ESTJ Personality Type: Characteristics & Cognitive Functions

ESTJ is one of the 16 personalities from the Myers Briggs Type Indicator list.

Well, The personality is often described as logical, taking charge, and leading people.

They can be extremely concerned when it comes to making sure everything is going smoothly and everyone is following the orders.

To understand more about personality, here is a detailed explanation that might help.

What Do You Need To Know About ESTJ Personality?

ESTJ is committed to laws, standards, traditions and has strong possessive, and beliefs of sensible judgment.

  • They also expect others to uphold the same principles as to them.
  • ESTJ stands for Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging,
  • Also, it indicates that a person is affected by spending time.
  • Also, they focus on the facts and details, instead of ideas and concepts.
  • They are someone who makes decisions based on logic and sensibility.
  • They prefer the planned and organized, as they don’t like to be spontaneous or feeble.
  • ESTJs are sometimes referred to as Supervisor personalities because they take charge and markings are two things to do correctly.

What Are The Key Characteristics Of ESTJ?

The personality has the characteristics that make them different from the rest of the others.

It includes :

  • Individuals with the personality type tend to place more value on the traditional, security and rules.
  • Maintaining the status quo which is important for the personality and they are involved in government, civic duties, community organization, and branches.
  • The orthodox approach to their life, and sometimes they can be stubborn, rigid, and unyielding.
  • They have to take charge and it’s what they are good at which makes them better for the leadership positions.
  • Their self-confidence and strong conviction make them excel at putting their thoughts into plans and then to action.
  • They can be critical and overly aggressive especially when others fail to live up to the standard.
  • People who have the ESTJ are committed, stable, predictable, and practical.
  • They can be frank and honest, also it comes to sharing the opinion which can sometimes be seen as overly critical and harsh.

What Are The Cognitive Functions Of ESTJ Personality?

The MBTI suggests that each personality type is made for a number of cognitive functions, it includes sensing, feeling, thinking, and intuition.

They can be directed towards extroverts or introverts.

Dominate: Extraverted Thinking Of ESTJ Personality?

  • ESTJ is opened heavily on the information and logic to make the decision better instead of taking personal feelings.
  • They are skilled when it comes to making objective impartial decisions and impressional.
  • Rather than that, they focus on the subjective feeling when they make the judgment, and also consider the facts and logic to make rational choices.
  • People with ESTJ tend to be extremely practical.
  • Also, they enjoy what they learn and can have immediate, real-world use and tend to lose interest.
  • Also, they enjoy the concert facts to the abstract information.
  • The personality has the good in making the decision. Also, they often rush the judgment before taking all consideration regarding the situation.
  • On the positive side, the trait makes them great leaders but also can be viewed as abrasive and rash.

Auxiliary: Introverted Sensing of ESTJ

  • They are good when it comes to remembering things along with deals and details.
  • Also, they have memories of past events, quite vivid, and often utilize their recollections to make connections with present events.
  • Because of their sensing function which focuses inwardly. They tend to be less concerned with novelty and more focused on familiarity.
  • They enjoy when they have routines and habits, and they depend upon them.
  • While this gives them predictability and stability, it also makes them stubborn and unyielding.

Tertiary: Extraverted Intuition Of ESTJ

  • This aspect makes the personality seek out novel ideas and possibilities.
  • This lets people explore their creativity and personality to find the creative side.
  • As they process the information and new ideas. They are also exploring the possible meaning so they can spot the patterns and connections.

Inferior: Introverted Feeling Of ESTJ

  • The function is used to make the decisions, they are based on more feelings instead of using logic.
  • This is often internal valuation which leads to gut feelings about the situation.
  • The function is also used often in some cases to people who might allow their subjective feeling to override their objective.
  • ESTJ tends too much to emotions and the function often operates on the unconscious basis.

What Are The Motivation And Values Of ESTJ Personality?

The ESTJs have their own set of values and motivations which make them different from the rest of the personality.

Also, they keep these motivations and values throughout their lives and make their decisions based on that.

Here it includes :

  • The personality is factual, conventional, and grounded in relation.
  • The want is the proof that in the past is what has worked and what has been followed in the past.
  • They value the evidence instead of conjecture and also have more trust in someone because of their personal experiences.
  • ESTJs are dependent on the rules and standards to take the leadership role in order to help others to meet the needs of others.
  • They cover themselves with maintaining social order and keep everything in line.
  • ESTJs often take on project managers when they are at home or at work.
  • They are doer when it comes to excelling at setting goals, making the decision, and organizing the resources in order to complete the tasks.
  • They want to achieve effective productivity.
  • Also, they believe that its best compromise is when everyone follows the people and the system is well organized.

How Others  Usually See The ESTJ Personality?

