250+ Employee Performance Review Examples

For a business, it’s important that you have a motivated team. And for motivation, doing performance reviews, and comments are crucial.

However, it’s not the easiest thing in the world; however, using appraisal phrases for performance can reduce stress and inspire people to do their best.

These are simple but descriptive sentences that are helpful for making your employee understand what they are doing well and where they need the focus.

But understanding and using the correct words in the performance phrases and comments can be a hassle if you are not aware of what to do or not.

Here are some of the best phrases and comments that you can consider.

Why performance reviews are important

Evaluating the performance of your employee helps in understanding where they are lacking or what they are doing well. The same goes for the employee; it helps in guiding them.

Using the phrases and comments in their performance review can help in understanding much more accessible.

Also, using correct words can motivate your employees. You can highlight their strengths and weaknesses, so they know where to work and focus.

Here are the categories of Employee Performance Review Examples –

  • Attendance Performance Review Phrases
  • Attitude Performance Review Phrases
  • Customer Service Performance Review Phrases
  • Dependability Performance Review Phrases
  • Flexibility Performance Review Phrases
  • Interpersonal Skills Performance Review Phrases
  • Leadership Performance Review Phrases
  • Performance Review Phrases
  • Teamwork Performance Review Phrases
  • Time Management Performance Review Phrases

Employee Performance Review Examples

positive things to say in a performance review

1. Inspiring others to improve the attendance

2. Adhere to the schedule  always

3.  respect others by arriving at work and meeting on time.

4.  Achieve perfect attendance over the last week, month or year.

5. Never deviate from the outlined attendance policy in the employee handbook.

6. Reliable when it comes to being on time.

negative performance review examples

7. Fortunately, late arriving at the work

8.  He or she fails to meet the standard of the company for attendance.

9.  Exceeds the number of vacation days often.

10. Arrive late to meetings and show disrespect.

11. Unreal about reporting the work on time.

12. Have poor attendance, which affects the cakes.

13.  Return late to work from the screen breaks.

Attitude Performance Review Phrases

positive things to say in a performance review

14. She or he has a cheerful attitude which benefits the teammates.

15.  She or he looks for the positive side in every situation.

16.  Quick wit jokes and smiles to lighten the stressful times.

17. Attitude reflects that she or he loves the job.

18. Friendly smiles and keeping others’ moods positive.

19. Maintain a positive and steady attitude that inspires others.

20. Report cheerful to work and ready to start work.

21. Never let a bad situation or difficult situation affect the work.

negative performance review examples

22.  Tendcay to cause issues at the workplace.

23. She or he gets easily upset.

24. She needs to be more accepting of constructive criticism.

25.  Let the non-work-related topics provoke easily.

26. Easily switch to a negative attitude.

27.  Get easily angry over small or minor issues.

28. Displays the negative emotions which affect the teammates.

29.  They need to control their poor attitude.

30. Refuse to accept the information comment on herself or himself.

Customer Service Performance Review Phrases

positive things to say in a performance review

31. Excellent skills in handling customer service.

32. Deal easily with different types of customers.

33. Taking pride in helping other customers.

34. Skillfully overcomes the obsession from the clients.

35. Handle the difficult situation in customer service really well.

36. Customer satisfaction rating is always high.

37. Do not let the negative attitude of the customer affect him or her.

38. She or he is one of the best team members in customer service.

39. Stay calm and rational when facing angry customers.

40. Understand how to make a real difference in the experience of customers.

negative performance review examples

41. Does not listen well to the customers.

42. She or he is effective on calls but doesn’t handle face-to-face customer service well.

43. Doesn’t get the importance of customer service training and why it’s needed.

44. have poor skills in handling the complaint when it’s face-to-face interaction.

45. She or he has constant low marks and ratings on customer satisfaction surveys.

46. Frequently pass the compelling customer to some other manner.

47. Needs to understand how to handle the request from customers in a more efficient way.

Dependability Performance Review Phrases

positive things to say in a performance review

48. One of the most dependable team members.

49. Extremely reliable person in all situations.

50. She or he is willing to do whatever it takes to get their work done.

51.  She or he is known for her hard work, dependability, and willingness.

52.  Always perform what is expected and go beyond that.

53. always complete the task in an accurate manner.

54. She or he is a trustworthy and loyal employee.

56. She or he consistently shows that they love the job.

57. Motivate to complete the task on time.

58. Ready to get the work late regardless of how much time it takes.

negative performance review examples

59. She or he is unwilling to work beyond the hours which are scheduled.

60. She or he is not a dependable employee.

61.  She or he doesn’t demonstrate that she will do the job right.

62.  Deost is not able to produce consistent results at work.

63. Content with leaving the work and others have to finish it.

64. The work results are not consistent.

65. The reliability is always questionable.

66. She or he is not willing to help others work

67. She or he doesn’t care about the coworkers and managers

Flexibility Performance Review Phrases

positive things to say in a performance review

68. Shows the ability to come up the new solution for the common issues

69. She or he is accountable for the constructive struggle and focuses on improving the work.

70. She or he is willing to change the way of working for the betterment of their team.

71. She or he stays calm under pressure.

72.  Capable of handling different assignments.

73.  Shows the flexibility and initiative to start a new task.

74.  She is, or he is, willing to admit when they are wrong.

75.  She is, or he is able to find efficient methods.

76. Handles change very well.

negative performance review examples

 77. She or he is shy away from the process, which is unknown to them.

78. She or he is resistant to trying new techniques.

79. Shut down when their expectations are not met successfully.

80. Sticks to the traditional ways instead of a new approach when it’s better.

81. She or he is not willing to admit when they are wrong.

82. he Does Not take the criticism really well.

