A Guide To ESFJ Personality Type: Extrovert, Sensing, Feeling, Judging

One of the personality from 16 identified personality types by Myers Briggs Type Indicator, ESFJ, is also known as The Consul and The Caregiver.

They have the personality of being outgoing, loyal, organized, and tender-hearted.

The personality feels most energized when they are interacting with people whom they love and care about.

Well, to understand what personality is all about, here is what you will need.

What To Know About ESFJ Personality?

ESFJ is a people person. Not only are they friendly, warm, and outgoing, but they like people and have the skills to bring out the best in others.

They like to be around people as they have entertaining and helpful personalities.

They are also optimistic, giving souls, generous, and often get attracted to the underdog or someone who needs help.

According to David Keirsey, who is a psychologist, there is approx. Around 9 % to 13% of the population have an ESFJ personality.

What Are The Key Facts Related To ESFJ Personality Type?

ESFJs fall under the category of SJ temperament, this one also known as Pragmatists.

Well, these types are dependent, security-oriented and practical people.

On top of that, they have a strong work ethic and an altruistic streak which helps in driving to serve the community.

However, to understand this better, here are some of the key facts that you should know about personality type.

  • They are among the highest-scored types in terms of handling stress capacity.
  • They are satisfied with their romantic and marriage relationships as compared to other types.
  • They have the most strained relationship with their coworkers.
  • They tend to believe in a higher power.
  • They are likely to choose their career mostly in the health care, religion, and education sectors.
List Of Personality Traits That Describes ESFJ

What are some snarky nicknames for the ESFJ Personality Type?

Well, the MBTI theory is becoming more popular in several aspects of people; it can be educational, personal, and work.

It is not supposed that each personality has its own nickname, which different people give according to their behavior. Well, it includes :

  • David Keirsey is an American psychologist and professor nicknamed Guardian provider.
  • Lima Beans, a human and organization development practitioner, nicknames the personality as facilitator Caretaker.
  • Alan Brownsword, author of Psychological Type: An Introduction, named this Harmonizer.
  • Jonathan P.Niednagel, a Brain Tying developer, named this as Friendly Faculty.
  • According to the Official MBTI Website, the personality was nicknamed a Supportive Contributor.
List Of Nicknames Of ESFJ Personality Type

Distribution of Personality Types in Percentages

The type is part of the SJ Temperament personality type. However, according to the MBTI institute data, SJ has more than 46.1% of all personality types.

  • Individually, it’s around 12% of the USA population.
  • According to the survey conducted on the US population, the type of soda is up to 12%.
  • With this, the personality becomes the second most common type after 1SFJs.
  • On average, the personalities are more extroverted, sensing, feeling, and judging as compared to the opposite preferences.
  • There are 7% of all males, and 17% are females. In every 14 males, there is one male and 1 in every six females is ESFJ.
  • There are more females as ESFJs in any generic type combination.
  • In ESFJs, the females are slightly more as compared to males. The females outnumber males by 2:1.
  • The reason is females are more of this type because they tend to have more feelers, whereas males are often thinkers.

ESFJ Personality Type Traits: The Caregiver

Well, those who have the ESFJ or consul personality have a set of characteristics, which include:

  • They enjoy being around people and helping them.
  • The personality needs the approval of others.
  • They are expected to be kind and give ways that should get noticed as well as be impacted by others.
  • They are sensitive and tend to have the needs and feelings of others.
  • Also, they can be good at responding and providing the care as well as attention that others need.
  • They tend to get approval from others for their act of kindness and help.
  • Also, they want to be liked.
  • They have easily hurt feelings which can happen if they don’t get feedback.
  • They are people pleasers, but they are not pushovers.
Strength Of The ESFJ Personality Type

Cognitive Function of ESFJ Personality

Well, according to MBTI, there are several suggestions related to cognitive functions like thinking, sensing, feeling as well as the institution.

It helps the individual to shape their personality. Well, the functions are delivered in a hierarchical order, which shows how they contribute in order to make up the personality type.

Here is the cognitive function of ESFJ; it includes :

Dominate: Extroverted Feeling Of ESFJ

  • ESFJs  tend to make their decisions based on what others’ emotions and conquer is all about
  • They think about the personal impact of their decisions on others instead of considering the conditions.
  • Also, they judge people as well as situations based on what their gut feelings are.
  • The personality makes snap decisions too often, which results in the quick sharing of their opinions as well as feelings.
  • However, this can be great as it allows the personality to make choices much faster.
  • The negative side is that it can be harsh on others.

Auxiliary: Introverted Sensing Of ESFJ

  • The personality is much more focused on the present instead of the future.
  • Apart from this, they have major concerns and denatured in the concrete; immediate delta s is tea do having the theoretical and abstract information.

Tertiary: Extroverted Intuition Of ESFJ

  • The cognitive function helps in making connections as well as finding the creative solution to ESFJ personality.
  • They are known for exploring the possible while they look for the solution.
  • They often find the pattern which helps in nursing as well as getting insight into the people as well as experiences.

