A Guide to Finding Your Authentic Self: The Art Of Being You

Generally, authenticity is referred to honesty or trustworthiness. Many companies are trying to bring their best authentic employees to their jobs.

To be authentic, one should not care about what other people think. This skill will make you unique among all the employees.

For them, it’s a difficult question to answer. If one wants to be fully authentic, they should refrain from lying to their superiors at the workplace as it can make a wrong impression of them. Finding genuine authenticity is rare but more critical in a career, workplace, relationship, and friendship.

Also, when people are authentic, they will accept themselves and treat others with complete respect. To become more authentic, one should be in touch with themselves, ready to accept themselves, prioritize personal growth and build self-esteem.

How To Find Your Authentic Self?

Here are some ways to develop authenticity in themselves, such as.

Learn To Say No And Define Your Boundaries.

At the workplace, as an authentic person, one should learn to say no and define boundaries. If they are uncomfortable doing a particular work, they should say no. One should not think about what others will say about them.

One should know their capacity to work so that they can avoid any problems in the future. Saying yes is okay as one should only do work within one’s capacity as it can affect your physical mind and body.

Once you have identified your boundaries, no one can give you an extra workload at the office.
As an authentic person, one should not fear from their colleagues or seniors if they are right at a point.

Try to give more importance to yourself at the workplace so you can feel pressured to do the work that is not yours. Try to spend most of your time alone in nature if you have completed the work.

Some colleges may not like you as you are not doing time pass like others, and your overall performance could be better.

Whenever you feel you need more time to complete a task, say no without hesitation, as they will not fire you from your job if your overall report is fantastic.

Always Do Your Best.

To be authentic at the workplace, you should prove yourself best to others. You can also handle complicated projects so that your superior can get impressed by your work.

One should not think down on others as they can work better than them. One should always try to motivate themselves.

Whatever work you have been assigned, give your 100%, as your confidence can make you a natural leader. Your manager and subordinates will be impressed if you are the best at work. Even if you make any mistake at the workplace, have the guts to accept it rather than blaming others.

You Don’t Need To Take Everything Personally And Accept That You Can Only Make Some People Happy.

Whether it’s real life or the workplace, one should not take everything personally; one must accept that one can please everyone.

If you need to improve in a particular work, then accept it and move ahead. If you start taking everything personally, you will feel demotivated and don’t like to work at the office.

Also, if your colleagues or subordinates are giving you extra work, which is not yours, say no to them, as you are not here to make everyone happy.

One should not care what others think about them as they should mind their own business. If one wants to be authentic, one should ignore others’ harsh words that hurt one.

You are not here to listen to everyone’s foolish talks. Even if you want to build a good relationship with your others, you need to be honest and genuine.

Accept the way you are despite pleasing others, as it will not help. Try to stand on the right things as it will make you look unique among the crowd.

Accept Your Mistakes

Many times, while working, if one makes a mistake, one should accept it rather than blame others.

Also, you can accept your mistakes in front of your boss as they can give you better ideas to improve the mistake. Also, if you accept the mistake, it will increase your value at the workplace.
One should be bold in accepting their mistake as it’s expected. Accepting your mistake will not make you small in front of others.

Also, it would be best if you did not blame others for your mistake as it can make a wrong impression in front of your colleagues and boss.

People working together often make mistakes, and it’s a part of an organization. One should not fear accepting their mistake as one can learn from them.

One should know how to improve their mistakes so that these errors are manageable for their growth. Suppose one shows that they are improving, their subordinates may be happy with their work.

Be Honest With Yourself And Others

The most critical sign of an authentic person is being honest with themselves and others. If a person is not honest with themselves, how can they be honest with others? One should be honest in their work so people can easily trust one.

At the workplace, people usually like to hire those candidates who are honest and loyal in their work. Authentic person is always honest with their work and with others. They do their work without considering what others will think of them.

If you are honest with others, they can easily trust you. Authentic people are famous for their honesty and confidence, making them influential leaders. One looks unique among the crowd if they have honesty in themselves.

If a person is not honest with themselves, how can they be honest with others, and due to which conflicts start taking place? Their colleagues can’t trust him or them.

Take Small Steps Every Day

If one wants to work peacefully in their job, one needs to take small steps every day. Many people think living authentically means quitting our job and going for an extended vacation, but they are not valid points. While working, you must face many problems but deal with them by taking small steps.

Whatever choice you make can be another opportunity to prove your authentic self. Don’t do things that other feel good about.

