10+ Games And Activities For Improving Time Management

When you have twenty-four hours a day,  it can be challenging to manage everything, including all activities in your daily schedule, especially when you are surrounded by social media, people, and other kinds of directions. 

So how you are going to manage the schedule and stay on track. and that’s where time management comes as an effective solution. 

Like any other skill, this one also needs to be improved and have compounding effects in both personal and professional. 

With this article, you can learn how to manage your time using games and activities in 2022. 

Why Time Management Game & Activities Is Important And What It Is? 

Well, time management games and activities can be video or real life, you can do it alone or group. These games and activities can meet certain objectives, specific order, however, there is always limited time as well as resources. 

Most of these activities and games can be fast-paced and require planning as well as strategizing. In order to use the resources and time which is limited efficiently, it can help in meeting the objectives which are required. 

One of the benefits of such games and activities, these can help you hone skills learned by playing them and solving real-life challenges. 

There are different benefits that it can help you in time management, it includes : 

It Helps In Improving The Reaction Time

Considering these activities and games are fast-paced, this can help in improving the reflexes. Also, it’s important that you are able to react to changes in the game, if it won’t, this can help in progressing better. 

It Helps You In Making Perfect Planning And Strategizing Skills 

Considering all these activities and games, it can help you to think up and execute the strategies at the right time and way. 

This can help you in improving real-life organization and planning skills.

It Helps In Improving Teamwork Abilities 

Considering most of the games and activities, you need to collaborate with others in order to get the desired results. You also need to learn how to cooperate and make the most of time as well as resources.

It also helps you in getting together with colleagues, friends, and the team helps you in improving teamwork. 

It Helps In Improving The Resource Management 

All of the games and activities required to use the resources that you have in an effective manner in order to get better in progress. With this, you can develop a good sense which helps in using resource management in your life. 

It Can Help In Understanding the Importance Of Using Time Management 

The time management games and activities are designed to help in understanding the importance of time management. It can help you in reassessing the work routine. 

It Can Help In Think On Feet 

These games and activities are fast, and it’s important to be quick in order to win. 

However, with this, you need to think, act and react fast in order to match the pace of the opponent.  With this, you can phone on reflexes, it can help you in making much faster decisions. 

It Helps In Prioritizing 

When you are playing a game, you have to focus on winning. With this, you can help in narrowing down on the priorities and doing what is actually important. 

You also learn to gauge the importance of doing each task as well as categorize them accordingly. 

It Helps In Boosting Creativity 

Well when you get stuck on any level, you need to think fast and come up with solutions that help. Your creativity spiked can help you in devising innovative ways of passing the level of difficulty you are stuck in.

Games And Activities For Time Management

List Of Games And Activities That You Can Do For Improving Time Management 

Well, there are different games and activities, including offline and online both. Such games can help you in learning to improve time management, it includes : 

How Long Is A Minute? 

Well, this one is great for figuring out how as well as colleagues perceive time. 

In order to play this game, it includes : 

  • Bring people in a room with no clocks, or you can hide the clocks or cover them. 
  • Take away the phones as well as watches
  • Instruct your team to stand up and keep their mind shut.
  • Ask them to open their eyes when they believe 60 seconds have passed. 

How It Helps : 

There will be some people who might open their eyes before the 60 seconds or some will do later. 

This game can help in learning better estimation of time and take you in finishing the projects as well as tasks that need to finish. 

It gives much more idea about time and is aware of each minute. 

Desert Island 

This is what you can use for teaching the right way of analyzing the priorities. 

To play this,  it includes steps such as : 

  • Give the pen and paper to everyone. 
  • Now ask them to imagine tasks that are trapped on a desert island.
  • Set your time limit, you can set it for two minutes.
  • During this, everyone should write down what they would like to bring to the desert island.
  • All items are essential by group and bring all the points.
  • All tasks are essentially by group and will bring players with no points. 

How It Can Help : 

Every player gets a chance to help in learning how to quickly assess what are their essentials and priorities.  You also get to learn to be careful about assigning, this can help in time blocks to unessential tasks, it can help in should be careful about bringing desert islands. 

Circadian Rhythm

Well, this game is based on a time management technique which is known as Biological Prime Time. This can help you in recognizing optimal times for work.  

