ENTP Vs ESTJ Relationship: Key Differences

ENTP is Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, and perceiving who enjoys a wide variety of people to interact with.

Whereas ESTJ is Extraverted, Observant, Thinking and Judging personalities that possess great fortuity and are usually known for being good leaders.

However, both personalities have their differences even though you get some of the similarities too. Not just that, you know more about the personalities along with differences between them.

So to understand better what differences they have, here is what can help.

ENTP Vs ESTJ Personalities

People who have ENTP personalities tend to be curious, expressive, and spontaneous.

Also, they are someone who actually enjoys the debate and thinking about the issues by considering different perspectives.

They thrive when they have people around them and get engaged with someone around them.

Also, ENTP is known as the Debaters.

ESTJ, have personalities that tend to be loyal, hardworking, and organized.

Not just that they are law-abiding citizens but they have the desire to lead others.

The personality has the principle and thrives when they help as well as encourage others to follow the values and leaders.

They are also known as the Commander.

Differences In Dealing With ENTP and ESTJ

Having different personalities and traits makes ENTP and ESTJ different in how they deal with situations.

Not just that, how different situations affect them changes too, and to know better here is what can help.

When It Comes To Communication

  • ENTP and ESTJ are extroverted and thinking personalities. This means that they prefer to be around people and express what they are feeling.

  • Not just that they communicate with others in a balanced and reasonable way.

  • ENTP needs to address the concert facts, so they can avoid any complex or hypothetical ideas.

  • ESTJ should avoid going into too much detail or be specific.

When They Are Resolving Conflicts

  • Both personalities retire to focus on explaining themselves in a more logical way.

  • ENTP should be concrete whereas ESTJ needs to avoid getting stuck into too much detail.

When It’s About Building Trust

  • ENTP is likely to trust as they are allowed to have the freedom of perusing new things and opportunities,

  • Also, they prefer flexibility in their routine and need to have space so they can work independently.

  • ESTJ  trust as they need to be reliable and consistent.

  • Also requires sharing the intentional time engaging in the discussion which can be thoughtful.

When they Are Working Together  

  • ENTP and ESTJ bring the objective as well as charisma thinking in the workplace.

  • ENTP offers adaptability and creative ideas.

  • Where ESTJ offers attention to organization and detail.

  • ENTP can help in adjusting to situations that can be new and unexpected.

  • ESTJ can help in setting as well as achieving the goals related to personal or professional life.

When They Are Dealing With Changes

  • ESTJ personalities are likely to be more difficult when they are adapting to the changes.

  • As they are more about following the naturally organized and well scheduled.

  • ENTP is easier to accept the changes and encourage others to consider the bright side of the situation.

When They Are Managing Stress

  • ENTP is the type that can get stressed if they spend too much time alone or in silence.

  • Also, they are not comfortable dealing with an environment and routine which is highly structured.

  • ENTP doesn’t thrive when they don’t have creative thinking in their job or career.

  • Also, they feel stressed when they are engaging in a conversation which is highly emotional.

  • ESTJ is the type that can get easily stressed if they have too much chaos and disorder in their personal life.

  • Apart from this, they don’t like to disappoint others

  • When they face a situation that is overly emotional or experiencing change, this can be the reason behind their getting stressed.

When It Comes To Motivation And Encouraging

  • ENTP are motivated when they get the discussion and debates about the interesting issues,

  • Also, they like a large number of people, parties, and gatherings.

  • They feel motivated when they have to create plans that are original and exciting.

  • They also feel encouraged when they are engaging with someone who is quick-witted.

  • ESTJ feel motivated when they establish a consistent routine.

  • They like to be organized and orderly.

  • Apart from this, they like to spend time knowing more about new people.

  • Also, they feel inspired by leadership and direction.

Differences Between ENTP Vs ESTJ In Different Settings?

ENTP is someone who is more communicative, curious, and need to change

They like to be in a debate about which should be intellectual. Apart from this, the personality likes to be assertive, spontaneous, and have their unique way of viewing the world.

ESTJ is organized and outspoken. They take charge, bring orders and structure.

Apart from this, they are more focused on the situation and have the desire to get things done as much as possible.

Both personalities have their different ways of interacting, even though they both are extroverts, still they act differently if you put them in different roles and settings.

Working Environment

Having such personality in the company and team needs to understand that what you can do in order to get most of the enlisted,

Also how they can contribute and act in different roles.

When It Comes To Contributing To the team

  • ENTP is a radical perspective, and they look at something new, better, and more interesting.

  • For them, the routine of the past is not but a healthy challenge to their status quo and irrational when the pacing is slow.

  • ESTJ was much more organized and material, also they are more about deadlines and team.

  • Also, they make sure that everything is going as per the plan and coordinate.

  • They will make everyone clear on what they are expected to do and what will happen after that.

When They Are Leading

  • ENTP can find ways that can be problems and obstacles.

  • Also, they are assertive and headstrong which makes them good for sparking life back into the team.

  • They can break through the inertia but also follow through and they can move on to something new.