Inferior: Introverted Thinking Of ESFJ

  • The personalities are highly organized and prefer to have things planned out in advance.
  • When they plan, it helps in understanding the personality as they feel more in control as well as the situation in their unending.
  • This aspect helps them to analyze complex information.
  • It often gives them the point of weakness which makes much more sense of theoretical and abstract concepts.

How To Interact With ESFJs Personality Types?

Well if you are working or have a person in life who is ESFJ, you will need the help to know how you can make your connection much stronger as well as know the best way to deal with them.

Knowing the right way of interaction can help in getting the best from such personalities and improving the better relationship with them. 

Such a personality can be your friend, family, parents, kids, or coworkers. To know more about how you can deal with them, here is what will help. 

When They Are Your Friends

Well, if you have friends who have the personality of ESFC, they tend to have these points that you need to consider is :

  • They will be more into ensuring what others are feeling; for them, the happiness of these has more information.
  • They can put their emotions and self-care on the back seat in order to take care of others.
  • They are a good friend who will go as far as they can go and even more than that to help you out.
  • To deal with them, you should try to be more expressive in your appreciation.
  • Also, make sure you reciprocate their kindness.
  • They tend to get along best with people who value their effort and make them feel appreciated.
  • Relationships are important for people who have an ESFJs personality.
  • They might avoid relationships where they have to face criticism or conflicts.

When They Are Your Parents

Parents who have the ESFJ personality have their own experiences.

  • Well, they are much more responsible for their family as well as their kids.
  • They tend to spend more time with family and enjoy every single minute of it.
  • When You Have a Kid Of ESFJ Personality
  • If you have kids who have the personality of a defender, you need to be more supportive.
  • Also, it would be best if you had more as well as regular encouragement.
  • Show your involvement with your kids by showing enthusiasm as well as support.
  • The parent is required to be interested in what their kids like to do and their interests.
  • The kids need to have a strong routine.
  • For them, establishing the rules and sticking with them is important.
  • The kids feel more confident and assured when they know what is expected.

When You Are In a Relationship With Them

If you are dating or having a romantic reason with someone who is an ESFJ, you should know about these points first.

  • They will be devoted, loyal, and supportive.
  • Also, they have not invested in having some casual or forced to develop commitments for a long time.
  • In order to show that you support them, you have to appraise and express what your emotions are towards them.
  • Being responsive by showing your affection and returning gestures is crucial for the ESFJs.
  • When you are in a romantic relationship with them, they tend to look for a partner with whom they can have an honest relationship.
  • Also, they want to have an open mind with their motion.
  • They value long-term commitments, intimacy, and closeness.

When They Are CoWorkers

ESFJ is the one who takes their job seriously, and they are reliable no matter what they are doing.

  • While they do their work, they often put obligations ahead of their personal needs.
  • They are energetic, action-oriented, and rarely put any task off.
  • They get their to-do list completed as soon as they can.
  • They also don’t leave tasks too long, it’s unsettling for them, and their mind keeps running the checklist.
  • They are the go-getters who don’t like it when someone feels disappointed.
  • They have the talent for coordinating, taking charge, and handling tools.

What Are ESFJ personality’s Workplace Habits?

When it’s about the workplace, ESFJ personalities have clear ideas that can be seen as defenders of whichever position they are in.

The personality thrives in harmony and social dodge

They use warmth and social intelligence to make sure that people know about their responsibilities and get their job done.

They are comfortable and depend on the hierarchies as well as roles, whether it can be managers, colleagues, and subordinates.

Their personality expects authority which should be respected as well as backed up by the rules and standards.

ESFJ as Subordinates

  • Well, they have the defender personality along with a sense of purpose.
  • They are patient, hard-working, and respect the authority of the managers.
  • However, they might struggle when it comes to improvisation and freedom.
  • They can thrive better when the workplace has structure, safety, and guidelines.
  • They can easily handle routine tasks which have no issue for them.
  • Also, they have dedication and loyalty which can be earned by the respect of their managers.

ESFJ As Colleagues

  • ESFH, as colleagues, are into teamwork where they have no issue with working.
  • They seek friends at work, and they are the ones who are most willing to lend a hand when someone needs their help.
  • Also, they know who is perfect for what works, and they can bring those on time.
  • They often need work when they are a team if they are stuck in a lane chipping away at paperwork. They might be tired and unfulfilled.
  • ESFJ takes pride in these kinds of qualities which have the side effect that makes them sensitive when they receive criticism.

ESFJ As Managers

  • The personality enjoys when they have the responsibilities which come with organizing social situations.
  • Also, they enjoy managing people and translating them into management positions.
  • ESFJ as a team leader also finds a way to involve everyone and make them feel united in order to do the work smoothly.
  • They have a strong respect for traditional power structures.
  • If all efforts to cook the sulfates to work together challenge the authority, the personality can lose their temper, react badly, and be stressed.
  • They are sensitive to their status and also want to avoid conflict as much as they can.