Well to play this game, you need to start with : 

Instruct the colleague to plan their day, from when they are waking up and about to go to sleep.

Tell them to record each day and write a letter which can show the energy level such as 

  • A – High energy
  • B- Autopilot control
  • C – 70% energy level 
  • D- distracted
  • E- slowing down for the day
  • F – tired or hungry

How It Helps : 

With this, you can understand about the energy levels and how it changes during the day. 

This can help you in understanding how to make decisions. Your team will learn when they need to focus on doing important tasks, challenging tasks, and tackle less important work. 

What I Did Yesterday 

Another one that you can consider is finding a link between your activities and work performance. 

To play this, you can start with : 

  • Ask people to write down the 10 things that they did yesterday during their work.
  • The second is to ask them to write 5 things that they need to expect to do in the next performance review. 
  • Look over both lists and make links between both items in the respected lists. 
  • An additional step that you can do is to ask them to rank what they did last day in terms of urgent and important. 

How It Will Help : 

Many people will find the indirect links between things they did as well as expect to be praised for getting reviews. In order to justify activities, in the end, you will find which tasks you are spending on and where its expected performance is. 

Colored Blocks 

Another one that you can consider is using colored blocks, it helps you in stressing the importance of prioritizing. 

Well, you can start with : 

  • Bring different colored blocks to work and use them to place on the table.
  • Now assign value to blocks depending on color such as blue – 1 . green – 2 and red – 3.
  • Now instruct them to gather as many points as they can within the time period of 60 seconds by picking one block at a time. 
  • However, they have to do it with their non-dominant hand. 

How IT Will Help : 

This can help you in prioritizing the blocks in such a way that can help in getting the highest score. With this, you can learn about which work is urgent and important, and how they can help in prioritizing as well as tackling on a daily basis. 

Race To The Ace Of Spades

Well to play this game, you need to follow certain easy steps. Well, this can help you in understanding the importance of time management and learning proper organization. 

To play, here is how you can start: 

  • You need to come up with 2 decks of cards
  • Now organize the first decks of cards in order, it should be aces to kings and face the same direction.
  • You can mix up the second deck of cards and jumble it up, so they are not facing the same direction. 
  • Now you need to get two values, each one picks one deck of cards without letting them know about what changes you did. 
  • Instruct them to find the ace of spades from their cards.
  • Unless they have really good luck, they will find the card much faster, and volunteers who have jumbled up the deck will complain. 

How It Will Help : 

Well with both decks you get an understanding of why time management and proper organization are important. 

The organized decks represent the work on tasks that are in an organized and time-managed manner. 

The other deck shows the work on tasks that are in random order with no scheduled time.  

The Mayonnaise Jar Lesson 

Well, you can use this for teaching about understanding why scheduling is important and how prioritizing the tasks is needed. 

Well to play this, here is how you can start : 

  • To start, you will need a jar, some Peebles, sand, and golf balls.
  • You need to gather the team for demonstrating, alternatively, you can bring extra hard golf balls, pebbles, and divide the teams into doing the tasks.
  • The gist is easy, you need to add pebbles, golf balls, and sand to this jar. The correct way is to add the first golf ball, then pebble, then sad, and follow this help to make room for items in the jar.
  • However, if you are adding the sand, there will be less room for other items and won’t be able to fit others items. 

How It Will Help 

The golf ball shows the priority tasks,  but adding the pebbles afterward shows that you have the tendency for saving time and doing other important tasks. 

Sand shows unimportant tasks which can wait.  If you are filling the jar which is unimportant, you will never get time for doing what is important and never have room for the golf balls as well as pebbles. 

Time Squared 

This one can help you in identifying what is wasting your time and taking extra time without even making you realize it. 

To play this game, here are the steps to start with : 

  • Give coworkers 3 pieces of printed paper, on which there should be 24 squares that represent the 24 hours in their day. 
  • Instruct them that they need to fill out the square and keep the routine and do the activities they do every day.  It can include sleeping ( 8 squares). Watching tv ( 2 squares) etc.
  • When you hand in a second paper, you are instructed to fill out a sheet with activities they do in the office that are non-productive like coffee breaks, private calls, etc. 
  • When you hand the third one, instruct to compare two papers they filled and mark those squares which are empty. 

How It Will Help : 

The marked empty seats here represent the time that is spent doing productive activities. Well since the team already identified the time wasters and learned on how to minimize them in order to get more activities completed. 