ESTJ are unique in their own way, however, they have different perspectives.

Considering how others usually see them, you can consider –

  • The personalities are usually in command of the solution, with the sense of what they know, how they do things,  they take care of everything in order to make things happen.
  • They put work over anything else, that’s why they are considered as oriented.
  • The personality is tough-minded and conditioned, and almost always stays in control.
  • ESTJs are someone who appreciates the structure and often begin to organize when they enter a room.
  • They also want to establish the ground rules, so everyone knows what they are doing and what they are supposed to do.
  • ESTJs are often involved in socialities including churches, clubs, associates, and societies, where they can take the role of being a leader.
  • They connect with others through sharing rituals and routines.
  • Social interaction for such a personality means establishing the tradition to engage with others and also keep it in a structured way.
  • ESTJs tend to have more respect towards the hierarchy and they want to know who is in charge and what level of responsibility they have.
  • Once they have all the structure, they typically trust the authority figures and keep the audience from people of lower rank.

How Rare And Facts About ESTJs Personality?

ESTJ is the fifth common type and the second most common among men.

They make up –

  • 9% of the general population
  • 6% of women
  • 11% of men

Well, also they have their interesting facts which include –

  • On personality trait measures, they are likely to score more as content, energetic, prejudiced, practical, and self-satisfied.
  • More likely they have Type A behavior.
  • Of all other types, they have scored highest in coping resources.
  • They have four types of college GPAs.
  • Among mostly, they like to stay in college.
  • Also, they are the type who stays most satisfied with their work.
  • They have 3rd ranked highest in marital satisfaction as compared to others.
  • They have high-ranking personal values when it includes health, achievement, financial security, and prestige.
  • They are overrepresented among the financial managers, bank officers, and business owners.
  • They have popular hobbies include building and repairing something in the garden, home, volunteering, playing, community service, and watching support.

What Are The Tips For Interacting With ESTJ?

ESTJ personality can be someone who is in your friends, relationship or family.

There are people who are with someone with an ESTJ personality and to understand how you can interact with them.

When They Are You Friendship

When you have the people who have the ESTJ as your friends.  You can expect –

  • They have personalities, have social skills, and enjoy getting involved with their friends in different activities that they enjoy.
  • ESTJ is often valued at dependability over almost everything else.
  • If you are a stable friend who has the ESTJs, they will stick to their commitments.
  • Also, they are likely to be able to establish strong friendships.

When You Are Parenting

Here you can expect –

  • The children who have the ESTJ,  tend to be very responsible and goal-oriented.
  • They can be cautious to avoid placing expectations on their shoulders.
  • The kids require the routine and enjoy the structure.
  • While they are also good when it comes to being self-directed.  But they will need the proper guidance and rules to feel the security they want.

When You Are In Relationship

Here you can expect,

  • When you are having a relationship with ESTJs, they are dependable and will take their commitment very seriously.
  • Once they find themselves in a relationship, they turn dedicated and will stay true to life.
  • They also avoid emotions and feelings which can be difficult to deal with as a partner.
  • Also, they are not very expressive with words but they can do it well through their actions.

What Are The Strength, Weakness, And Area To Focus on?

The personality has their fair share of weaknesses and areas where they need to focus to develop them.

Also, they have the strength and strong points which make them better in certain areas.

When they are at their best, it includes –

  • They are natural-born leaders.
  • They have the analytical and data-driven minds to combine with their extroverted personalities.
  • They are incredibly driven and often complete the task even though it’s difficult with ease.
  • They can set goals for themselves and follow through with their points.
  • They put their faith in others and motivates people to do their best,
  • The personality does everything on time and keeps it scheduled.

However, they have weakness too, which includes –

  • They are inflexible and stubborn which makes them dismiss what might even work better.
  • They become uncomfortable with unconventional ritual
  • They can be judged as they believe what is right, wrong, and socially acceptable.
  • They are way too focused on their social status.
  • They find it difficult when It comes to relaxing.
  • The personality finds it difficult to express emotion.

Apart from this, they have the same area which has political development and it can be beneficial for ESTJs.

It includes –

  • Because the personality is a matter of fact, this can be something that makes them unfeeling and brash.
  • Also, they put a lot of emphasis on facts, numbers, and logic. This makes them sometimes forget what others have and different values as well as opinions.
  • The personality required to be improved by putting more trust in the relationships instead of always being in charge and giving the orders.

ESTS And Handling The Stress

The personality has the most stress when they are not in control; of things.

Also, they don’t like the situation of inefficiency and uncertainty.

They become stressed when they are working with someone who is more disorganized and incompetent.

The personality also dislikes when they are being challenged of having someone who dismissed their personality.

A stressful workplace can be the place where they find it difficult to set a distinct structure.

