-Taking risks sometimes is very important but with that, you also have to keep in mind what are the benefits you are getting from these risks.

-Your work, your assignments speak your mind. It tells a lot about how your thought process work or how you behave in reality.

-When you stop resisting a change, the energy released from that is very useful. You can use that energy in all the things you were scared of doing.

-We need to understand our reactions instead of caging them to live in this society and attain success.

-It’s only by stepping back to see what we have achieved till now, and considering our choices contrasted against one another, that patterns appear and we feel the motivational impact.

-Introspection is very valuable for achieving a goal. It helps you feel the progress you made at that very moment.

-If you want to succeed, it is necessary to defeat the tendency to underestimate what it takes to get a task done.

-Frustration and anger does not lead you anywhere, rather it becomes a barrier to your dreams.

-Growth is always uncomfortable. And to grow you have to be prepared to go to some uncomfortable places.

-An individual must have the following qualities that are communication, confidence, and organizing skills.

-When we say a person is matured we do not mean that they are smart and intelligent, it rather implies the consciousness that they have.

-Sometimes people do not fear change, they fear not being prepared when a problem knocks at their door.

-There is no doubt that changes make people uncomfortable. The fact that it is making you uncomfortable means you are accepting the change.

-We fail at changing things or even ourselves because refute things. 

-To bring about a change requires a commitment. You need to dedicate yourself to doing that thing and changing things that require it.

-Being stubborn in order to achieve a goal is essential but being stubborn at refusing change while continuing to struggle is of no use and benefit.

-An effective manager or a leader knows the importance of helping their team members overcome their fears, fight their battles to succeed.

-The biggest impacts come from small changes. Sometimes, the tiniest changes are what make you successful.

-Never ever try to do things out of desperation. Desperation is not going to help you in any matter.

-Change is not brought about by static people. You have to face difficulties and grow to in order to be what you have always wanted to be.

-Hope is a very powerful thing to have, not everyone does. You should always have hope even in the most difficult times.

-It is always easier to keep in focus and make progress when it has a link with what you have learned.

-It is true that change is tough but no one knows why do we consider it to be tough. It is because we have made our minds against change and certified it to be tough.

-Sometimes what we believe as facts are just some assumptions made by a large number of people and assumptions can be false. So distinguish between fact and an assumption.

-What you might be thinking of as success, sometimes might just be a checkpoint. This checkpoint tests whether you know your actual goals. 

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