Ginni Rometty – Executive Chairman, IBM, Personality Style, Traits & Qualities

Virginia Maria Rometty was born on 29, 1957; she is an American business executive who served in IBM as Executive Chairman and after stepping down as the CEO. She became the chairman, and president, and CEO of IBM on April 1, 2020.

Not only has she become the first woman who is the head of the company but one of the best leaders so far. 

 There is so much to learn from her leadership and the way she turned IBM that no one had ever thought of before.

ginni rometty leadership style Traits

Virginia Maria Rometty, also known as Ginny Rometty, was born in Chicago, Illinois. 

She is a confident and passionate leader who works to inspire others through her leadership.

But apart from that, she is honest and keeps transparent about what she does as well as how she leads the team.

Ginni is an extremely talented leader possessing her communication skills and traits.

Her kindness and humor made her friendly and close to the people she worked with, be it the employees or people who were in the workforce.

Leadership Qualities of Ginni Rometty

Ginni has been working for the organization for more than 37 years; she joined IBM in 1981, where she was appointed as a system engineer.

  • In 2012, she became the CEO and president of IBM, and she led the resurgence of IBM.
  • IBM has the record of most patients that are generated by the business consecutively for around 24 years.
  • This includes floppy disks, hard drives, ATMs, and SQL programming languages.
  • Ginni turned the days for the Organization into a position that no one thought would be possible to achieve. And due to this, her leadership is counted as the best to date.

Here are the leadership traits that are not just inspiring but also the reason behind how Ginni achieved the impossible.

Ginni Rometty

She Is  A Women Of Substance

There is an obvious lack of female executives in the two companies all around the world, so when Ginni became the CEO in 2012, she was well aware of the fact. Not just was she the CEO,  but chairman and President of the organization.

She was not just clear about her role in business, but also she never compromised her role in her family and home.

She said it is important to keep women in the workplace, and the balance should be maintained. 

Not that just the husband, spouse, or partner do those things, but the stakes, as well as odd, are always higher when a woman wk.

She Understood The Risks

Leading the conglomerate like IMB and leading the company in different positions of material and exhaustion during the earlier times. Including when the Dot Com bubble burst happened in 2001 or worldwide market turmoil happened from 2007 to 2008. The time was tough and hard to crack.

Taking risks by applying sweeping strategies and changes to beat the rivals is the forte that Ginni Rometty has.

She was always aware that comfort and growth don’t coexist. And that’s why it’s important to try new things and break the glass ceiling.

Dealing with AI and Cloud competition are the ways by which IBM maintains supremacy over its competitors successfully.

It was also nicknamed big blue under the leadership of the Ginni, growing day by day.

However, she faced criticism for being bold and blunt when she made the decisions, but she led the consulting group in 2002, which proved that she knew the right way of taking risks and how it would pay off.

She Knows How To Align The Workplace

When she took charge of IBM in 2012, she focused on aligning the workforce and making sure that the employees were motivated.

As a result, she received phenomenal performances. Also, she maintained the brilliant run of IBM by posting a net income in 2013, which was 16.48 billion dollars, which was 16.6 billion dollars one year back.

During an interview, she also discussed aligning the workforce and its successful results. She achieved this by having long-term strategies which helped the employees to focus.

Also, she focused on boosting the confidence and self-belief of the employees to achieve the common goals as well as the purpose.

Her Actions Speaks Louder Than Her Words

Ginni started with a humble beginning, with a hard-fought and simple childhood, which was also the reason behind her being a tougher version of what she is.

From the day she started her work at IBM, she had the idea of how tough the journey Was going to be, and she had to put more actions that speak on behalf of her.

Over her 5 years of leadership, The organization witnessed change and evolved, IBM used to splurge billions of dollars for research and development, and when she was elated as CEO, the amount increased to 6.9 billion dollars.                                                                                                         ‘

Rometty allocated 1 billion dollars for creating Watson’s business unit in 2014 and 3 billion dollars for the next-generation semiconductor.

She never turned greedy or ran after fame, or conspired with the media. Also, she never took the attention of the media.

She Reinvented The Company As Well As Herself

Constant repetition is what is the mantra behind the successful employees who work in IBM. The idea was given by Gini, and she believes that the data is what will be the future generations.

And without being precise and correct, it won’t work

According to Ginni, 20% of the world’s data can be searchable, and anybody can get that data, but the rest of 80% is data that is going to be important and real gold.

Leadership Style That Ginni Follows

Ginni Rometty is surely one of the leaders who are considered exceptional in the business industry.

Her leadership style can be considered democratic leadership; there are various points that hint at leadership.

Ginni Rometty is one of the leaders who focus on the team and development as well as effort.

She made a decision based on what she discussed with her team.

Also, she does the proper information and resources; she uses democratic leadership that is efficient as well as effective that can give the results.

Here the workforce shares their opinions; it makes them feel like a family, which leads to them having a loyal and effective network.

She focuses on working and then achieving success, and with the leadership that helped her to achieve the results.

What Are The Traits That Ginni Rometty?

Ginni Rometty made the success which was something no one saw coming.

However, Ginni made it possible, and her leadership traits are the reasons which helped him.

Here are those traits :

Her Confidence

Her confidence is something that helped him in leading to the success she wanted.

A leader who had the passion and conviction that helped in achieving the goals quickly. And she did.

Not just led the IBM team, but she took risks, solved problems, and made decisions that are feasible. However, it did have outcomes that were excellent.

She Inspires Others

Ginni is the ideal leader, she does not just have the confidence to make risky decisions, but she is smart as well as keeps the workforce motivated.

It helped in getting effective results with the respected jobs. As a great leader should do, she inspires others and has empathy which makes others a part of the process.

Her Commitment And Passion

Since she joined the company in 1981 in the role of system engineer, She was committed to the work and has passionate feelings for her job.

She put her effort and consistency throughout her career; she was not just happy but excited and which made her an inspiring leader.

She became a person and a leader that should be admired by the generation especially the young ones.

Skills That Made Ginni  A Great Leader

Well, having the knowledge and experience is something that makes a  head start, but there are a set of skills that are important to have. 

This set of skills helps the leaders to stand out from the rest.

As for Ginni, she had the leadership skills that helped in becoming the inspiring leader that she is today. Well, It includes :

Ginni Rometty

Team Building

The team is an important part of the company; without that, it’s impossible to get things done and the efficacy of such teams plays a huge role in how early the goal can be achieved.

Companies like IBM, have to make sure that the team is on track so they can achieve yeh original goals that they had. 

As leader Ginni did a fantastic job in building the team that they ended up with and led those to successful results.

Ability To Make The Decisions

Ginni has excellent skills that help in making decisions. Not just she made sure that she had the right information in her hands but also to use it for the benefit results.

Apart from this, she used to take the thoughts and opinions of her team, which helped in giving different perspectives related to the topic.

She took the ideas and suggestions and put them into her decisions. It helped in making the right decisions at the right time, which also boosted her skills.

Effective Communication

Ginni is not just a great leader, but also she has great communication skills.

She aligned her workforce in such a manner that helped in making sure that communication was going on much more effective

She took actions that were risky, but with her communication, she made sure everything was transparent within the team and organization.

She also boosted the spirit of the workforce and it helped in making the strategies more feasible in her leadership journey.

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