25 Indicative Signs That You’re A ESTP Personality Type Individual

ESTP signs

ESTP is one of the 16 Myers-Briggs Personality Types which roughly comprise 4 to 7 percent of the U.S population. 

It is certainly one of the rarest personality types among the others. They are known to belong to the group popularly known as “artisans”. 

Also, many theorists such as David Keirsey termed them to be “Tactical Promoters”. 

ESTP personality type individuals are known to be courageous, spontaneous, and highly energetic. 

Due to that, they are also even called to be “Daredevil” personalities and also for the hunger for adventure and action they have within. 

If it apparently seems something like you and wants to probe more about whether you are an ESTP personality type individual or not, here are some signs to look at. 

estp signs

You Are Extremely Realist 

You are neither an optimistic nor a pessimist kind of person. You are more on a realist aspect of world-viewing. 

You prefer to see the world or life as it really is. You focus on staying objective with life and everything that it throws at you. 

Facing the facts and being realistic about everything is something you take pride in. 

You are undoubtedly an ultimate realist who focuses on what is in front of them rather than some idealistic possibility. 

You also do not distract yourself in fantasies or hypothetical situations. 

You Get Paranoid When You’re Stressed 

In your day-to-day life, you are the kind of person who always stays calm, straight, and level-headed. 

But things change when you are thrown under the bus. When you handle too much stress, you find yourself acting out of your character. 

Under duress, you might see yourself misinterpreting things or finding out weird patterns from random instances. 

Everything with you starts crumbling and folding when the situation stays the same for a long time. 

You become so paranoid as start thinking irrational thoughts and making things up in your head. 

For example, you might start suspecting that your friends do not like you or your wife having an affair just because she came late one night. 

This phenomenon is also called to be “in the grip” because since you are a practical realist when long-term stress overloads your mind, you suffocate to believe your underused intuition. 

This means under stress, your personality gives into relying upon your inferior function of personality type. 

You Have Serious Case Of FOMO

You can’t just sit around and do nothing in one place. It not just tires you but also makes you restless. 

Making small talk, going through paperwork, doing long-term sit jobs, or listening to lectures bores you and even becomes infuriating to you. 

You just want to go out and experience life and the world with new experiences. You want to see what the world has offered to you! 

Your more focus is to DO things rather than just talk about or read about it. 

Every moment you just spend sitting around or in sedentary seems a wastage of time for you. 

You Desire Freedom 

You have this untamable desire to fly out in the world. You want to just go off the rails and explore the world. 

You are kind of always seeking great adventures full of challenges, discoveries, and lessons. 

You Know All Best Places In The Town 

You are the kind of person who really knows the best places to hang out in the town. 

It is something you really enjoy doing as exploring places in your town and others as well. 

You are like the connoisseur of the great things to try in life. You find it quite thrilling to explore all the new things. 

Especially if you know all the restaurants in the town but still you love to seek out more options. 

And even then, some hole-in-the-wall restaurants surprise you with something delicious and new taste. 

In fact, people ask you for recommendations for all the best eateries and other places to hang out in the city. 

You Truly Enjoy Risk-Taking 

Taking risks makes you ecstatic with moving things forward. So you really like everything where there is some element of risk involved. 

You prefer that way so it encourages you to compete, fight against your fears, and make the journey more interesting. 

Risk is something that you hold truly near to aspects of your life. You tend to choose uncertainty and risk rather than happiness or comfort. 

You Live In Present Moment 

Instead of wasting your time hypothesizing the future or clinging to the nostalgia of the past, you are the kind of person who mastered living in the present. 

You never get into the traps of daydreaming and imagining your old days. You want to do things right at this moment. 

Whatever life has to offer you today, you are more interested in that as compared to what may come tomorrow. 

This kind of attitude helps you to be in sync with the present moment, be aware, opportunistic, free, and resourceful. 

You Like Giving Gifts To Others 

When you truly care about someone, you get happy by bringing smiles to their faces. It is so enjoyable for you to surprise them and give them something exciting experience. 

You love to give surprise gifts to the people you deeply care about and love. It can be an impulsive and spontaneous trip to Hawaii or some astonishing piece of jewelry. 

All you are is to see the happiness and joy in the eyes of the people you care about when you surprise them. 

You Truly Believe That Action Speak Louder Than Words 

You are very well aware of how words really move people. If you tell people something that they want to hear, they will be pleased. 

And since reading and understanding people is your natural skill, you are really good with your words to use them in order to make people a certain way. 

But with you, action is more important than words. You prefer taking action towards is the right step forward. 

That’s how you know to help people or go out of your way to show them that they matter to you. 

