How To Motivate Others: 100+ Proven Ways

Motivation is one of the most critical processes and functions that guide, inspire, and initiate a person to attain a certain level of enhanced performance and achieve their goals. Motivation is the driving force that raises and catapults a person to his desired level.

Motivating others is also a very important aspect of human behavior. Here are a few tips that will help in motivating others.

Here Are Top Motivational Tips To Motivate Others

1.  Explain to the persons lucidly what is required from them when and why. The person should be aware of what’s expected of them and perform accordingly.

2. Involve the persons actively. Make it a point to motivate the people to participate actively in the current projects.

3.  Delegate authority and trust them. Believe in your colleague and subordinates to do their jobs well and assign them to work accordingly.

4. Inspire people. Be a leader and a role model for them to look up to. Lead from the front and inspire them.

5.  Appreciate whatever achievements they have made, whether big or small. Make it a habit to appreciate and praise them whenever they achieve their targets or goals.

6.    Reward them suitably. Give them rewards based on their performance. Incentives play a major part in motivation.

7.  Inform them of the relevant action so that they believe they are also a part of the organizational process. Keep them informed about the necessary details.

8. Genuinely get them involved in the discussions. Take into consideration their views and perspectives on the projects to make them feel important and needed.

9.  One must see that the team gets payment as per their worth. The team as a whole deserves to be paid; accordingly, individual efforts are important, but they need to function as a single unit for the best results.

10.  A workplace with a better ambiance is very motivating. Keep the workplace comfortable, clean, and healthy, helps in maintaining the freshness, and keeps them motivated.

11.  Self-development opportunities must be encouraged. Give them a chance to not only finish the work on time but also hone their skills in the process.

12.  Inter team motivational exercise must be entertained. Healthy competition and team bonding exercise increase the efficiency manifold and bring the team together.

13.  Clear and realistic targets must be set. Targets and goals should not be superficial but realistic. They must be assigned in such a way that deadlines don’t seem impossible.

14.  Failures should not be admonished. Failures should be acknowledged and worked upon to never be repeated. Learn from them and move on.

15.  Happiness must be genuinely encouraged. The easiest way to motivate people is to make them happy from the inside. Give them real-life reasons to be happy, and motivation will follow.

16.  Listen attentively to their problems. Be empathetic towards their problems and try to resolve them tactfully.

17.  Open-ended questions should be genuinely encouraged. The questions which don’t have a definitive answer should be appreciated and paid attention to. It makes things more creative and interesting.

How To Motivate Others

18.   Encouraging is the most important. Keep encouraging them at all times. Make them believe in themselves.

19.  Make them dream about positivity. Create a positive environment around them, which forces them to be very optimistic and think about positive things.

20.  Enquire from them how you can help. Always be on your toes about how you can help them in any way possible.

21.  Follow up and attend to their grievances. Even after your session with them, make sure to follow up on them for feedback and how they feel about the whole thing.

22.  Encourage them to do physical exercise. Motivate them to be not only mentally sound but also physically fit. Try organizing fitness regimes for them to give them a boost.

23.  Segregate the jobs into manageable sizes. Break down the jobs into smaller parts, which are easier and faster to finish. It is an efficient way to complete things on time.

24.  Find out every positive thing in the person and encourage them on that. Research about the strong points of the pupils and focus on making them even stronger.

25.  Be gentle with the person whom you want to encourage. Be very sensitive about how the other person may react to your encouragement, and be wise with your words.

26.  Encourage the person to stay strong and never give up. Instill in their heads to never give up, come what may, and always keep grinding one day at a time.

27.  Keep pushing the person and encourage them to perform. Push people to not only stretch their boundaries but to outperform themselves. More than you, they need to realize what they are capable of.

28.  Encourage to keep fighting and not to give in. Have a warrior mentality and never give in to anything bringing you down.

29.  Explain to the person what exactly is required.  Be very specific about what is needed of a person. Explain to them in detail and clear all their doubts patiently.

30.  Be a part of their sacrifice. Make them feel as if you are personally in it for them and with them.

31.  Try to think in their emotions and a part of their efforts. Put yourself in their situation before saying or doing anything. Acknowledge their efforts and encourage them to do better.

32.  Your work and energy should be inspirational to the team. How you handle a situation, how you carry yourself, how you behave all of it plays a big part in inspiring them to be better.

33.  Uphold the values of life. Be very principled with them and keep their morale high.

34.  Treat people kindly and with respect as you want yourself to be treated. Do unto the world as you want the world to do unto you.

35.  Listen to their grievances. Be very attentive when they talk about their grievances and try to get to the bottom of things.

36.  Have goals but don’t be extra strict in dealing with them. Have time-driven goals but don’t push anyone too hard to meet that target, be patient.

37.  Be transparent with the team. Be very clear with the team; update them about all the necessary things at regular intervals.

38.  Keep everyone in the loop. Make sure you make everyone a part of the process; nobody should feel left out.

39.  Be a master motivator yourself. Always be that person everyone draws motivation from. Be approachable and be empathetic. Keep their spirits high.

40.  Enquire about the problems from your team and give them the solutions. Be a trouble-shooter for all aspects of the team.

41.  Treat every individual with due respect.

42.  Explain to the person how a challenge and a target will help him immensely in the future.

43.  Develop teamwork and comradeship. Try team-building exercises to help them perform better at a single unit; make them feel like family.

44.  Connect to your roots, your values as well as your team. Connect with the team at the grass-root level, make yourself one with them; no one should feel like an outsider.

45.  Figure out why motivation is required. Ask yourself why it is that they need an external source of motivation is.

46.  Find out solutions on how to do it. List down the effective ways by which they can be motivated for the longest duration.