Big Picture Puzzle Challenge 

This one is great for understanding the importance of having a clear mind of what they need to do, it can also be good for when you are planning activities. 

Well to play this, here are some of the steps you need to follow :

  • Give the team a puzzle and instruct them to solve it as fast as they can, but don’t show them the picture of the finished puzzle. 
  • Interrupt the process after 5 minutes, and ask if it’s difficult to do and what problem they are facing.
  • They are likely to say that they are not aware of the outcome of the puzzle since they don’t know the big puzzle.
  • Give them the picture, and see how fast they complete the puzzle. 

How It Will Help 

Knowing where you are supposed to end up, making plans and steps can help a lot. 

Unless you have a clear idea or the big picture, without this, you can end up doing things that lead to nowhere. 

It can be harder to figure out which tasks are important and find different priorities. 

Delegation Skill Practice 

This one can be teaching for understanding how to get better at delegating tasks. 

There are steps which include : 

  • The first is to divide the team into three people including a delegate, an employee, and an observer.
  • Instruct the delegator for defining the most unpleasant tasks they require to do in their work.
  • Have the delegator do the delegation of this task to the employee and also explain.
  • Give the observer a sheet of paper where they need to write down notes to explain how the task will be explained to the delegator.
  • Give the employee a sheet to write down, this points to go where the work can do the delegate.
  • Discuss how the task can be explained to the subteam level.
  • Play three rounds of the game, make sure everyone is getting the chance to play all three roles of three.
  • Discuss how the tasks can be explained to the subteams.

How It Will Help 

First, you will get a better understanding of how to explain tasks that can be delegated. 

Second, they can be able to learn from each other through best practices and practices to do the best delegation. 


This one can be a great help to you in emphasizing the importance of how to use time smartly. 

Well to play this, here is what you can start with : 

  • Each member is given $86,400 that they need to spend within a day.
  • You can’t carry what you didn’t spend today the next day, anything it won’t spend will be lost.
  • Have everyone write down what activities they want to spend it on. 

How It Will Help :

$86,400 are given to spend is actually a second you have on per day, so instead of money, it’s time you won’t be able to restore tomorrow if you end up losing it today. 

This can help you in understanding how to spend the time and what you would like to focus on so you don’t have regrets the next day.

The Ribbon Of life 

This one is great for helping in understanding how much time you get to reach success. 

Well to play this game, you need to start with : 

  • You need the ribbon, it should be 100 cm long along with this, you need a pair of scissors. 
  • Ask the players for an estimation of the expected lifespan of an individual, and it can depend on the country, and cut the stated time from the ribbon. 
  • For example, if it’s 79 years, then cut off 21 cm from the ribbon, to get 79 cm. 
  • Now take the average age of the team into consideration, say it’s 30 years then you need to remove 30 cm. 
  • Also, you need to take factors into consideration including, the weekends ( 2 days x 52 weeks x 49 years / 365 days = 14 years/ cm)
  • There is a public holiday which is 10 days per year in the US x 49 years/ 365 days = 1.3 years/cm.
  • Vacation time is 10 days on average in the US which is 1.3 years/ cm.
  • Commuting which is 1 hour both ways x 365 x49/24/ 365 = 2 years/cm.
  • Eating can be 2 hours per day x 365 x 49 / 29. 365 = 4 years/cm.
  • Well in end, you need to subtract all of these years from the lifespan and cut the centimeters from the ribbon. 
  • The length of the ribbon is what you have left to succeed in life. 

How It Will Help : 

Time is precious and it’s a finite number of years that you pursue, so you know how much time you have to use for achieving success. 

Time Wasters

This can help in learning how to deal with things that waste the time. 

To  play this, you need to start with : 

  • Divide the team into four.
  • Provide each team with an envelope, and every envelope, it should include 4 index cards. At the back of the envelope, they find a specific time waster. 
  • Each group needs to write the solution for the assigned time waster on the second index and two groups are required to write a solution to their respective cards.
  • In the end, you need to read the solution and discuss which is the best.

How It Will Help : 

With this, you can be in the position to know better and understand overcome the issues which are specific time wasters. 

Also, this can help in saving much more time for prioritizing tasks in the future. 

Games And Activities For Time Management

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