ENFP Vs. ENFJ Personality: Key Differences

ENFJ are Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging, whereas ENFP is Extracted, intuitive, Feeling, And Perceiving.

Whereas ENFJ is endlessly optimistic and has passionate, energetic souls who help in encouraging others to be the better version.

ENFP is highly inspired and creative, and always has new ways that inspire others to work better and create a better world.

They are both creative, enthusiastic, and love to help but also have their differences.

To understand this better, here is what you will need.

Key Differences Between ENFP Vs. ENFJ

Well, even though they have similar tendencies but the difference lies in how they are using it and for what.


Here are the pointers that can help to understand the key differences between these two personalities.

  •  ENFP inspires others to be better, and they have communication abilities along with passion.

  • ENFJ does the same, but they can translate the excitement into an organizational and system that is meaningful.

  • ENFPs are more feeling-oriented whereas ENFJs are action-oriented.

  • ENFJs are natural leaders; they can touch easily with others’ emotional needs and what efficiency they are going through.

  • ENFPs are generous and deeply care about the people and focus on making positive differences.

  • ENFJs are idealistic, they can use their analytical as well as organization skills to achieve what issues they have and solve the problem.

  • ENFPs are more energetic and creative, they come up with fun and new ways that can inspire others.

  • ENFPs are also great motivators; they have a genuine interest in others.

  • ENFPs have the talent to articulate what they feel into their meaningful dialogue and this makes them great communicators.

  • ENFJs can get overly invested In what they work on, also they can get bossy and frustrated.

  • ENFPs can overthink about the situation and once they get overwhelmed, they can get distracted.

  • ENFJ is ideally for being consultants, social workers, and coaches.

  • ENFP is for sales, performers, teachers, and entrepreneurs.

Differences Between ENFP Vs. ENFJ Based on Happiness

ENFJ and ENFP are both people-oriented, empathic, and help others.

However, what makes these two personalities happy?

For the world, ENFJ seems to be a personality who is extremely happy, and they are invited too much when it comes to cheering others.

Sometimes they also forget themselves and put their needs aside.

They tend to be professional, and if they get better at one thing, they will be disappointed as they are lacking in other areas.

The key for the ENFJ is keeping [perspective, and it’s what makes them happy.

It also includes

  • The personality might appear to be completely content, but they can be struggling from the inside and sad.

  • They need time for themselves, so they can feel refreshed.

  • It’s important for them that they are getting appreciation for the work they do.

  • They are perfectionists, which sometimes derails happiness.

Same as ENFJ, ENFP is also considered as someone who always says bubbly, happy, and getting the best out of life.

  • It might be true sometimes, but they are givers.

  • Because of this, they forget to take care of what they need.

  • However, it is more nautical as compared to ENFJ and spends a lot of time thinking of what’s the meaning behind what happens instead of allowing it to be happy.

  • As to become happy, ENFP remedies to assist others.

  • They also need to be in a solid relationship with people who invest in them as they do.

  • They are givers, which makes them adjust time alone in order to regroup.

  • Even though they are happy, they still tend to hide it.

Differences Between ENFP Vs. ENFJ Based on Decision Making

Both personalities struggle when it comes to making decisions; however, they have their own different reasons.

Whereas ENFJ strives to keep everyone happy, which makes it tricky.

ENFP is more hesitant to decide as they won’t leave the option open for a longer time.

ENFJ knows the decision should be made even though they are hesitant. But they want people to be involved as they want everything to feel fair.

If it doesn’t happen, they feel paralyzed and do nothing until they get another operation for themselves.

Here are a few issues that ENFJ faces the most while making the decisions.

  • ENFJ considers all long-term sequences that can be possible for the decision they have to make.

  • They will compromise even though it’s necessary or not, which makes it difficult as they don’t want others to feel hurt or unfairly treated.

  • They make decisions sometimes based on what others have idealistic reasoning instead of following their own.

ENFPs face a hard time as they want possibilities to open, so they don’t want to commit to anything that might stifle them in the future.

Also, they consider the feeling which makes them willing to compromise their own needs while making the decisions.

Here are the issues that ENFP faces while making a scene

  • They can see the big picture while making the decision, but they overlook the specifics.

  • They may procrastinate and delay decision-making.

  • It’s easier for them to let someone know their opinion instead of following their own.

What Are The Differences Between ENFP Vs. ENFJ Based on Different Stages

Well, different personalities have their own way of Deleting the problem; also, both ENFP and ENFJ act differently when they are at work, in relationships, etc.

At Work

The personality has different contributions when they are in the team m for different purposes.

Contributing In Team

  • ENEP is warm, genuine, and has an interest in others.

  • They can read people and act by taking initiatives that can create new ways of solving problems.

  • They bring a radical perspective to the team.

