A Guide To ENTJ Personality: Definition And Characteristics

What is Commander (ENTJ) Personality Meaning?

ENTJ personality is one of the determined as well as ambitious personalities among the rest of MBTI personality types.

It’s also called The General or Commander.  Such personalities are outspoken, assertive, and argumentative, also they have verbal expression and love to debate.

Understanding the personality type and what is the detailed information you can get, here is what you will need.

What Does ENTJ Personality Mean?

ENTJ is an acronym that deserves the type of personality; it’s used in the Myers-Briggs type indicator assessment,

Well, it stands for Extraversion, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging.

It means :

  • Extraversion ( E): The personality focuses on the outside world instead of themselves.  They feel energized when they are at parties,  working in groups, and at social gatherings. 
  • The Personality is outgoing, enthusiastic, and animated. They can talk a lot and enjoy themselves when they are the center of attention.
  • Intuitive ( N): The personality lives and focuses on the future, including the possibilities of what can happen.  
  • They approach the changes while being innovative and innovative as well as value those who do the same.  They look at the situation, not just the details.
  • Thinking ( T ): For such personalities, objectivity is important and they make decisions that always depend on facts, logic, and reasons. They don’t make decisions based on emotions and feelings.
  • Judging ( J): The personality is well organized and structured. Also, they value order, stability, and organization. They are satisfied when they complete their tasks and take them seriously when there is a deadline.

Characteristics Of ENTJ Personality

Well, ENTJ is a personality that enjoys being around people and discussing ideas.

They are not someone who feel hesitation overusing their strengths and skills and putting them to good use.

A commander or ENTJ has the natural leadership characteristics; they are driven by accomplishments on a personal level

Here are some of the following key characteristics that you will find in ENTJ personality.

  • Communicative:  The personality has excellent communication as well verbal skills as well as loves spending time with others.
  • Planners: They like to plan everything, also to achieve their goals, the personality looks for the big picture ahead. Also, they plan their actions and keep themselves ahead of time.
  • Objective  Visionaries: Even though they have an idea of everything, they have a high value to the information which is factual and objective insight.
  • Also, they hardly follow their emotions and feelings when they decide to do something.
  • Rational Leaders: ENTJ has the fernery for using its intuitions to detect potential problems.

They dedicate their education as well as potential to make sure to take charge of the situation.

Characteristics Of ENTJs

Cognitive Function of ENTJ Personality Type

Based on the Jungian personality theory, personality can be compared to different cognitive functions.

Well, its primary focus is on outward or introverted and inward or introverted.

To understand better about this, here is what you need to know.

Dominate: Extraverted thinking of ENTJ

  • This is a preferred function of ENTJ as they can express themselves through the way they judge and make decisions.
  • ENTJs tend to speak first without listening to others. Also, they make snap judgments before they take all the information.
  • While they have a tendency to make snap judgments, they can be rational and objective.
  • They focused on imposing order and standards as setting measurable goals is crucial.

Auxiliary: Introverted Intuition of ENTJ

  • People with personalities are future-focused and consider all the possibilities that are approaching a decision.
  • ENTJs are forward-thinking; they are not afraid when it changes. They trust their instincts, although they tend to regret jumping when coming to conclusions quickly.

Tertiary: Extraverted Sensing

  • There are cognitive functions that give the appetite for adventure.
  • They enjoy novel experiences and engage in thrill-seeking behaviors.
  • There is an outward sensory focus; it gives an appreciation for beautiful things.
  • They enjoy surrounding themselves to find themselves interesting and attractive.

Inferior: Introverted Feeling

  • Introverted feelings are centered on values and internal feelings.
  • ENTJs struggle when it comes to emotions.
  • They have a lack of understanding of this part of their personality. This also contributes to the decision-making process.
  • The aspect can be weak, and ENTJs find themselves feeling awkward and uncomfortable in settings where the emotional response is called.

Strength And Weakness Of ENTJ Personality

As the personality of ENTJ they have their strength which is commonly associated with the individuals who display the same pattern or preferences.

List Of Strength Of ENTJ Personality

Well here are the strengths of an ENTJ personality, and here are some of the best ones you can get.

  • ENTJ is enthusiastic, and energetic and enjoys the work of leading new ways to achieve its goals.
  • They encourage as well as tend to motivate and inspire others.
  • ENTJ is self-confident and self-assured.
  • They have trust in their abilities as well as express their opinions and beliefs that made them great leaders.
  • ENTJ is persistent and doesn’t believe in giving up.
  • They are strategic thinkers who prefer to examine situations and change thoroughly before they come up with a solution. The reasons and logic are where they really and determine their actions.