Well if someone has personality, there are a few things that can help in balancing the feeling of stress.

It includes –

  • Creating the schedule of your own work system instead of trying to force it. If that’s how it can work best, make sure the only thing you can control is just yourself.
  • Remind that people have different talents and try out to set up the strategy instead of failure.
  • Practice more patience with people who are moving at different paces. Consider these people who are overly thoughtful and cautious. It doesn’t mean they are incompetent.

What Are The Best Occupations For ESTJ Personality?

The personality is the best for the leader of the role where they have the control. Also, they do better in structured and set of rules as well as guidance.

The ESTJ respect the boundaries, they follow the rules and expect perfection.

Popular Occupation for ESTJ Personality

The best jobs for such a personality can be those that require organization and follow-through.

Also need to avoid where they need to be spontaneity or having instability.

The ESTJ can be social workers, actors, waiters. assistant, sales roles are the top career for their personality types.

It includes the careers that should be better for ESTJs :

Career for ESTJ Personality Type

Business Manager

They are in charge of ESTJ, combining the love for business with the discipline of management who have no brainer.

The manager is in charge and also day-to-day operations. In this, ESTJ will manage employees, supervise work, and ensure the policies in the company.


The role can be persistent, extroverted, and ready to sway someone to be on their side.

The personality makes a successful career as a telemarketer.

Often they make cold calls, the role can be to speak with the customers, sharing the information regarding the company and organization in order to sell products.

Senior Accountant

The role is principal leaders at the firms and tends to be on higher stability in the job.

They have the charge of handling the accounting of the operation. They verify the records from financial and transaction, monitor junior accountants, maintain account balances, and general ledgers.

Chief Information Officer

The leader and decision-making of the company, the chief information officer have the perfect role which can be ESTJ.

As the role, the personality will implement strategies and select the technologies to improve the company.

 They go to people to offer better advice on getting the new purchase and teach. Also, they can provide guidance within the company.

Real Estate Agent

The real estate agents are supreme in the sales and purchase of homes, often they manage multiple clients.

For the personality, they are easy for them to organize. Also to study property, doing the listing, vista properties, and aggressively representing the clients.

Stock Trader

The ESTJ is aggressive, organized, and responsible, and for them, they have the stock trader.

High-stakes financial transactions also need the cool head, also the personality has the better god just and decisive.

Business Development Manager

ESTJ personalities are goal-oriented, also they can be successful business managers whose goals are to generate more revenue.

The business development manager is in charge of the development of business solutions, managing the client account, and coming up with new sales ideas.

What Are The Contribution Of ESTJ In Career And Organization?

The ESTJ have different purposes when they are in a career, work, and organization.

To understand, there are different things that they need to know.

ESTJs When They Are At Work

Well, ESTJs are at work, they are natural-born leaders.

And they often fall into the rules when they are in the workplace

Well, it includes :

  • ESTJs are often the ones who take control of the project, keep things on track, and set up a clear structure for others to follow.
  • While some are focused on finding new and creative ways, ESTJ is the one who is focused on achieving the results above everything else.
  • ESTJs also seem to be isolated because they are driven. Also, they want to motivate others.
  • They also are good bosses, as they can quickly focus and get the facts.
  • Also, they need to know what should be done and how it should be.
  • They can both efficiently and effectively communicate this information.

ESTJs When They Career Trends

Whether they are in leadership or not, they also do best when they are in jobs when they can manage people, systems, and structures.

Also if you are an ESTJ, the personality can have an analytical mind and interests in concrete numbers to focus on doing well in fences, business, or the law.

ESTJs And Their Leadership Style

ESTJs are the ones who make up for the higher percentage of leaders around the population.

  • They have more than 17% of leaders who are identified as ESTJs.
  • While they are being someone ESTJ, it doesn’t guarantee being a  good leader.
  • It’s a safe bet that you have the extraverted thinking that keeps you in a good position to communicate the ideas clearly, with confidence, and help guide you to better complete the tasks.
  • As leaders,  the personality types are organized and logical. While they seem to be bossy, and often the people who keep things in control instead of stressful situations.

ESTJs When They Are In A-Team

ESTJs are not exactly team players. But they prefer to lead the team.

  • If they find themselves or find someone who is at the same level. They naturally gravitate into a self-determined role where they have to manage the task and create the schedule.
  • ESTJs may naturally into a self-determined role in managing the tasks and creating the perfect schedule for the group.
  • Also, this is not actually a bad thing, it can also be beneficial to know how to get a job.
  • ESTJs are required to say that it’s okay to do what they want to do but also stay in their own lane and a bit more.

What Are ESTJs Are In Relationship And Love?

ESTJ have their strong personalities, also they have the protectiveness towards those whom they care about.

