The Five Levels Of Leadership: Leaders Should Know About

Leadership is power. Leadership is a practice. A leader always prefers to offer direct leadership. In each case, there are several layers to strengthen yourself.

Leadership is not a simple matter. Leadership has to be practiced. If you are the leader of a company, you have to learn a lot. The word leader does not mean that you are an established person. It is your journey. A company leader has many responsibilities. He has to manage his employees and learn from them.

But five levels of leadership have different effects on a leader’s life. As a result, the quality of the skills increases and can build various relationships. And learn how to maintain that relationship. Through its levels, a leader can achieve success in his leadership.

In this article, we will discuss the five levels of leadership and more concepts. Which will help make you a good leader in your workplace. We will now discuss these five levels, along with the benefits of following these levels and ways to achieve them.

What To Know About Five Levels Of Leadership?

As a leader, many problems will come in front of you, and you have to face those problems. You have to go through life to fight these problems. Since you are a company leader, your employees will depend on you for everything,

so all obstacles will come before you. And you have to get out of these problems. Only then can you maintain your leadership well. In particular, the questions that a leader will face are:

  • What is the primary goal of a leader?
  • How do you maintain a good relationship with your employees?
  • What are the best qualities a leader should have?

There are many more such questions that a leader has to face, and you will find the answers to those questions when you learn about the five levels of leadership.

You will feel much more secure in your employment when you understand Maxwell’s five levels of leadership.

There are five levels of leadership

  • Position
  • permission
  • production
  • People’s development
  • the peak

If you know the explanation of these levels, your leadership will become much more manageable. Knowing these levels will help you become more influential.

Increase your earning potential and strengthen your network. A good relationship will develop with other team members. You will succeed in acquiring more skills.

And all the other questions that are becoming problems facing you in leadership, you can overcome the answers to those questions.

If you learn the levels, you will become more confident. Confident leadership always leads to success. So a leader needs to know these 5 levels of leadership to make leadership more effective. So let’s learn about the five levels of leadership.

Level 1: Position

In other words, the position is called right. Your position defines you. Level 1 is the starting point of your career.

Leaders at this level are not so good at influencing others. They mostly accomplish their work through positional capabilities. When you work as a leader or manager, your position has authority. This post can be accessed by many people, so it doesn’t show your leadership qualities.

When someone is a first-time manager or a newly minted manager or supervisor, they are at a position level in their workplace. It depends on how the company manages its employees. They cannot make any decisions independently.

A manager is highly respected by everyone for his post, but he depends on the company and how the company will work. But your promotion is entirely your responsibility, depending on you, the way you show your work will go up.

  • Leadership should be practiced according to the situation.
  • Try to develop emotional intelligence.
  • Learn management skills that will make you more accessible to this leadership.
  • Try to help fellow employees and try to get along with them.
  • Be sympathetic to the staff.
  • Praise employees if they perform well.
  • Build a good relationship with the staff.
  • If your employees make any mistakes at work, instead of punishing them, teach them to work well.
  • Try to get things done well with your team.

People in high positions are never considered old leaders. If you want to be a good leader, you should always keep these few things in mind.

Level 2: Permission

The second level of leadership is permission. At this level, your employees will not respect you out of compulsion but will appreciate you out of love because they like you as a leader. At this level, they are not forced but willing to follow you.

If you value your employees as a leader, they will like you as a leader. You can be a good leader if you focus on teaching your employees to do better than on catching their mistakes. At this level, your authority is greater than the leadership that you provide.

You can be a good leader by being a good listener because a good listener maintains a good relationship with his employees. Here are a few things you need to remember to learn this level :

  • Create a mission and focus on it.
  • Keep your goals fixed and never deviate from your goals.
  • Listen carefully to employees and try to understand their needs.
  • Be aware of your workplace.
  • Always try to learn new things and share them with your employees.
  • Treat all your employees equally.
  • Always be kind to your team members.
  • Appreciate your employees and try to support them.
  • Make a good team.

This level will help you build a healthy workplace. At the permission level, you will not only get respect but also learn a lot of new things.

Level 3: Production

At this level, your employees will follow you beyond what you have done in your workplace. At this level, your personality is revealed. If your employees like your personality, they will follow you. There are many differences between respect and admiration.

If you can establish a good rapport with your employees, you will be known as a respected leader.

Being a leader doesn’t mean that you just give orders to the employees. Sometimes you also try to understand your employees and let them do how they want to work. This is an indicator of your leadership.

Respect and appreciation have always yielded good results. If you praise the reputation of your employees, their morale will increase.

At this level, you spend a lot of time with your employees. The more time you spend with an employee, the more trustworthy you become. Productive people are always attracted to the work of other employees. You will shine because of your work skills.

They have excellent relations with all their employees. These leaders can trust their employees to do outstanding work. Note that if you want to develop a level 4 skill :

  • Connect and improve your employees.
  • Create a leadership structure.
  • Change yourself with change.
  • Listen carefully and make the right decision.
  • Ask questions only where necessary, and don’t waste time.
  • Set goals, express yourself in that work, and strive to improve your team.