On opposing sides, there are some of the challenges that the personality, well it includes :

Weakness Of ENTJ
  • ENTJ tends to oppose the opinion and say what others do. Especially if it’s based on feeling, they take the fact seriously, and if they don’t like the idea. They will show it and tell it.
  • The personality desires to be efficient, and this might be misinterpreted as contemplation or as disinterest.
  • They are analytic thinkers, which makes them firm conviction.  They have the highest respect for those who have the same qualities as compared to those who don’t.
  • They are confident in their opinions and abilities. This makes it challenging to change their mind and see the perspective of someone who is different.

What Are The Growth, Development, And Improvement Of ENTJ?

ENTJs are top-notch professionals who have insight and are confident in what they do.

Fortunately, there are ways that can help in making the best of it.

Also, there are a lot of weaknesses and cons that you can get if you have a personality like this.

But there are some ways that can help in improving and growing.

Make The Use Of Intuitive Function

ENTJ drives to dominate in their business or social circles; they are the ones who like to draw attention.

It’s important to understand what others need, and the message that they are conveying so much that a personality can respond to the expectation.

Personality refers to learning that the team is satisfied; it will help in making them more efficient and productive.

Use Knowledge To Help

ENTJ have the habit of boosting their intellectual skills. And they have the ability to see what is beyond the present perspective.

It also means that personal solutions are cruel, and they can be a problem.

But not everyone has the skills, and lots of people are struggling to find the way, and it can be emotionally overwhelming.

The personality refers to advice on how to show compassion and share insights instead of being impatient and critical.

Use The Potentials In Areas Of Others’ lives

Instead of putting what they have into the work, they can try to find a balance with others using their skills.

For instance, if the personality applies the same energy for setting the matters within their family and friends., it will give them a much better impression of being caring and considerate.

How To Minimize The Weakness Of ENTJ’s Personality?

When you know what you can do to minimize your weakness and live with full potential, it will help you in becoming more successful in life.

Here are some of the points that can help

Learn Valuing The Emotions

The ENTJ Reuters to understand and appreciate the emotions they have. The more they fail, they will bump into disappointments and conflicts.

Well, they require us to embrace the knowledge and differences where emotions will play a central part in someone else’s life.

Sometimes they are also required to show compassion and solidarity to people who might be the wrong.

But it also struggles to overcome the problems in life. Learning how to value others’ emotions can make you better in person and overall too. 

Listen And Focus On Others Saying

Sometimes, the personality is described as self-absorbed in such a way that they end up not listening to others.

This is why it is important for the personality to work on listening, not just for the purpose of arguing but to understand.

ENTJs use their combination of intuition and rapid processing, which tends to finish sentences, anticipate information, interrupt and make assumptions.

Well, if they slow down, wait for others to complete the sentence and listen, along with trying to pay attention to details. This can benefit them greatly.

Listening to others also improves them as leaders and commanders; this improves their solution skills and makes it beneficial for others.

Relax When It’s needed

The pace of ENTJ is often way too rigorous; they often fail to see why taking rest is important.

However, they schedule the work, and high distinctiveness and perfectionism cause them to neglect their own health. This leads to consequences that are bad for the families as well as for themselves.

That’s why they need to take a rest, build leisure and have social interaction to live their life without feeling guilty about it.

Making sure to take proper rest when it’s needed will help in making them productive for the long run too. 

Understand Their Own Feelings

ENTJs require to get in touch with their emotions first in order to understand others.

They can stand to interestingly work on increasing their EQ by a few points. Otherwise, they can be abrasive and unfeeling when they are in a relationship that makes the development properly fail.

They also need to understand how they feel so they can convey and express it better. 

Not just that, this makes them better overall, which will affect their relationships and other aspects as well. 

Leadern To Resistarin

It’s important to be right, however, it should not be the only concern; it’s crucial to understand the personal consequences.

Truth, as well as results, are also important, but the personality is required to understand how their emotions will affect them.

For the personality, it’s important to consider what will be the result of their choices and how they affect people around them. 

How ENTJ Personality Type Works In Personal Relationships And friendships?

ENTJ’s relations are built on the foundation of other aspects, including planning to set goals, enthusiasm, and persistence.

They are natural leaders, and they take quick roles when in their relationship where they ensure that everything is working as planned.

Here are a few points to understand how personality works :

  • ENTJ indulges in romantic relationships that are serious business. They took it for the long term.
  • They assume personal responsibility to work on their relationship and make it work.
  • They give the best and fit the daily life of partners with adventures and pleasant surprises.
  • Sex life is not ordinary as they look for new ways so they can impress their partner.
  • But they have poor handling, and it’s one of their weaknesses.
  • They don’t listen well and take their emotions for granted.
  • The commander’s personality takes quick to put an abrupt end to the relationship when they realize that it’s not going anywhere.