You Have Such An Accurate Visual Memory 

You often see yourself experiencing the world in high-definition and in great detail. This is also because you have a highly observant personality. 

The visual memory of this particular personality type is pretty accurate. 

In fact, this personality is the most observant personality type of all the Myers-Briggs personality types. 

You are able to remember the tiniest details of the things that you see and there is also the power of memory retention through visual memory.

You Cannot Stand Committment Overload 

You are the kind of person who rather prefers to make a spontaneous plan right at the moment than planning ahead of time. 

It feels too much to make the commitment to yourself. You feel like, what if you don’t want to go at that particular time? 

You are not into planning things ahead of time because it is too much to ask from yourself. 

It makes you feel like taking up too many commitments and that makes you nervous and burdened by it. 

So you are certainly not one of those people who can make a 5-year or 10-year plan for their career. 

Your approach is more like wait-and-watch towards life and do things when it comes to you, so you don’t end up regretting the decisions you made. 

You Can See Through People

Your ability to identify people for what they truly are is incredible. You are the kind of personality who accepts people the way they really are. 

You don’t hesitate or shy away from the facts of the world, so much so that it can really bother other people. 

Nothing easily shakes you up. You are the person who holds someone’s hair while they are vomiting in the bathroom. 

You are also the type of person who sees through any pretense of person.  

You recognize people for what they truly are and not what they carry or try to portray a personality. 

You also have a high tolerance level for the people. It is just that you want people to be real with you and not pretend what they are not. 

You Strive To Be Calm, Composed & Confident 

The worst thing can happen to you, and your ego as per yourself is appearing to be meek, awkward, or baffled. 

You don’t want others to see you as anything apart from your usual charming, energetic and gregarious personality. 

Anything less than would hurt your reputation or impression on others. 

It also makes you look bad and vulnerable, further making you more prone to getting hurt or ineffective in your public dealing. 

People after all find your inner drive, confidence and competence inspiring and you want it to be like that. 

That’s why you strive to be calm and composed in any and every situation. 

You Are Always Fair 

Fairness is in fact one of the core values of the personality type. 

This is something that truly bothers you when someone gets an unfair advantage or preferential treatment. 

When you see hierarchies or different treatments due to someone having more power, money or resources than others, it turns you off. 

Your belief is in equal chance and opportunities for everyone. You despise the rankings that don’t go through merit. 

Since you can see others doing it, there is no way in the world you will be unfair to people. 

Your Past Can Disturb You

You are generally not the kind of person who gets bothered by your past mistakes. 

But more often in your stressed moments, you tend to get bogged down by your past mistakes. 

It can also be the people who have hurt you in the past. You do get slowed down or disturbed by your past. 

There are times when you feel that whatever you want to achieve in your life is not possible due to what happened to you back in the day. 

With the past in your mind, it becomes really difficult and disappointing for you to imagine changing the course of your life. 

You Play The Devil’s Advocate

You see things from different perspectives with very nuanced logic and reasoning. You believe everything has a reason for the way it is. 

You discourage the idea of generalization, presumptions, judging, and faulty reasoning. 

You are the kind of person who does not hesitate to point out the wrong things from your own ideologies or arguments. 

So clearly, you point out any logical fallacies of an argument or solution given that put you in the place of Devil’s advocate. 

You Have An Ability To Sense Motivations Of People 

You have this unique ability to sense people’s motivation as you are hypersensitive to people’s actions and behavior. 

Even if people make minimal non-verbal clues, you are able to sense their motivations. 

You are one of the personality types who aren’t known for their intuition, but this is nonetheless the strongest physical intuition you’ve got. 

You are surprisingly good at sensing what people are thinking, feeling, or implying. 

There are certain job profiles where this quality makes you best at your job especially profiles that include people dealing with such as sales. 

You Are A Control Freak Inside 

You might look quite an easy-going and smooth personality from the outside but inside, everything has to go through the drill. 

Your mind has this complex machinery, including a couple of organized logical tests where you run your decisions. 

It is so much you have to do to analyze internally before you make a decision.  To some degree, it is certainly naturally beneficial. 

However, this makes you too much of a control freak where you cannot move until you feel everything is under your control. 

You work on data and set of analysis but when it lacks which happens a lot of times, you freeze. 

This also prevents you from making decisions from the place of empathy, courage, and instinct sometimes, as it requires at moments. 

You Are Relentless 

It is true that you are adaptable to the situation and often easy-going with things and how to move on. 

But that doesn’t take away the fact that you are tenacious and relentless with what you want to achieve. 

When you truly believe in something, you become unstoppable. You are ready to get down with the ship but not give up the fight. 

People often label you as “risky” when it comes to life choices. It is something that reflects very well in everything you do. 

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