25 Ice-Breaker Fun Games For Remote Teams

Breaking the ice between your teammates or group members is essential, especially if they are new or early in the journey. 

This also becomes quite important if you find your team losing their connection in-between or just burning out or feel worn out. 

Especially, if your team works remotely, lack of communication and understanding between team members or employees can lead to major failures. 

What you need to do is develop a sense of community in your workplace or team. They need to be connected to each other, have consistent engagement and interactions. 

fun icebreaker games for remote team

Not just professional, but also needed to be connected with each other on some personal level. 

One of the best ways to increase the engagement is conducting ice-breaker fun games for your remote teams. 

And if you are looking for such highly interactive and fun games, here are some best ideas for your remote teams. 

One Word Game 

one word ice breaker game

This is one of the best games to break the ice in your remote team and help them open up to other people in the group. 

It allows you to offer an initial context for the topic of the meeting you are going to conduct. 

The game helps to reach the right mindset for the discussion by tapping into a much more comfortable communication zone. 

To play this game, you need to divide your meeting participants into different smaller groups. 

Now give them some time, like two or three minutes, to share with their group and tell the one word that describes X, or a particular topic. 

For example : 

Let’s assume you are going to conduct this meeting about office culture. 

You can suggest these smaller groups in the meeting to come up with one word to define work culture or office culture. 

Once they share the word within, then they further share it with the entire meeting room. 

Now the game helps the participant to begin their communication from a very low bar, so they get comfortable. 

It is helping the people to take baby steps in the participation in the meeting room. 


pop quiz ice breaker game

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Getting people into the right mindset for communication in meetings is the foundation of a successful meeting. 

If the meeting participants aren’t aligned with their vision and synchronized to communicate well, nothing productive is going to be out in the meeting. 

So for that, you need some kind of ice-breaker activity or game in your meeting to warm up. 

Pop-quiz can be a great way to introduce the new people in the team or new team members to each other. 

Quiz makes things light and fun, and it becomes easy to participate as something more relating to them. 

Like if the quiz is about some of the classic favorite movies of all time, people can start bonding over it. 

They have more connections to develop before you lay grounds for meeting objectives. Pop-quizzes can also be about the company or the project. 

Problem-Solution Game 

problem solution ice breaker game

This is more like an activity than a game where everyone in the team will have 10 minutes to pick the biggest issues they see in the office. 

They have come up with instant solutions for these problems, and can be creative and unique about their approaches too. 

Such interaction will allow everyone to get involved in the office culture and practice creative thinking, problem-solving, and team building as well. 

They also get their own space to be volunteers and leaders and offer solutions. Such kind of interaction not just breaks the ice but also reflects so much about the employees and their skills. 

However, make sure you make this a light activity, not very intense and serious as it might make people hesitant about their approach. 

Virtual Movie Club 

virtual movie club ice breaker game

Movie clubs are an exclusive way to connect with each other through a common interest. 

On a virtual experience, employees can share their movie experience. 

It can be movie of the month, or just talk about the work of a particular filmmaker or talk about their favourite movies ever. 

This game helps employees to open up and interact with each other freely. The meeting is supposed to be fun and highly interactive. 

You can take it one step forward and ask your employees to dress up as their favourite movie character and also talk about why they love the character.

Guess Who 

guess who ice breaker game

Guess Who is a great way to break the ice between your team. It allows you to learn about each person in the room. 

It is the perfect ice-breaker game that works best for a group of including 1 to 3 employees. 

You can create different breakout groups if you have a larger group to modify accordingly. 

Before starting the meeting for this ice-breaker game, you need to use an open-ended survey. 

Send an email asking about your employee ice-breaker questions such as the following : 

  • What is the craziest hairstyle or hair color you have ever tried? 
  • What was the last song you have heard? 
  • What was your first job? 
  • What did you want to become when you were a child? 
  • If you wanted to visit anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?
  • What was the last movie you’ve watched? 
  • What was the last thing you searched on Google? 

You can get a facilitator that helps in creating responses one-by-one where your employees will be guessing the responses. 

The application allows you to use the poll to have employees guessing the given question. 

The Movie Pitch Game

movie pitch ice breaker game

This is such a creative game to open up your team participants and new members to each other. 