While also the people with ESTJ have laser-focused at work, but they are passionate about the family and home.

They can often apply the same type of precision and leadership in making sure the relationship is going amazing.

Conflicts With ESTJ In Relationship

  • ESTJ has the tendency of dominating other people with their opinions and thoughts.
  • Also the fact, this could also be the way that makes things complicated in the first place.
  • ESTJs can alienate people with softer personalities or someone who is having a different viewpoint.
  • If people take too long when they are making the decision and speaking in a vague manner, this also causes conflict with such personalities.

When the conflict happens, the personality can minimize  it by :

Listen To Your Partner

Keeping quiet and listening to what else is going on, and the personality tends to think their views are right. It’s important to listen to what they care about and understand their point of view.

Also, this is important to make sure that communication is well connected and better with the partner. This makes them more understandable and makes the relationship much deeper, avoiding conflicts.

Understand The Level Of Emotions Investment

Understand what your paper is invested in, however, the personality is more driven by logic.

Others might be motivated by their creativity and passion. Instead of making the person feel inferior, the personality should applaud their talents and also give them room to breathe.

Give Time to Cool Off

The personal need to give time, while they intend to want to squash conflict in order to be on track.

 Other people may need the time when they are getting covered with certain arguments. Also, giving time makes things more relaxed and people can understand what they are talking about. 

So give time to let things cool off instead of arguing mindlessly. Also, this will give more understanding of what conflict was about.

If you are ESTJ, it’s important to give the time to your partner to cool off before resolving the conflict.

ESTJ Are In Love

ESTJs tend to fall into the leadership role, even when they are having a romantic relationship. They are like to lead as leadership and be the first to do everything for their partner.

Which makes them work well when they are with a partner to be more relaxed.

While they are ESTJ they butt heads with someone who wants to be in control, even though they are in a relationship.

It includes –

  • They also do best when they have to exert some control over details, and know-how they care.
  • ESTJs always want to be the one relationship where they can do better.
  • They often make the results in them. derived parts and attentiveness.
  • They also need to stop and smell the roses a bit, also the partner will always feel loved and appreciated.

What Are The Behaviors Of ESTJ At Their Best, Average, And Worst?

The ESTJ personality has the ability to take charge no matter how chaotic the situation can be.

Well, there are different ways in best, average and worst scenarios,

When ESTJs Are Their Best

At their best, the personality is –

  • They have a clear vision, commitment, and focus to what they have the goals,
  • Also, they lead the example and delegate effectively, in the place of communities, team, and workplace to place their effective actions.
  • They give higher priority to other views and opinions.
  • The personality to aim to be supportive and understanding the difference.
  • They have a strong sense of object when it comes to their decisions, also they have to see what other’s strengths and opposite preferences
  • They don’t mind going to people with opposite preferences, asking for advice and they have more ions that are balanced.
  • When the personalities are at their best, they are hard-working, dependable, and relaxed and enjoy the pleasure of what life contains.
  • They are more open to intuition, enjoy looking at their different perspectives, imagining or brainstorming what possibilities there are.
  • They take the time and be careful while they process the information before they make the decisions as they want to be reasonable and fair.
  • Healthy ESTJ is able to accept if they have the circumstances, even when they don’t agree but they are open-minded and curious.

When ESTJ Are Being Average

When they are being average, they are –

  • They are logically analytic, productive, action-oriented, pragmatic, and consistent.
  • They have a high standard for having themselves and others go the extra mile in order to deliver on their promises and obligations.
  • They can be competitive and overbearing sometimes.
  • The average ESTJ, the average ESTJ accepts the criticism on which they are but they ignore and dismiss when they don’t agree.
  • ESTJs at the lee are more competent and effective.
  • They are focused on their goals, and they may be hasty when they make decisions.
  • They can brush off to the alternatives or deeper analysis, because of their overly fixated on achieving the objective to be their specific time.
  • They have the know it all attitude and regarding to  what others preferences
  • They also give a lot of feedback or advice, but they sometimes forget to offer praise or appreciation for what has been done.

When ESTJ Are Being Unhealthy

  • The personality being unhealthy. they tend to be –
  • Also, they are domineering, aggressive, and confrontational.
  • The personality also quickly notices the inefficiencies and imperfections to be very opinionated about the criticism of doing such things.
  • They are the focus but they are wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Is ESTJ Personality Is Good? 

There are a lot of excellent leaders, they have excelled in directing others and enforcing the guidelines. It makes the plan and enacts directives. 

How Much Rare ESTJ? 

Well, personality is the fifth common type in the overall population, they are also the second most common in men. 

What Is The Most Basic Characteristic Of ESTJ? 

The people who have the personality are stable,  predictable, committed, and practical.  They also tend to be honest and frank when it’s about sharing their opinions. 

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