  • ENFJ are some who bring structure and impetus why they make all people need to be taken care of.

  • They can flipchart as they encourage ideas, giving everyone to contribute.


  • ENFP is insightful, and people enter as they can lead by taking an interest.

  • They are not good for giving bad news or creating the systems as well as processes.

  • ENFJ assumes the leadership role because they want everyone to drive close as well as to ensure they all are happy.

  • However, they might need to satisfy their need for action and passion.

Attention To Details

  • ENFP is a stimulus, needs variety, and is surrounded by people

  • They are not suitable for a solitary task, reputation, trades, hierarchy, and formal structure.

  • They work best if the workplace has relationship values and flexibility.

  • ENFJ loves the clear picture of what and where they are doing, also they like plans

  • They work diligently to achieve their goals.

  • They feel less comfortable if they have too much operation available as ENFJ needs the clothes so they can focus on them.

Being Creative

  • ENFP is quick, impressive, and creative.

  • They are amazing at doing new ways of performing something and bringing fresh as well as unique perspective.

  • ENFJ is too focused on organization and people, so they are not that certain when working.

  • But they make sure everything is working according to the plan, and everyone is happy.

The Conflict

Conflict is some of the basics. However, the education and way of handling make the results differ. In both personalities, these are inferences you can find.

Initial Response

  • ENFP are some who don’t like the conflict.

  • They want to be the ones who bring peace and understanding.

  • They are warm, disconcerting, spontaneous, and affecting; they are someone everyone can trust.

  • The ENFJ has twin attitudes; they are origination and caring, which can connect the inner connections between people.

  • They can pick the cues and work to solve the issue.

Issues To Fight

  • ENFP is caring by nature, and they don’t like seeing people being treated unjustly and unfairly.

  • But their style is to harmony rattle then face the battle.

  • ENFJ is empathic as they make sure everyone’s needs are met and taken care of.

  • They have excellent networks that have become popular among their colleagues.

Communication Style

  • ENFP is common with emotions, and they can use language and tactile.

  • Also, they tend to be open and allow the conflict to resolve amicably.

  • ENFJ is confident and articulate, and they can be persuasive and tenacious.

  • Also, they are the ones who get the vote to be committee chairman and leader.

  • ENFJ have the personality which builds the confidence to depend on them.

The Feel After

  • ENFP will happen if the conflict is resolved, and everyone will be happy.

  • And they are not great when it comes to diffusing conflict.

  • ENFJ may bite off more than they can chew.

  • Their first priority is to say yes y no matter what so they can take the problem away.

  • They might get weighed down, underappreciated, and overwhelmed during the period.


ENFP and ENFJ have different behaviors where they are in a relationship and bring a friend or motivator.  Here is what difference you might get.

As Company

  • ENFP is hopeful and optimistic; they are someone who is cheerful, outgoing and the nature of being more sensitive.

  • They are someone who takes criticism by heart, and it’s important for them to be liked by everyone.

  • They are fun, genuinely like people, and outgoing.

  • ENFJ insight, empathy, and seeing as well as making connections between who they meet.

  • They are action-oriented people and connected to what makes into the plan, organize, and schedule so they can be happy.

Handling With Emotions

  • ENFP are emotional people; they tend to take everything to heart.

  • Also, they have genuine variation, which means they ensure the motto is light, feel values and ideas in a flow.

  • ENFJ is emotional, but they are more focused on people.

  • They tune and are empathetic as well as have organizational ability to bear.

  • They can get emotional when they give much.

Expressing Emotions

  • ENFP will wear their heart on their sleeve and have no issue when it comes to opening up.

  • But they give a lot of importance to their values, and they can get hurt if they don’t receive some level of respect and credit.

  • ENFJ encourages openness and trust; they are also not someone who easily gets open about how they are feeling.

  • They are too focused on there to know how to share the options

Difference Between ENFJ Vs. ENFP Based On Appearance

Well, ENFJ and ENFPs both make an effort when it comes to the paepae.

They spend a lot of time with people, presenting themselves to be taken seriously.

Being a perfectionist, ENFJ takes its time to keep up appearances.

Also, they are aware of action but ensure they are wearing appreciation for the purpose.

The viewpoint of an ENFJ-related appearance includes :

  • They are conscious when it comes to how others might see them.

  • They are proud people who also want to be and look good.

  • They notice the appearances of others but don’t comment as they don’t want them to feel bad.

ENFPs command attention; the personalities are leaders who speak in front of crowds.

They understand that God’s peace is important and that appearance is important to or engages with others.

Also, they want to look messy and add a little flair to their fashion basics.

Here is the viewpoint of ENFPs regarding appearances :

  • Personality and comparison are important instead of appearance, but they ain’t good hygiene.

  • They want to look good but do not necessarily follow the trends in fashion.

  • They are usually confident when it comes to their appearances.

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