Level 4: People’s development

Level 4 is to develop people. By this level, you will only get follow from your employees when you do something for them. If you do something for your employees or your followers, you will be appreciated and respected by them as a choice rather than an obligation.

Will follow you because their careers are well developed as a result of your abilities.

If you want to advance yourself, you need to help your employees and think about their promotions. You can set yourself through the development of your employees.

The first thing you need to learn to achieve the highest level of leadership is how you can help your people.

Leaders become more powerful and dominant by developing people. Leaders who develop people are always loved and admired by people.

In this space, you have to always try to improve your people; maybe you fail but don’t give up because you fail to try again.

Sometimes leaders help people and even spend their own money to get themselves to the top. You will consistently become a better leader. Just focus on your goal.

You should always connect with developing leaders to learn how to create people. Always try to learn something new. Here are some steps you need to know to understand this level four. These five steps will help you learn how to develop your people-minded employees at this level.

Step 1 :The leader has to perform the required skills independently and demonstrate them to the staff.

Step 2: The leader will perform his/her skills and get the employees to perform.

Step 3 : Leaders act as mentors and guide their employees. You can guide your employees but don’t show off your skills.

Step 4 : They always teach their employees to work but make them independent to try their skills.

Step 5: Many employees will work together, and it is the responsibility of a leader to treat them all equally and to teach an employee his responsibilities.

You have to develop your followers in such a way that they can do their job well, even in your absence. Here are the things you need to be sure of to get from level 3 to level 4.

  • Be consistent and honest.
  • Work hard and set an example.
  • Have meetings with nurses and staff and try to get them noticed.
  • Make the right decision.
  • Be a mentor to all employees.
  • Improve your management skills.
  • Motivate others and boost their morale.
  • Always be prepared for any problem.

By level 4, you will spend most of your time on productivity and be considered a good consultant.

Level 5: Pinnacle

At this stage, people will follow you because of who you are and your quality. They follow you because they respect you.

Every leader wants to reach this level but to reach this level requires long penance. It takes a lot of time and effort for a leader to reach this level.

After facing various problems, a leader can reach this level. Leaders at this level achieve their success through the success of others.

The key to leadership is creating a new generation of leaders. Not a personal ambition but a desire to mentor others. At this level, you come forward to train and help others.

A leader at this level is responsible for training others and helping them lead. There are only a few things you need to be aware of :

  • Increase productivity
  • Create an environment where everyone will help you, and you will move forward to achieve success.
  • Improve the reputation of the organization.
  • Encouraged to work with talented and motivated people.
  • Behave like an honorable person.
  • Be honest and treat everyone fairly.
  • Unethical behavior in the workplace.
  • Communicate well with other teams.

Now it’s your turn to find out what level you’re at and what skills are needed this time to advance.

These all are 5 levels of leadership. These five levels help a leader maintain his status :

● Set a goal and focus on it. It’s become easier.
● Efforts to increase production and improve them. It will always help a leader.
● Become a confident leader and compassionate leader.
● Listeners are always loved by everyone, so a good listener is the hallmark of a good leader.
● This quality is well developed by having to drive colleagues.
● Easier to train employees.

As your needs grow, so will the needs of your fellow employees. Levels and help train other leaders and build new generations.

Do These Levels Help A Leader Become A Great Leader?

What is the job of a leader? How did he become great?

Various answers emerge from these questions, such as skill, mastery, patience, confidence, and compassion, but how can these qualities be awakened in a leader? These levels help a leader become a great leader.

Mental growth is essential to be a good leader. Just as a hungry man can climb a mountain, only if you are hungry can you reach the top.

In essence, if you want to be a great leader or a great person, you need to maintain levels that will help you reach that level.

If a person is overconfident and does not want to cross these levels, he will never become a good leader. So confidence is good, but overconfidence is not good. These Levels help leaders accumulate skills and qualities.

These five levels help you strengthen your leadership structure to become an efficient and effective leader. A leader has to go through these five levels to achieve success and reach a certain stage.

Only then can he become a good leader. Through the levels, a leader can know what a leader should do and how his leadership will be successful and popular with all.

A person is never “finished” with the levels of leadership. You can’t coach others if you don’t deliver results yourself.


What are the five levels of leadership?

The 5 level of leadership is:
People’s development

What can a leader learn through these levels?

Everyone wants to be a leader but being a leader is not very easy, so to be a good leader, one has to go through several levels. Through these levels, a leader can become influential and know how to teach his employees through the levels.

What qualities should a leader have?

A leader should have compassion, confidence, patience, and determination.

What does it take to become an influential leader?

Ans To be an influential leader, you need to create your work environment in such a way that employees easily obey your orders. For this, you need to maintain a good relationship with your employees. To maintain a good relationship with the employees, you need to be empathetic, and for that, you need to be a good listener.

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