  • ESTJ is more predictable and conservative with the organizational ability, ensuring everyone that where they need to be learned and followed.

  • They also like to plan and make sure that everyone sticks to it and works towards it.

When They Are Being Managed

  • ENTP is someone who needs flexibility and space and likes doing things in their own way.

  • Also, they work with their burst of energy and get things done much faster, and then look for what else can hold their interest.

  • ESTJ is someone who needs to know exactly what they are standing for.

  • Also, they need to know about what is expected of them and work long and get things done.

  • They dislike whatever they perceive as wooly and will act on the facts.

When They Are Detailed And Focus

  • ENTP does not like when they are being micromanaged or being controlled.

  • They hate the rules and regulations, and they create them as they go.

  • ENTP prefers to be working at their pace and focusing on what makes them exciting and interesting.

  • ESTJ has practical common sense.

  • Also, they have self-control and discipline.

  • They work hard and tackle the problems in a systematic fashion.

  • Apart from that, they keep everything in a straight line since things have started.

When They Are Being Creative

  • ENTP is considered to be true radicals, they can come up with even better ways of doing something

  • Also, they can break through conventions and take the unpopular decisions

  • However, they can be not that useful when they are required to get into details.

  • ESTJ where are practical, enjoy doing the hard work and factual nature.

  • However, they lack flexibility and are not responsive to new or not proven ideas.

  • ESTJ prefers experiences that are known and can be really on.

Handling The Conflict

Lots of personalities have their aspects when they have to face the conflict, some look to keep things peaceful but some get emotional.

As for ENTP and ESTJ, here is what you need to know about their way of dealing with conflicts.

What Are Their Initial Response

  • ENTP are happy when they are dealing with conflicts as they allow them to use debating skills and engage in verbal sparring.

  • Also, they are not really invested when it comes to emotional levels.

  • ESTJ is considered to be happy when they are facing the conflict, they are essentially impervious to the environment and see the conflicts which can be an element of getting what is needed to be done.

  • However, they might not get the others being emotional or the sensitive side of anyone.

What Are The Issues They Fight On

  • ENTP is about winning when they are in debate. Also, they want to be the right ones.

  • ENTP is hate to tell that they are wrong and thrown down a gauntlet, as they are delighted to pick up

  • ESTJ wants to do the planning of the work no matter if it’s related to life or work.

  • So if they see things are not moving forward as they agreed, it can be something they can be really vocal about and drive for closure.

What Are Their Communication And Conflict Style

  • ENTP are people who possess the skills and verbal abilities.

  • ENTP are analysts at heart and they can provide logical, rational, and empirical data to the argument and enjoy the debate in order to win the day.

  • ESTJ are direct and factual, they might have inadvertently upset others who are more about feeling.

  • They can see honestly and be direct, also they can be honest which makes them brutal.

What They Feel About It Later

  • ENTP is a low boredom threshold that makes them move on when the conflict covers.

  • Also, they are not someone who bears grudges and ever looks back as they are considered towards the opportunities they are getting forward.

  • ESTJ is someone who does not let the conflict affect the feelings and considers this as something which is a part of getting things done.

  • They need to be said and when it’s clear, they have no problem in moving on to their next motto.

Relationships, Emotions, And Feelings

People have different things that motivate them and views on how to world themes.

These are what drive their personalities.

However for the ENTP and ESTJ, here is what differences you can find.

When They Are Being Around

  • ENTP is someone who is entertaining, engaging, exciting, and plausible.

  • Also, they get closely tuned with whatever surroundings they have.

  • ENTP look for the possibilities and opportunities that can feed their desire to be something new.

  • ESTJ is built in order to take charge no matter where they are, it can be in play, or at work, or even in their relationships

  • They are caring and traditional but they do express themselves when they are being direct. Also, this can be jarring.

When They Are Dealing With Emotions

  • ENTP often gets confused with ENFP, as they have shame abilities which are charming, persuade others and cajole.

  • However, they can take pragmatic decisions, and use the empirical data, logic, and evidence to make the final decision.

  • ESTJ is not really emotional, they sometimes consider this as irrational and if someone is upset, they might have to translate this to whatever the practical issues are.

  • So they can deal with practically and more factually.

When It Comes To Sharing Feelings And Being Open

  • ENTP is incredible when it comes to people skills and can be enthused.

  • They are entertaining people, however, they are not someone who is emotional and whenever they get bored, ENTP can move on.

  • ESTJ is extremely open and direct but does not always get someone who can understand emotions.

  • Whatever they see, they translate into data and facts, a[art from this they have to be presented in a logical way so they can proceed.

What Drives And Values For Them

  • Since they have low boredom, they need something different and exciting, also they look for ways to fix their interest.

  • If not they move on to something that can be exciting for them and drives their energy incredibly.

  • ESTJ is built in a way so they can get whatever needs to be done, take care and help as well as make sure that everyone sticks to what is planned.

  • They might show being empathic but they do care in their own way which can be practical.

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