You are supposed to split people into different small groups where everyone has to come up with a movie they want to make. 

So every team needs to create a short pitch prepared in just 10 minutes and pitch them to everyone. 

All the attendees, either virtually or in-person meeting will vote for the best pitch made in the meeting that deserves “funding”. 

The game is made to do a lot of conversation, creativity, and exchange of ideas between the people in smaller groups. 

It is the perfect fun and unique game to play an ice breaker in your meetings, especially if you have creative people or movie geeks in your office. 

Would You Rather 

would you rather ice breaker game

Would You Rather is a classic game popularly played in summer camps, office parties, and almost everywhere. 

This one is a quick ice-breaker game for a group of people to get to know each other very easily. 

You can start your office meetings or team introductions from the “Would you rather” game questions. 

Also, it doesn’t take much time but I have a lot of fun doing it. 

 It is about asking questions to the participant about choosing one of the available given options where both are bizarre. 

You can expect some laughs and informal conversation to get your new team members to open up and get comfortable with each other. 

Here are a few “Would you rather” question examples : 

  • Would you rather go for a hike or see a movie? 
  • Would you rather want a superpower to fly or get invisibility? 
  • Would you rather have a horrible short-term memory or very bad long-term memory? 

Guess Whose Desk?

guess whose desk ice breaker game

As the name suggests very specifically, the game is about guessing the co-worker’s workspaces or desk by looking at the picture. 

This doesn’t only break the ice between the team members that have been together for a while but haven’t really bonded or conversed much but also for improving their relationship. 

It tells co-workers how much they know about their colleagues. This is a fun virtual game to play with your team. 

On the other side, this comes across quite as a blend of “guess who” game and house tour activity. 

It is very easy to organize as you first collect all the desk pictures of their home from all employees and use them as a poll on virtual gaming sessions. 

Fun Questions

fun question ice breaker game

If you want to start your meetings, introductions, or gathering on a lighter note without all the awkwardness and long pauses, this is the way. 

All you have to do is put together a list of fun questions. These questions can be anything about favorites, preferences, what-ifs, and other fun stuff. 

The purpose of these questions is to make answering so easy and comfortable so all the team participants get used to talking. 

These questions can be like these : 

  • Who will be the one person you want to meet from history? 
  • If you could be an animal, what would you be and why? 
  • If you could choose one superpower what would you choose, and why? 
  • Which celebrity would you love to go with for dinner? 
  • If you are going to be stranded in a desert, what are the only three things you will bring there to take with you? 

And you can come up with a lot of these. 

What these questions will do is  :

  • Help breaking the ice in the room amongst all the new people
  • Get everyone in a comfort zone of making conversation 
  • It will encourage conversation on topics that are usually reserved in the office, so the bonding will be much stronger.
  • It helps coworkers get into a much more creative and expressive mindset. 
  • It will allow you to make participants everyone in the team even the ones who usually won’t or aren’t much into it. 
  • It will evoke conversations through which everyone starts to know things about each other. 

It’s So Bad It’s Good 

its so bad its good ice breaker game

One of the best things to connect people is movies. Everyone loves to watch a good movie but sometimes, the bad one is so much fun to watch. 

You know those movies which are so bad that it’s even more good and become this ridiculous fun gag to watch. 

Well, there are just so many of them. 

So it is such a great way to hang together and make fun of bad movies. This is more like an anti intellectual movie club discussion of great movies. 

So tell your team to find out the worst movies they ever watched. Set up a time to get together over a drink, beverages and snacks. 

Now, everyone can engage themselves in talking about the worst movies they watched, and share what was the worst about it. 

Group Mad Libs 

group mad libs ice breaker game

The Group Mad Libs is a fill-in-the-blank story that makes the ice-breaking game to play amongst your employees. 

Fill in the blanks story can lead to quite an hilarious final product as this game proves to be a great ice-breaker for employees to loosen up. 

The best part of this ice-breaker game is it can be played in any size group because it requires your employees to partner up. 

In case you have an odd number of employees ending with one left, you can pair him or her up with your facilitator or even have one group with three employees in the team. 

Before the meeting gets started, you need a story you want to use in the game. 

You can use any famous bedtime story or children’ story, some popular fable or even your own company brand story or mission statment. 

