“How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie suggests effective ways to get over one’s worries and truly enjoy life. It helps us to cope with our worries and to get in a good mental space.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Quotes

-All the knowledge you have acquired is powerless until you put it to the right use.

-Stop exhausting yourself over things you have no power to change; they are out of your hands. Stop unnecessary worrying and you will find your way to happiness.

-Don’t be swayed by your impulsiveness. Doing things without thought is usually the wrong thing.

-Sort out what is within your power and what is not. Stop spending time and energy over things you can’t change, have courage enough to change the things you can, and be clever enough to know the difference between the two.

-Oh, of course I know I don’t have anything to worry about, but- see that’s where you lose the game. No buts.

-Don’t waste even a minute indulging thoughts of people we don’t like.

-The best way to be miserable is to have enough time to wonder whether you are actually happy or not.

-Do you know the most foolish and tragic human nature? All of us put off living. It is like something we will do when we finally reach the greener grass on the other side, but the grass we have is just as green.

-The person who worries a lot must always divert his mind using work so that he does not drown in despair. So keep busy.

-Don’t be upset over every tiny thing, most of which you should just forget about. This life you have is just way too short to be so little.

-It will be easy for you to find a solution and overcome an unfortunate situation if you can accept that the thing has happened and take proper notice of it.

-One should keep clear of people who pretend at being someone they truly aren’t.

-Let the past have its secrets and its dead, that is where they belong. The burdens of past mistakes added to yesterday’s misery and carried today will make even the strongest falter. 

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Quotes

-Shut down the lid on the future, it is tomorrow’s worry. You have the present, enjoy it.

-A wise and happy man will see everyday as a new, fresh life with no stains from the past.

-You lose your ability to concentrate when you start worrying too much. You mind just flies in a hundred thousand directions.

-The bottom line is that for every disease there is either a treatment or there is not. If there is, then find it, if there is not then don’t spend whatever time you have trying to do the impossible.

-It can be said that most of our worries and reasons for unhappiness comes not from reality but our imagination.

-The one and only possible way to make your tomorrow better is for you to focus all your energy, all your concentration, all your knowledge on doing today’s work as well as possible.

-Focus on doing something with what is right in front of you rather than squinting to see what is there far away at a distance.

-Usually people who don’t know how to keep worry at way, succumb young.

-Use this method: think about the worst possible outcome, accept that outcome if you have no other way, then calmly proceed to work  upon that worst outcome and make it better.

-You will be the most miserable person on earth if you try to become something or somebody other than what you truly are in your body and mind

-Trust in God, eat healthy, laugh often, don’t take life so seriously and you will find that you have discovered the secret to happiness and health.      

-At least once a day think about all the things you have been blessed with and thank God for his bounty.

-If you overburden yourself, if you take too many tasks at once, then you will dent your structure and break your mind.

-When a wise man is faced with some misfortune, he does not give up and blame the world, he looks for the lesson in hardship and works towards improving his situation.

-When we feel the stormy wind hurtling our life, and we have nothing to hold on to, then let the winds sway us and accept the inevitable. And then let us pick the pieces back up and start over.

-If you want to keep the happiness you have found, share it; locked happiness never did anyone any good.

-Don’t spend your life trying to even with your enemies, it is only going to hurt you and cost you precious time.

-The today you have, the right now, it is the only true thing you have. Enjoy it and make the most of it.

-Nothing can bring you a greater peace of mind then letting go of all pretences and being yourself.

-Once there were two men locked in a cell. At night they used to stare out the small window in the cell.  One used to see the dirty and grimy mud; the other used to see the stars, so bright and twinkling away.

-If you spend time hating someone then you are giving that person power over your life- your happiness, your health, your sleep, everything.

-It is our thought which reflect who we actually are.

-What hurts a man most is not the situation itself but what he thinks about the situation.

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