ENTJ Personality Jobs & Career

No other personality enjoys the community, leading, and spotlight like command or do.

They have different sets of hobbies and interests that help in leading a better future.

Common Hobbies and Interests For ENTJs
  • The two qualities that they support are love for order and structure is the way of achieving the goals.
  • They are great in handling the capability to assess the development and understand situations to detail plans based on the analysis.
  • They are good at delegating tasks to people, making plans happen or not.
  • The inherent personality talent for leadership roles. They put together their vision, determination, disciple, etc
  • They can be the powerhouse of the company, institution, and organization they are led.
Type Of Jobs That Are Suitable For ENTJs

How To Interact And Communicate With ENTJs Personality Type?

This is important to understand communication and interaction; here are the fields of ENTPs where you should be known.


  • ENTJs are highly communicative, along with the aging social environment.
  • Well, they have the charm and charisma which can’t go unnoticed as people love listening to them.
  • ENTJ has the preferences that lead to philosophical discussion and theorization.
  • Hanging out with them is never dull or monotonous; they have adventures, fun-loving and satisfied.
  • They have an inner drive to do something mind-blowing.
  • Their winning nature makes them confrontational and pushy especially when It comes to the argument.
  • They also ignore the feelings and prostate logic over the sentiments.
  • So It can be difficult to support them on personal and emotional issues.
  • When others hang out with them, it’s better not to take it personally as the personality struggles to understand you as well.
  • If they do not like your point of view and ideas, they will ignore which is a better alternative.


  • ENTJs’ parents can be mean and strict as they take their roles seriously.
  • Also, they take parenting as a challenging task, and it’s for  them,
  • They have a set of rules, high standards, and criticism as they struggle to respond emotionally to the sentimental kids.
  • They often do things to grow their child into independent and strong individuals rational as well as intellectual mindsets.
  • The personality is required to understand that their kids need to get under the siding of their parents and discuss their feelings.
  • Otherwise, the kids might feel emotionally deprived and neglected.
  • The parents of ENTJ children bear that their kids will be logic-driven individuals who seek understanding and logical explanation.
  • Their kids of theirs are naturally demanding and curious.


  • The reason helps with ENTJ is based on mutual understanding, logic, and respect where both parents are required to share the same goals and ideas,
  • ENTJ is naturally the one who dominates in the relationship due to their innate leadership talent.
  • They are committed to the relationship and give their best to make their relationship work.
  • The problem occurs for two reasons: they can be insensitive to their partner.
  • They don’t give the emotional support that their partners might need
  • Not just that they have a lack of capacity when it comes to expressing their feelings.
  • At times, it might seem like they have no feeling, but it’s just the inability to demonstrate the feeling.
  • The best way to keep a relationship with someone who has the ENTJ is to discuss what’s bothering you.
  • They are not good when it comes to guessing what is wrong,
  • However, They are good and professional when it comes to fixing problems.


  • ENTJ personalities have dedicated performance, and they do well in the working environment regardless of what type it is.
  • They enhance their skills, improve their performance, take the initiative, assert their opinions and grasp new concepts with energy and enthusiasm.
  • If they are working in a subordinate position, they do the task efficiently, providing the given clear instruction.
  • If it doesn’t require too much involvement from their side, they can become absentminded and lose interest.
  • The best way to keep them busy is to give them tasks that can be challenging.
  • Working with ENTJ, especially when they are in a manager position, it’s advisable to be efficient and efficient.
  • They dem the worth as long as they keep the standard set

Interesting Facts About ENTJS

Well, to understand them, here are some of the interesting facts that can help, these includes:

  • Of all personality types, they have the least likely to report stress when it relies on their work or finances
  • They have a higher chance of suffering from coronary diseases.
  • As compared to others, they have the belief that they have supernatural powers or to become believers.
  • On average, the personality has the higher scores of graduating from college as compared to others,
  • They have more MBA students as compared to the other 16 personalities.
  • The personality type has the most satisfaction when it’s to their job.
  • A large share of this personality represents the small business owners.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

How are ENTJs?

They have a very rare personality as they are around 2% of the general population or 3% of men and 1% of women worldwide.

Does ENTJ have bad personalities?

Well, some of the ENTJs are the best leaders; however, they are also counted as one of the most ruthless. They can be seriously mean if they have a small amount of power or lack it.

Do ENTJs have narcissistic personalities?

They might have the commander or leader qualities, but they are not narcissists. They have brutal honesty and high respect for efficiency.

Can ENTJ fall in love with others?

The personality has the issue with expressing feelings, but they can fall in love incredibly deeply. They all have small gestures and meanings. 

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