Difference Between ISTJ vs. INTJ Personality Type

Well, when it’s about streamlining, logical thinking, and organizing, there are no better personality types than INTJ and ISTJ.

Both personality types have similarities in that they can either be best friends or worst enemies.

There are chances that INTJ has family members of people who are ISTJs, also they sometimes rub each other in the wrong way.

To understand the difference and how they can find common ground.

Here is what you will need.

ISTJ vs. INTJ Similarities

There are different things that you can find similar in both ISTJs and INTJs.


Here are some of the points that you need to know.

They Are Organized

Both ISTJ and INTJ are both are someone who works hard and keep everything organized. They are highly into how to make the plans which can make it more efficient and to achieve the goals.

They Are Hard Working

The personalities are someone who works hard and keeps the work ethic that comes in handy.

They will be the hardest working employees and value competency and efficiency.

They appreciate what can make the company successful and achieve its goals.

They Prefer One To One Socializing

The personality also has an introverted nature, they usually pass the after-work ritual, either they spend it with the time with loved ones or with the one-to-one conversation.

They prefer to talk about something that holds their interest and high brow topics.

What Are The Major Differences Between INTJs or ISTJs?

Even Though they have similarities, there are some of the major differences they both carry.

One of the differences is that INTJs are highly creative and use their imagination whereas ISTJs are someone who likes the details and facts.

To understand better, here are some of the key differences INTJs and ISTJs have.

Theorizing VS Facts

The INTJ personality depends on creativity they prefer to be more certain as the far they go , it becomes betters.

Whereas ISTJ is someone who likes to be specific facts and details rather than depending on the imagination.

Loose Work Environment Vs Structured Work Environment

Next is the preference for the work environment, INTJs prefer to have an environment where they have to follow certain rules and expectations, but it should be few.

The ISTJs is the personality who work better when they are in a structured working environment,

No Authority Vs Authority

The personality of INTJs has bristled with any kind of authority. Also, they tend to challenge those who are taking the charges.

ISTJs personally have no issue when they are working under authority or hierarchy.

Change Vs Traditional

An INTJ personality is someone who looks forward to doing something new, and they are open to change. They tend to have more acceptable if something is going in a different way.

But the ISTJ is the personality who prefers to have the traditional way of doing. They are not someone who feels comfortable with the changes.

Abstract Impressions Vs Sharp Memories

The personality of INTJs is more abstract impressions instead of having the specific details of the things that happened in their past.

ISTJs tend to have sharp memories. They are more detail-oriented, so they can recall moment by moment what happened. They have all the facts ready.

Happiness At Work Vs Staying Even Its Not Satisfying

The INTJs are the employees who would leave the job if they are not happy. For them, happiness is above everything and they won’t hesitate to leave.

ISTJs are not someone who take the decision based on if it’s making them happy or not. Even though they hate it, they will do it as they don’t find the change is going to be worth it.

Differences Between INTJ And ISTJ

What Are The Cognitive Function Differences?

Well, each personality has its own four cognitive functions.

It’s divided into Intuition, Thinking, Sensing, and Feeling.

Each of them can be broken down into extroverted and introverted too.

However, when you consider both speciations, the reason why they are similar is they have two same consciences which Are auxiliary and tertiary functions.

But the dominant function is not the same, that’s why they absorb the information in different ways.

Apart from this, they have inferred function which also works differently..

Dominant Functions In ISTJ vs INTJ

In INTJ, the dominant functions are introverted infusion which means that they tend to focus on the bigger picture and have more consideration towards the future.

Whereas ISTJ have is introverted sensing which means they are more focused on details oriented and on the present.

Auxiliary Function INTJ vs ISTJ

Both personalities share the same extraverted thing as the auricular y cushion.

Because of this, they are rational and methodical when it comes to thought processing and taking actions.

They can be impersonal and non-emotional at some times because they are committed deeply to what problem they have in hand.

Inferior Functions ISTJ Vs INTJ

An INTJ has the extractive function which is extraverted sensing, the serves the precipitation related to the physical world.

The ISTJ has the extraverted intuition, this involves them related to making a theoretical connection which is based on the condition of the psychical old.

How INTJ‘s Dominant Function is Different Than ISTJ?

An INTJ has the dominant function of introverted intuition. This means they are more about the theories and ideas.

  • They can easily get lost when it comes to their thoughts.
  • They are more conceive of doing things in a better way and helping humanity.
  • It includes the ways for expressing the introvert intuitions like :
  • They will spend a lot of time managing all the possibilities that the future holds.
  • They learn for life long especially they are voracious readers.
  • They focus on what information means instead of gathering the data.
  • They are better at solving the problems by discovering patterns that other might missed.