What Are The Workstyle And Contribution To Organization?

Each organization types the different set of skills, attributes, and  alerts that they bring to a company or organization or group,

However, to understand what contribution ESFJ will make, here’s what you will need.

When ESFJ is On The Team

Some people work well when they are in a team, but some work better when they are alone.

Knowing which personality can help in bringing the information and how they will carry tenses while interacting with others.

ESFJ has the following strengths and weaknesses that they can bring when they are in a team.

  • They deliver humor, attention, and enthusiasm when they are in the group.
  • They bring a practical and systematic outlook.
  • They personally get invested when they are in the team in a project as well as other people.

Communication Style Of ESFJ

The communication style depends on two basic elements, first is how well you listen and how well you are expressing yourself.

Well, good communication skills are the heart of success, and understanding how you communicate and what others prefer can help in improving communication.

Apart from this, having the personality type can determine how your communication strategy will be effective as compared to others.

  • To those who have ESFJ personality, well, they talk with energy,
  • The personality is persuasive and glacial, as well as friendly.
  • They reply much quicker, and they are on their feet.
  • The personality prefers to talk with people instead of using written reports.

Problem Solving Of ESFJ

Different people have their own ways; if you have ESFJ, you might have the following skills and methods that can be helpful in problem-solving.

  • You are focused on finding the solution without disrupting the group or individual harmony.
  • The personality considers what they are doing on a current basis.
  • They want to know the facts and what predicaments happened instead of some stories or a bunch of excuses.

Stress Profile Of ESFJ

When it comes to abilities to perform tasks and effectiveness at work, stress plays a crucial factor.

The greater the stress, the harder it will become for individuals to handle the quality of their work and relationship.

Well, each personality has its own way of handling stress; the blind spot emerges, and people rely on their least favorites in order to function better.

Stress triggers

  • The personality feels steroid, undervalued, and distrusted.
  • They feel stressed if they are not taken seriously.
  • The feeling of being pressured to conform to a polar view.  The personality feels this distasteful.
  • They have too many demands.

Stress Profile Characteristics

Well, the personality has optimism and enthusiasm that turns into seclusion, dejection, and inertia.

They can seem unworthy, depressed, and feeling vulnerable.

They might feel numb inside and see the bleak future only.

Motivators As ESPJ

People are usually effective when the environment matches whatever preferences and working style they fit.

  • When the good match is not here, it becomes difficult for others to get the results,
  • ESFJ have their own work preferences and key characteristics, when they look for work, and what to avoid.
  • They prefer an environment where they can focus and execute imminent details.
  • They flourish in cooperative as well as harmonious environments.
  • They enjoy working with people as well as the ability to pay attention to their needs as well as wants.

Learning Style Of ESFJ

Different personalities have different methods of learning. The learning style includes :

  • They enjoy learning pragmatic and practical subjects.
  • They find field trips, have to experiment, and group projects foster learning.
  • They build relationships with their students and foster a better learning environment.
  • They work best when the structured learning system where memorization requires drill and recall as well as the use of workbooks.

Best ESFJ Careers

Well, the personality feels comfortable when they are following the status quo.

However, a person is not limited to any particular field or career as they can choose whatever career they want.

ESFJ are a few basic traits that they should consider when they are choosing a job or career field.

  • They are focused on tasks as well as routines.
  • They can make day-to-day operations effective.
  • They are driven by a strong sense of duty.
  • They are sensitive when it comes to the feelings of others.
  • They are skilled IN social interactions and reading social cues.
List Of Best Careers options That ESFJs Consider

What Jobs Should ESFG Avoid

Being aware of what kind of personality type you have also helped in identifying the careers that are not suited for you.

For those who have ESFJs, here are three jobs you should not do.

Being Journalist

However, it does seem like the perfect job for someone who likes to frequently interact and communicate with people.

But the job comes with unstructured and unpredictable how high is not something that will appeal to the ESFJs.

The personality prefers to have a job that can give a defined schedule so they can balance their work-life better,


Lots of ESFJ career choices are based on what can bring a positive impact on society; that’s why lots of people prefer social work, schools, and healthcare.

Marketing roles need good interpersonal and communication skills in order to sell services and projects to somebody.

This might not be an appealing job for them.

Software Developer

The software developers are responsible for creating the application which can help in performing the tasks which are based on technology.

Well, the role can be highly analytical, and in some cases, the developers have to write code instead of passing tasks to the programmer.

This makes the job lonely and unappreciated, which is not a good match for someone who has an ESFJ personality.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

What can make an ESFJ personality type angry?

According to the MBTI Manual and surveys, things like rudeness, inconsiderate behavior, rule-breaking, and mindless attitude can make them angry. 

What makes ESFJ feel attracted towards?

The personality feels attracted when someone as the passion as well as uniqueness in, They tend to get bored if someone has no spark or any kind of fire in them. 

Does ESFJ have a good personality?

It’s one of the common personalities in all types; however, the possibilities are caring and making amazing team players who can be dedicated to following procedures and policies. 

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