How To Keep Your Employees Happy? #15 Practical Ways

To make your business successful,  it’s not just important to consider the needs and pay attention to your customers.

But it’s crucial that you make your employees happy too. A happy and satisfied employee can help in working much more efficiently, reduce time and do better performance.

Well, the organization has limited ideas that they use when it comes to making their employees happy. And most of the time it includes giving a raise.

But surprisingly, it’s not the best way to keep the employee happy. Here are some of the best secrets that can help you in having that without giving a raise to your employees.

Why does having happy employees matters?

A business can run if it doesn’t have good employees. Since they are the ones who represent your business,  it becomes crucial that they are happy; otherwise, it will affect the customers too.

Also, happy employees can take better consideration of work and save time as well as money.

Here are some of the important points to understand why a company requires happy employees.

happy employees

Improving The Better Productivity

Financial compensation is not enough to make the employees more productive.

It’s important that the employee loves what they are doing. When they feel positive about their work,  their brain works much more efficiently and it leads to less sickness.

This results in high productivity and better performance.

Ask your employees what can make their work more enjoyable.

For example, not everyone likes the 9 to 5 work-frame. If it’s possible you can offer flexible hours.

Lots of people like to do work at night or in the morning, as their productivity gets better in certain hours.

Better Customer Relationship

Every successful business they have employees who are passionate about their work.

Also, passionate employees put more effort into dealing with customers in a better way and maintaining good relationships.

Also, these employees feel empowered with their work and want to do the best for the company they work for.

Better Confidence

Happy employees tend to have more confidence in what they do. Also, they are willing to go the extra mile to complete their work and take on more responsibilities.

They have more enthusiasm and commitment towards the work as well as projects.

Better Harmonized With Others

Happy employees tend to have a better understanding of the people they work with. They are more forgiving, tolerant, and helpful towards others.

Also, they maintain a harmonious working environment which helps others to work better and encourages better performance.

More Employee Retention

High employee turnover is not just costly for the business but also damages the image and adds extra work, which wastes time, money, and resources.

When you have happy employees, they are fully satisfied with their work and have less desire to leave the job.

Ways To Keep Your Employees Happy Without Giving Raise

Understanding that happy employees have important roles in the organization, now it’s crucial to know how you can make them happy without giving them a raise.

Well for that, here are the secrets you can consider for yourself as well.

how to keep employees happy

Priortize The Balance Between Work- Life

It’s important to understand that work-life balance is important for the employees, not just to keep them happy but to be healthy and more stable, which leads to happiness eventually.

The company requires them to prioritize such things. To engage in the workforce but also to remain competitive, you can focus on creating retirement where the employees can connect with the organization and have the exercise which can be part of a fulfilling and rich life.

Offer The Benefits That Goes Beyond Basics

Apart from giving a raise, there are other different ways by which you can show that you care about your employees and they are well-being.

You can offer an extra level of life insurance or disability insurance that can help the employee to protect their income.

Another you can add is offering dental, wellness, and optimal health insurance.

If your employee is health-conscious, you can also give a free subscription to the gym, etc.

By adding the perks, you can show you care about them as well as their family.

Recognize And Reward More

It’s not important what you are going to reward, but how many times you are giving it.

Here size is not important, but the frequency is.  According to the business feedback,  smaller and frequent positive feedback, as well as rewards, can help in keeping the employee happy, instead of giving large but infrequently and for single-time events.

Regardless of how big your reward is, it will wear out within a year. Not just that, most of the employees have a better response to smaller rewards.

Say Thank You Word More

Not having a working culture that is positive, or helping them in any way makes the employee much more distant. 

Apart from this,  the chances of leaving a job over money are much less as compared to those who leave their job because they dislike the boss or the office environment.

Encouragement plays a huge role, and it’s important to give credit for their performance from time to time.

Saying thank you, and recognizing the hard work and effort the employee did will help in boosting their morale but also improve the working culture in the office.

Promote The Positive Working Environment

Even when they are getting regular raises, the working environment is negative and makes them feel suffocated. The employee won’t be able to do the work.

Also in the worst scenario, they will leave the job and look for another company to work with.

When your employees are happy, they also create a happy environment.

That’s why to acknowledge the accomplishments, provide the lunches, change a title, reserve parking a lot, or do small things to show they are important.

Recognize The Progress And Improvement

Well, having constructive criticism can help the person to be better and guide them in the right direction.

However, it’s also a feat that you point to the achievements, improvements, and progress made so far.

Pointing out the positive aspects can help the person to know the progress and also to understand that the upper management and leaders are watching the efforts they are making and approving this.

