Decoding Gary Vaynerchuk: Personality Style, Traits, Qualities And More

Gary Vaynerchuk is a popular entrepreneur, public speaker, investor, author, and internet celebrity with millions of followers all around the world. 

He is also a writer, media tycoon, and business person. Gary owns two media enterprises, one is WaynerX and another is WaynerMedia where he is also CEO. 

Here, we will be discussing his leadership qualities, his personality traits, and much more. 

Leadership Qualities Of Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk’s wisdom comes from his own share of experience being an entrepreneur, media mogul, advisor, marketing leader, and much more. 

He states that there are certain qualities and strengths that make a person more susceptible to becoming a great leader. 

Coming from his own leadership qualities, he mentions these top leadership and entrepreneurial qualities. 


Salesmanship, according to GaryVee, is one of the most important qualities that an entrepreneurial leader must possess. 

It means to have the ability to sell something, and it constitutes a crucial part of running a successful business. 

Especially for entrepreneurs who are starting from the floor, selling their products door to door or one-to-one. 

Even if not, every entrepreneur starts by selling their startup idea to investors, customers, and the market. 

GaryVee states that when you’re CEO of the agency, you still need to know how to close a deal or how to make the sale. 

It comes from the very experience of learning from GaryVee who himself started out from the floor selling physical products. 

An Independent Spirit 

GaryVee, clearly an independent spirit, always relied on himself from the very start of his entrepreneurial career. 

Certainly, he has a huge number of staff in both of his companies VaynerMedia and VaynerX along with a team for his content creation. 

But he still believes in himself and trusts his intuition to move forward and make decisions. 

He preaches that an entrepreneur or a leader has to be able to be comfortable with his ability to make the final call. 


Patience has been and is a key roleplayer in the success of GaryVee. He says that climbing to the top can be slow and lonely as well. 

Patience is the trait that if you have, you can achieve anything. It is something a leader, entrepreneur, or anyone who wants to achieve success needs to develop. 

GaryVee hustled all his early 20s life and continued in his early 30s, and he started talking to the world and came to know this media mogul the world knows him today. 

But before that, patience is what made him reach where he is today. It is clear how your mindset impacts your success. 

A Chip On Your Shoulder 

Gary Vaynerchuk believes that having a chip on your shoulder is essential to push you a long way. 

Either you are someone who is born with nothing and starting from zero, so you are hungrier and deadly in competition to gain. 

In fact, you are even more able to risk things as you have nothing to lose. 

Or on the reverse, you might be born with a lot of opportunity and wealth. 

But the fact that you want to prove that you don’t need it and you are capable of doing it on your own makes you more focused and dedicated. 

So either way, you have some kind of chip on your shoulder to nudge your way more into the paths as compared to others. 

GaryVee himself always seeks out to prove himself in a way that he truly believes even when others are disposing of his beliefs and ideas. 

Understanding Consumers 

Garyvee is extremely, if not overly conscious about customer attention and serving the end-consumer. 

Whether it is creating content, developing products, entrepreneurial advice for new ones, or even hiring employees, you see him talking about how important the people are. 

He deeply cares about the people, unlike some business norms that are insensitive to customers. 

GaryVee states when you are truly devoted to providing value to the customer, it puts you on the map for a long game. 

In order to do that, you first have to identify the customers, understand them, and what they want, need, or desire. 

Not just where they are but also essential to learn where they are going and help them towards their journey. 

What One Quality Makes GaryVee Stand Out From Others? 

It is obvious that there are numerous qualities and traits that make Gary Vaynerchuk successful. 

However, there is only one that makes him stand out from others which is also something he preaches a lot. 

And it is, his authenticity! 

The very definition of success for GaryVee laid out the foundation of being authentic. 

His idea of “ Document. Don’t Create” also supports the idea of being comfortable in who you are. 

Not just that, he sees it as the way to start things rather than sit on things. He believes in executing rather than planning. 

Being comfortable with yourself and leveraging your authenticity to build the brand is certainly the primary motto of GaryVee. 

Personality & Leadership Qualities Of Gary Vaynerchuk


One of GaryVee’s greatest qualities, the one emulates from him dominantly is his transparency towards people. 

He is brutally honest towards what he does, what he wants, and seeks out. He is definitely raw and always at the moment. 

Transparency is the key that brings other qualities in him as well. For example, transparency makes him more authentic and hence more empathetic to people as well. 

It also fuels his personality to be humble but yet very fearless and straightforward. When you have nothing to hide, it gives you utter confidence and adds a strong spine to your character. 


Even though Gary comes across as a personality strong, blunt, and even feels rude or controversial it is always straightforward and truthful. 

Especially when it comes to answering his trolls and haters, he uses strong words to answer them without holding himself back. 

He has a moral compass when he treats someone, so even with all this, you always find him on the right side of conversational decency. 

He never actually is rude or disrespectful, only rebellious and spear-headed with his approach. 

More than anything, he shows great empathy to people, no matter who they are, where they come from, their age, ethnicity, experience, country, etc. 

He is always humble and empathetic. His responses concern the people he addresses, so always thorough with his advice. 


His ideology of hustle and becoming self-reliant gives him the strength, the spine, and the power of strong character to upload anything coming his way. 

Nothing scares him whether it is an argument, his haters, trolls, failure, taking risks, or anything. 

This is because he learns from his failure. He has seen many failures. In fact away more than success. 

He embraces his mistakes and even bet on his failures or miscalculations. He works through his experience and instincts. 

Their fearless attitude also comes from his transparency, honesty, and strength of his character. 


GaryVee is one of those creators and business owners on the internet who are not constantly selling something. 

He genuinely cares about his audience, the people, and hence, his entire focus is on helping others and providing valuable content. 

He doesn’t expense courses or programs to sell just within the webinar or in every youtube video. 

He just gives all the information for free, not keeping things secret to only mention his paid membership or something. 

He encourages people, tells them the truth, and even shows people their actual problem, risking offending them, just because he truly cares. 

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