Employees are supposed to partner up where one will be the reader and the other one will be the writer. 

In the groups, readers are supposed to ask the writer to get one word that is a noun, adjective or adverb depending upon the blank space type. 

Each time are suppose to fill out their story and they will be given points according to that for winnner to decide. 

Solve A Murder Game

solve murder game ice breaker game

There are plenty of “solve murder mystery” games are out there you can play with your co-workers. 

You get a game facilitator to coordinate the game virtually, especially if you have a large meeting room. 

The best part is, these games are available for both physical and virtual spaces to help to break the ice amongst the team members. 

Since such games are highly interactive and to find the solution, everyone needs to get together, suggest potential solutions before solving the murder. 

It is not just a  great ice-breaker game but also a good team-building exercise for both virtual and physical workspaces. 

The Foodie Icebreaker 

foodie ice breaker game

Food is that one common ground that everyone shares makes it a perfect way to break the ice between the team participants. 

After, an ice-breaker has to be something that everyone relates to or easy to communicate about. 

In fact, people love to talk about the food, some even are passionate about eating or making as well. 

You can come up with different ideas related to food to ask each other. It can be talking about  : 

  • What are their favourite all-time restaurants? 
  • What was the last meal they enjoyed like anything else? 
  • Discussing the favorite dishes of every team member
  • Sharing food stories 
  • Talking about the recipes and what they can make for the team

Corporate Spirit Week

corporate spirit week ice breaker game

The corporate spirit week is pretty much like what you must have used to do in schools. 

It was a day of excitement about getting all dressed up and coming in the best outfit for the day. 

Well, something you can do the same for the remote teams as well. 

And this is definitely going to start so many conversations and spark interaction between the employees on a fun level to establish a connection. 

What to do is encourage your management team to hold a meeting which is more theme-oriented. 

The themes can be anything fun, pop-culture related and must be something everyone can relate to. 

You need to ask the employees to submit their best pictures of their spirit day outfits. 

The best selected outfits in the spirit week will be declared as winners. There are plenty of spirit week theme ideas such as : 

  • Your favourite movie character 
  • Beach day
  • 80s day
  • Animal day
  • Your favourite superhero
  • Coporate colors day
  • Fairy tale day

Failure Of The Month

failure of the month ice breaker game

Sharing brings people together, and that applies to all good, and bad stuff as well. 

To really make people break their barriers and communicate even more freely, it is important they are able to share their failures too. 

This game is quite a fun and interesting virtual game to play with your team members and co-workers. 

It is quite helpful and almost like therapy if you address your failures and register them with other people. 

And especially to learn that everyone fails in something, so it makes you feel okay and even work harder for it. 

In the game, everyone is encouraged to share the things that didn’t work out or completed or didn’t go well in the last month. 

This is certainly a great ice-breaker exercise for the relatively new formation of teams but also a perfect game for team bonding. 

Sell It 

sell it ice breaker game

If you have just established a new group or assimilated a new team, ‘Sell it’ is the best game, and quite fun to break the ice. 

Even if your team is not in sales, it is still a fun game to play. The game works for all kinds of group sizes. 

You have to break employees off into different small groups including 5 to 6 employees. It is a perfect virtual game to play online with not much preparation.

When you start the game, the facilitator or mediator has to ask every employee to grab any item from the desk. 

But you don’t have to tell them why they have to pick those items. If they ask, just tell them they will find out soon.  

Once, everyone got an item from the desk in their hand,now tell them they are going to try to sell these items to other members. 

They set the price and have only a minute to deliver their sales pitch and also answer one question. 

Virtual Book Club 

virtual book club ice breaker game

Book clubs are great to interact and engage with each other in much more depth. 

And since people are quite passionate about the books, they are keen to share about  it with others. 

It is one of the great topics to bond over as everyone can have their safe space to talk about and connect easily. 

Book clubs allow participants to interact with each other in much more inclusive and in-depth conversations that are productive and creative in different ways. 

You can allow the book club members to choose the book of the month and read it a few times. 

Then it can be discussed throughout the session where everyone will share their reading experience and opinion on the books. 

Not just a great ice-breaker game but also an effective way to develop thought leaders in the team. 

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