20+ Hacks to Boost Motivation

Motivation is the desire, willingness, and urges that help us perform goal-oriented behaviors. It is a strong intention to be successful and do good in life. It is a way of thinking that gives meaning to our lives. It is a driving force in everybody’s life.

What is the importance of motivation?

  • It plays a key role in being successful in life.
  • It helps us to achieve our personal as well as professional goals.
  • It makes an individual satisfied with their jobs.
  • It increases one’s productivity in work life as well as personal life.
  • It increases the efficiency and willingness of a person to do their jobs.

Here are Hacks to boost motivation

Avoid distractions

Avoiding external distractions can go a long way in keeping us motivated in whatever work we do.

Avoiding distractions such as our screen time on computers and mobile phones, wasting time by scrolling through social media, and playing video games can be very helpful. It will help us to declutter our minds and stay focussed and motivated on our work.

why self motivation is important

Breaking our goals into sub-goals

Breaking down our goals into sub-goals will help us to stay motivated.

If we aim high from the very beginning, we might get overwhelmed most of the time and not be able to achieve our goals. But if we divide them into sub-goals and aim to achieve them one by one, we will stay motivated every day to finally achieve our biggest life goals.

Allowing time limits for our tasks

Allowing time limits for specific tasks helps us to stay motivated in our jobs.

If we allow time for specific tasks and complete them, we will feel energized to start our next day with full motivation. We will realize that we feel satisfied with our work. We will be deeply enthusiastic and feel happy with our work.

Going on morning or evening walks

Taking a fresh breath of air is very necessary daily. It makes us feel energized.

It makes us get rid of negative vibes all around us. It makes us feel fresh and keeps our minds clean from all the bad vibes. It keeps our body fit and prevents our muscles from being sore, hence making us feel energized and feel motivated for the day.

Reading books

Reading books like self-help books, books on motivation, autobiographies helps us to stay motivated.

Reading books like The power of positive thinking, The magic of thinking big helps us to be self-motivated. They teach us that we are enough and are capable of doing anything we want in life. These books help us in getting clarity of our lives and making things work.

Listening to podcasts

Listening to motivational podcasts helps to stay motivated.

Listening to podcasts like the Tony Robbins podcast, The science of success can be a life-changer. These podcasts portray the lives of some of the famous people who were once nobody is now multi-millionaires. They tell us their real-life stories, which help us to stay motivated on our work and realize that life has meaning to it.

Watching motivational videos like Tedtalks

Ted is a non-profit organization that was established to motivate people worldwide by exchanging ideas about business, self-care, global issues, and many more.

Tedtalks by Dan Pink Ross Cunningham teaches us that self-motivation is the best motivation. It makes us realize that nobody will be by our side to motivate us and that we have to learn by ourselves and from our own mistakes.

Working as a team

Working as a team in a workspace helps to stay motivated at all times.

Teamwork is the best. It helps in unveiling a variety of creative ideas that helps in the growth of the business or the job that it is doing. It thereby motivates us to do our job responsibly and also with more enthusiasm to bear good results.

advantages of teamwork

Giving ourselves rewards for small wins

We should always give rewards to ourselves for small wins. It keeps us going.

Rewarding ourselves for small wins like completing a difficult task before time, waking up early in the morning, cleaning our room, cleaning our cupboards, finally finishing reading a book that was pending for a month keeps us motivated throughout the day. It makes us do more work with more enthusiasm. 

Setting rational goals in life

Setting rational goals in life with the thought of actually achieving them is very necessary.

It is a waste of time if we set unrealistic goals and not be able to achieve them. It will make us feel anxious and frustrated all the time. As a result, we will lack motivation to even do the easily achievable tasks. So, setting realistic goals is extremely important.

rational goals that are achievable

Meditating everyday

Meditating is a great way to boost motivation. It makes us feel contented and eases our minds.

Meditating for an hour every day can bring out positive results in our lives. We realize that we are at peace and are more patient with ourselves. We are motivated more than ever to do our daily tasks. Meditating daily also increases our concentration power.

advantages of meditation

Going for a vacation

Going on short trips or vacations is a great motivation booster.

It means we are taking a break from our daily work-oriented lifestyle and enjoying our freedom to the fullest. It means we are giving time to ourselves and balancing our work and social life. After coming from a trip, we will realize we are easily motivated to do our work with a peaceful mind.

Maintaining a journal or a to-do list

Maintaining a journal of a to-do list helps us to be encouraged and motivated in our work.

If we make a list of tasks we want to do every day and schedule different periods for it, we realize that we tend to be more focused on the work without focusing on any distractions. Further, this helps to be motivated for doing work for the next day.

Keeping a positive attitude

We should always keep a positive attitude towards everything going on in our lives.

Keeping a positive attitude in times of stress helps us to stay motivated even if the work is beating us up and we are on the verge of giving up. A positive behavior reaps positive results because we see our failures as a lesson to improve more on that particular task.

Working out

Working out is a great motivation booster and positively impacts our health and work life.

Working out releases adrenaline hormone in our body and results in an adrenaline rush in our body. The release of this hormone in our body makes us even more focused and determined in our jobs. It energizes our bodies and keeps us motivated throughout the day.

Increasing our endorphins

Increasing our endorphins can go a long way in boosting our motivation for the day.

Endorphin is a happy hormone that our body releases when we laugh or eat something sweet. It makes us feel good about ourselves and helps us stay motivated to work throughout the day. We can increase our endorphins by having chocolates or something sweet.

why endorphin necessary in life

Having a proper plan

Having a proper plan and schedule in whatever work we do is very important in our lives. It keeps us focused and responsible.

Having a proper plan means we have thought about it for a long time and have decided to do it with a rational mindset. We want to achieve rational goals which eventually keep us motivated throughout the day and also every day.

psychological tricks to stay motivated

Staying fueled 

Staying fueled all the time, especially during long hours of work, keeps us motivated.

Sometimes we might feel that our jobs are becoming monotonous all the time. We might want to take a break now and then. Taking a short break and having a cup of coffee or tea boosts our energy for work and clears our minds from lethargy.

Setting away some time for self-care

We should always take out time for self-care.

Self-care is the best possible way of getting things done.

If we take out some time from our day-to-day lives and do the things, we like such as skincare, writing a journal, reading a book will keep us satisfied and happy with ourselves.

It will keep us focused and motivated throughout our lives.

Staying healthy

Staying healthy by eating healthy food is also a motivation booster.

If we eat healthily and avoid junk food all the time, we feel hungry at the appropriate time and feel most energized. We don’t feel lethargic and don’t have many health problems. These factors help to boost our immune system, boost our sleeping cycle and memory retaining power, keeping us motivated to work more.

Frequently asked questions on motivation 

How can we improve our motivation power?

We can improve our motivational power by surrounding ourselves with people who have positive vibes, by seeing failure as a chance to improve, meditating, which improves our mental health, being a better version of ourselves, and also by doing self-care.

What can be some examples that help to motivate employees in a workspace?

Several perks like promotion vacation trips can increase the motivational power of employees. Teamwork also goes a long way in boosting motivation among employees.

What is intrinsic motivation?

This is a type of motivation which do not result in any external rewards. We read a book because it makes us happy and enjoys reading it but not because we have to write a review on it.

What can be some examples that help to motivate students?

Providing scholarships, organizing field trips, and organizing recreational programs like drama, dancing, and singing can boost students’ motivation to work with more zeal and zest.

What is extrinsic motivation?

This is a type of motivation that makes us want to do things by expecting something out of them like rewards, fame, money.

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