Acknowledge them as well as verbally show them that you are aware of the point they started and how far they have come can boost the morale to do better.

Team Building Activities Unrelated To Work

The idea of planning eh team building can be for gathering everyone from different levels under one umbrella.

Also, team building helps in removing the barrier and connecting the employees with other management.

This helps in making them feel more welcome and it increases workplace positivity.

You can also ask for input or advice from them.

Offer The Responsibilities Instead Assigning

Creating friendly competition can help in improving the performance but also help others learn from each other.

The employee will get the challenges that can thrill them, also they have to set their bar higher every time they will get the responsibilities.

Many employees feel unmotivated and unhappy because they are not getting the job they want or feel thrilled about it.

Well, here, instead of assigning the responsibilities, offer them the options so they can have control too.

Make Them A Part Of Something Bigger

Informing the team can help you in running your business more successfully.  Also to have better communication as well as trust, it’s important that they feel important too.

For this, you can share the goals, and future and make them a part of something bigger.

With this, you can make them feel like they are valued and related to the bigger picture as well.

Celebrate The Milestones, Personal, And Professional

Employees feel happy when they are an important part of the organization.

The sense of belonging helps in connecting well with the company. Not just that, by asking about their goals and celebrating the milestones regardless if they are personal or professional.

You can make them feel more accomplished.

Respect Their Time

The employees have their set times of working, bothering them while they have to do something important or taking too much of time without giving prior notice not just disrespecting but also shows that you don’t value their time.

This can lead them to feel annoyed but also not complete their task on time which affects their overall burden and increases stress.

That’s why make sure you show respect to their time.

Show The Genuine Interest In Your Employees

Employees are required to have the understanding that the upper management has a genuine interest in them.

Not only do they want them to be better in their work but also ready to help whenever the employees need them.

Instead of instructing the employees in doing the tasks and actions, Spend some time on knowing about them.

Understanding them individually can help in knowing the area where they can excel and the passion which can help them to grow.

Support The Creativity And Innovation

A great way that can help you in making your employees feel included, you can allow them to be innovating.

However, not all the time innovation works, but it can help in boosting morale.

Also, the freedom of trying new things helps in keeping the excitement and the person can do better in his jobs.

If someone comes up with something interesting, try it along with the rest of the team members. See if it works or not; even if it doesn’t, there will be something that everyone will learn at the end.

Allowing The Mistakes And Errors

Well, the organization has to control the errors and mistakes that can lead to great damage; however, you can allow the small mistakes and errors as employees will do these things if they are being innovative.

Also, the environment where mistakes are considered okay gives confidence and removes fear. This helps the employee to use their abilities in full force.

Not just that, don’t hold the records. Instead of always pointing out mistakes that the employee did, encourage them to learn from them and move on.

Provide Flexibility in the Workplace

Most of employees crave to have flexibility in the workplace. However, not all of them get the chance.

Especially in today’s era, having flexibility in the workplace is of utmost importance.

At some point,  the employees want to spend their time with people they want to be around,  be it their friends, family, or loved ones.

However, getting work so much that they have to work on Sundays can make them feel less energetic and unhappy.

That’s why they give the facilities so they can choose the day when they can take a break. This will keep them energetic and more productive.

Provide The Courses And Training

A workplace should be a place where the employees can learn more and have working experience.

When an employee stops learning, they also stop performing their best.

That’s why they offer the training and courses that can help them in doing better. Also, leading the time management, teamwork, etc can help the employees in their personal life as well.

Flexibility In Dress Code

Well, having a dress code in an organization is important and also a good thing.

However, it’s important to make it too rigid or strict.

Instead of making it a strict rule, you can provide the reliability of dress to the employees; however, give the general rules, so they don’t overdo it.

Or if you can choose a day where employees don’t have to follow the dress code and wear comfortable clothes, it will also be good.

Opportunities For Trying Other Paths in Career

 Lots of people joined the company based on what kind of experience they had; however, not all of them had the excitement behind that.

Some of them just followed the particular line because they didn’t have the opportunity or option to choose another option.

However, you can offer the golden chance that can help them in exploring more fields within the company.

This can be a life-changing experience but also rewarding for employees and the organization.

Physical Health And Mental Health Awareness

Health is the utmost important thing for everyone.  When you have healthy employees, they can contribute better and have excellent performance.

Not just proper hygiene and health care important but mental health are crucial too. The management requires to pay attention to how the employees are getting treated in the workplace.

Listen Well And Consider The Opinions

Well, leaders and managers are the ones who take the last calls. However, the employees can share their opinions and thoughts and be a part of the decision-making.

This will not just give them the importance and belonging feeling, but also they will have their own personality instead of following orders.

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