47.  The feelings of every individual are important. Make each of them feel important, make them realize their worth in the team, and appreciate what they bring to the table.

How To Motivate Others

48.  Shift to the present situation and give the person the exact picture. Make them more realistic and practical.

49.  Encourage them to have a sound eight hours of sleep. Emphasize having a healthy lifestyle and start to be having a total of eight hours of sleep without fail. It keeps you fresh and productive at all times.

50.  Encourage them to do exercises regularly. Have a fixed routine for your health.

51.  Have genuine good feelings amongst the team. Try to build a feel-good vibe in the team.

52.  Have pairing up the team so that one can complement the other. Compile the team in such a way that it is a complete package and everyone looks after the others.

53.  Have constant regularity in taking meals and rest. Be very careful and particular about your health and diet. Be well-rested and at your maximum productivity whenever you show up to work.

54.  Do a SWOT analysis of the team whom you want to motivate. Identifying the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of the team helps you narrow it down to the core of the issue.

55.  Stress upon the person so that he has his self-determination. Everyone should feel determined to outperform and outshine the others despite being at the same time.

56.  Harp upon the capability and effectiveness of an individual. Make them believe in their abilities and skills to be the right person for the job.

57.  Explain the need for self-esteem. Build their self-confidence and help them understand the true meaning of self-esteem.

58.  Explain the need for power and how to use it. The need to always be in power, to always be on top, drives people towards greatness.

59.  Work towards the growth of self-concept of an individual

60.  Learn and explain the importance of self-control. Get better at controlling your emotions in tough situations. Exercise rigorous self-control.

61.  Explain the need to handle stress. Stress is an avoidable part of the whole process. It will always be there; you just need to learn to handle it better.

62.  Matching skills and the respective challenges are also important. The motivator should be aware of the skillset of the subject to make the best possible decision for the person.

63.  Implant upon the team the believing factor in the project. The entire team needs to unanimously believe in the project to be a great one and give it their all.

64.  Stress on the importance of relationships. Focus on enhancing the relationship that the individuals share in the team, make it stronger and deeper.

65.  Stress on the importance of integration of soul and consciousness collectively.

66.  Explain that money and wealth alone would not bring happiness. Have the clarity to differentiate money from happiness. Money alone will not make you happy, but it is a mixture of a lot of other things.

67.  Stress that everyone is born with the same zeal and efficiency, channelizing them is important. Make them utilize the potential that they have, which they are still unaware of.

68.  Acquiring more and more knowledge through reading is important. A well-read man will always stand out in the room. You will have more gravity if you start reading.

69.  Explain that greediness and a self-centered attitude will eventually lead to the downfall. You are nothing just by yourself; you need to accept the fact that teamwork makes the dream work.

70.  Explain that if convinced, a human being can do more than 100%. We create barriers. If we start believing that we can give our two hundred percent, we surely will.

71.  Building up teamwork is very important. No matter how talented or skilled the individuals are, if there is no teamwork, they are found to fail.

72.  Perform as if your idol is your competitor. Imagine being in direct competition with the person you see as your hero, your only chance to shine and prove yourself.

73.  The team leader’s action is the best source of motivation. Lead your time like an idol and let them draw inspiration from your presence alone.

74.  Publicly praise the persons on their achievements. Give them the compliments that they deserve and do it when people can hear. Everyone loves validation; it is a better motivator than money itself.

75.  Encourage to write ten positive things in the diaries daily. Inculcate inside them a habit to write ten or more positive things about themselves, especially early in the morning to start the day on a high.

76.  Keep updated with current affairs and general news. Be well informed and well-read to make the most efficient decisions.

77.  Inculcate the feeling of optimism always. Keep them feeling positive at all times.

78.  Be friendly in every approach to an individual. Be more like a friend to them who understands them.

79.  Always pat on the back for a job well done and completed. Acknowledge them for the work that they do and give them social acclaim.

80.  Respect everybody’s culture. Be acceptable of where everyone comes from with open arms.

How To Motivate Others

81.  Always encourage by saying, keep up the good work. Motivate them to always be consistent with work and keep the spirits high.

82.  Always compliment for even a very small job done. No matter what the size of the achievement, a word of praise will make anyone’s day better.

83.  Give a feeling that you are with that person always. Assure them that you are with them all the time and that you have always got their back.

84.  A feeling that you care genuinely about that person is of great motivation. Genuine care and affection bring people close.

85.  Share with the individual any article of interest that you find suitable. Keep sharing with them information that you find to be useful or important for them.

86.  Give genuine feedbacks to the persons you are motivating. Always give your honest opinion even if they won’t like it. It’s for the best.

87.  Make the person feel that he is very important in your area of thinking.

88.  Take the people out for lunch sometimes. A small get together or going out for a meal, or a drink brings people closer as a team and makes amazing memories.

How To Motivate Others

89.  Help the people in creating a vision. The team members should have clarity about what they want in life down the line.

90.  Always try to motivate different people differently. Everyone is unique, and what may motivate one individual might not work for the next person. Be very subjective when you try to motivate a team.

91.  Create an environment that empowers everybody.

92.  Believe in management by objectives. Manage the team effectively for the best possible results.

93.  Appealing to their emotions is of great importance. Try to connect with them emotionally.

94.  Invite others to join your gym. Train together for quicker results. Makes things even more fun.

95.  Help the person handle their setbacks. Motivate them to handle drawbacks better and keep trying.

96.  Try to answer every question with patience. Be very patient and understanding of the situation.

97.  Use positive languages wherever possible. Try to avoid any negative words.

98.  Adapt yourself completely to that person’s needs. Try to understand the person better.

99.  Individualised strategies. Make your strategies based on individuals rather than the team as a whole.

100. Have a role model. Always have an idol to look up to. Acts as a driving force.

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