Difference Between ENTJ and INTJ Personality Type

INFJs ( Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Judging) And ENTJ ( Extraverted Intuitive, Thinking and Judging ) have a lot when it comes to similarities.

They have most of the functions except for one which is considered as a key difference.

INTJ’s dominant function is introverted intuition and the secondary function is extraverted.

However, with ENTJ, both things are opposite. The dominant function is extraverted and secondary functions are introverted.

To know more in detail, here is what will help.

What Are The Personality Features Differences in Both Personality?

INTJ is focused primarily inwardly, objective, logical where ENTJ are outwardly focused planners who consider the future instead of the present.

Differences Between ENTJ and INTJ

They have an arranged function that is quite similar.

Well here are some of the personality errors which you will find in both personalities it includes:

  • INTJ socially prefers to not be in the center of attention but ENTJ has no issue with that.
  • INTJs are hesitant when they have to do things that they haven’t tried before. ENTJ whereas excited for one thing,
  • INTJ wants to do everything but that should be perfect regardless of how long it will take, ENTJ is not very patient and they can rush things to do.
  • INTJ is more into listening instead of talking, But ENTJ is more into talking and less into listening.
  • INTJ focuses on details so they can make a solid plan but ENTJ focuses on planning and detail later.

What Are The Similarities In Personality Feature In INTJ and ENTJ

Even though they have some differences, they do share smiles too.

It includes –

  • For them, their careers have more priority instead of anyone in their life.
  • They are intellectually oriented.
  • They have a direct communication style.
  • Both personalities share the otters’ sense of improvement and interest in learning.
  • They are task-oriented and have an excellent mind to solve problems.
  • They are capable when it comes to coming up with out-of-the-box and creative solutions.
  • They like to be in an organized manner, it might be their homes and workplace everything in the same manner.
  • For others, the personalities are intimidating even when they are not trying to be.
  • They both are competitive and willing to outwork.

What Are The Leadership Differences Between ENTJ and INTJ?

Well both of the personalities tend to have the leadership on an excellent level but they have different approaches which includes

INTJ Leadership Style

The personalities are often reluctant leaders. They would rather be in the background instead of being in the spotlight.

Still, they are better for the leadership as they have the understanding and ability.

They can thrive, typically through examples instead of making proclamations on how to do things.

People also tend to follow the INTJ as they are excellent in what they do, and they are not rallied to anyone.

Here is how INTJ express the leadership

  • They enjoy when challenges are there, they don’t feel afraid as a leader and they face it anyway.
  • They tend to be more like hand-off leaders, willing to give employees a wide breadth to be more competent and capable.
  • They are decisive and do not prefer to reveal what decisions they made.
  • The personality tends to be straightforward with others, so o one feels confused and unsure about what they want them to do.

ENTJ Leadership Style

ENTJs are someone who likes leadership roles.

They are someone who starts the plan and experts at getting everyone on the same page with the way they approach to achieve the goals.

People also naturally follow the ENTJ leaders because they hold the charisma and organized approach.

Here is how ENTJ express the leadership –

  • ENTJ command loyalty and attention where no one can question their authority
  • They are enthusiastic leaders who have a goal-oriented and energetic approach to bring the people together and focus on the common goal.
  • They are amazing when it comes to communication.
  • They do not feel shy or afraid when they need to be blunt with others.
  • They are decisive and logical when they are approached.

What Are The Intelligence Differences Between ENTJ and INTJ?

Both Have a strong introverted intuition, well it also means that they have different pastures as to how they see things.

They are someone who can easily recognize the pattern and make the connection that is logical.

INTJ Intelligence Differences

INTJ is intellectual-oriented, they are someone who has the overwhelming desire to understand and learn a wide variety of subjects.

  • Also, they are really curious about things.
  • They also enjoy gathering the information and then using logical and methodical analysis to find the truth.
  • They also have the intuition and sense of a situation that makes them much better at making decisions.
  • Here is how they express their intelligence :
  • They are gifted with knowledge about different things and retaining the information when it’s needed.
  • They have the problem-solving approach which also makes them absorb, collect data and analyze it to use the data when they plan.
  • They are certain and also proficient when it’s about writing.
  • They work independently as they don’t need the resources when it comes to the ideas,

ENTJ Intelligence Differences

Similar to INTJ, the personality also has a thirst for learning.

They doge problem solvers and are amazing when it comes to strategy making.

They can brainstorm in groups and are enthusiastic about it.

Also being enthusiastic and driven is what is known for being key components for their useful intellect.

Here is how they express it –

  • They have the skill when it’s about organizing and planning which helps them use the git for doing logical reasoning and also keep it effective.
  • They don’t hesitate when it comes to exploring subjects where they don’t have any knowledge.
  • They have the confidence to learn even if they are not familiar.
  • They are excellent in learning and developing tactics that are helpful In handling complex situations.
  • They can interpret the information independently, and don’t feel afraid to seek the opinion of what others think in order to find the solution.

What Are The Communication Differences Between ENTJ and INTJ?

Both personalities are known for having a direct and forthright approach To communication.

It’s never going to be hard to know where someone stands if they have a boss like an ENTJ and INTJ personality.

As they likely tell why they choose them and the amount of finesse they believe through information.

INTJ Communication

INTJ is direct but also measured so they know what they are saying.

Also, they put a lot of thought before they communicate with someone.

And they prefer to do it without ruffling anything.

Here is how they communicate –

  • They are not into saying a lot but when it’s about what they should and they will do it/
  • They know how to speak when they talk diplomatically.
  • However, they are not comfortable when they have to deal with highly upset or hysterical people/
  • They will wait until the situation gets defused, but before it, they don’t prefer to communicate.
  • They are not caring enough for the small talk and prefer to be relevant in conversion.
  • They are not afraid to digress if someone asks to be clarified.
  • If they disagree, they will tell you and explain the reasons.

ENTJ Communication

They are leaders who prefer to be direct in communication style.

They might be intimidating and tend to say whatever occurs to them.

This can be critique and observation/

Here is how they communicate :

  • They speak without thinking too much. Sometimes it can be wishing to keep the mouth shut.
  • Like INTJs, they are not into talking about meanings and small talk.
  • They are straightforward when it comes to dealing with someone.
  • They also expect the same in return.
  • They can be talkative and someone like them can ask their friend for dinner. It’s not surprising as they might be the one who talks the most.
  • They can talk for a long time before they tackle the problem.is

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