83. They don’t look for the New Year when things are not going according to plan.

84. Feel to get agitated when the plan changes

85. Shows no interest in taking new personalities.

Interpersonal Skills Performance Review Phrases

positive things to say in a performance review

86. She or he has a strong relationship with their team and coworkers.

87. The employee is easy to get to know.

88. She or he converses with teammates and wants to listen to their lives as well.

89. Connect with others easily.

90. She or he makes other people around them appreciate it.

91. Makes other people feel important.

92. Able to relate to those around them.

93.  Interested in knowing more about others and eager to learn better,

94. Works on a variety of personalities.

negative performance review examples

95. Does not work well with others.

96. She or he has a direct and strong personality that often turns people off.

97. She or he seems to be unsearchable by coworkers.

98. Teammates and coworkers don’t feel good around them.

99.  Teams have a hard time enjoying themselves with them.

100. Strong personality that causes rifts with others frequently.

101.  Display the attitude of being superior to others.

102. Fails to recognize others ‘e needs.

103. Does not have a facetime working relationship with others.

Leadership Performance Review Phrases

positive things to say in a performance review

104. Willing to help others always.

105. Makes team members feel comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions.

106. Understand the strength of his or her powers to delegate effectively.

107. Show appreciation when some do a good job.

108. Promotes the learning and understanding of culture.

109. Motivates the team member to do hard work.

110.  Keep the team feeling engaged and on track.

111.  Listen actively and respond to what their co-worker says.

112.  She and he are the backbones of the team.

113. An excellent example that others want to follow.

negative performance review examples

114. Needs to improve their ability to talk without being condescending.

115.  Unclear their goals and activities.

116. She or he rarely recognizes the job when it’s done well.

117. She or he has no plans for the future.

118.  The employee doesn’t treat others equally.

119. They fail to keep the information confidential.

120. He or she doesn’t listen to what their team members say to them.

121. Details the team frequently with the work which is not necessary.

Performance Review Phrases

positive things to say in a performance review

122.  Take the initiative to understand what others need to get work done.

123. Set the associate goals and strive to make sure to accomplish them.

124. Consistently being top-performing among other candidates.

125. Focus on developing the strategies and delivering the results.

126. Puts his or her high value to do a good job.

127.  They Want to do a better job and improve whatever they do.

128, she or he stays at the top best performers.

129. Always willing to assist others and help in doing a better job.

negative performance review examples

130. Do not take the initiative unless it’s prompted.

131. Does not meet the performance goal setting.

132.  Doesn’t see the value of performing a job.

133. Does not have clear communication goals.

134.  Isn’t able to reach out to go beyond what’s expected of them.

135. She or he lacks the drive to improve the job.

136. They don’t have the proficiency in developing successful strategies.

137.  The employee doesn’t have any concern about improving their skills.

138.  Does not make any significant contribution to the success of the team.

Teamwork Performance Review Phrases

positive things to say in a performance review

139. The proven team player.

140. They encourage the teammates to do better work together to achieve the common goal.

141.  Promotes the workplace which is team-centered.

142. They are sensitive and considerate towards the feelings of their coworkers.

143. Share ideas and techniques with others.

144. Always look for ways so they can help the team to learn and do work better.

145. They look for different ways to build relationships with others.

146.  Takes more work to help the team to excel.

147. Always look for new ways that can help the team.

148. Willing to compete with their coworkers when it’s needed.

149. They are sensitive toward the feelings of their coworker.

negative performance review examples

150. Needs to improve the skills of teamwork.

151. They blame others when the problem arises.

152. They are insensitive towards the coworker’s feelings.

153. Always want to be alone when on a project and do it themselves.

154.  Coworkers feel hesitant to ask for their help.

155.  Don’t work well with others when group projects happen.

156. They don’t work well with others.

157. There are often diverse elements when they are in a team.

Time Management Performance Review Phrases

positive things to say in a performance review

158. Use the time to effectively do the job and get it done.

159. Meet regularly with deadlines.

160. Keep the penetration always on schedule.

161. Driven to complete the given tasks on the set time.

162.  She or He is reliable when it comes to time management.

163.  Work hard to keep everything organized and on time.

164. Respect the cook’s time.

165. Always dependable as they will manage time well.

166.  Sensitive to the cower projects and constraints.

167. They can easily decide what needs to be done in order to save time.

168. Work hard to stay as planned.

negative performance review examples

169.  Frequently end up missing deadlines.

170. Regular late from break.

171. Does not have the string concept on how long the task will take to complete.

172.  Exceeded the due dates frequently.

173.  Take a lot of time and exceed the meeting and presentations.

174.  Take frequent long breaks.

175. She or he is not reliable enough to complete work before the deadline.

178. Does not know how to manage the time well.

179.  Does not show the desire to make techniques better for time management.

180.  Disregard the importance of time.

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