Auxiliary Function

As for the auxiliary function, they are extraverted thinking, which means they are approach things more logical and orderly to theorize and solve the problem 

It includes ways like :

  • They are highly interested in knowing what cause and effect relationships
  • They also have no problem when it comes to making decisions.
  • They also prefer to work in a loose framework that is created by them and not imposed by some authority figure.

Tertiary Function

The INTJ has the introverted feeling which means the nagging bit of the emotions that lies INTJ back of the mind.

They have the tendency to be more mature and older as compared to others.

Here are some of the ways by which they express it :

  • They dislike talking about what they are feeling, or talking about their emotions.
  • However with the right person under the right circumstances, they can open up.
  • They always stay ready when it comes to making the decisions.

Inferior Function

The INTJ inferior function is extraverted sensing. Because of thing they gather information via the sense.

  • They might be weaker as it considers as their drawback aspect.
  • They are more tend with the surrounding, instead of people.
  • They gather information and spend time understanding what information means.
  • Most of the time, they will be invested in knowing more about the future.

How is ISTJ‘s Dominant Function Different Than INTJ?

 Well,  as compared to INTJ, ISTJ has its own similarities and differences.

It includes –

  • They are someone who likes to plan, also to use the information they gathered so they can achieve the best results.
  • They are experts when it comes to prioritizing, also it means they know what should be done and what can help in reaching the efficeinet.
  • Part of the information they collect is based on what worked earlier, also they have memories which are excellent and relay on prendce and tradition.
  • They are willing to put the trust in someone else’s expertise and incorapte with thei ideas with the plannn.

Auxiliary Function

An ISTJ is Extracted thinking, this means they are not just the intelligent sponges when it comes t information but they have the understanding of how and where to use it.

  • They are methodical and go step by step when they are approaching the problem.
  • They prefer  immerse when its about the details and end up struggling to see the bigger picture.
  • They are often afraid when it comes to making decisions.

Tertiary Function

In this one, they are the introverted feeling . This might be because of their reason to see of being judgmental.

  • They constantly measure actions and people against to their value system which is quite rigid.
  • They are known to follow their gut feeling and intuition when it’s about people and situations.
  • They make er decision based on thing which might be right or wrong
  • Also, they are closed minded refuse to be open towards ideas and people with whom they are not familiar.

Inferior Function

The ISTJ is extroverted intuition, they are a small part who enjoys when it comes to taking risks and experiences new things.

  • Well, the part requires to more developers so they can shine.
  • They are someone who gets easily bored .
  • Instead of doing one task, they want to be more active instead of just sitting.
  • They are tend to have hobbies which might be huge in numbers
  • Most of the hobbies they have are physically active based.

What Are The Conflicts Between INTJ and ISTJ ?

Even though they both value logic and have a rational approach when it comes to solving the problem.

But the method they prefer are different as they have different earl perspective too.

Well there might be different things which might be the reason behind their conflicts such as :

  • ISTJ needs to have critical action and decision on which the right and wrong sense depends, but this would be irritated for someone who has INTJ ass they are not satisfied by any such standard.
  • The personalities are those who enjoy the intellectual debate but they can go too far. In the end, they might hurt each other’s feelings.
  • INTJ have out of the box and future-based solutions which is hard for ISTJ to fathom as they relied on traditional and conevsraional wisdom.
  • They might have a hard time reconciling when they have different approaches excelled if they are working together.

What Are The Comparison Of Both ISTJ and INTJ?

Well to understand the difference and commonalities between the two, here are some of the points that can help.

  • Both are someone who enjoys being alone, and they want to be private when it comes to their private life.
  • They both have their priorities set on which they have their focus.
  • Neither of the personalities are flexible.
  • They are not someone who are romantics.
  • ISTJ are into rules and traditions but the INTJ doesn’t care about it.
  • Both personalities are into keeping the home and workplace clean as well as oragzies.
  • Both are rational personalities and won’t sway because of the emotions.
  • Both personalities relays on facs and logic when it comes to making decisions.
  • Both seems to have serious appearance.
  • INTJ are more independent as compared to ISTJ personalities.
  • For ISTJ, other opinions matter where INTJs are more concerned about their point of view.
  • ISTJ requires the Structure where INTJ prefers freedom.
  • ISTJ respects authority , whereas INTJ are into challenging it.
  • INTJ is comfortable with risks, ISTJ prefers to be tried and tested.
  • INTJ is about the big picture but ISTJ are detailed oriented.
  • ISTJ resist the change but INTJ gets excited,
  • ISTJ proposes what’s needed to be done but INTJ does what they want.
  • ISTJ is more into liking the authority where INTJ prefers to free working environment.

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