Do what feels best for you. Also, you can’t adapt to changes in a day, and you need to do it daily, such as what clothes you will choose to wear tomorrow or which food you will eat for lunch or dinner.

Everything works according to the plan, as one can only change some things in a single day. Same if you want to change something at the workplace.

Go slowly. If you take small steps, it can easily for you and your employees to accept and implement.

One can’t accept sudden changes as they are not mentally ready. An authentic self is having all the understanding and working according to their decided plan as they can handle leadership.

Speak Your Truth

If one wants to live with authenticity, one needs to improve their communication skills. One should know where to speak the truth and listen to other people when they speak.

People must understand their intentions to communicate effectively, communicate effectively, and avoid miscommunication, confusion, and conflicts.

One should communicate clearly with others so they can easily understand your point of view. Wherever you think, speak the truth without considering what others will think about you.

To look different from others in the crowd, speaking your truth is imperative.
Even if you affect your colleagues Or subordinates, you should not care. One should take a stand on the right things and be with truth.

By having this quality, you can still become authentic as everyone doesn’t have the guts to speak their truth as they have work pressure on their mind.

Find Out How You Can Help Others

Being an authentic person, you should always help others in their work. You must ask them if they don’t need your help, as it can increase your value.

You can also find new ways to help others so they can avoid any problems while working on a particular project or assignment.
One should refrain from showing ego or attitude with their colleagues as it can create a wrong impression in front of them.

Always try to find new ways to help others so you can prove yourself best. Also, avoiding comparing yourself with others would be best, as everyone is different.

Your subordinate will also be happy with your work if you help others in their work. Everyone faces some difficulties while working, but by being authentic, it becomes your responsibility to help them by solving their problem.

If you help others, you can have a pleasant feeling. One should say nowhere they feel but saying no every time can ruin your image in front of your colleagues and subordinates.

Learn How To Deal With Difficult Situations

If you are working in an organization, you often have to face difficult situations. One should learn how to deal with difficult situations, which will help motivate and increase their confidence.

If one knows how to cope with difficult situations, one can stop one from achieving their goals. When working in an organization, you may face difficult situations where you should have patience and think about how to deal with them.

An authentic person has leadership qualities, so everyone blindly trusts them.
One should refrain from using this skill as one can achieve the best position in the workplace by solving challenging situations.

Sometimes your boss also waits for your action as they may need a solution for a particular problem. One can prove themselves by solving challenging problems by using their intelligence.

Take A Genuine Interest In Your Colleagues

If you are good at a particular work, pay attention to your colleagues, who are also an essential part of an organization. It would be best if you took a genuine interest in your colleagues by involving them in challenging projects, as everyone has different opinions.

Even if you are confused, they may give you unique ideas. As an authentic person, you should treat your colleagues equally and respect them. One should always respect their opinions as it’s not a good quality of self-authenticity.

Like you, your colleagues are also an essential part of an organization. An authentic person should know how to respect others and show interest in their college talks. Often there are some problems that an individual can’t solve at that time your office mates can help appropriately.

An authentic person has the quality of leadership. If you are an effective leader, your team members will trust your decision, and also you can build strong relationships with them.

Showing interest in your colleagues will motivate them to work more effectively as they will also think they are part of the organization.


In today’s world, one should be authentic if one wants to work at the workplace. One can use some tips to express their authentic self, such as the need to establish courage to face their fears, examine their doubts to develop authenticity, explore their values, love themselves, and compare others to develop authenticity.

At the workplace, one should be authentic, as everyone likes to work with an authentic person who has confidence.

An authentic self can prove themselves best than others. One doesn’t need to make everyone happy in the workplace. If one is authentic, they can prove themselves best at every step as they can handle leadership quality. Authenticity is defined by confidence.


How can one become fully authentic?

To be fully authentic, one should always speak the truth, stay in their truth and be out of other people’s business. One should bind their business so that workplace conflicts can’t be created. To be fully authentic, one should accept ugly bits of themselves involving challenging emotions.

What are the ways through which one can connect with their authentic self?

Suppose one wants to again reconnect with their authentic self. In that case, they should be honest with others, don’t need to waste time, do need to please everyone at the workplace, need to pay attention to their physical body, need to stay away from the crowd, need to take small steps, know their passions and spend their most of time alone in nature.

How to know one is an authentic person in the workplace?

There are six signs through which one can know they are authentic at the workplace such as they can have a healthy attitude, can be emotionally mature, don’t need to fear others, have a realistic opinion of reality, have the strength to accept the mistakes, and considerate towards others. If one has these skills, one can efficiently work in an organization without depending on others.

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